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Made in us
Cold-Blooded Saurus Warrior

Slann Mage-Priest 500
Four Disciplines of the Ancients (Focus of Mystery, The Focused Rumination, Soul of Stone, Higher State of Consciousness)
Cupped Hands of the Old Ones
Divine Plaque of Protection

Skink Priest 105
Cube of Darkness

Skink Chief 115 (With the unit of Saurus Warriors.)
Skavenpelt Banner

55 Saurus Warriors 690
Standard Bearer

5 Chameleons 60

5 Chameleons 60

12 Cold One Cavalry 470
Standard Bearer
Haunchi's Blessed Totem

This isn't exactly the perfect list, but I'm just trying to do the best with the models I have.

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The Restrictions I Put On My Tallarn Lists:
- Missile Launchers are the only HW teams allowed in Infantry Squads.
- All units able to take the FW Desert Raider special rule, must take it in lists of 750 points or more.
- 1 unit of 10 Rough Riders is required for lists of 1000 points or more.
- 2 units of Mukaali Rough Riders are required for lists of 1000 points or more.
- No vehicles besides Chimera Armoured Transports and Hydra Flak Tank Batteries are allowed.
- Al'Rahem is required in lists of 1000 points or more. 
Made in ie
Stealthy Grot Snipa

I sort of like the non-homogenous list although there is a reason lizzie tourney lists are fairly similar, 55 is way too big for a unit, with characters your one unit with roughly 65% of your army (assuming you slann goes there), split it into 30(with slann) and 25(with BSB) and run them side to side, love the chamos and I'm not sure what you plan on doing with the other skink chief?

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Chaos Dwarfs 8/5/1 
Made in us
Kabalite Conscript

Central Texas

What lore do you plan to run with your slann? and I agree with Tiarna about splitting the large block. Your slann with higher state of consiousness can actually run around on his own and not join a unit, gives him more freedom. I would drop the two skink characters though and may build a scar-vet out of all those saurus warriors? just make him look beefier than the others Put another on a cold one as well and drop the big unit of 12 cold one cav down to maybe 9 or 10 depending on pts.

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