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Fresh-Faced New User


First time posting. I'm new to 40K but have played Warhammer Fantasy, 9th age and Fantasy Flight Games: Imperial Assault for a couple of years now.

I'm an Non Commissioned Officer in the Swedish Armed Forces, or just plainly said/written the Swedish Army. I belong to Skaraborgs Regiment P4 (P is for Pansar, armoured) and have done since the start. Our colours are yellow and black which will affect my Aquila and other markings.
Since a year I've been relocated to a P4 detachment in another party of the country. Here were have recon company with influences of the Life guard Grenadiers, colours are white and red. I will do a "company" with their markings as well.


Automatically Appended Next Post:
The painting will be Swedish M/90 camouflage

The colours to represent this are:
Caliban green
Loren Forest green
Nurgling green (not used on vehicles)
Mechanicus Standard grey mixed with Abbadon black

Crew, were my test subjects and received Strakken instead of Loren green and no black but Death world forest because old uniforms were had a more brown-green look. It is still on them but the colours above will be for future units (10 cadian guardsmen on the table)

Without further explaining, my first vehicle, a Hydra:

Unfortunately Windows 10K doesn't work any better than today's

Hope you enjoy. I'm a slow painter and have two 9th age armies and Imperial Assault to take my time and that it's before talking about my job and renovating my house

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Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada

Welcome Etheneus and a nice start to your Imperial Guard.



Made in ca
Painlord Titan Princeps of Slaanesh

Hamilton, ON

That's a really nice, neat camo scheme.

I demand more. There must and shall be more.

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Kabal of The Violet Heart (updated 02/02/2020)
* as of Chapter Approved: 2018. Not a typo.

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Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

That's a nice tank!

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Raging-on-the-Inside Blood Angel Sergeant

Great start to your blog. That’s some funky camo pattern, is the colour to the bottom right supposed to be black? It looks blue to me, but my wife always says I’m colourblind

Goberts Gubbins - A Random Oldhammer P&M Blog, now with added Blackstone Fortress 
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

@gobert The screen in the Hydra is blue. Classic windows blue screen error message.

So, time for some more men. A squad of 10 with a box caster, sergeant with bolt gun and a grenade launcher. They are painted with my current company in mind, red and white colours on Aquila and other markings.
I later realized I had missed an opportunity here. Making these my Veterans since as far as I can tell there is no modeling distinction between troops and veterans. Well, not to late to change it. Just need to add extra weapons if the need arise.

The grenade is painted with a old m/56 shgr in mind. (Google it and you will see). A explosive handgrenade, metallic grey with a yellow rim around (the yellow signify it's a real grenade).

If you feel a bit disappointed at city bases when they have green camo uniforms it's because this is the only game I play with this kind of urban environment and I like to experiment with it. A blown of hand and some rebars had to do for this squad.

Oh, and don't worry. Camo will play a big part in this army.
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Another infantry squad is done except bases. Will complete that later.

For now I have two officers. Short story: I haven't built them. Got them cheap from a Ebay-like website in Sweden and then a whole lot of other models to.

I painted the platoon commander with M/90 (mentioned above, swedish standard camo) and with the Skaraborgs Regiment colours.
The company commander is painted with an older version, the M/59. Just a standard green, trousers are still M/90. The reason for the older uniform is that we don't use such long coats or hats since then, not green. We have M/87 which is a blue parade uniform with coat and hat but I'm saving that. M/87 is used for parades and officers behind desks, not fighters, but I will make exceptions for commisars (and maybe a company commander warlord).

