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Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

Wehrkind - Thanks for your comment! The Arbitrator, Titus Dio, is in the list to be painted. One of the things that I regret is that I didn't take enough pictures of my conversions before I sent them off to be painted, so I've had to stick with showing you the models as he works through them (though to be fair he's getting through them at an incredible pace!)

Here's Mourn, the feral-worlder in Adorno's retinue:

The conversion went through a couple of stages - at one stage, I gave him a laspistol, before settling on the shotgun because I thought it gave the model a nice "shape". It makes me think somewhat of the Predator; in a way it looks like he's hefting a spear or a javelin.

Made in de
Cackling Chaos Conscript

the feral dude turned out great! what did you use as a base model?
one small point: the decapitated head looks very clean, it might profit from some dead staring eyes and some blood spatters.

Wie ein Sturm so wüten wir in die Schlacht hinein,
Das Heer es singt, der Kampf beginnt, der Sieg wird unser sein! 
Made in au
Death-Dealing Devastator

Australia, Melbourne

that merc is awesome, what armour does he count as having? carapace maybe?

I construct damnation from the bones of the fallen - And am real edgy too 
Made in fi
Longtime Dakkanaut

Good progress.

I would like to see some more of the same spirit that creates these beautiful minis into creating beautiful and more adventurous bases for them too

“Of the fabulous hydra it is said, cut off one head and two will grow in its place”

- antique proverb

Made in ca
Imperial Agent Provocateur

Nova Scotia, Canada

Ludicrously awesome paintjobs, man. Kepp up the awesome!!!

Witch Hunters: Just another excuse to wear cool hats.
Armies: Soon to be 1500 Pts &
"There's no problem a nice jab with a power stake won't solve." ~ Unknown
"When in doubt, ask the Emperor for guidance. If that fails, kill all of them with a heavy flamer." ~ from 'The Inquisitor's Guide to Gardening in the 41st Millenium'
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Made in gb
Member of the Malleus

Glasgow, Scotland

Good looking stuff here as always.

I'll echo Migs on the bases though. Also, the severed head looks a bit fake, it could use some more detail and blood spatter...and eyes. At the moment it looks a little prosthetic.

Keep up the good work!



Made in nl
Pragmatic Collabirator

Great models, great painting!

I'm looking forward to seeing more...
(Especially if you take their bases up a notch.)

Bye, Modhail

Exploring the dark, twisting corridors of =I=Munda... Dare you follow?

Now with added blogistry: http://modhails-meanderings.blogspot.nl/ 
Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

Hey, guys. I really appreciate the comments (and actually getting some comments!)

@ TheMightyWarhamster: Thanks for the comments on Mourn! The model is actually a Necromunda Bounty Hunter, released by Fanatic but only for a short time. You can see a picture of the model here. It comes with a stonkingly huge bolter/grenade launcher combi-weapon. It's a cool gun (I've saved it for a Space Marine!) but a little over-sized for him. The model actually went through a couple of stages. First of all I used a plastic laspistol from a Cadian Sergeant, but then I went for this pose, using the metal hand and stock from a Necromunda multi-part Goliath ganger and a resin shotgun from Forgeworld. I felt that it gave the model a nice "shape". Also, with his armour and the way that he looks hefting the shotgun (almost like he was hefting a spear or javelin) he reminds me very much of the Predator!

@ Edward089: Thanks for the comments (and the rules-related comments, too!) - With regards to his armour, some of it is clearly carapace, but I'm not totally sure. You can check my Conclave thread for Inquisitor Adorno and Retinue if you'd like to air your thoughts!

@ Migsula: Thanks for the comment. I hear you on the bases. Obviously the painting is down to Steve, but I felt that simple bases work best for the game. At the end of the day they're gaming miniatures!

@ Inquisitor Lord Slade: Thanks, I'll be sure Steve sees the compliment.

@ CMDante: Thanks, Dante - I appreciate the comment. Your daemonette-pleasuregirl was one of the models that enticed me back into INQ28. I wish I had a model like her!

