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Made in de
Dakka Veteran

Hello fellow Dakka reader and poster,

I'm new to this forum but not to WH40K and scratchbuilding.
I have my own blog at http://fischers-design-shop.blogspot.com/ and post regularily at http://z11.invisionfree.com/Work_In_Progress/index.php?act=idx and http://www.warseer.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=147.

So let me start this blog here with some of my completed projects.
I started my little workshop with the creation of some scratchbuild vehicles for the Imperial Guard.
I wanted them to be "airmobile", so I built them small and very unique.

I named the vehicles after Greek Gods, and so the DEI GRECI were born. Here in the gallery you can see some more images:

Shortly after that, the WIP forum had a contest for "Fast Attack" entries.
For this I built my very own Air Assault Carrier, the THANTALOS

You can see some WIP images in the gallery:
BTW, the THANTALOS won the contest

The next contest at WIP was a walker contest.
Since my IG now really had their own style, I scratchbuilt the BOREAS walker.

It is based on a Kinder Egg capsule
It didn't win the contest, but was in the top 5.

Another contest at WIP was for a Turn Counter.
For this I had the idea to create a 3-in-1 piece of a turn counter, dice tower, and terrain objective.
So I built the "Sacred Shrine of Saint Agathe the Firece"

Again, it didn't win, but I am quite pleased with the outcome.

The next project was something very big (and not for a contest).
It was a time when everone build Titans or Baneblades.
Since they didn't really fit my DEI GRECI theme, I had to do something different.
The idea was something like this

with a nice interior

and I ended up bulding this monster

More WIP images in the gallery:

Automatically Appended Next Post:
After I had completed the ZEUS, I started to build some diorama pieces for it.
A major component were the Commissar "Little Lenin" and his Ogryn bodyguard "Hektor"

More images in the gallery:

And then there was another contest at WIP. This time the topic was Artillery.
For this I wanted to try something completely different, and so I built an Ork Multiple Rookit Launcher Vehicle - the Kazuchaaah - or Stalinz Orkan

The Kazushaaah won the contest

In May 2009 I began my to date larges project.
The ATHENA airship - an aircraft carrier (here held by my nephew Florian)

It is not yet completed, as there are always some in-between projects, but here are a lot of WIP images for you:

Then latest project is actually part of the ATHENA.
It is the CHARON, another Air Assault Carrier, loosely based on a UH-1 Huey.

Here is a §D rendering form a firend (andrea1969)

More images in the gallery:

So I hope you like my little workshop, and hopefully you will visit again

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my Blog: DEI GRECI  
Made in us
Fierce Foe-Render

Very cool work....Zeus is my favorite

"No soup for you...come back one year!" --Soup Nazi, from Seinfeld 
Made in us
Xenohunter with First Contact


LOL wow.

Made in us
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

nice the Kazuchaaah and Zeus amazing.

mwnciboo said 40K Tours just because the Galaxy's Burning doesn't mean you can't enjoy the heat

whalemusic360 wrote:Yeah, I got lost too. When I think tony, I literally think of that nid as you.
Made in se
Imperial Agent Provocateur

in the heart of sweden. Mullsjo; near Jonkoping

Wow truly awesome conversions and nice paintjob! Looking forward to seeing more.


My current armies are IG Valahallans done in a ww2 style soveits and Bad Moon Orks.
orks 3000p
IG soviet inspierd Valhallans 4500p 
Made in us
Nurgle Predator Driver with an Infestation

Colorado Springs, Co.

Some amazing stuff.

In progress: The Wronged  
Made in gb
Cultist of Nurgle with Open Sores


all of this is amazing man i envy your scratchbuilding skills

a cow and a calf are cut in half, and put into some cases, to call it art, however smart, casts doubt on arts hole basis. 
Made in us
Rough Rider with Boomstick

New York city

All of this is some really nice stuff , can't wait til I get home too look at this from my comouter at home on a regular screen ( on my cell right now )

The Warmonger Club

Made in ca
Avatar of the Bloody-Handed God


Zeus is godly o_o

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          ʳʷ   ᵖˡᵃʸ  ᵖᵃᵘˢᵉ  ˢᵗᵒᵖ   ᶠᶠ 
Made in fo
Battle-tested Knight Castellan Pilot


Excellent stuff there, I really like the airborne carrier, and the Thantalos is wonderfully brutal!

Really like the color scheme too, the orange is very different, but it works beautifully for the models.

Back on the path of the Imperial Citizen

Still rolling ones...

Krieg: More wins than Losses. 
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

Hey guys,

today is your last chance to vote for a name of the Callidus Assassin (currently it is Eve = 9 vs Ilse = 8 votes) over at my blog

I finished the Assassin after a lot of inking and detailing.
I really like the way she turned out.

