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Made in ro
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Not working on anything specific atm but I figured I'd share some sketching, trying to get a better idea of where to go.
[Thumb - armour.png]

[Thumb - attitude.png]

[Thumb - heads.png]

[Thumb - initial.png]

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Not miniature modelling but still modelling I guess.
Finally got done setting up a new rig, so I am getting back into modding for XCOM 2-

Working on a bolter right now, but the UV mapping is killing me. I did not miss it one bit XD.


no where near done working on the UVs so the mag is not even an attempt. Just playing around with colours a bit for motivation and getting an idea for colour schemes.

stills since dakka can't shopw the gif:

Made in ro
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Finally ready to colour it in. Would liek to hear thoughts.
XCOM allows you to change 1 colour on the gun, so I figured I'd make that the plate.

Other than that though, I'm a little unsure about this scheme...seems a little on the muted side?

(not sure if this will work to share from discord..let's see)

Made in ro
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

think I'm happy with the general scheme.
Any last thoughts before I go back over and touch it up?
(the red spiky thing is what I have in mind in white, just haven't made the texture yet)
I have no idea exactly what to do with the screen yet either

Made in ro
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Till work in progress but it it's going somewhere

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Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

I am not dead yet , I just work in spurts and then don't touch a thing for months.
So heres the next termie base. I was considering adding a lever or so, but I think I'll just leave it like this.
[Thumb - 20220525_015258.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220525_015322.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220525_015330.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220525_015414.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220525_015420.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220525_015431.jpg]

Made in gb
Mad Gyrocopter Pilot


I have been very remiss in not checking out this blog before because wow it's fantastic. You do some brilliant conversions and the bolter mock up for a mod looks great.

One and a half feet in the hobby

My Painting Log of various minis:
# Olthannon's Oscillating Orchard of Opportunity #

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Well glad you checked it out eventually heh.
Next base complete..... I think.

I was thinking about adding danger stripes when painting, but...I can't tell if something is missing or not
like I look at it and think...no...then I try adding stuff and I feel that it's overkill, too busy.

I'll move on to the next for now...see how I feel later on, unless anybody has any ideas?
[Thumb - 20220530_013310.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220530_013314.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220530_013348.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220530_013716.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220530_013721.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220530_013729.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220530_013739.jpg]

Made in es
Regular Dakkanaut

Madrid, Spain

Those kitbashes are top my good sir, kudos to you!!

Also known as KeiserS! muette is my old name.

I also have a 3d models shop, check it out here! https://cults3d.com/en/users/keiserspandp/creations 
Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Thanks, glad you like em.
next bas, bit on the simple side maybe but I'm hoping the eagle will make up for it once painted.
Considering adding adding a straight line or two on the spot with the flag, that or drawing the segment of chaos insignia to compliment the eagle.
Thoughts welcome as usual.
[Thumb - 20220601_003112.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220601_003145.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220601_003212.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220601_003253.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220601_003312.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220601_003322.jpg]

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

missing a skull that broke off on the termie, but IÄm calling this one done.
[Thumb - 20220604_215236.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220604_215242.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220604_215258.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220604_215439.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220604_220514.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220604_220524.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220604_220530.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220604_220536.jpg]

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

4 more to go
Getting harder to come up with ideas.
[Thumb - 20220606_191352.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220606_191357.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220606_191402.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220606_191611.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220606_191618.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220606_191631.jpg]

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Anything missing on the base?
was considering to add some pool of blood flowing down from the top.
give him that look of having killed some guy and saying "you're next"
[Thumb - 20220611_192849.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220611_192902.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220611_192907.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220611_193024.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220611_193055.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220611_193221.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220611_193257.jpg]

Made in au
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Albany, Australia

FWIW - I don't think anything is missing - sometimes less is more - and you do need somewhere to place the miniature after all . I am enjoying the effort you are putting into your bases - they are like mini dioramas in themselves .

Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Your bases are pretty amazing! Look forward to seeing some painted...

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k... 
Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

 Arakasi wrote:
FWIW - I don't think anything is missing - sometimes less is more - and you do need somewhere to place the miniature after all . I am enjoying the effort you are putting into your bases - they are like mini dioramas in themselves .

that's the idea. I am VERY unlikely to ever actually play with them...but I also feel like it would be a waste to not base them and having only a diorama.
I'm REALLY bad at finishing that pile of shame and I never had a complete army...not really.
So I'm trying to do a compromise.
[Thumb - 20220613_001221.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220613_001234.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220613_001420.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220613_001504.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220613_002046.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220613_002052.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220613_002103.jpg]

Made in gb
Mad Gyrocopter Pilot


Nice work on these bad lads. Your bases look excellent, a lot of great detail.

One and a half feet in the hobby

My Painting Log of various minis:
# Olthannon's Oscillating Orchard of Opportunity #

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Had to give this guy a face lift after doing the other terminators...he wasn't really up to snuff anymore.
Was considering adding some bandages or so to give a more rugged look but I think I'll keep him like this and add some runes or whatever to flat areas.
The scarf could add some colour too.

not sure on the base yet, might try something tiled? I have to find some way to use the renegade guard brass details. Those have panel with rivets that I really like.
Also, seems I ran out of greenstuff, I feel that works better for cloth, so I'm not 100% happy with it, but eh..close enough.
[Thumb - 20220616_002924.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220616_002937.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220616_003728.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220616_003734.jpg]

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Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Need to cover up a hole in the conveyer belt where I drilled through but otherwise I think this is done.
Not entirely convinced about the front foot placement mind you, seems a bit flimsy compared to what a terminator might weigh.
Looked sturdier in my mind lol, but it will do I guess.
[Thumb - 20220624_004847.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220624_004854.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220624_004901.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220624_004906.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220624_005043.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220624_005115.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220624_005142.jpg]

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

going to have to do the same with what was supposed to be the champion. Open to any suggestions, I have not started on his base yet and I'm running out of ideas lol
Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Update on the champion

Decided to go with more fine details, they make a surprising difference
Though I don't know how I feel about the trimming on the gun and shins, but I don't think I'll redo it.
Just clean it up some. In hindsight I would tried sculpting a custom pair.
I guess that will be for the terminator lord.....some day.

