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Dakka Killteam Kompetition...we have an official winner! (2/22/2011)  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
Dakka Killteam Kompetition Voting (vote for all you like)
Entry 1 5% [ 71 ]
Entry 2 1% [ 9 ]
Entry 3 25% [ 359 ]
Entry 4 6% [ 84 ]
Entry 5 1% [ 9 ]
Entry 6 3% [ 49 ]
Entry 7 25% [ 364 ]
Entry 8 5% [ 72 ]
Entry 9 5% [ 66 ]
Entry 10 1% [ 15 ]
Entry 11 3% [ 39 ]
Entry 12 1% [ 18 ]
Entry 13 2% [ 30 ]
Entry 14 5% [ 75 ]
Entry 15 13% [ 187 ]
Total Votes : 1447
Author Message

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Made in us
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Norfolk, Va

As you guys can see we got some amazing entries for this contest!

Please vote for the entries you like the best by whatever criteria is important to you, keeping in mind the theme of this challenge.

When voting closes in one week from when this was posted, the judges will take the three highest scores confer amongst ourselves and revile the winner!

All submissions are presented anonymously, so that no favorites can be played (so please do not post which image is yours, or you will be disqualified).

Remember that you can click on any of these images to get a better view of them (and zoom) in the dakka gallery.

You can vote for all your favorite entries. Vote for as many or as few entries as you like!

Entry 1: by inmygavenimage

Entry 2: by Doomthumbs

Entry 3: by Skumle Rafte

Entry 4: by Patrick

Entry 5: by ycw753

Entry 6: by Reaper Man 2020

Entry 7: by Klaus, Not Santa

Entry 8: by Girlpainting

Entry 9: by RiChYc

Entry 10: by Foxtale

Entry 11: by Sampsa

Entry 12: by D0ck

Entry 13: by petergollum

Entry 14: by LBursley

Entry 15: by Stretch

A special big thanks to Fantasy Flight Games for providing the prize (and partial inspiration) for this contest!

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Made in gb
Avatar of the Bloody-Handed God

Inside your mind, corrupting the pathways

Some fantastic entries.

But is it just me, or is entry 15 not showing up?

Edit: Just quoted your post and it is a photobucket image, so I can't see it at work

Will vote when I get home and can see everything.

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Made in gb
Bounding Ultramarine Assault Trooper


Some fantastic entries from everyone, was well worth the wait to see them

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Chaos Space Wolves Blog Starting soon.

Inceptors Space Marines Blog Starting soon. 
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

There is some really stunning work in here!
And the choice is Very, Very hard.

Good luck to all participants - may the best one win!


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Made in gb
Et In Arcadia Ego


All very cool. props to everyone who entered.

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Made in gb
Rampaging Reaver Titan Princeps


Very nice entries, have voted! Cant see 15 though :(

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Made in de
Rampaging Carnifex


Wow, I like none of them the only one which looks promissing is #7 but the foto is blurry.

I know when it is closing time. - Rascal Mod

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"what's with all the hate go paint something you lazy bastards" - NAVARRO
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Made in gb
Lord Commander in a Plush Chair


Gave #3 the vote, #7 looks good but the photographs aren't good enough to appreciate the painting.
Made in us
Unbalanced Fanatic

Jacksonville, NC

I agree, #3 is much better overall. I like the work of #7 but carefull study shows a better paint job on #3. Cleaner, crisp.

Made in gb
Junior Officer with Laspistol

Sheffield, England

I think #3 is definitely the best entry with a decent sized photograph.

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Made in gb
Monster-Slaying Daemonhunter

Yeah the photograph for 7 could be better but I gave it my vote anyway for the obvious effort which has gone into it.

Made in us
Gangly Grot Rebel

I kinda agree with Lbursley from the other thread. If the entry didn't meet the rules of the competition which were slathered all over the rules thread, I think it should be out.

Entry 7 is geat and all, but I very much doubt it was censored by the person who entered it.

That said, I voted for the one that looks like it was taken in Lbursley's lightbox. The armor wash helped to pick it out as well.

They're in there with their bear.
Proper grammar. Learn it, live it, love it.
Made in de
Fresh-Faced New User

Texas Instrument wrote:I kinda agree with Lbursley from the other thread. If the entry didn't meet the rules of the competition which were slathered all over the rules thread, I think it should be out.

Entry 7 is geat and all, but I very much doubt it was censored by the person who entered it.

That said, I voted for the one that looks like it was taken in Lbursley's lightbox. The armor wash helped to pick it out as well.

Well, I can say that the "censored" was intentional by the user especially to meet the guidelines.
He didn't want to give away the planet or anything else, so the "censored" was used.
And I'm very sure Yakface and Daggermaw made 100% sure that all entries do meet the rules.
Made in us
Sneaky Striking Scorpion

Sector 001

Some spectacular entries this round! I'm sorry I couldn't compete this time around but I was at least glad to vote. Keep up the great work everybody!

"The only thing you defeat when you play WH just to win is the purpose of playing WH in the first place." -Eos Rahh

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Moving flat out..

Both #3 and #7 are at the top of my list - I wish #7 had a better photograph although the execution of the mini diorama and backstory is excellent.

Great job to all that participated !

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Made in us
Been Around the Block

Orem, Utah

There are some fantastic entries in this competition. A big congrats to everyone who entered!

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Made in dk
Fresh-Faced New User


WTF 2...!? An alien hat'in bug? he he.... Fear not the Alien, Be the Alien...