I'm not quite sure where I will position her on the diorama, but I think she'll look good anywhere

You can see more images in the CHARON gallery - http://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-32373-9929_Charon%20-%20Air%20Assault%20Carrier.html
Next will be the two ground crew members.


my Blog: DEI GRECI  
Made in it
Regular Dakkanaut

Bastia U. (PG)

Oh God!
The ATHENA airship is amazing! i wanna see it finished!
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

baltimore md

What an awesome thread!! You do some amazing work, def going to keep my eye on this one!! Keep up the great work.


Come visit my Cities of Death Terrain thread! http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/259854.page

Made in gb
Thrall Wizard of Tzeentch

Why do you need to know

That was really cool and interesting, especially the airship.

Lord of Change

2000 points (1800 painted)
1750+(WiP) (Joint Army)

A CSM Tzeentch Renegade Army 
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback

Right now I'm thinking about altering the deck layout of the ATHENA and will share some ideas with you, but I want to concentrate on the Tiger Team diorama first, get it completed and then, while I work an the next project for the ATHENA - the Nighhawk - then I will see if and how to apply changes to the deck layout of the ATHENA.
Currently I favour a mix of moving the bridge "out" as well as adding an angeled deck. However I need to keep the originally designed motors and motors for the four central wings in mind...as this would also required a raise of the deck and bridge...

Well, in the meantime I completed the ground crew

Applied the base colors for the little tug

Completed Sherman

and O'Donnel

as well as placed a not-so-happy Mbeng next to Ilse the Assassin

This is how it all looks right now

I hope you like it.
C&C welcome and apreciated.


my Blog: DEI GRECI  
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

On a boat, Trying not to die.

Looking good!

Every Normal Man Must Be Tempted At Times To Spit On His Hands, Hoist That Black Flag, And Begin Slitting Throats. 
Made in fi
Steadfast Grey Hunter


What a great blog. Crazy conversions full of character, keep it up

Made in ie
Snivelling Workbot


0_0 wow...
What Can't you do well?
Love the chopper, the freehand on the tiger is possibly the best freehand I think I've seen on any IG vehicle. Well, besides Zeus

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Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

Nashville/Hendersonville, TN

Some amazing stuff here!

Made in fi
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!


Little Lenin and Hektor are my favourites. Great job as always.

Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland

wohow, this is an awesome thread. Subscribed!

Made in us
Sneaky Sniper Drone

Western MA

Some awesome work! Loved little lenin!
Do you actually paint the murals and things or are they printed? I, myself like to make posters and things for my terrain - but i utilize photoshop as painting things that small scares me.

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Made in de
Dakka Veteran


Well it took some time - especially since I'm participating in the beta for "World of Tanks", but now it is completed!

*Celebrates* *dances around the campfire*

So first I completed the vox caster Filsinger and placed him in the door

and then I put all pieces together on the board

This is how it looks in the display cabinet

and the final collage



my Blog: DEI GRECI  
Made in gb
Massive Knarloc Rider


Whoa :O

Is that part of your massive assault carrier?

Check out my (new) blog at https://neonrust.home.blog
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

@ghosty - well that's how it was planned, but now it is a stand-alone item.

But therefore, I already have my next project "up the sleeve". Over the last few weeks, while completing the CHARON, I spent considerable time thinking over this project. I made a lot of mental plans, tweaked some ideas, made some sketches.
So now that the CHARON is completed, I immediately started on the new project - Codename NIGHTHAWK.

Don't be mistaken, the work in this post was made over the last 3 days (well rather nights). So I'm really not as fast as it may look.
Anyhow, lets get started, shall we?

So what's this?
These are the first two pieces and the basis of the NIGHTHAWK...

... still no idea what it could be?

And if you look at these pieces?

... Yes, another cockpit.

As usual I have to paint it, before I can incorporate it into the model.

But this time I only painted the basic frame, not the seats and stuff - I can include these later and I don't want to loose momentum by painting

Then I started to fit the cockpit into the first base piece...

...and then the second.

The side walls.

This was the first nights work.

The next day I added the bottom piece.

I'm sure you already guessed what the NIGHTHAWK will be, right?
It will be an ATHENA based VTOL Interceptor/Destroyer.
The overall design will be (very) loosely based on the BF/ME 110 ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messerschmitt_Bf_110 ). But as a true carrier plane it will have folding wings - and as a VTOL it will have a huge central fan for the "vertical work" in addition to the two forward engines.

So I'm using Tommyguns method ( http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4852594&postcount=1311 ) to build the fan for the central engine.

And while the blades cured, I also made a simpler second turbine thingie for the underside.

Which looks like this mounted.

The main, upper fan in place.

Then I worked some more on the lower nose section,

as well as the lower tail section. Both sections required considerable amounts of putty...

