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A new kickstarter from Awaken Realms, Tainted Grail: the fall of Avalon has started.

The first day was pretty good; over $2 million and over 18K backers.

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Sorry, forgot to add the linky...


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The stretch goals unlocked already add contents of the second Act free to the backers. The core game contains the first Act, so this already doubles the amount of gameplay.

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Might want to let folks know there aren't really any minis outside of the hero models.

There's an add on made up of unique sculpts however, that can be included in your pledge, but I guess will be available separate from the game for 40 pounds at some point.

Whether it's a whole separate pledge or not I'm not sure, but it's something they've discussed.

I'm going to tentatively back it, but it seems somewhat similar to a legacy enhanced 7th Continent, which I have yet to get on the table as well.

Poorly lit photos of my ever- growing collection of completely unrelated models!

Watch and listen to me ramble about these minis before ruining them with paint!
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Yes, the base game contains 8 miniatures only. This is not a miniature heavy game. 4 heroes, 3 menhirs (statues that keep the wyrd magic away from human settlements) and 1 enemy figure. Most of the enemies appear as cards. The one enemy with the figure is a roaming enemy. If you don't kill it when you encounter it, it stays on the map and can move around.

The enemy add on includes 20 unique sculpts of similar enemies. They appear in the game as cards, but if you own the add on, you can use a figure instead. The add on is only 20 figures. Their rules/cards come in the base game.

What I've watched from the videos, the game is not really that similar with 7th Continent. Both have a pre-determined map that consists of cards that you reveal as you explore. The similarities pretty much end there.

The game is supposed to be 3 Acts long. Each Act is self contained and the time between Act 1 (the base game) and Act 2 (the first expansion) is 400 years. I presume the time is similar between Act 2 and Act 3 (the second expansion). What happens in Act 1 has ramifications to the story of Act 2 and 3.

The base pledge is the Act 1. We have already unlocked the Act 2 as free stretch goals, so we get the first expansion free. So far 3 new heroes have been unlocked for the act 2, with miniatures.

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I should have read the latest update... The third Act, in fact, takes Place 1000 years before the First Act, showing how the knights of the round table drowe back the wyrd from the lands and built the Menhirs.
So, it is a prequel to the story.

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Here's the currently unlocked stretch goals. Spoiler tags because of a large picture.


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And here's a picture of the contents of "The Monsters of Avalon" box you can buy to enhance the look of the game. The figures are not needed to play the game, but will make the wandering monsters look better than just a card...

The picture is really big, so I'll put it in spoiler tags.


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First add on to buy. Universal hero, meaning she can be used in any of the three Acts (Campaigns). Most of the heroes are tied to one of the Acts because their stories are tied to the Acts story.
Universal heroes seem to be able to be played in any Act.
The 4 base box heroes are playable in the 1st Act that comes in the base box.
The 3 unlocked SG heroes are propably tied to the 2nd Act that happens 400 years later in the games time.

Awaken Realms have asked for ideas for the 3rd Act heroes which they will then flesh out and add to the 3rd Act. They did this same thing with their Nemesis campaign, where the backers could suggest which kind of heroes would they like to see in the game.
So the 3rd Act heroes are still very much work in progress.

This figure was a gift for the first 24h backers and later backers can buy her for $10.

(Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, I'm just a backer of this game in KS. Nothing else.)

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"There is no right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life"
Captain Planet villain or a Trumpean lawyer? 
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Boosting Space Marine Biker

The next few SG's will be opening the character sheet, cards and miniature of a new hero: a Wyrdhunter

"There is no right to a climate system capable of sustaining human life"
Captain Planet villain or a Trumpean lawyer? 
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Some of those miniatures are great. I'd love to pick up the Mistbearer.

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