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Hey all

I've been wanting for a while now to expand my gaming circle, so I've been looking around on the web and social media and there seems to be a distinct lack of gaming clubs/groups in my part of the world (Braintree, Essex, UK), let alone clubs/groups that play the sort of stuff I play (Games Workshop games), and the few that do exist, in my nearest city, 11 miles South of me, or the next biggest town, 16 miles East of me, congregate nowhere near the town centres, thus aren't accessible unless you have your own transport, i.e. drive a car, which I unfortunately don't.

Given that I have 2 Games Workshop stores within 20 miles of me (although not accessible for "games nights" for me) it leaves me wondering where all the players are?

If tabletop gamers in general, let alone Games Workshop game players, even exist in North Essex the majority don't seem to advertise the fact, because sites such as this which have things such as a Player Finder or group/club finder come up pretty much empty. And searching Facebook is no better.

Why is Essex, particularly North Essex, so bereft of tabletop gaming clubs/groups in general, let alone those with Games Workshop game players?

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I suspect the only answer you are going to get on this is 'I don't know' but bear in mind that Dakka's player finder, for example, will only list people for 6 months, I believe. If they don't update their details or consent, they are removed from it. So there may well be people in North Essex but who don't or haven't frequented Dakka enough to update their details.

Your options really are quite simple; keep searching and posts ads yourself - there is a find a game section here on Dakka where you can advertise for other players, ask at your local GW stores if you can put an ad in the window, as it were. If you are able and have the space, offer to host games yourself otherwise maybe look into starting something yourself? After all, these clubs have to start somewhere and coalesce around someone. Best of luck!

Also, there is Wayland Games which is a little way south of you - they have a large gaming hall and centre there so it would be worth checking there too.

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I'm loosely affiliated to my local club. Whilst we're in West Kent, seems the lads may know of clubs in your neck of the woods via tournies and general networking.

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 filbert wrote:
Also, there is Wayland Games which is a little way south of you - they have a large gaming hall and centre there so it would be worth checking there too.

Thanks, I actually wasn't aware of that, I thought they were just an online retailer. Unfortunately though when you don't drive places such as Wayland Games may as well be on the moon.
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Having bought historical figures from Essex miniatures for as long as I have been wargaming it seems odd and ironic that there would be a lack of wargaming,

I only know it as the place 15mm gets posted from though.

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Depending where you are in North Essex, South Cambs might be easier for you. I know there are regular clubs in Huntingdon and Cambridge don't know about St Neots. Problem is frankly if you want to live in East Anglia you need to drive I uhh actually moved out of the region because of that (and university) and didn't return until I got a driving license. I personally live and game in the Fens now myself.

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