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What army do you play?
Kingdoms of Men
Abyssal Dwarfs
The Herd
Trident Realm of Nertica
Empire of Dust
Northern Alliance
It changes every year

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Grumpy Longbeard


Try to give one answer, but if you can't pick a favourite then so be it.

Hi, I thought it would be interesting to see which armies are popular. Please post why you love your army too. If

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I'm a nightstalker player, been waiting for the Mantic models since I heard they were coming. Finally getting a (mostly) Mantic army together!

This kind of creepy, twisted and weird horror stuff is the army I've wanted, but never quite found (chaos daemons came kinda close though).

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Excellent Exalted Champion of Chaos

Varangur because my favorite models are from my whfb chaos days.

GW points don't bring balance. They exist purely for structure. You can get more balance from no points than you do from GW points. You however can get no structure in your game without points. 
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I picked more than one because I've got a mix of trident realms and nature, and they share some units anyhow.

I liked the ocean theme from the start, and the naiads and more importantly the otters and frogs that came with the set really appealed to me. Really, mantic having so many little animal figures come with their sets really appeals to me in general.

Sadly I don't often have the chance to play the game these days since my local group broke apart.

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Courageous Space Marine Captain


I picked a bunch. I've got hundreds of the old plastics for every faction, plus a lot of the new stuff. I like the lore. I play Rise of the Shadow King with my son every now and then. I don't actually play KoW, though.

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Stubborn Eternal Guard


Trident Realms is my favorite because they are Fishpeople! Lots of modeling and painting with a unique army.

I'm also acquiring Forces of Nature because I've never used Centaurs. I'm slowly collecting Herd minis because I want to have an army of cats and dogs. I'm also collecting Undead because I want a warm blooded thematic army: Ghouls, Werewolves, bats and Vampires (yes, I suppose that Vampires have tomb temperature Blood).

I have lots of WHFB minis that I use for Brotherhood, KoM, Elves and Dwarves but I haven't multibased them yet.
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May the dice be with you!  
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As I've always valued variety, I have several armies in different states of completion.

1. Abyssal Dwarfs. Found a bargain bin Mega army two years ago (48% off!). Most frequently played, but while I've purchased all the units I'm likely to use, have only a test figure or two painted.

2. Dwarfs. About the same time as I purchased the Abyssal Dwarfs, I bought a Dwarf Mega Army. A good price, but not as good as the above. Assembly has stalled as I HATE the easily broken metal spears of the Bulwarkers. May need to get piano wire spears from Perry or another Historical manufacturer.

3. Salamanders. It's my WHFB 5th edition Lizardman army. Has not seen much action. Sallys seem to require more finesse in KoW than in WHFB. 20% painted.

4. Undead. WHFB 5th edition undivided Undead. About 50% painted. Is the 2nd most often played of my armies. I do better when I have Shambling & Surge.

5. Elves. For a long time, I had no WHFB opponents so I had to build two armies. High/Wood elves were the foes for my Dark Elves. Have yet to use them in KoW, but I could field 2000pts in foot and horse. No fliers or monsters though. 95% painted.

6. Dark Elves. My largest and oldest WHFB army. Probably about 5000pts in 5th ed, of which 3000pts is painted. Started it in 1st ed and owing to how hard it was to get DE figures in the US back then led to my developing the habit of buying any and all DEs when they showed up in a store, thus having way more than needed or that I'm willing to paint. Have not tried Twilight Kin in KoW.

7. KoM/Macedonians. Purchased a Warlord Games Macedonian Army starter for my birthday last year intending to use them either as KoM or as is for KoW:H. Other than 1 test figure, nothing else assembled.

Did pledge for Vanguard's Giant Pledge, and assembled nearly everything ... Can now give it a try.

