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Terrain, terrain...All I see is terrain: AOS Fishkin fish tank ship wreckage. And some Custodes.  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in lt
Dakka Veteran


Totally forgot I brought some more terrain back home, so spent a few hours on Custodian helmets.. these are now 90ish% done. Need a final highlight on black parts and some purple glazing into darkest areas.

Great zoom really makes them look bad :''D

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Made in lt
Dakka Veteran

After a small rest, moving on to Lake Town Houses! Boi, these are cuties <3

Today I will try building Bard's house. In other words, copypasting the house shown in WHC article. And after that I will still have 2 more houses left to build.

Made in gb
Wicked Warphead with Iron Staff


They look really nice kits.

The heads above, are awesome.

Made in lt
Dakka Veteran

Yeah. I think I will have to buy some bricks from GSWorld though. They definitely need some chimneys!

In the meantime, been working on some more Custodes shields...

Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut


The Custodes stuff looks great.



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Made in nz
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Wellington, NZ

Those shields look ace! What a mature gold tone. Really rich and I love the gradient you've achieved.

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Made in gb
Wicked Warphead with Iron Staff


Beautiful work on the shields.

Made in lt
Dakka Veteran

Will see how it will turn out when all parts of the model will be painted in such manner

And today is a happy day, for I have finally bought everything I ever wanted from FWs Legio Custodes models. So now I can at least rest assured there will be no more spending in that category

Made in us
Robot Cat


Until they come out with something else that's cool, right?
Made in lt
Dakka Veteran


No, in all seriousness, I've ordered one of the Zone Mortalis sectors again. Will try working one at a time and see what happens.

Jeez, I've soo many things to do now: LoTR, Custodes, Lake town houses, even more of the 40k terrain. And I have this new Deepkin terrain ship coming in tomorrow or wednesday! Gosh..

Made in lt
Dakka Veteran

So here I am, strolling into our crib to see this fishkin fish tank ship waiting for me.
"Screw them Lake town houses, let's assemble this gak!". I was surprised it is made out of good plastic, not the gakky one like Dragonfate Dais is.
All in all, a pretty standard kit, with your regular GW sprue nonsense, requiring to glue head into slot even though the rest of the body was molded fully and things like that. Quite a few mold lines as well.

Can't wait to paint it tomorrow, just tried some Decayed gold from Scale 75

Made in lt

Creepy. Will have to catch You to get the details on where to get that wreck. Slash marks on golden shields look very good! Thumbs up!

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Made in lt
Dakka Veteran

It's the new AoS terrain piece

First things first though, did some work on the huge building one of the guys brought to us. Still, a colossal amount of work to be done here.

Aaand, the last few days put some more paint of the fishkin fish tank decoration thing. Picking out the details, needs a wash and something else. Maybe a few highlights...

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