A start to my Regiment fluff:

'Lieutenant!' Hildemar stopped in his tracks, so focused on getting to the mess tent he didn't see the captain standing along the path.
Major, Hildemar corrected himself, the young, completely shaved (or had he not yet begun to be able to grow any?) had fooled him momentarily. A quick look at the crown and star that marked the young man's rank saved Hildemar from a reprimand.
'Sorry major' he said and saluted as strictly as he could. 'Didn't see you there. May I be of assistance sir?'
'You may begin by showing me to the Battalion commander' the major's voice was stern but the eyes faltered.
A newcomer from the officers' academy thought Hildemar. They both went silently to the mess tent were the lieutenantcolonel and many other officers was gathered for a quiet coffee.
The major introduced himself as Andersson, a most common name in the system. Hildemar noticed the major didn't drink any coffee but a lemonade that was also served and eating a bun. Major A Bun he thought to himself.
'Major heh' the lieutenantcolonel couldn't stop the half laugh at A Bun's age. 'You have recommendations from the academy on... well were it now was. You were supposed to take the second company but if you which I may rearrange for you to get a place in the battalion staff.'
Hildemar saw A Bun stiffen.
'Sir' A Bun started uncertainly but then his shoulders relaxed. 'Non should be placed in a staff before having adequate combat experience to be able to understand what orders given will mean for the men in the front line.'
An awkward silence settled among the closest around them. Many of the battalions staff members had no such experience and even if that (maybe) unintentional insult had gone unnoticed to care for the soldiers was not common among company officers. A Bun seemed oblivious to this.
'So you say' the battalion commander said sternly. 'As you will, but you will be assigned to the first company instead of the second. The first company have several platoons recon, mortars, hq, supply, anti-air'
'Engineers' interrupted the young major. 'I'm aware of the mechanized battalion structure. The first company is your company. Every platoon is a battalion resource, not something for me to lead.'
'Oh, there is still the day to day choirs' a snicker slipped out from someone listening to the lieutenantcolonel words, a twitch was even seen on his own face. 'Of course there is the usual HQ platoon's close protection unit you can use to get combat experience.'
That last sentence sparked laughs and A Bun looked furious but said nothing.
'Yes sir' came after the laughter died.
'Lieutenant Hildemar will show you to your company and get you started. He is commander of the recon platoon but his sentinel is being repaired by the adeptus mechanicus. He is assigned to the close protection units for the time being.'
Major A Bun saluted and they walked off to meet the company.

More fluff will come, presenting the Regiment I will build.
Made in us
Fresh-Faced New User

Bellingham, WA

Love this theme for a regiment. The camo pattern looks great, and you're putting great detail into it. One of those things that's great about the Guard is even using Cadian models you can make different themed units.

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Made in gb
Raging-on-the-Inside Blood Angel Sergeant

Nice work on the Platoon and Company commanders, colour me impressed with their eyes! I’ve always struggled with eyes! The map on the hand of the platoon commander is a great touch, but what’s with his power fist? It looks like his arm is in a plaster cast (well maybe metal cast )!

Goberts Gubbins - A Random Oldhammer P&M Blog, now with added Blackstone Fortress 
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Thank you both!

Yeah the power fist is not great but the picture also brighten it a lot. Will put some extra nuln oil and it will be fine.

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Made in fi
Regular Dakkanaut

This is a wonderful project! I like that you've chosen a camo that's real and "your own". It also seems to lend itself very well for miniatures - a relatively large pattern, and to top it off, the angular shapes give it a modern look. Looking forward to seeing how this army progresses!

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My blog on Wordpress [Finished work] 
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Thanks @mcmattila. It's progressing alright. Just reached 508points painted!
Here is half of my third squad.

As mentioned before I decided to use the regimental colours of my own regiment, yellow and black on standard infantry while veterans will use my companies colours, red and white. So this third squad is a standard infantry with a plasma rifle and plasma pistol. Will upload better picture of the squad when bases are done and also of my second squad and Leman russ that was done weeks ago, just haven't gotten around to take good pictures of any.

Oh, and I played my first game Tuesday. Drukhari, 600p. I got first turn on a roll of 6 after deploy. Won 8-7. He lost all (2x10 Kabalite, 10 wyches, succubus, Haemonculus and Archon) but his Wracks. I lost Tank commander, company commander and two armoured sentinels (being painted right now), but I had 3 depleted infantry squads left and my Hydra (that did surprisingly well considering only ground targets).
Made in gb
Raging-on-the-Inside Blood Angel Sergeant

Nice work! I’m liking the pink on the plasma, stands out really nicely against the camp! Have you thought about edge highlighting or dry brushing their weapons? I think that would take them to the next level.

