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As per the title, how do you guys transport your minis to and from the FLGS or other venue you play at?

I currently am using just a cheap plastic box filled with foam that's specially cut for specific Necron units. The benefit I find is the ability to (in theory anyway!) reliably hold 1,000 to 2,000 points worth, including wraiths, doom scythes, Triarch stalkers, etc. Due to its size.
While the box is rather bulky, it's waterproof with a clamp down lid. Sure, it isn't stylish, but it does the job for me at least.

How's the rest of dakka transport their armies?

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North Bay, CA

Tablewar case, spending but very much worth it for me.

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I have one of the GW cases but I don't really like the foam style. I have recently bought a KR case, just a standard card one but it's really good.

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Orem, UT

I have a KR case that I use for my Eldar, a Battlefoam case with a metal rack for most of my skirmish games, and foam in plastic tubs for just about everything else.

I've ordered one of the GW Battalion cases to try out for my Blood Angels, but we'll see how it goes.

This year is SUPPOSED to be my year of storage purchases, but I haven't been as good about buying storage thanks to new games and releases.

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Blood Angels:
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Southampton, UK

Tyrant case from Gifts For Geeks
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Ramsden Heath, Essex

KR is the best solution I've found and reasonable value for money.

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Claremont, ON

Battle Foam. When they have their Black Friday sale stock up and save big. Best quality case and foam in the market in my opinion.

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Midwest USA

For infantry and biker sized models, I use the new (ish) GW cases, with the zig-zag foam that compresses the models as they go inside. I like that it is not tied directly to one army or one form, and will hold the models snugly in place.

For larger models, like Land Raiders or Knight Titans, I use boxes and bubble wrap

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Battle Foam all the way. I have a 432, 720 and a couple Large Stacker Boxes. They are the absolute best.
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Newcastle, OZ

Aluminium case filled with foam trays. GW sized figure trays made by a 3rd party.

There's a block of pluck foam 3" thick on one side to fill the void and that's where I put the larger models that don't fit in the trays.

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Upstate, New York

Mostly my KR Kaiser 3. Although my WHFB AoS armies ride in my very old GW case, and a camera/tool case full of pluck foam I bought back in the 90’s.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

SoCal, USA!

I've been transporting a duffel of figure cases for years now.

I have all of my infantry and such in Chessex Large Figure Storage cases, capacity of anywhere from 40-112 figures per case, depending on figure and base size.

I also have a box for transporting vehicles, which I use for my IG.

Very large stuff (Superheavy, Flyer) gets transported separately.

The unboxing link shows 200 IG + 9 tanks + 1 superheavy in that bag.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Tanks - oldschool GW case with pluck out foam.
Infantry - new zig zag GW case.

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Portable Warfare case for the small minis and Harbor Frieght hard tool cases for vehicles.

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KR Cases! Really good protection without breaking the bank.

I have lots of their card cases on the shelf, and then a KR Backpack to transport them with books, templates, etc.

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I have an old GW case, a Figures in Comfort case and some boxes and bubble wrap for big models.

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Surrey, BC - Canada

Foam trays that sit in KR cases or old GW cases.



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I use an aluminum /tool/camera case with pluckfoam. Looks mostly like this

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Newcastle NSW

I use one of the old GW Monster cases, best case GW ever released. I can get 5 to 6 Imperial Knights in it, also the only GW case that can fit Archaon in.

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I use a Battlefoam P.A.C.K. 720 case, with a variety of different foam trays (some pluck, others precut). Battlefoam makes great stuff, although it is expensive. That case, which included several pluck foam trays, set me back $150.

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North of Chicago, IL USA

An old Battlefoam 1520. The older style that separated into 2 bags.

This one:

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I have a few of the GW cases that came with three trays of foam, although since the foam in them is crap, I replaced it with various Figures In Comfort trays. My Imperial Guard tanks live in those, as do my Inquisition. I also have a few of the ones with two compartments of eggshell foam, which hold my Imperial Guard infantry and my Necromunda gangs. The rest of my minis are in Figures In Comfort foam trays which live in IKEA Billy bookcases. When I need to transport them, I use the corrugated plastic boxes from FiC, and put them in the boot of the car. I've got a few smaller cases for transporting a dozen minis or fewer in, and big models like Knights or large flyers simply go on the passenger seat, carefully.
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Microfibre cloths, sponges and plastic snap shut containers, all from the dollar store. I've never had a broken miniature in 10+ years. All my friends with battlefoam or other expensive cases all end up having weapons break or paint chip or something.

I cut and hot glue sponge pieces for general shapes and then put down a layer of microfibre, put the miniature in and put down another layer. I get the kind of cloth that doesn't fray apart and leave fuzzies when it is cut. Some times a final piece of sponge is put on top to make sure things never move.

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Balance in pick up games? Two people, each with their own goals for the game, design half a board game on their own without knowing the layout of the board and hope it all works out. Good luck with that. The faster you can find like minded individuals who want the same things from the game as you, the better. 
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Fixture of Dakka

Glasgow, Scotland

I just dump them in a box with minimal foam then glue the odd one back together afterwards.

Yup, seriously.

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Lord of the Fleet

I think KR Multicases are okay.

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I've got a few different foam tray filled cases that I have accumulated over the years. My current favorite manufacturer is a company named Battlefoam. They make custom cut foam trays for a number of different game systems, including AoS, 40K, Warmahordes, X-Wing, etc. The custom trays are a bit more expensive than generic pick-foam trays, but I hate cutting my own trays so I find them well worth the price.

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I use some Pelican Cases I have, one is stuffed with foam from an old GW case, the other has new foam from Tyrant Gaming or some such in the UK (mediocre foam).

I had a Battle Foam bag and was huge unimpressed with the quality of the bag itself, the foam and the layout.

Will consider KR in the future for foam as it's probably better than the cheaper stuff I found. Will continue to use Pelican cases as available since they're ridiculously robust.

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You can buy your first GW Case with three trays of foam inserts to carry 100+ infantry on eBay for about $30

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Honestly, I find going to home depot, picking up a big plastic case and a bunch of smaller plastic cases with some bubble wrap has been the best/cheapest option. the only thing I will buy is the large infantry foam trays, nothing beats those.

I got my whole set up for $20, infantry foam for another $20. fits over 3000pts. sure beats spending $50 on one little KR case.

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Lots and lots of sabol sized foam trays and only two actual cases. I never need more tha n the two army transports so I just swap trays depending on the playstyle I feel like that week. Now transporting my lows I'll get back to you on that right now they just take a seat in the car and I pray I don't slide em xD
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