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RoninXiC wrote:
Got all my stuff.
The torture is finally over.

That I laughed at this is telling me I really shouldn't buy any more of their stuff and I should focus on models that I can build without as much frustration.
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Yeah, I had to reassess my desire for all the giant stuff and their multitude of parts when things first started shipping out.

Some of the infantry figures were bad enough. Death Dancers, anyone?

I still wish they'd done the Matron to go with them.

...is it wrong of me to curiously be wondering if we'll see a 3rd minis campaign in the near future?

Poorly lit photos of my ever- growing collection of completely unrelated models!

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 highlord tamburlaine wrote:
...is it wrong of me to curiously be wondering if we'll see a 3rd minis campaign in the near future?

From one of the many newsletters they sent out recently:

2017 was another incredible adventure for us thanks to the great support of our fans around the world. Thanks also for your patience about TGG2 shipments, it's finally coming to an end...and thanks for your amazing feedback too!

Now you'd better get ready for 2018 because it's gonna be a hell of a fun ride again:
The TGG sci-fi game is finally coming with the TGG3 Kickstarter !!!
So, lots of new minis and stuff !!!
The delivery of the WarStages' Cathedrals
The whole TGG2 range while become fully available to the general public.
More games are in the works so you can do some crazy stuff with your TGG minis.
So stay tuned and keep on rocking.
We wish you a great 2018, it's going to be fun!



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Still waiting for my pulpits...

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