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Storming Storm Guardian

Massachusetts, USA!

I've heard that magnetizing options can be very convenient and wanted to know where I could go to get small magnets to glue onto models to allow different options on those models? I'm getting ready to paint a Space Marines Battleforce and want to magnetize all of the options. I just searched for sheet magnet and couldn't find anything. I would greatly appreciate any advice.

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Sword-Wielding Bloodletter of Khorne

Salt Lake City, UT

There are several places online that sell smaller magnets like the ones you're looking for. Do a search for "rare earth magnets" on Google or something and you should pull up several sites.

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Miniwargaming sells great rare earth magnets in all shape and sizes

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Made in us
Storming Storm Guardian

Massachusetts, USA!

Awesome ! Just found a bunch of places for magnets . Thanks!!!

- A world without Warhammer 40k is nothing! - = NUKE! USA! USA! USA!

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Tough Tyrant Guard

Sacramento, ca

Yes i use alot of 1/16x1/16 magnets for jump packs and packs on my space marines( assault/ vangauard troops
[Thumb - magnets 001.JPG]

[Thumb - magnets 002.JPG]

[Thumb - magnets 003.JPG]

[Thumb - magnets 004.JPG]

[Thumb - magnets 005.JPG]
1/16x 1/16 magnets in the slots

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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Los Angeles, CA, USA




I have used both places and like them a great deal!
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Infiltrating Broodlord

Hemet, CA

And here's a tip for magnetizing that'll save you a lot of time. Do you have a dremel tool? Use the biggest bit that comes standard, which is exactly the right size for the tiny mangets that have been mentioned before. Drill a hole just a fraction of an inch deeper than the magnet is and don't bore it out or widen it.

Do one hole straight in and those magnets will fit in very snug. That way you won't have to worry about them coming out later on.

Also, so you don't screw up stuff like I did in the beginning, mark the correct side of the magnet with a sharpie. Have one finished model with the correct direction the magnets.

Then every time you put one in, compare it to your 'template' so you don't end up putting them in backwards and have to drill them out, pry them out, and reposition them.

It's hard to describe what I'm thinking of, but I hope you get the picture.... Just check your work before putting in magnets to make sure everything is actually modular and you don't get them facing the wrong direction and have to dig out misplaced ones. Trust me, that's a huge pain.

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