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Made in be
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Scotland, but nowhere near my rulebook

Bit of an experiment on painting up some Zone Mortalis walls printed up by Flinty

Aiming for "rusty, white paint massively chipped off" - It's going to be festooned with graffiti, posters etc. This is the base.

Took some really cheap Hobbycraft acrylic paint and stippled it on thick - adds some rust texture and breaks up the 3d printing lines. Base is brown, with a mixture of white and what they call "Iced Latte" stippled on at the same time with one brush to give the paint some dirt. Think I'll add some grey next time too.

I think it needs some metal chipping along the crossbrace edges, probably in either Tin Bitz or dark silver.
Made in be
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Scotland, but nowhere near my rulebook

Bit more of the ZM. Painted the fans really shiny, as I figured they'd either be aluminium or galvanised steel.

Top of the wall in Necromunda Yellow and Black Hazard Stripes, because Tradition.

Made in gb
Human Auxiliary to the Empire

Nice, the thick craft paint works well for the walls, not sure if it suits the details though.

Made in be
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Scotland, but nowhere near my rulebook

Yeah,its all a bit experimental. Looks fine on the pipes (It's Gotta Be Right With Hammerite) but the fan blades look like they've taken a bit of a beating.
Made in be
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Scotland, but nowhere near my rulebook

So after the experimentation, I decided to go all in with this colour scheme.

First, layer yellow and black for hazard stripes - yellow base, black airbrushed on through a template cut out of cardboard

Then the base level of rust

Then stipple on the white/grey/coffee paint in horrible splodges to make it look really grimy, then give a pure white drybrush (only going down) to provide an overhead lighting effect and tie the different walls together - otherwise some were noticeably more grey or coffee.

Next up - metal. Now, I could use paints. Or... I could use metallic felt tips. Along with red and blue markers for wires, and a black marker to cover up mistakes on the black areas

I now have a new Zoom background.

Now varnish it, because this cheap paint is horrible, still feels sticky and from my failure with salt weathering, I know that if you scrub at it at all it'll peel off.

That's the boring bit out of the way. Now for what the underhive should be lousy with - grafitti.

Problem is, I'm awful at freehand, and can't get particularly fine lines out of my airbrush. A lot of underhivers are probably the same so it gets to stay.

HOWEVER, taking a leaf out of Banksy's book, I could make some stencils. My long time opponent Flinty has a Van Saar gang with many bright colours. Let's make a stencil out of the designs that GW posted up a while back.

How does it look?

Not bad, not bad - could do with more differentiation beween the colours. Break out the fine liner!

Much better. But stencils can only take you so far... what about some transfers? Download some fonts of the internet, print on home printable decal paper, quick layer or 3 of varnish to seal in the ink and then some Humbrol DecalFix - my boys, The Press Gang, have been putting up some tags...

But what if we could combine the two? Using some transparent decal paper, cutting the same shape out of a mask and spraying on some colour with an airbrush? How would my gang leader, "Citizen" Kane like to put his name to a wall or two?

I've generally kept the graffiti low-ish down - these walls are twice human height, and gangers probably aren't carrying around step ladders.

I have some more stencils still to apply, including some more "official" looking stuff in a stencil font for sector names etc. Also I've got my big spray of the Orlock fist to put down, and a couple more tags for Flinty's gang, the Verticies.

Made in be
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Scotland, but nowhere near my rulebook

Beginning to suspect that my inability to do fine detail with an airbrush may be related to trying to use the dual action gravity feed Fengda BD-130 that came free with my compressor rather than my siphon feed single action Badger 200nh that I've had for ages (since siphons are a nuisance for small paint quantities)

However, I seem to be able to get MUCH better results out of the Badger.

Also, if you hold it upside down, it becomes gravity feed.

The Next Generation both agree as well, preferring the "Blue" airbrush for their Gaslands cars (Don't have photos to hand, but the eldest has festooned their team vehicles with citadel skulls. They'll fit right in with Warhammer!)
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