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Regular Dakkanaut

 BobtheInquisitor wrote:
Star Saga wave one had a lot of two piece preasembled minis.

Disheartening to hear that the rebels came out so badly. That was the faction I was most looking forward to. Between that and the Veermyn screwup (or rather how Mantic is refusing to handle the Veermyn screwup), wave two has been a fairly big misstep for a company that seemed they they had finally gotten their crap together.

Thanks for the correction, i only glanced at wave 1 minis under a crappy light when i got wave 2, but arnt the bases and bodies on wave 1, 1 piece?

I was looking forward to the Veermyn myself, there hard plastics are outstanding imo

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 highlord tamburlaine wrote:
What about the Matsudan character in Terror From the Deep?

Did he turn out alright? That's all I'm really after...

Which one was he? il try and get a pic and post it for you

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Longtime Dakkanaut

The Matsudan is fine for the most part poorly assembled as are most of the mutlipart minis but had decent detail to begin with. The factory really flung these together and most will have to be broken down and reassembled if you plan to paint them. The blue PVC seems to have held detail slightly better. I was surprised by his size I thought they were bigger but he's human height.

The beige minis (Rebs) seem to have lost the most details although they have finer proportions to begin with but it's evident on the Simians fur as well and normally larger minis survive PVC better. I've said it before but even if the PVC mix is the same for all minis the dye seems to have an affect on the hardness and detail. Dark Grey seems to hold up best and no it's not just the colours tricking the eye.

The Vanguard minis are better they are in the dark grey colour but even there I ended up discarding heads and weapon arms and swapping them for HIPS stuff from my bits box - KDM armour kits are a prefect fit. I have some ME Broken faction minis that I might use to fix up the Rebs and some of the GCPS plastics can swapped around but the PVC GCPS and HIPS are different sizes and don't mix that well.

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Made in gb
Decrepit Dakkanaut


these are the Nameless minions that just arrived for me (you got another set in the pack too). The plastic is a harder PVC as found in the walking dead and most recent CMON games (certainly not green army men plastic some are talking about)

the actual casting is decent although there are plenty of mould lines, and the usual annoying 'twisted off the sprue' divots, assembly is not great with a fair few bits broken off where the glue has given way (not too bad, a bit of clean up and re-glue and that's sorted)

the problem here is the sculpting with the detail just not being deep enough in many places to come out well in the PVC which is frustrating as they SHOULD know better by now (the colour doesn't help visually but it isn't the issue). My guess is if you sprung for the resin they'll look a lot better as shallow, blurry details will be sharp and as intended

I don't feel cheated at $15 for the set, just sad that with a little extra effort the would have been so much better

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

I got my wave 2 yesterday. Didn't have time to really go over the miniatures, but the Nameless Goliath looked pretty nice.

I was a little disappointed by the Mission Creator rules...it's pretty much just the same ol' Gamemaster Chapter advice from a roleplaying game: Location, Theme, Baddies, Story, and Playtesting, etc, etc. Not an actual rules system. Though, I suppose my old gold standard (the original Warhammer Quest) was pretty much the same way. At least there's a big ol' stack of minion cards to serve as a Warpath bestiary. I wish there had been some random facility generation cards for tile layouts, so you could do a truly random, co-op game.

One weird thing to me was that I got all the expansions in shrink-wrapped retail packaging....but the miniatures weren't in there. They were packed separately in bags. Why did they shrinkwrap and include incomplete retail packages?
Made in ie
Longtime Dakkanaut

Miniatures and printing/packaging were done separately as there was a delay on the printed materials side so Mantic already had the minis and I assume the printed stuff arrived sealed. Mantic put the 2 parts in the delivery box and Backers can put the 2 together for a full set. Remember originally retail packaging wasn’t even going to be given

The delay is that although the miniatures arrived as expected (and they look great), we had several issues on the printed materials - and these have not arrived.

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Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Ah. That makes sense. I was just confused as to why the packages would have been sealed without the minis inside, but I guess that explains it.
Made in si
Steady Stonecleaver

Picked up my SS Wave 2 today. No formless blobs in my (core only) pledge, tho the detail could (should) definitely be deeper.

I also ordered 3 extra sets of furniture, of which I got 1 retail packaged Sci-Fi Terrain Crate and the other two loose in a zip lock bag. The odd thing here is that the warping is much less than in the core game box (or the fantasy terrain crates) and even the table-with-benches piece came out perfectly good. I don't even know why they would cast these in two separate batches, but apparently they did.

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40k Potica Edition - 40k patch with reactions, suppression and all that good stuff. Feedback thread here.

Gangs of Nu Ork - Necromunda / Gorkamorka expansion supporting all faction. Feedback thread here
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Now that Mantic has turned the Nameless Goliath into a Nightstalker

The question is, would it be possible to turn other Nightstalkers into Nameless?

While I like the concept of the Nameless, most models are from the old days of Mantics design low.
I first thought about purchasing some Tyranids to use the bits to boost the faction starter (mainly claws and heads and the Carnifex looks perfect as Ogre or Terror)

But now the obvious solution is the use the much better looking KoW models to upgrade the Nameless
I mean replacing the Caratid with those is easy
Using the Reaper as Assassine too

But Gunslinger or Rifleman are more difficult (what weapons to use and better using the plastic Scarecrows as base or the Reapers?) especially as I like the Gunslinger model but not as duplicates therefore using the Scarecrows would be the better solution

PS: asking here because the Mantic Forum is gone and I haven't found a dedicated Deadzone topic

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Harry, bring this ring to Narnia or the Sith will take the Enterprise

M41 - Alternative Rules for Battles in the 41st Millennium (40k LRB Project) 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Stuntbot to get a rerelease in July with new options

Mini stuntbot “Bolts” Marauder Commander

Nameless Feromite
[Thumb - 26FBA931-65D1-4259-9189-116C4F7E43CD.jpeg]

[Thumb - 09164F5C-3DAB-4771-BB6C-2108AFD9A180.jpeg]

[Thumb - EB923E60-E19B-4036-A638-8385D629C42F.jpeg]

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Made in us
The Last Chancer Who Survived

Norristown, PA

I like that top mech a lot

Made in at


Year of the Goblins

Namless Alpha-Test Army List for Firefight

Harry, bring this ring to Narnia or the Sith will take the Enterprise

M41 - Alternative Rules for Battles in the 41st Millennium (40k LRB Project) 
Made in us
Courageous Space Marine Captain


MechaGoblin looks promising. The stuntbot is cool, too, but it's no MechaGoblin.

Made in ca
Thermo-Optical Tuareg


I have the original Stuntbot. It's a neat little kit. Not sure how I feel about the goofy gobbo headed mech.

Made in ie
Longtime Dakkanaut

 BobtheInquisitor wrote:
MechaGoblin looks promising. The stuntbot is cool, too, but it's no MechaGoblin.

Full image from Twitter
[Thumb - 5E9D8408-2884-434B-8C0F-73BB5B26CA93.jpeg]

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