@ Modhail: More...?

Well, here you go: WIP painted pictures of Inquisitor Adorno! The first warband reaches completion.

Adorno is the basic Solomon Lok model from Inquisitor, entirely unconverted. I think Simon Egan and Will Hayes did a great job with the model, and I knew I wanted to include it in some way. When we first started fiddling with INQ28 a couple of years ago, we used the Witch-hunter Crusader model as an Inquisitor - the robed look was entirely fitting, we thought. Solomon Lok's model continues that look.

When Steve asked for painting guidance, my only real request was that he make the model "sinister" as opposed to the more "righteous" look of Solomon Lok, and that he have pale skin, the result of Seraphael possessing him. He suggested using dark metal armour, deep red on the sashes and a black coat - a more evil use of the classic Inquisitor colour palette which would contrast with the skin well.

Here are Steve's comments and the painted picture:

Made a bit of headway on Adorno, the first of the Inquisitors. I wanted to go for quite a dark scheme throughout, only using brighter spot colours. Strangely enough, i've gone with red. Funny that.

Quite pleased with the face on this guy, again built up with washes and glazes over an Astronomican Grey basecoat to tie him with the Daemonhost.

Considering the amount of detail on this guy im quite a way through him - only major area left is the coat then it's all detail work. As much as i'd like to say i'd finish him today, it'll probably be monday/tuesady.

Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

And at last, painted pictures of Adorno!

And the first of the two INQ28 retinues:

Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

As our group draws closer to the campaign to determine the fate of Nova Castille, it's finally coaxing some of our more recalcitrant hobbyists to get out the paintbrushes. My friend Nick, who's going to be leading the puritan Inquisitor Alaric Balthier to (hopeful) victory, has begun to work on his retinue.

His aim is to use red as a unifying colour throughout the retinue, in different ways. He brought me these models today, and I managed to get a few quick low-quality snaps as the light faded.

Here's Ishamel Castor, (WIP) Warrior-Priest and Xenoscourge:

"Slim" Rios, Gunslinger:

And lastly, Balthier. Nick said he toyed with the red, and painted the model as-is just because he had the red open... but we've been talking today about colour theories and the distribution of paint across the model, so he's giving it some thought.

Meanwhile, inspired by Mypunkrockisbetterthanyou's Warseer thread, I fiddled with a few bits to start work on an Imperial Beastman who might fit into the retinue of one of my Inquisitors.

It's a gor (or ungor? I don't know enough about Beastmen) head with the horns shaved off and smoothed down, put on a Catachan heavy weapons body. I need to get some more Catachan bits to finish him off (I'll probably have to get a Command Squad, not sure...) but he strikes me as an interesting character.

Made in au
Member of the Malleus


the dude with the shotgun would make a great colonel iron hand straken

"I am the hammer,
i am the right hand of my emperor,
the instrument of his will,
the tip of his spear, the edge of his sword"  
Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

It would? Yeah, I guess I can see that... I like the looks of the new Straken model, though - I think GW did a pretty good job with it. I'm definitely considering getting it at some stage.

This afternoon Nick stopped around mine and finished up Ishmael Castor, warrior-priest. Part of Inquisitor Balthier's retinue, he's a pretty fun guy.... if you're into discussing the intricacies of Imperial religious texts!

He's constructed from a Fantasy Empire Warrior-Priest with a Revolver (and gun) from the Necromunda Goliath gang. It's a true "hand cannon", a ridiculously massive revolver - which is part of what makes it cool, I suppose! The Inquisitorial symbol from his hammer comes from the Forgeworld brass-etch symbol sheet.

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Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

Well, today we get to see the forces of Inquisitor Ferox, a radical belonging to the Recongregators who'll be causing havoc in the forthcoming Nova Castille campaign. He'll be played by my friend Darren, and indeed these models are painted by him.

Inquisitor Ferox, Radical Recongregator. He originally had a pistol in his outstretched hand, but after Darren and I revised Ferox's character concept, we went instead for him using his formidable psychic powers instead. The hand is taken from a classic Necromunda Ratskin Chieftain.

