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Who's the patron god of gambling

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Executing Exarch

I went with tzeench because feel the concept of gambling is more closely tied to fate and probability than being a hedonistic thing.

Sometimes you might take no pleasure in a gamble and its being forced upon you, Like you can throw a crak or frag grenade at the oncoming horde of ripper swarms and the gamble would cost you our life.. You are probably not going to enjoy the act of deciding which one will work best when you are minutes from death

But its still a question of probability/fate.

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AngryAngel80 wrote:
I don't know, when I see awesome rules, I'm like " Baby, your rules looking so fine. Maybe I gotta add you to my first strike battalion eh ? "

 Eonfuzz wrote:

I would much rather everyone have a half ass than no ass.

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Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

I went with Slaanesh. Why? I have been to Vegas.

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ERJAK wrote:
...probably has a some amount of Nazi memorabilia, has many concerning opinions about racial and cultural minorities, and/or likely refers to women as 'females'.
--Saying this about another member does not violate Dakka's Rule #1, apparently. 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

I say Slaanesh.

Gambling is about addiction, and the euphoria of winning, and an endless, excessive compulsion to keep gambling.

Tzeench knows about chance and luck, and a desciple of tzeench would know not to gamble. Or, they would know how to gamble right - card counting and all the rest of it.

I think the answer is both - slaanesh would cover gambling as a whole, for its excess, addictive nature and a tendancy for people to gamble more and more, needing more to get any satisfaction from it, and Tzench would cover professional gambles, who actually work the system to get money.

Slaanesh owns the casino - Tzeench hustles it.

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Insect-Infested Nurgle Chaos Lord

Gamblor of course. You will be pulled into the clutch of his neon claws.

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Flashy Flashgitz

Mork. Half the weapons in the codex require you to roll for one or more of their stats and the stronger the weapon, the better the odds that it will kill the bearer.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Tzeench is the god of tricks, chance and fate.

Slaneesh is the god that stops you walking away from the table and makes you bet your house
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Utilizing Careful Highlighting


Gambling isn’t an emotion. The gods are emotions.
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Some rude post complaining about someone elses posting rather than hitting the yellow triangle.

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It was on the dakka homepage (still is) and I hadn’t seen it before, so I assumed it was current. I responded with a bit of humor (not a complaint) without checking the date. Seeing now that my negligent behavior causes this degree of mental anguish in some of my fellow humans, I will try to look before I so carelessly leap in the future.

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Villanous Scum

Don't worry about it, it was necrod by a spam bot and as the thread is not time dependent I saw no reason to lock it.

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Exalted Beastlord

 Backspacehacker wrote:
pm713 wrote:
Neither. Gambling itself would have nothing or it's own minor god.

True but who would it fall under?

Ranald, obviously.

Edit: wasn't paying attention to the necro. Ah, well.

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Painting Within the Lines

Tangentville, New Jersey

If we're going Old World, the Empire god of luck was Shemtek. He's referenced in a Mordheim spell and he was included in an old White Dwarf that had a listing on the minor gods of the Empire (like Mannon and Morr).

In 40K? Could be anyone

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Dakka Veteran

If you're addicted to gambling wouldn't that be Slaanesh?
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Jarms48 wrote:
If you're addicted to gambling wouldn't that be Slaanesh?

Yes and no. As others have mentioned, there are frequently overlaps between different domains. Addiction is pretty Slaaneshi in nature, but addiction to blood lust is khornate, and addiction to logic puzzles, deception, etc. is Tzeentch. Slaanesh is probably on your right shoulder at the gambling table, but Tzeentch is probably on your left.

Also, how are people bringing up Cegorach but forgetting the Morai-Heg and Lilieth? Shouldn't the goddesses of fate and prophecy respectively have a seat at this gambling table?!
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Jarms48 wrote:
If you're addicted to gambling wouldn't that be Slaanesh?

You can be addicted to anything. Gambling are games of chance which is part of fate
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