Since they’re based on your own unit have you painted up any to represent your mates?

Keep up the good work!

Goberts Gubbins - A Random Oldhammer P&M Blog, now with added Blackstone Fortress 
Made in us
Wing Commander

Dallas, TX

Quick a good start, strong point is the camo and map, weak point are the eyes and weathering on the tracks, they look a bit funky with too much white shown, I recommend a thin black line encircling the eyes.
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Finally updating this thread. My wife has taken the pictures so the quality is better. I had little hobby time these weeks but had time for a 800p game against same Drukhari player as before. I lost, BIG TIME! Like 1-7 or something. He wanted to teach me screening so brought a in your face list. Got one shooting face against him and after that my vehicles (not sentinels) was in close combat. I've learned my lesson.

Picture time:

Second squad, new kind of base, really like it, used cork. Painted red/white as my current company. Might use as veterans in the future.

Third squad. Yellow and black, with red/pink plasma on special and Sergeant.
The picture might not show it but the ring on the base in the middle, the soldier passing over it accidentally got a eye looking down at it, I thought it could be cool, so made the other eye do the same.

My first sentinel.
Got it from a colleague that didn't have a use of it. Part metal, part plastic. I decided to paint it as an old swedish bandwagon, many of those don't use M/90 camo while other has been repainted to use it. In this case I see it as an old one that hasn't been repainted. The driver is using an old headwear, had a big flatt nose and his uniform looked like a one piece. I skipped camo on his uniform to make his uniform look as our overalls.
No weapon because I only got a autocannon with it, made out of metal. My other two sentinels (painted, just bases left) have all weapons and I've magnetized them.

WIP of the sentinel
I'm sorry if I offend anybody but he look like a slow and I even worked that into the fluff of the army.
The base here was already done so in the pictures above you can see I've covered the grass with cork.

@gobert Thanks, I drybrush with metal colours top make then look a little weathered but I think I will have to do what you suggest and have done so on sentinel weapons.
About painting my mates I haven't really but the fluff I create is heavily influenced. Major A Bun is my first company commander and we really did call him captain Lemonade and Buns (sounds better in swedish) for a few weeks as he showed up to our platoon only when we were served buns.
Hildemar (similar name again) is based on my first platoon commander, sneaky as h*ll. Suddenly appeared amongst us while talking trash about our commanders. He is my Dagger of Tu'Sakh wielder.

@Big Mac Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree on the eyes and have started with my second and third sentinels to make the eyes better. About weathering I haven't really done any. Made some bullet holes but wasn't sure how to weather so decided not to do more before I have a plan. Will revisit sentinels, Hydra and tank commander and maybe even troops when time comes.
Made in au
Fickle Fury of Chaos


More meat for the grinder! Nice progress mate - the pink plasma looks great. Excited to see that sentinel get hit with some camo!

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Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman


This is looking really good, keep it up

Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

@Minigiant and @tzurk, thank you both. The old sentinel won't be hit with camo but my other two have been. Need to fix their bases and then I can show them.

I usually don't post WIPs but in the case of conversion I'll make an exception.
I've been second in command of a support platoon for many years and while the two games I played showed me how great and not great dedicated transports can be I don't see myself really using chimeras all that much but I have two and need them built to hit 1250p and play a game this Wednesday. Lots of unpainted models will be used.

Keep in mind I'm always trying to do the Swedish Armed Forces as true as possible.
I looked at Forge World units, noticing Salamander Command vehicle, Atlas recovery tank and Trojan support vehicle. All vehicles for a support platoon. Salamander Command seem more a fire support unit than a command vehicle but we have both Epbv90 (leads indirect fire) and Stripbv90 (command) which are built on the Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) chassis. Although salamander is another chassis I think it will work with a chimera chassi.
But then I thought that a recovery vehicle is more important but then I saw it was a tank built on a Leman Russ. In Sweden we have both BGBV90 and BGBV120 the first on CV90 second on our 122 Leopard tank, will make on in the future.
Finally I looked at the Trojan and thought it is a support vehicle delivering ammo and supplies. We don't really have that, using bandwagon or plain trucks. We do have a... well I don't know the English term but it is a close repair support vehicle built on a CV90. It repairs minor damage and delivers spare parts, close enough for a Trojan.

