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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

ok, so i have never actually played a full wh40k game... i just do these for fun, cause i like the orky way of doing things, and enjoy painting / modding the miniatures, so i know this wouldn't fit in a "official" army, except maybe as a "counts as" artillery piece... maybe

but here is what it looks like so far, ill borrow my friends digital camera tomorrow to take better pictures, my iphone can't do a macro focus very well. :(

this is my idea for an ork sniper. and where the idea led me as far as putting him together.

the sniper rifle ... the handle is an ork arm w/pistol with the nose nub nipped off, then i took a barrel from a shootah, and clipped all the extra gubbins off, and repositioned the ammo feed onto the side of the weapon, then took the shaft and cool bits clipped out of a 'uge choppah from the nobs sprue to make the next part of the barrel, then cut apart a banner pole for the final thin bits.

the bi-pod grot... started today as the shell loading grot from my heavy cannon. slot of clipper surgury later, the shell was gone and his one arm was free to be positioned back to hold the rifle. i got the other arm (plastic) from the backpack ammo grot also on the nob sprue... I still have to GS some details onto his chest where the shell used to be.

all in all I am happy with how it looks, it'll make a lot more sense when it isn't a mess of raw, primer, and old paint... when its all painted new it should look cool
[Thumb - SAM_0133.jpg]

[Thumb - SAM_0136.jpg]

[Thumb - SAM_0131.jpg]

[Thumb - SAM_0169.JPG]

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Made in us
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

not best picture but i like the idea!

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-Philip K. Dick
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Made in us
Legendary Dogfighter

Garden Grove, CA

Lol, Orkz, sniping. You funny. Like the idea though!

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Made in nl
Cultist of Nurgle with Open Sores

Netherlands (yes, I know)

Classic !

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Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

updated the photos from bad iphone pics... to actual good focused ones ... much better now, I just need to paint it.
Made in gb
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Albany, Australia

Cool. If you did ever play - "count as" Loota?

Made in nl
Reliable Krootox

LOL I like it alot! Can't wait to see it painted. You should write rules for this one and make a squad. Orks don't have snipers yet, do they? (correct me if I'm wrong)
Made in gb
Angry Blood Angel Assault marine

Bristol, England

Good concept. You still have a random hand attached to the front of the barrell.

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Made in ca
Boosting Black Templar Biker

Alberta Canada

I don't think its a random hand, just a grot's left hand needing the fingers re-worked with a knife.
I like this. I justkeep hearing the ork trying to line up the shot." Up. Up. Up.now down....left...left...the udda' left..steady...steady....oops, he's gone....new tagget...."

Made in us
Guardsman with Flashlight

So totally have to make rules for them! Would love to see orky sniper squads with grot spotters

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Made in ca
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Owen Sound, ON. Canada

Thats awesome! Post pics when ya get it painted!

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Made in gb
Grey Knight Purgator firing around corners


Made in gb
Furious Raptor


The grots a little freakish, but hey, they'r eall quite odd anyway, I love the idea!

Just got back to wh40k =D 
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

small update, working on the grot, hopefully it'll make more sense what is there now

should have it painted through next week, will post pictures as i go
[Thumb - SAM_0139.JPG]

[Thumb - SAM_0140.JPG]

[Thumb - SAM_0141.JPG]

Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

updated OP with new pic of grot with finished skin, I am very happy with his shading on his skin, but it was hell to get a picture that looked like it does looking at it in real life... :(
Made in us
Xenohunter Acolyte with Alacrity

i love models that play up the whole slave caste aspect of grots rather than just show them as cannon fodder.

friggin great model.
Made in gb
Bonkers Buggy Driver with Rockets

Black Country


I just love the creativity of Ork players.

Apologies for talking positively about games I enjoy.
Orkz Rokk!!!  
Made in us
Last Remaining Whole C'Tan

Pleasant Valley, Iowa

SteamAlchemist wrote:So totally have to make rules for them! Would love to see orky sniper squads with grot spotters

I'd have to imagine it would use the Ork statline, but with the BS of a grot, and would change to "assault 3" since I'd envision the grot aiming while the ork shoots as fast as he can.

 lord_blackfang wrote:
Respect to the guy who subscribed just to post a massive ASCII dong in the chat and immediately get banned.
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