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Dakka (Unofficial) Painting Challenge Round 47 January 2019: Bonds of Fellowship  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

Finished my entry, The Hobbits from the Fellowship

Made in nz
Dakka Veteran

Man, those ancient LotR mini's make me nostalgic. My first real entry into the hobby was the LotR miniatures game and I have all those in various appalling 'early try at painting' schemes!

The DKoK look bloody brilliant, as do the Hobbits from the Fellowship!

Personally I'm just struggling to get a decent lighting and photo deal going on for this month... :S

Made in au
Basecoated Black

Melbourne, Australia

Wow, so many great entries this month!
Those Death Korps - fantastic stuff!

Anyhow, I got my chaos dwarfs finished!! This was the most fun I've had in a long time painting minis and it's nice to know that I can work to a deadline when I have to. I really love these sculpts but they are bloody hard to get in Australia - it costs like a million dollars in postage. I just lucked out with these guys on ebay...still, I'm really happy to get them finished in time! My favourite is the banner bearer.

Good luck to everyone and see you next month for 'Into the Breach'!

Skirr and Skiver, Fancyman of Cornwall and Best Friend of your Mother's. 
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Fresh-Faced New User

Awesome stuff this month! I love the hobbits. Hope everyone gets there stuff done.

I finished my two dungeon adventurers, Marian the Barbarian and Bandobras Burrows, for our new D&D campaign.
Marian is a book loving brute and Bandobras a guitar playing bard.
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Newbie Black Templar Neophyte

Here is my finished entry.

Gork Ratkotz and his small „brother“ Snot Gakrotz

Made in gb
Trustworthy Shas'vre


So, as expected I was lacking time, but I got two of the brothers done:

 Zed wrote:
*All statements reflect my opinion at this moment. if some sort of pretty new model gets released (or if I change my mind at random) I reserve the right to jump on any bandwagon at will.
Made in gb
Wise Ethereal with Bodyguard

 JustALittleOrkish wrote:
My finished entry - These aren't the doors you are looking for.

Had a lot of fun painting these. I don't expect many votes but i'm glad I got them done.


Please excuse any spelling errors. I use a tablet frequently and software keyboards are a pain!

Terranwing - w3;d1;l1
51st Dunedinw2;d0;l0
Cadre Coronal Afterglow w1;d0;l0 
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Agile Revenant Titan

London, UK

With two hours to go, I don't think I'm gonna get my entry done. I'm nearly finished with two of them but they're in no shape to be entered for this challenge. Disappointed in myself that I couldn't get the drive to finish them up in time but that's life.

Catch y'all in the next one, there are some seriously impressive entries once again this month and I look forward to the voting!

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Dakka Veteran

Here's my entry, posted from a geriatric laptop because my PC is dead. RIP PC.

Luke Skywalker and his brother in law Han Solo.

Made in nz
Dakka Veteran


Lousy photos and certainly not up to the standard of the other entries, but it's something I guess.
[Thumb - unnof_autocannon.jpg]

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Longtime Dakkanaut

In a Trayzn pokeball

As usual, I won't finish in time, but there are some really stunning entries here so good job to those who did.

 JohnHwangDD wrote:
The hobby is actually hating GW.
 iGuy91 wrote:
You love the T-Rex. Its both a hero and a Villain in the first two movies. It is the "king" of dinosaurs. Its the best. You love your T-rex.
Then comes along the frakking Spinosaurus who kills the T-rex, and the movie says "LOVE THIS NOW! HE IS BETTER" But...in your heart, you love the T-rex, who shouldn't have lost to no stupid Spinosaurus. So you hate the movie. And refuse to love the Spinosaurus because it is a hamfisted attempt at taking what you loved, making it TREX +++ and trying to sell you it.
 Elbows wrote:
You know what's better than a psychic phase? A psychic phase which asks customers to buy more miniatures...
the_scotsman wrote:
Dae think the company behind such names as deathwatch death guard deathskullz death marks death korps deathleaper death jester might be bad at naming?
Made in si
Camouflaged Zero

Another reinforcement for my Tartary Army Corps, Strelok and her little sidekick K9 Antipode.

This message was edited 1 time. Last update was at 2019/02/01 00:06:17

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Legendary Master of the Chapter


God damn, Modock, that might be my favourite entry of yours yet. Sublime use of colour and those bases are beautiful.

You could put those paintjobs on an Infinity box and I wouldn't even question it being the official work!

Made in si
Camouflaged Zero

 Paradigm wrote:
God damn, Modock, that might be my favourite entry of yours yet. Sublime use of colour and those bases are beautiful.

You could put those paintjobs on an Infinity box and I wouldn't even question it being the official work!

Thanks a million, Para! The models are gorgeous and when I paint something I really like then I put some extra effort on top.
Took me a while to decide the color scheme for the K9. I'm happy with the result.
Made in us
Dark Angels Librarian with Book of Secrets

A Protoss colony world

Some pretty cool entries coming in at the last minute. I guess I'd better put mine up too. Here are Taddeus the Purifier and his loyal minion Pious Vorne, ready to start exploring the mysterious Blackstone Fortress:

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, and I had a lot of fun working on them. The camera, as usual, decided to make the gold metallics on Taddeus look really flat and uninspiring, but in real life I assure you they look better. Not sure what I need to do to make the photos turn out better, but I'm sure I can figure it out eventually. Looking forward to the voting!

My armies (re-counted and updated on 1/27/19, including modeled wargear options):
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 Mr_Rose wrote:
Who doesn’t love crazy mutant squawk-puppies? Eh? Nobody, that’s who.
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Willing Inquisitorial Excruciator

Elverson, PA

I got caught up with schoolwork and projects at my job. My lord still has primer on him . I'll probably skip this coming month and finish him.

Bane's P&M Blog, pop in and leave a comment
 feeder wrote:
Frazz's mind is like a wiener dog in a rabbit warren. Dark, twisting tunnels, and full of the certainty that just around the next bend will be the quarry he seeks.

Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy


Well that was quick Chris and still very good quality, I didn't know Para had started doing speed painting lessons

Some really good final entries, its been nice to see them coming in rather than my normal mad panic of ingoring everything and getting what paint I can on the model.

PossumCraft, would love some bigger pics of that scene, looks like there are some really nice touches like the hair.

Superb again Modock, both models have come together really well

Good detail on the book there Zerg

Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


Closing this now, will get the final update and poll up over the weekend. Great work, everyone, the standard this month has been really high!

Made in si
Camouflaged Zero

 Midget Gems wrote:

Superb again Modock, both models have come together really well

Thanks a lot, MG!
Made in nz
Dakka Veteran

Hope it's not too late yet - I was practising stuff from a photography guide to improve my pictures, and I accidentally managed to get some better photos of my entry...
Still got to work on focus and depth of field, but it's an improvement.

Here we are, with a heavy weapons team and their faithful chameleon spotter busy applying runes of protection to the shield of their autocannon in the swamp.
[Thumb - IMG_3506.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3511.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3517.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3507.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3508.JPG]

[Thumb - IMG_3513.JPG]

Made in gb
Stabbin' Skarboy


Much better Possum

You can see a lot more of the detail you have put in, yay

Made in gb
Legendary Master of the Chapter


Go vote!

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