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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

We've been getting through a lot of games this week! Second time out for my non-White Scar White Scar army - but I've finally ordered the White Scar Commander so the bikes'll be back soon enough. We played the Hill Fight mission on Gary's realm of battle board, from the White Dwarf issue when the ROBB was released.

ArbitorIan's White Scars

* Epistolary Librarian (Terminator Armour, Null Zone, Gate of Infinity)
* 6 Assault Terminators (3 Thunder Hammers)
* 10 Tactical Marines (Plasmagun, Lascannon, inc Sgt with Powerfist) in a Razorback (Lascannons)
* 10 Tactical Marines (Plasmagun, Lascannon) in a Razorback (Lascannons)
* 5 Vanguard Veterans (Jump Packs, 2 Power Weapons, inc Sgt with Powerfist)
* Predator (Lascannons, Sponson Lascannons)
* Vindicator

PaniC's Nurgle CSM

* Daemon Prince (Mark of Nurgle, Wings, Warptime)
* Greater Daemon
* 7 Plague marines (2 Plasmaguns, Icon, inc Champion with Powerfist)
* 7 Plague marines (2 Plasmaguns, Icon, inc Champion with Powersword)
* 14 Plaguebearers.
* 7 PlagueBearers.
* Landraider (Extra Armour, Havoc Launcher)
* Landraider (Extra Armour)


The White Dwarf with the mission in it says to use all the high ground you have, so we filled the board with every hill available - we decided the big hill to the east would count as two for victory purposes. White Scars got the first turn, and deployed a refused flank, with both tactical squads split into combat squads. Nurgle deployed their tiny opening army in the centre.


The first few turns of the game flew by - White Scars opened fire with their 8 Lascannons, but only managed to stun and shake the Chaos Landraiders. Of course, their Extra Armour means they can still move, so in the Chaos turn they drive towards the nearest two hill objectives and pop smoke.

End of Turn 1

The Daemon Prince hides behind the Land Raiders

The White Scars Razorbacks move forwards


The WS Librarian decides he's had enough waiting around, and Gates over to near the Daemon Prince with his Assault Terminators, but his roll scatters 11" over to the Land Raider in the west. The WS gunline opens fire again, but have a problem with the smoke, only stunning one LR again, and blowing a lascannon off of the other one.

In the Chaos turn, the big Daemon squad turns up right behind the Terminators, using the Icon in the Land Raider. The Land Raider then turns around and deposits a Plague Marine squad, who open fire on the Terminators with their Plasmaguns. Thanks to the new wound allocation rules, and the 3+ Storm Shield saves, they only kill one marine. The Daemon Prince and Daemons charge into the Terminators. The DP gets to go first, and easily kills the Librarian, while the Daemons kill one Terminator. The remaining Terminators direct all their attacks against the DP, with no effect.

End of Turn 2

Daemons turn up

And end up in a big fight


The Vanguard Veterans turn up, and do a risky Heroic Intervention next to the big combat. Thankfully, they're on target. In the shooting phase, the Predator immobilises the eastern Land Raider, while other fire destroys a Lascannon and shakes it, and a Combat Squad wreck the western one. The Vindicator opens fire on the Plague Marines, hoping the shot won't scatter onto the nearby Terminators. Again, it's roughly on target, only killing one Terminator and a couple of Daemons in the nearby combat, and killing six of the seven Plaguemarines. The Vanguard Veterans charge, but fail to turn the combat - the Daemon Prince kills all the remaining Terminators, and the Daemons kill three of the Veterans. The Veterans kill three Daemons, but lose the combat, and get caught in a sweeping advance, forcing them to take another bunch of saves and lose a fourth marine.

In the Chaos turn, the Greater Daemon possesses the remaining Plaguemarine, and the small Daemon squad turn up nearby. When the Daemon Prince kills the last Veteran and wins the combat, all of the Daemons seek cover behind the wrecked Land Raider.

End of Turn 3

The Vindicator kills the Plague Marines

All the Daemons run for cover after wiping out the White Scar elites


The White Scar line move back in order to avoid any assaults, and open fire. One of the Combat Squads explodes the eastern Landraider, killing one of the Plaguemarines inside, and the vehicles open fire on the larger Daemons, causing one wound on the Daemon Prince and two wounds on the Greater Daemon. In the Chaos turn, the Daemons advance onto nearby hills. I don't have a map pic for this turn!

The last Landraider is destroyed

The daemons advance


With all the daemons getting closer, the remaining White Scar Combat Squads disembark their Razorbacks to get as many guns on the table as possible. It works out in the shooting phase, when the Lascannon Combat Squads kill the Daemon Prince, the Vindicator and Plasmagun Combat Squads kill the Greater Daemon, and bolter fire kills a few more Lesser Daemons. In the Chaos turn, the remaining Daemon squads try to spread out and claim as many hills as possible, hoping that this is the last turn. The larger squad in the north even form into a long line, to claim two hills at once.

End of Turn 5

The Combat Squads disembark

And wipe out the advancing daemons

While the larger daemon unit claim two hills at once!


