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1/18th scale Warhammer 40k toys incoming next month. Full color video w options!!!!!  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Im still waiting on my white scars intercessor to be shipped....

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 hotsauceman1 wrote:
Im still waiting on my white scars intercessor to be shipped....

You mean the one that isn't scheduled for release until October?

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Not sure why people are having issues with these figures. If you dont like em dont buy em. They look cool to me and if this helps keep GW in business than thats a good thing. I dont game anymore but I have been part of the GW since the mid 80's, since rouge trade , thud the barbarian etc. and want GW to be around for a long time.

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I'd go for some Orks, and IG. That would be cool to see a Leman Russ or Battlewagon in 1/18th.


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Oh, yeah, got some Orks and Eldar up in this, then we can make a 1/18 scale skirmish game to go with, maybe dust off the open-filed variant of the Calth rules I was thinking about…

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Infiltrate Your Action Figure Collection With New Vanguard Space Marines From JOYTOY - WarCom


And they're limited -

These two sets of four figures will be available via Made to Order from the Games Workshop webstore for one week only from the 25th of September to the 3rd of October at 6pm (BST).
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Bleh. As hard as it is to get Cobra Troopers just off Hasbro's site, these guys will be impossible to get off GW site, made to order or not.

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