First, no turret, I wanted the height of the chimera so decided to use the top. I wanted the round hatch but it wouldn't fit. Had to enlarge the turret hole with my tools.

It fits!

Assembled. Now I need a crane and a box. I plugged the Lasgun array holes with grey stuff and will put a box over then on one side and something else on the other.
Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Alright. Time for a fluffy battlereport but first the game:

2 player and 3000 points per side. It was Empire vs Aeldari, or rather Astra Militarum 1250 pts (what I could muster) and Ultramarines 1750pts vs Drukhari 1500pts and Craftworld 1500pts.

Scenario from Chapter Approved 2019, ,Critical objective in short, how much you kill don’t matter, only Victory Points from tactical objectives.

Deployment was Vanguard Strike.

Some prebattle fluff you can read if you want:
Lieutenant Hildemar and Major Andersson walked slowly amongst the tents belonging to the 1st company. A Bun was in a sour mode. They had looked at the Trojan of the supply platoon, all other vehicles was already away on other assignments. The major hadn’t bothered to look over the HQ platoon at all.
They were closing in on the recon platoon when a Leman Russ engine started. A Bun diverted his steps towards the sound. Rounding a tent Hildemar saw who it was and laughed.
“Lieutenant Silly! Have you finally pleased the machine spirit?”
Major Bun was in chock and the tank commander furious, his face all red.
“This vehicle is nothing but trouble. The engineseers have done a sloppy job when blessing it!” the lieutenant spit. “I will talk to the commissars about it!”
Hildemar knew lieutenant Silles was a strict person, always by the book, but also had a bad temper. To put a enginseer against a commissar was dangerous though. The major also recognized this.
“Come on now lieutenant” he said. “I’m sure lieutenant Hildemar meant nothing by the name and certainly not to blame you. Some spirits are just a bit tempered that’s all.”
Silles looked at the major for the first time and seeing him straightened and did a stiff salute.
“Major! Lieutenant Silles, commander of the 3rd platoon of the 3rd company!”
“Nice to meet you lieutenant Silles. Major Andersson, commander of the first company as of now. I’m inspecting the troops but the rest of the battalion seems occupied” He was right, the tents were erected but in whichever direction you looked only a handful of soldiers and vehicles could be seen.
“Yes sir. The battalion have been roting out some Xenos aliens on the planet. Tyrandis, not a full scale invasion but a ship that crashed on the northern part of the planet. We have been harassed by other Xenos also, Aeldari. Both those bright looking ones and the dark ones. Most often they fight each other but sometimes they fight us together.”
The major was listening intently to Silly’s description of the situation so Hildemar snuck away. He already knew about the enemy, them having destroyed his walker.
He went to inspect his three remaining armoured sentinels. Two being new, equpied with plasma cannons and refitted with Hunter-Killer. The third was an old one, the crewman not even a soldier, not really. One day a unknown unarmed sentinel had walked in amongst their tents, having snuck by the sentries.
The man driving it had a coverall on him with no markings. He had done what he was told when challenged. When questioned he had replied incomprehensibly, it didn’t take long to understand he was some kind of simpleton. They had wondered how he snuck past the sentries so gave him an order to sneak out without being spotted and come back next night, unseen, he had done so. Hildemar himself had done his best to keep commissars away from the man called Crutch.
They wouldn’t have understood and only executed him. Inevitably it happened but the commissar had agreed not to shoot Crutch because how good he was with his sentinel. The commissar had forbidden him to wear a uniform or be armed with a personal firearm but it was a small price to pay.
Hildemar looked up, his thoughts interrupted by a siren. A Hydra opened fire but the Xeno’s crafts flew over without a scratch and the booms fell.
“Mount!” he screamed and looked for his own sentinel before remembering it had almost been destroyed.

