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FudgeDumper wrote:
A laughing villain is a cliché that can only be enjoyed by an infantile mind. And the Joker is the most impotent villain ever created and anyone who likes him have obviously not delved far into the depths of depravity. The moment a villain opens the mouth and a laughter emerges all his credibility is lost because the notion that something so lost would even think about laughing is based in a notion created by men sitting at a desk scribbling comics. No matter how jolly you are, if you have fallen so far as to be a servant of an evil god the depravities you have committed will totally have obliterated the neural pathways used for laughter.
I agree 100%. Hey dude you see that latest episode of Rick and Morty by the way? Really goes into this but everyone else I talked to it just went over their heads. One of the simplest things to understand but I continue to find the only thing "simple" is those who just don't "get" Rick and Morty.
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I'm not criticizing the players. I'm criticizing the creative staff at GW and the concept of laughter being part of anything such as strife. They are wrong today, and were wrong 25 years ago. They fell in the same pit hole as many before them (comic book writers, Poe as you mentioned and many others) whos minds deemed it plausible for laughter and struggle to be combined from the vantage point of a comfortable chair.

Sure you can just say it is because Nurgle wills it, but that is an explanation only fit for a child, it takes away all intentions from every minor daemon and make them non factor. Laughing is a luxury that can be afforded no one struggling.
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So... Is there any discussion about Death Guard here or can we close this trollfest and move to the Chaos Daemons news thread?

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Imagine three people with the same set of values but radically different emotional states, each of them believes their position is more valid than the other two, they all post using the same account, and your job is to make it coherent. 
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Agreed. No one cares what random Dakkadude McBeardy thinks about Nurgle concept looks, and no one wants to read essays about it

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