Kings of War: Abyssal Dwarves, Dwarves, Elves, Undead
Kings of War Historical: Macedonian
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Blood Angels Necron [WiP]

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Battlefield Tourist


I guess "Armies I play" is a misnomer because unfortunately I have not managed to get many games of KoW in in the last few years. But I do like the game and I have collected many armies which I can use for it (or repurposed old armies)!
Orcs - My fully painted WFB Orcs make a nice, if pretty brutal force.

Goblins - Again fully painted Night Goblins, Forest Goblins and Common Goblins from my old WFB army.

Elves - Currently working on painting them, a mix of Nyss (Winter Court), High Elves from Island of Blood (Summer Elves) and Wood Elves from WFB and LOTR (Wild Elves and Half Elves). Only partially painted, but my first ever elf force.

Dwarves - My WFB Dwarves with Reaper Earth Elementals and a unit or two of Mantic Dwarves.Fully painted!

Kingdoms of Men - I have a LOTR Rohan Army that I can use, and I also have a whole bunch of unassembled Vikings and Celts which I can use too. Partially painted and unassembled.

Brotherhood - Fireforge Templars and Conquest Games Normans and Medieval Infantrty, but none of it assembled at the moment.

The Herd - Some Gors, Circle Tharn, a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, some Frostgrave Gnolls and other assorted reaper and Dungeons and Dragons beasties make a reasonable core of this army. Mostly painted, but I need to assemble a few of them.

Trident Realms - Bog Trog Ambushers, Privateer Press Frogmen, descent crab monsters, GW River Trolls, a Reaper Aboleth and a Swamp Horror make a bit more of a Lovecraftian Deep One themed Trident Realms list. Needs fleshing out and particularly more infantry units though.

Ratkin - Island of Blood Skaven with Giant Rats from Frostgrave and Otherworld and Dungeons and Dragons Rat Swarms. Only partially painted, could do with some more units as well.

Undead - Mantic Undead mostly, with some Vampire Counts plastics intermixed for stuff like the cavalry. Fully painted!

Legions of the Abyss - GW Demons mostly, along with dungeon saga Molochs and some Reaper and Descent demons. Mostly painted.

Ogres - Mostly Privateer Press Trollbloods along with some Dungeons and Dragons Ogres and Trolls. Mostly painted and assembled, but needs some repair work.

Varangaur - WFB Chaos Warriors and Frostgrave Barbarians along with some other bits and pieces.

I could also make a reasonable Forces of Nature army out of bits of each of these.

Heh. If only I had time to sort out someone to play with!

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Decrepit Dakkanaut


I don't strictly play any army, because the KoW scene around here has been limited mainly to the occasional national tournament and nothing else within travel distance since I first took an interest, back when it was only Elves, Dwarves, and Undead.

Since then I've collected Elves--which I started with, even though the models were... questionable--Abyssal Dwarves, and most recently Nightstalkers, which the new models would have me hyped about were it not for the fact I'd never be able to use them. Nightstalkers would probably be my main one, though. I've had the most success building their lists to my personal liking.

Got a few old WHFB forces I could use for things: old WoC for Varangur; Lizardmen for Salamanders; but no plans to cycle them out of storage--and not just because they're probably covered in spiders after so many years.

Have been interested a little in Basilea, Varangur, and maybe Brotherhood for the cavalry, but with no free space for yet more models, and no-one to use them against, it's not really gone anywhere.

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I own too many ordinary men-with-ordinary-weapons. They are painted as two separate armies:

One finished army which is soemwhere between 1,500 and 2,000 points depending on magical items and army setup. The other is in a constant state of expansion which can easily reach 4,000 tot 5,000 points.

This army is fielded as Kingdoms of Men, League of Rhordia an Brotherhood depending on my whim. They have also been Basileans, but as I don't like their mechanics, I don't do that anymore.

Other than these, I also own an undead army (which also features as empire of dust from time to time) that is roughly as big as my larger KoM army and an abyssal army of exacly 1,500 points.

Too many models and too little games. I play once a month or so, which means I own models that I did paint, but never fielded them in actual battle....

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