Ferox's Acolyte, Raef; He's made from a Vostroyan officer with a head from the Cadian Command Squad. The pose has been enhanced by sawing the bolt pistol arm and reattaching it at a more natural angle:

The (as-yet unamed) Torturer and Medic working for Ferox. He should be obvious; a mix of Cadian and Catachan command squad parts:

Made in us
Sinister Chaos Marine

Medrengard, Eye Of Terror

Great work. The conversions are all top notch. I'll be watching this thread.

You don't win a war by dying for your country, you make the other poor bastard die for his. 
Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

Thanks, Morgoth! Hopefully it'll keep you entertained.

Here's the WIP painted pictures of Interrogator Raef, Inquisitor Ferox's disciple.

Also, Midian's begun work on the truescaled Space Marine from page 1 of this thread:

Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

Hey guys, hopefully you'll enjoy this;

I wanted to create a Space Marine to feature in our Inquisitor games. He's really going to be mostly used as a Weapon of Mass Destruction, and will only feature in the latter stages of the campaign, though I have entertained thoughts of creating a Deathwatch Kill-Team and using Movie Marine rules to run a 300-esque "Holding the Hot Gates" game against a horde of Orks...

Inquisitor entails far greater detail, and much more attention is given to the figures in question. If a Space Marine were to feature in our Inquisitor campaign, I'd want them to be massive, as befits the Adeptus Astartes. I was in a rush to meet a(n admittedly somewhat self-imposed) deadline to send my INQ28 models to El_Diablo. This, coupled with the fact that this particular model was my first attempt at "true-scaling", meant that he was a little rough around the edges. El_Diablo smoothed out my green-stuffing just a tad before proceeding with the paint. He decided on a weathered look for his power armour, befitting his assignment to the Deathwatch. The Ordo Xenos accepts highly-skilled Marines into its ranks - they are an elite within an elite, forever marked by their experiences. Or, as El_D put it, he's the type of Marine '...that would headbutt a Carnifex just for giggles.'

When I made the Marine, I wanted to pay tribute to El_Diablo for helping me with the INQ28 project. As a result, I made him a Veteran of the Sword Bearers, his DIY Chapter. In fact, it was his Sword Bearers project that first caught my eye, and started a meaningful working relationship and friendship that I'm most appreciative of. (Sniff sniff!) It also gave El_D an opportunity to paint red - the color he's most known for!

Made in us
Ork-Hunting Inquisitorial Xenokiller


2009's 1500 IG - 11/5/5 (W/L/D) 
Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

Thanks for the comment; I really appreciate it.

Made in gb
Thinking of Joining a Davinite Loge

Bexhill, UK

That marine is un-freakin'-believable! Too bad it's a loyalist

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IG - Vestfalian Expeditionary
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IG - Verda Abyssal 12th Cohort (Stahl's Voiders)
(DE) - Kabal of Ouroboros 
Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

I love all your models, great stuff. The marine looks good, but I think you (or ElDiablo) might have overdone the chips on the armour a little bit. Less is more. It kind of looks a little cartoony rather than gritty and realistic, which I'd imagine is what you were after if you were chipping the armour?

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Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

infilTRAITOR wrote:That marine is un-freakin'-believable! Too bad it's a loyalist

Hey, infilTRAITOR. Thanks for the response! It's really appreciated. And actually, I am giving some thought to a Chaos Truescale Marine. The main opponent in the INQ28 campaign is going to be a Tzeentchian Cult, and they could always get the sponsorship of a Thousand Son... (or Tzeentch could gift them, whatever.) And if you look at the Sword Bearer, you can make out the slight remains of a blue-and-gold shoulderpad on his base!

get to the chopper! wrote:I love all your models, great stuff. The marine looks good, but I think you (or ElDiablo) might have overdone the chips on the armour a little bit. Less is more. It kind of looks a little cartoony rather than gritty and realistic, which I'd imagine is what you were after if you were chipping the armour?