Major Andersson had jumped inside a chimera when the bombs fell, a squad of soldiers with him. They moved out of the camp to the west. The gunner soon reported xenos in that direction, lots of them. He demanded a view and looked at the enemy. Walkers, tanks flying ones at that, some ship that looked more at home in a sea than in the air and some soldiers in suits, in between it all darted flying...bikes that looked like arrows was the first thing that came to mind. The flying ships were full of soldiers with an assortment of weapons.
Before a shot was fired the Astra Militarum forces deployed fast among the ruins, the Xenos on the other side of them. To Andersson surprise the battalion commander was there and even more surprising Ultra Marines! A whole company it seemed, a hoovering tank, a Predator tank, a Librarian, Aggressors, Marines and both a lieutenant and a captain. A squad of AM soldiers were with them as well as lieutenant Hildemar.
Andersson ordered his mortars in place behind a building each, two bolters and a autogun was placed in the middle of the line behind some barrels for protection. Lieutenant Silles, the colonel, the Trojan support and a squad of soldiers came up behind the ultras and took cover behind a building. An enemy bomber was still circulating above them. It pleased Andersson to see that a Hydra came up behind them but the colonel ordered it to stand beside the mortars that was barley concealed behind a tower. In desperation Andersson ordered his own chimera to stand in front of it to give some cover, that Hydra was going to be crucial.
Lieutenant Hildermar brought a squad of soldiers with him and hurried forward. Trusting his sentinels to take up position to cover the mortars and heavy weapons. In horror he and his squad tried to take cover with the ultra marines when two enemy Wraithlords rounded a corner. It was to late though, shurikens ripped through armor and flesh of the guards but the marines was left unscratched.
Two soldiers and Hildemar took cover with the marines. They didn’t run at least he thought. Probably more scarred to move than to stay with the marines.
The marines started shooting back but one of the Waithlords seemed to enjoy the shooting. Wounds closing up if the bullets went through the force fields. Hildemar suspected that it had to do with some damn Aeldari psychic.
Major Anderssons flank took some serious hits. The Aldeari and Drukhari came fast and focused fire on the exposed Hydra, the Chimera giving no cover at all (I really thought you could gain cover from your own troops like in 9th age). The Hydra was hit several times, the gunner getting his head blown straight of. The vehicle must have been hit in the ammunition depot because suddenly it exploded. Anderssons chimera rocked but seemed almost unaffected by the explosion and so seemed every other squad that was affected by the explosion. (rolled only 1-2 on D3 mortal wounds)
After looking around him he ordered the chimera forward. They needed to hold a hill in front of them. It would give them some cover and also take them up the flank of the enemy. He saw that a sentinel had fallen down by the ultra marines. A blast was fired from the tank and soldiers were repositioning in front of it. The battle cannon of the Russ hit true but the shot didn’t explode on impact only doing minor damage to the bomber that came swooping in at them. (6 hits at -2 to hit, wound roll: 1,1,1,1,2,3)
Andersson was worried about two flying drukhari ships close by but he didn’t need to worry. Fire from the chimera but mostly from the Ultra marines two tanks shot them down.
The return fire was aimed at the hoovering tank. None turned their attention to the speeding chimera or sentinels. Andersson could see that a heavy bolter was shot down and got a report of a damaged mortar but nothing else.
Hildemar saw with horror that the Aldeari tank had dropped more soldiers, with power armor wielding something akin to flamers, behind the cover he most marines were taking cover by. In the same time the two wraithlords came in as close as they could before firing their weapons. Several marines fell and so did the two las members of the squad Hildemar had been following. He drew back towards a hill behind him. Determined to try and make it to lieutenant Silly’s tank. To his horror one of the wraith lords and some sword and axe wielding troops charged the ultra marines. By some miracle they held and even destroyed the wraithlord. The meele fighting aeldari had just made it in and the first that rounded the corner got killed straight away, nobody followed after. In the ensuing combat the marines killed the axe and sword wielders and started firing at the second wraithlord, hurting it badly.