I would love to be able to zoom more on 7, crossed fingers for better closeups when the komp is done

All in all every one gots some great ideas for conversion or mood or they are painted top notch. Fantastic competition.

I really had fun doing this, And I have come to love the Deathwatch... Whats the theme for the next komp?

Mine is the/them black one/ones with silver arm/arms.... do i get disqualified now

Made in fi
Kinebrach-Knobbling Xeno Interrogator

Hellsinki, Finland

I'm a bit suprised that entries 6, 11 and 14 don't have more votes. On the other hand there's still time left to vote.
Nice to see so many wonderful models.

I also go by the name of Vicard on Advanced Tau Tactica.
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Or my =][=munda log here: Dark dealings on Prekora 
Made in au
Adolescent Youth with Potential

Canberra, Australia

There are some great entries here. For me, the photography has let them down.
#3 and #6 most promising.

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They fear discovery, defeat, despair and death.

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Made in ca

Canada,Prince Edward Island

Ooh, I thought we needed to paint a whole squad of DW to enter, would have done one myself otherwise! Guess I should read the rules next time.

Voted for 14, there has obviously been a lot of time spent on painting it to that standard and the colours are very smooth (I also think I know who painted it )

Good luck to everyone in the contest!

Made in us
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Norfolk, Va

Hey guys just to clear some things up. All entries met the guidelines. The censoring in 14 was done by the entrant. Also I uploaded the pics to the dakka gallery so if you want to zoom in you can. Except for 15 which I couldn't load for the life of me. And don't worry I will remove your pics from my gallery once the contest is over so you can upload them to your galleries.
Made in de
Decrepit Dakkanaut

You might consider to declare two winners, each receiving a price.

Hive Fleet Ouroboros (my Tyranid blog): http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/286852.page
The Dusk-Wraiths of Szith Morcane (my Dark Eldar blog): http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/364786.page
Kroothawk's Malifaux Blog http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/455759.page
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Made in us
Jinking Ravenwing Land Speeder Pilot

San Diego, CA USA

#7 -VS- #3

No #7 is clearly the winner. If he doesn't get the win I'll be angry for him lol. The skill is obviously there, and the dio is epic. It's almost too nice, like it took months to make. Look at the blending and OSL, and it carries to all the models.

And #3 is nice at a glance but zooming in revealed some sloppy brush work (bolter barrel highlight, on left guy). The white background makes the pictures blown out. Sternguard look badazz in general so that helps.

Why these 2 have been almost tied since voting has been up is beyond me. #7 though grainy on the zoom pictures let me see enough to cast my vote.

Come on people.

Made in au
Adolescent Youth with Potential

Western Australia

The waiting was killer, and now so are the entries!

Any chance we get to see everyone's WIP pictures as well ?

WoW is Life, and Death is the Only True Peace 
Made in gb
Omnious Orc Shaman

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...

Pity #15 couldn't post on the dakka gallery, I can't see the image on my home PC and clicking through to Photobucket crashed IE8 (yeah I know IE8 sucks, but I just never seem to get to install Firefox...)

Made in se
Boosting Ultramarine Biker


The pic for entry #7 is too low-res to distinguish how good the painting is, and as far as I can tell I must disagree with Bursley and say that as far as I CAN see entry #3 is the best painted.

Shame to see that only 2 enteries really seem to have some real time and effort put into painting of the minis.

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Made in ca
Horrific Horror

OK maybe I am missing something. Please explain to me why you are voting for 3 and 7.

I agree that they look the best from a painted standpoint. But what experimental weapons do they display?

4, 9 and 10 may not be painted as nicely but they do have a weapon that seems more experimental (or non standard issue from the model line).

And before anyone jumps down my throat about my comment. 1) I do not have any entry in this contest.
2) I think everyone did a really good job who did enter.

I am just basing my comments on the experimental weapon aspect of the contest.

Kudos to the artist that competed.

And my appologies to anyone who takes offense at my comment. It is not intended. I may be missing something.

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What do you mean "IT MOVED?"

Motto: That which does not Kill me, SHOULD RUN. 
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

Hello Da_Viking,

a pretty good question indeed.
But on the other hand it seems it's a matter of interpretation. You seem to emphasize the experimental armament for Deathwatch, while others may get a different idea.
I think it depends on which part of the competition rules you concentrate on.

Now its your turn to show us some real Deathwatch Marines. Show us the unique nature of the Deathwatch, what makes them the best individual Space Marines around.

Some may think it's the armament, some may think its simply the armor, some may think it's their morale and attitude...
Some of the entries concetrate on the armament, some "simply" concentrate on the armour, some on their "epic" pose, and some on the "desperate situation".
I think all of these aspects are valid, none is entirely wrong.
I mean a "hero" doesn't simply become a hero because he has the newest and most devastating weapon, he may become a hero because he's fighting frightening odds, or is acting bravely in a desperate situation
Just my very personal 2C


my Blog: DEI GRECI  
Made in ca
Horrific Horror

Hello Klaus;

Thank you for that great response.

From the Challenge Rules I Quote: They use advanced and often experimental or unique weapons..

So that was the basis for my view on this competition.

I guess my interpretation is different from others.

I have voted for my favorite. Based on how I read the rules.

Thanks again.

What do you mean "IT MOVED?"

Motto: That which does not Kill me, SHOULD RUN. 
Made in de
Dakka Veteran

So is the voting closed?
I haven't noticed any changes over the last 2 days


my Blog: DEI GRECI  
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