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Made in us
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

San Francisco, CA

The Threnos Zone has been avoided for centuries. The dark cluster, home to thirteen mysterious planets, has remained off limits to all but the most foolhardy or desperate travelers (none of whom have ever been seen again). Not too far from the cluster, the planet of 88 Tanstar is home to a number of developing communities.

The Imperium has maintained a naval depot on the planet for generations, a portion of it's massive fleet standing vigil over the every quiet Threnos Zone. The depot keeps running so few raise question, but the population seems to be growing restless. Several cults have sprouted up around the compound, preaching ever so slightly different tenets to that of the Emperor. Whispers drift into the great void, this lieutenant, that crew chief, the company commander has started acting strange; maybe they are in with the cultists?

Traveling on down the road, across the plains and past the roaming boar boy herds, we come to the ork settlement of Bigtoof. A trading post for the brave and strong of stomach. Here you can find a bite of squig burger, a sip of fungus brew and any fancy gubinz you need. It'll only cost you a few teeth. Bigtoof is home to Uzgrim's Runtz, Stop Trukk Towing (a death skulls clan towing company) and the latest of Gutsnik's workshops. Wortgob Gutsnik is the leader of the Ordo Gorkamorka, a mek-centric organization of ork specialists, traveling the stars on a mysterious mission... looting and plundering all the while.

Moving on from Bigtoof, we travel to the far side of the planet to find the oldest colony on Tanstar. Ethildorin is a wondrous and lavish Eldar Exodite city embedded in a dense forest. The Exodites have stayed hidden for all these years, biding their time. The farseer that lead them to 88 Tanstar was old and wise and saw the importance of this planet in the future of the universe even before the great fall. When it became clear his people were doomed for their indulgent ways, he gathered all those that would listen and set off to this planet. That seer has since died, but remains a strong presence in the planets infinity circuit.

Some time after the Imperium established itself on the planet a strange and powerful warrior was sent to the Exodites amidst a savage attack upon the planet by a demon host. The witnessing Exodites joined the battle, recognizing the armour of the warrior as that of the space marines. The powerful warriors bonded and became friends over the coarse of the battle, the space marine vowing loyalty to the Exodites. It was through their psychic abilities that the Eldar learned of the warriors struggles, of the loss of his unit at the hands of the demon that then possessed the marine himself. As the marine and the demon battled for control of the marine's body, the demon tore them both through the warp until the marine gained the upper hand and they plunged out of the warp onto 88 Tanstar. The space marine's memories of being a space marine wiped clean and replaced with those memories that the Adeptus Astartes had stripped from his mind.

As the inquisition learns more of 88 Tanstar and the goings on of the naval depot, the ordos hereticus and xenos begin talks with the ordo malleus, deciding finally to send a small force of scouts to gather intelligence and prepare the ground work for a successful assault, if one is required.

Yet other members of the inquisition make landfall on 88 Tanstar in hot pursuit of the rogue traders of Luciano Limited, a small trading company specializing in rare commodities. The rogue traders are met by the naval fleet with the same grace and servitude that the inquisitor is met with, as both are allowed to enter Tanstar's atmosphere. While the rogue traders head for the hills in hopes of alluding the inquisitor on their tail, the very same inquisitor is dramatically distracted by the heretical fervor echoing through the naval depot.

The inquisitor already on 88 Tanstar calls for support, while the death watch scouts send their reports, but will reinforcements make it in time? Will chaos take the depot? Will the ordo Gorkamorka have time to set their plans in motion?

Made in us
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

San Francisco, CA

Imperial Players:

You will be playing as the Inquisition, and it's many factions, as the Naval Depot residents and workers, and as the Space Marines allied to the Imperial Navy and Guard and the Inquisition.

You must include at least 1 Inquisitor and at least 1 Space Marine Scout Squad in your force. Otherwise, you may take any units in the imperium. I will work up some rewards for the more thematic units. Something to encourage taking Inquisitors and other less popular units...

Your first task is to capture the recently landed Rogue Trader crew that is suspected of high treason against the Emperor. They are suspected to have made contact with a member of the Administratum, and are being afforded a great deal of freedom within the depot.

Once the Rogue Traders and their accomplices are in custody, purge the traitors and straighten the loyal. There are tidings of war and chaos in the stars and your forces will need to be ready and cohesive in order to hold the line against what may come.

You must also keep a constant vigil against the threat of an ork raid. It seems illogical that they might penetrate such superior defenses but they seem to find a way from time to time. It would seem, too, that the occurrence of orks appearing within the depots walls has been on the rise as well. While it is true these orks are usually less well armed, they can still cause quite a lot of havoc.

Made in us
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

San Francisco, CA

Ork Players:

Your forces gather in Bigtoof, a trukk stop and grot infested town known for their squig burgers and fungus brew, and the infamous towing company, Stop Trukk Towing, a deff skullz vehicle recovery service.

You are predominately preacupied with finding better gubbinz and do-wutz for the new big mek in town so he'll fix up your ride to go fasta. So get out there and find some good bitz!

There are speed freak gangs that run rampant on the imperial freeway, boar boys that rampage across the open plains, and the sneaky gits working for Gutsnik. The grots from Bigtoof are also much stronger and more able than your average grot. They have been brought up using ancient techniques that include bells and rewards.

You can barter in Bigtoof for anything from squig meat and fasta fuel, to the rarer human slave or shiny trinket. There are two garages to get your wheels tuned up; the Stop Trukk Towing garage, where you run the risk of going in with more than you take out; and Gutsnik's Mekshop, which is a might safer for orks and humans as far as a fare trade, though the odd one out might become a new experiment. Both garages have fuel pumps, both can tune your engines, and both can tool up your gunz, but the Mekshop has a much better reputation for reliable workmanship. The Towing company is well know for finding you to fix the busted bitz... after taking them back to the garage.

Scenarios set in and around Bigtoof will come mostly from Gorkamorka, while there will be some alternate scenario "routes" for special unit types, such as kommandos or the "super grots". One reward I already have figured out is for a 40K sized game, if you take Gutsnik as HQ, you gain the special unit Mobile Kroot, which are a cross between the Shining Spears and the Kroot. There is one other special unit I can readily name, that is the Looted Sawfish.

The Gorkamorka tickets earned will simply add up to make the Planetary SAG installation functional. In larger games, there will be secret objectives for you to capture certain buildings or vehicles to find just the right part. Other times you might be forced to rely more heavily on trading with the humans, which not every clan can do.

Made in us
Flashy Flashgitz


I dunno if you don't want people posting in this or not, but this is awesome! Can't wait to hear more

[If you didn't want people posting just delete this]

Made in us
Renegade Kan Killin Orks

San Francisco, CA

You can post on here, that's fine. Thank you for the praise. If you have any ideas you can shout them out too.

Thanks again for reading AND posting!

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