...an tape

Here you can see the first pieces of the rotor housing and upper nose in place.

Last night I did a lot of sanding and grinding,

smoothing the lines.

But it really comes along nicely.

The last action yesterday was to rework the forward nose and fill the gaps with putty - so some more sanding ahead of me.

As said, it is very loosely based on the ME110, but other than the Messerschmidt, it will be "leveled" while on its landing gear, not "tail down".
So for this it will have a wheel in the nose as well as the two wheels under the engines. Its armament will most likely consist of:
4-6 AA-Hunter-Killer Missiles - or bombs, depending on the mission
4 Machine Guns in the nose
2 Punisher Cannons under the engines

Considerable firepower, isn't it?
The project idea is to have two of them. The first one will be on the elevator of the ATHENA, with the wings folded up, canopy open and Pilot and Navigator beside it. The second NIGHTHAWK will be on the forward landing platform of the ATHENA just taking off - so it will be on a transparent fly base in the air.

The current project name NIGHTHAWK is only a WIP name. If you have any ideas for a real (Greek) name, let me know, and I will put up some votes again

Let me know what you think of the project and my plans.



my Blog: DEI GRECI  
Made in ca

Canada,Prince Edward Island

What fantastic creations! The urge for me to build myself and airship is far too overpowering, but as I have nowhere as much skill as you I will have to be content with seeing your as it takes shape.

Made in gb


How about calling them Pegasus?

Made in gb
Veteran Wolf Guard Squad Leader

Reading, England

SUBSCIBED! I am actually loving this thread, the brilliant painting and modeling thats going on. Have you done anymore work on the Athena?

30K Blog: hobbyfromtheaett.blogspot.com

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30K Space Wolves - 1500pts
Deathguard -2300 pts  
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

Thanks guys

Well, I would really like to use Owl or "Uhu" (Eagle Owl) as name - does anyone have a translation?
I looked into "Clash of the Titans", but the (brass) Owl has no name there ...

Also I am VERY satisfied with the CHARONS rating at CMON - currently at 8.7

OK, on to the "Nighthawk/Owl".
Here you can see how the wings will look in the end.

Well, since this will be the plane on the elevator, it will have its wings folded. So here you can see the wing roots...

and the folded up wingtips.

But of course I don't want the wings to be so thin and flat, so I started to build up some ribs.

and mounted them.

Then I used 0.25mm thin Plasticard and wraped it around. Similarily to the ATHENA I used 2cm wide strips (instead of 1 wide sheet). I have to admit that I'm not 100% satisfied with the result, so the other Nighthawk will have the wing wraped in one sheet.

While the skin on the wings cured, I worked on the engine fans (again using Tommyguns method - http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4852594&postcount=1311 ).

Here I started to mount the first engine...

and then I build the housing around it.

I can tell you, this is the model with the most putty and sanding involved EVER!

Somehow the rear exhaust look completely crooked here, but on the model they are straight...

More filling, sanding and smoothening.

And this was the status on Saturday night:

On Sunday my wife was out on a trip, so I had a lot of time - unfortunately she had the camera, so I have no step-by-step images.

First I built the rear fuselage

and here you can also see the 4 autocannons - or should I label them machine guns?

The rear fuselage has also flaps - looking at this image I think I have to remount this one, as it looks askew.

Next was the landing gear. Remember that it is a VTOL, so it won't need a heavy duty gear.
I used the tires of a Revel Me110

But the actual gear is scratch built.

As mentioned, I also want to mount two Punishers on the Nighthawk.
Here you can see the two guns, but I need your help deciding if I should really mount them...

I mounted them with Blue Tac, and this is how it will (most likely) look.

I think it will look good.

quite some serious business

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the Punishers on the Nighthawk.

Then I worked on the AA-Hunter-Killer-Missiles.
I used my "drill method" ( http://fischers-design-shop.blogspot.com/2010/07/scratchbuilding-rocket-pod.html ) to create the warheads from an old piece of sprue.

And here you can see the finished missiles together with the wing tip (on which they will be mounted 3ea).

That was a productive weekend and I hope you enjoyed the read.


my Blog: DEI GRECI  
Made in us
Alluring Sorcerer of Slaanesh

Union, Kentucky United States

God I love your work.

Listen, my children, as I pass onto you the truth behind Willy Wonka and his factory. For every wonka bar ever created in existance, Mr. Wonka sacraficed a single Oompa Loompa to the god of chocolate, Hearshys. Then, he drank the blood of the fallen orange men because he fed them a constant supply of sugary chocolate so they all became diabetic and had creamy, sweet-tasting blood that willy could put into each and every Wonka bar. That is the REAL story behind willy wonka's Slaughter House!  
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