The trimming would be cleaner had I done it from the start, don't want to overdo it now.
Kind of hard to get in now, but the fine detailing is really growing on me.
Sure is tough to get right but so far, even when screwing up a little, I think it works out in the end.
Pretty pointless for the table top though, the spikes only register as spikes from very close up.

[Thumb - 20220625_052550.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220625_052616.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220625_052641.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220625_052702.jpg]

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

not much to show yet but the next base is underway
I will probably skip the feet though, can't even manage to draw them at that scale, nvm cut or sculpt them

I also kind of want to add some mini spikes to the axe but with the shoulder and hand it would be overkill I think.
He looks fine but I still feel like is missing somehing tha tmakes him stand out as black legion, I just don't know what to add.
Maybe work some coins into the cape?
[Thumb - 20220630_004418.jpg]

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Doesn't look nearly as crooked in real life lol

Gonna have to clean up the glue and round off the edges.
Probably add some lights to the diagonal parts, maybe try some cracked marble or whatever where the feet hit?
I also noticed I lost the bandages on the axe somewhere along the way so I'm gonna have to add those again.

But otherwise The gang would finally be assembled and ready to paint.
Not sure where to go from there.
[Thumb - 20220704_010843.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220704_010849.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220704_010954.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220704_011004.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220704_011030.jpg]

[Thumb - 20220704_011037.jpg]

Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

OK, not much of an update except to say I'm not dead yet. Got me some heresy beakies, chosen and possessed, greenstuff is on the way. I think next will be the hounds of abbadon. Maybe try and mix in some of the reaver bodies. Though I've seen some neat conversion of them as raptors, so unsure on their use.

Also picked up the new heresy praetors, both from the palstic kit as well as the sons of horus ones. Thinking about turnig the big ol axe guy into a master of excutions, the sword guy into a murdersword exalted champ?...tbd

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Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Here's what I'm thinking for the first guy saw the legionaries double dagger bit and couldn't resist.
The sprinting pose isn't working quite as well as I thought it would, Though there would be more space to work with.
Still looks good though I think. Getting the angle right on that lifting leg is gonna be fun though...

As for all of these, I will need to add trimming, bolters and pistols...somehow.
I doubt I will use exclusively the heresy armour mind you. there is going to be some mix of the regular csm and the new heresy kit.
[Thumb - 20221204_174545.jpg]

[Thumb - 20221204_174639.jpg]

[Thumb - 20221204_174623.jpg]

[Thumb - 20221204_174621.jpg]

Made in us
Stone Bonkers Fabricator General

A garden grove on Citadel Station

The bases and terminators look great. Did you do anything special to get the trophy racks onto cataphractii type armor?

Also that conveyer belt is perfect!

ph34r's Forgeworld Phobos blog, current WIP: Iron Warriors and Skaven Tau
+From Iron Cometh Strength+ +From Strength Cometh Will+ +From Will Cometh Faith+ +From Faith Cometh Honor+ +From Honor Cometh Iron+
The Polito form is dead, insect. Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence?
When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.
Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

The trophy racks do not fit in either length or width. I only did two cataphractiis, one I added a somewhat curved rack and for the other I extended the torso under the spikes as well as width.

The additional rack can be somewhat seen here:

It lifts and widens the space between them. It ended up a bit thicker than I would have liked but it works well enough in RL. It's on the cusp of looking like an icon though.

The other guy I had to widen the torso:

on top of extending the armour under the racks:

but it's only under the racks, not the rest of the back.
The old metal one would probably fit, they're much smaller.
The newer ones definitely do not fit without some conversion.
I would say you're better of finding some alternative, but it can be done.
Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Not much here, just a progress shot.
Not going after any plan here, just laying down dome trims and I'll add spikes later.
For the terminators I took more time but with 20 of these guys to do....I'll make it up as I go.

but boy...csm have a lot of trim. For the previous two sets I only had to modify the odd piece, but doing it from scratch...hoo boy.
There will definitely be a mix of the the heresy kit and the new CSM. I don't plan on converting them all.
I don't have particular vison in mind though, just that I want them to be mostly running.
[Thumb - 20221211_235343.jpg]

[Thumb - 20221212_000604.jpg]

Made in us
Ultramarine Chaplain with Hate to Spare

Gorgeous work on that Terminator champ.

All that trim-work on the power armor guys gives me anxiety tho :p

And They Shall Not Fit Through Doors!!!

Tyranid Army Progress -- With Classic Warriors!:
Made in lu
Rampaging Khorne Dreadnought

Got some new hobby supplies and I just had to show these chains.
Fine detail...actually looks like a chain?

Those are 4 loops around the wrist...with space to spare!
And on top of that, there are two variants.....Expect more of these to show up at a later stage.

Got them at https://www.sceneryworkshop.nl/en/search/chain/
Also got some 1mm springs from AK..those will come in handy too.
[Thumb - 20221214_193940.jpg]

[Thumb - 20221214_194123.jpg]

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