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I had to think about this for a few days. I don't think that he's overly scratched up (insofar as that I think it enhances his "gritty" image.) I think that El_Diablo has quite a bright painting style. Not cartoony by any stretch, but vivid. I personally like it, but I know that everyone has different tastes.

Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

A new update! Inquisitor Balthier is going to be one of the key characters in our forthcoming INQ28 campaign. Here's the latest pictures:

I've also been working on a squad of five Enforcers; hopefully I'll be able to take a picture of them soon.

Meanwhile, in other news, I had enough cash left over from payday in order to order a model from Eolith Miniatures: The Hurk model is designed to be a small model at 54mm scale, but at 27mm tall he'll fit perfectly amongst my INQ28 stuff, I reckon.

Here he is:

I'm going to be looking at him with an eye to converting him to better fit into 40k - which will probably entail a weapon swap or two... I liked the idea of including a minor race never really seen on the grand 40k battlefields. I did wonder whether to co-opt the Scythian race, perhaps most famous for killing the first Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists. They're apparently a race of warrior-monks that favour poisoned weapons. I did consider giving him some form of crossbow-type weapon, or a bizarre energy-based pistol.

As far as painting, I did get the image of some of these poisonous frogs:

Made in us
Sagitarius with a Big F'in Gun

Grass Valley CA

Just noticed the Barcode on the dude with the syringes head
Agent 47 FTW!
awesome stuff man a real fan of those marines

Deathbot wrote:Point out to Ahriman that he's spent 10,000 years failing to get into a library guarded by clowns.
Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant

Love that inquisitor model, great painting . Lets get him on a nice base though!

Made in za
Junior Officer with Laspistol

South Africa

All round beautiful work, I really like the marine! Can't wait to see some more stuff, keep up the good work!

"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member."-Groucho Marx
Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

Thanks for the comments, guys.

Chopper: As these are playing models (and for Inquisitor rather than 40k) they'll be on normal 28mm bases. I think so far only the truescale Space Marines have been on larger bases.

Deff Dread: Thanks for the comments. I am slowly working on a full ten-man Kill-team; I might put up a seperate thread for them at some stage.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
So, Hurk arrived from Eolith. A really nice model. The sculpting is really crisp:

Also, I mentioned that I'd been working on some Enforcers, and here's a little bit of proof:

My aim is for a five-man patrol team featuring a Proctor with power maul and laspistol, a Judge with shotgun, a Judge with grenade launcher (and various gas grenades) and then two Judges with power mauls and suppressiion shields.

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Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

A bit of a digression today - I found this model on my desk and it fell beneath my knife! It's the Escher with Heavy Plasma Gun with the Heavy stubber from the other Escher Heavy. I then started working on changing the Heavy Stubber into a flamer; it struck me as something an Inquisitorial henchman might carry.

The model is quite heavily blu-tacked, so bear with the unsightly bend in the flamer! The plastic nozzle on the flamer will go to a fuel tank on her back.

Made in gb
Xenohunter with First Contact

I've posted before about Arbitrator Titus Dio, though I don't expect you guys to remember him! He's part of Inquisitor Hoth's retinue. Based off a Necromunda Enforcer model, here's the stage I'd gotten him to:

It progressed a bit further than this before I sent it off, but I forgot to take pictures. I sent it off, and Steve promptly took it apart and fiddled with the model a bit to get a bit more from the pose. Today he sent me the fruits of his labours:

There's obviously still some GSing to be done, but the new pose gives the model quite a cocksure attitude, I think.

Made in us
Hurr! Ogryn Bone 'Ead!

Covina, California

Excellent work! Love the conversions.

Orks are like those neighbor children who aren't invited to your parties and they come right in anyway.

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Made in gb
Xeno-Hating Inquisitorial Excruciator


Gav Thorpes Figure is ace ive never seen it before
and your stuff is awesome keep it coming


I'm always looking for new players for system-less one on one RPG's via MSN and Email PM me if your interested!
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