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LoER Terrain Contest: Round 12: Wall me up, fence me in - Results are in.....  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
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Made in us
Combat Jumping Ragik

Beyond the Beltway

Congratulations one and all, especially to OneManNoodles. Beautiful work everyone. A worthy contest.

14 entries in total... Very cool. More is merrier, even if it stresses the judges.

My lesson learned was: finish early. I seem to enjoy things more that way. And really, enjoying the contest is the most important thing.

Made in gb
Regular Dakkanaut

Great work everyone. Whats on for the next round I wonder .

Warhammer Terrain Man, warhammerterrain@hotmail.co.uk 
Made in au
Hellacious Havoc

Are we going to have to make terrain using noodles? D-:

(ignore me - I don't know what I am doing) 
Made in gb
Member of a Lodge? I Can't Say

Clacks Scotland

Congrats to the worthy winners!! Awesome work and well deserved all!
Happy New Year and roll on Round 13! :-)

As my father once said to me : You cant polish a turd... but you can roll it in glitter!
MY P&M BLOG:http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/543290.page#5900175

Made in gb
Mysterious Techpriest


OK, this is unexpected. Forgive me if this seems a little bit surprising.

Congratulations Camkierhi & Red Harvest. I was seriously expecting one of you two to take first, if not one of the other fantastic entries

My favourite was Little tower's, yes, because it lights up. I'll have to pick up some of that wire and have a play around sometime.

@Tek Thornison: Very nice, reminds me exactly of things I used to see in WD and the rulebooks etc.

@mekugi: Looks really nice the grass and graffiti is fantastic, a few things I'd point out, use a mix of orange and brown for bricks, a bit of brown to the mortar / cement. looking good

@MagosBiff90: Really realistic and grimy, I like how you made the corrugated sheet.

@DrH: Agreed, needed more dirt, I also left out the posters/ flyers that I would normally add.

@trollmeat: By all means, I'm sure his pastainess the flying spaghetti monster would smile upon such an act of dedication.

@BArnzie4Moop: Me too

@ALL entrants that finished: You should all be proud of what you have made, it's not always easy working from a blank canvas, and terrain pieces are almost always much larger than the models you might otherwise make and requires a certain amount of perseverance and imagination to complete such a potentially daunting project. So well done.

Thank you very much Monkeytroll for running a great competition, I hope the next will not shame such a high standard.
I'll try and come up with a sane theme for the lucky 13th round, I expect it'll be ready to launch by Sunday and will run for 12 weeks

Happy new year all.

Made in gb
Mysterious Techpriest

Next competition is up:

"What Went Wrong" ...


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