We roll another turn, and the WS open fire yet again, hoping to wipe out enough daemons to stop them claiming the hills. The small squad are wiped out by Vindicator and Bolter fire, but after the rest of the army fires at the larger Daemon squad, five remain standing, and they manage to occupy the tops of both of their hills by the merest fraction of an inch. Chaos hope for the end of the game, and sure enough their wish comes true. The spread out Daemons make for a Chaos win!!

End of Turn 6

The line of Daemons

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Made in gb
Perfect Shot Ultramarine Predator Pilot

Wiltshire, UK

Another good read, thanks guys.
Clever and effective move by Panic, using an 'extended line' formation to claim 2 hills, must remember that one

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"The Emperor Protects - And having a loaded Bolter never hurt either !" - Proteus and Pythor, Ultramarines, The Movie.

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

the mission we played was called high ground.
It says cover the board in hills, each hill is worth a VP. easy.
We decided that the hill on a hill shoud be worth 2VP.

With the only terrain being hills, pretty much every thing was visable, the tanks had a field day... (so to speak!)

Ian claimed three hills = 3VP
I had the big hill for 2VP plus the conga line claimed 2 more! = 4VP

One more turn and I'm sure it would have been a draw or a white scar victory.

The last hill grab was funny.
as Ian was wiping out daemons I tried a bit of verbal distraction telling him 'I can make 5+ saves all day long' and that he should give up! actually I was praying that I had enough daemons stay alive!
After all the damage was done I had five daemons left!
so with five plaguebearers on 1" bases and four 2" gaps I had 13" of conga line.
I measured the gap, hill top to hill top it was 11".

Maybe I should be ashamed of my behavour.... but i'm not


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Made in au
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


i thought razerbacks could only have 6 marines in them please tell me if i'm wrong, any way nice report keep em coming

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Made in us
Incorporating Wet-Blending

Glendale, AZ

@ Stern: You are right. RB's CAN only carry 6 marines. So unless you combat squad your tacticals, you can't transport them until you lose a few models.

@ Inq.Ian:

I can't wait to see how you do with the W.S. Bike list! I have a similar list I'm goin to paint as a WS successor Chapter, using Vulkan. I know, I know, not very WSish, but the army comp is VERY Whitescars, I'm just NOT a fan of Khan.

If you want to take a look at the list and offer C&C please do so: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/227331.page

P.S. I love those 2nd Ed Jumppacks! ( I have several as well)

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Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

Ian bought RZBs for 10 man squads.
But he then broke these down into combat squads, 5marines get to ride in the RZB, the rest walked...
You can see some of the foot marines by the vindicator and ontop of the hill.
( althhough you can't see all of them, a bit of cropping happens to the map pictures when straightning them out.)

on this topic, I think that 10 man squads should get to buy a second RZB... but I also think that RZBs are too cheap and need to cost about 20pts more.


Made in us
Angry Blood Angel Assault marine

New Jersey

wow, nice report you made. good read!

it's always good to read with picture so i can easily understand more further on the entire battle between the blessed Emperor's finest and the unclean Chaos.

although it's unfortunate for the Marines, but they got a good kill at turn 5 and 6.
Made in us
Rampaging Carnifex

Mandeville, Louisiana

That early combat went terribly for the White Scars. Heroic intervening Vanguard, + Assault terminators and a Librarian and they didn't even wound the Daemon Prince? Was his rollling just terrible? Either way, creative win there. Good job

Dakka. You need more of it. No exceptions.
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Made in gb
Dispassionate Imperial Judge

HATE Club, East London

Yeah, they didn't do too well. However, the Daemon Prince always has the higher initiative, and was using Warptime, which allowed him to re-roll all his hits and wounds. In the first round, he took out the Librarian before anyone could attack back...

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Great report and nice table. Gives me hope that mine can be done one of these days.

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1850+ pts. 3000+ pts. 2000+

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Made in us
Rampaging Carnifex

Mandeville, Louisiana

Yeah i suppose a DP could splat a Librarian if he focused, but I'm still a bit shocked that he came through all those thunder hammer attacks unscathed. Panic, how have the Land Raiders been performing for you? The Greater Daemon? I'm putting together some things that may end up a nurgle(ruleswise) Chaos marine force and I've been looking at a Greater Daemon and Vindicators for theme.

Dakka. You need more of it. No exceptions.
You ask me for an evil hamburger. I hand you a raccoon.-Captain Gordino
What are you talking about? They're Space Marines, which are heroic. They need to be able to do all the heroic stuff. They fight aliens and don't afraid of anything. -Orkeosarus

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

London UK

What I've come to reailse is if your not giving your DP warptime, your doing it wrong! When the codex landed everyone was WarpTime and i was determined to use gift or wind... but I've learned the errors of my ways... use warptime everytime!

Reroll to hit with WS7.... reroll to Wound using str6... yes please!


Made in us
Wondering Why the Emperor Left


I love the you have good and clear pictures.

Is what your living for worth dying for? 
Made in nl
Virulent Space Marine dedicated to Nurgle

fab report thanks

"every day, and in every way, i am getting better and better." Pink Panther.

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