The drukhari bomber flew over marines and tanks. Dropping a bomb but the hit was a bit of not killing anything. The colonel had and a Astropath had moved up and stood in the open between the buildings. The bomber shot everything it got at the colonel. The last thing Andersson saw of him was him tripping on some debris just before the missiles and what not hit him.
Lieutenant Silles was screaming and then his tank fired away. Hitting the Drukhari bomber just as it fired. Although it didn’t save the colonel, the Drukhari bomber was shot down from the sky crashing somewhere off the battlefield.
Hildemar had run up a hill and fired with his boltgun but to no use, the living wraithlord had protection beyond his weapon. That’s when he saw them. Scions! Lots of them! And Terminators! They came up behind the Aeldari. He saw what appered to be three sqauds of scions firing of against the Aeldari backfield. Felling two of those wretched psychers. The Terminators fired away and almost fell the second wraithlord but, seriously damaged it stood a little while longer.
The Aeldari was in disarray on their flank and somewhat in the middle but the Drukhari didn’t seem to mind. The Archon and his two bodyguards charged back towards the Scions and chewed through a squad without breaking pace. They surrounded the Tempestor Prime and would do short work of him too.
The Aeldari suddenly got troops dropping down on the field too, carrying heavy weapons and anti tank rifles. They got devastated by terminators at first (stratagem to shot when they dropped), loosing more than half their numbers but then fired back, killing all but one terminator.
Andersson was to far away, having disembarked and ordered his squad to take the hill. The hoovering aeldari tank had parked by them, he cursed the chimera crew to not having warned him. He ordered the squad to shot at a walker that was visible behind the hill but then he saw movement on the other side of the tank. Ultra marines with a Librarian was charging it. He ordered his squad to do the same from their side.
He knew it was a futile charge, their bayonets not able to put a dent in the tank bu the he wanted to give aid to the Space Marines best he could. The Marines faired little better but he saw that they had gone for a Aeldari on the far side of the tank, not the tank itself. They fought what Andersson realized was an Aeldari psycher. They didn’t kill him though so he ran like the little Xenos he was and the tank floated of to fire at the heavy weapons left alive, killing them.
To his horror two floating ships full of Drukhari came towards them firing what they could into the squad, the heavy weapons, chimera and then charged at full speed against him. By cheer luck the Major survived the charge, the squad was not so lucky. Andersson fired as he pulled back, hearing the laughter of the wretched xeno, but they didn’t give chase, nor did they fire.
Every Xenos, Aeldari and Drukhari started pulling back, not pressing their advantage. Andersson couldn’t tell why. He stood there, bolt gun in hand and watched as they disappeared, cheering.
Andersson turned his head around to watch the devastated forces of the imperium. Not much was left to hold. Praise the Emperor that the xenos left when they did. It was surely not a victory for the imperium. Everywhere he could see it. The xenos pulled back all their forces, imperium soldiers shooting potshots after them but not hitting anything. And just like that they were gone. Andersson took a deep breath and waved the damaged chimera over.

It had reached midnight when we were at round 3 top. All of us tired and to be working the next day decided to quit there and then. The bottom round turn 3 wouldn’t have seen us gaining enough points to compensate. It was already a 19-11 to the Aeldari vs Imperium. We had a chance at killing the warlord next turn but all other things was defend objective which would have required us holding it till round 4. On the whole they had a mobile army, while we had a static one. The victory condition wasn’t to our favor and I scored 9 of our 11 points because the marine player only got bad tactical objectives. Our die the first whole round wasn’t any better, not killing anything and not saving anything either. Fun game, but took to long with me and my fellow player taking a very long time to decide on things, very military of us…
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Fresh-Faced New User

The three sentinels, with all options, including scout or armoured, magnetized. Fun project that should had been done weeks ago but I was lazy on the last base. Well now it's done and with a camouflage net to boost!

The first sentinel didn't get any camo and since fluff-wise it's not a military unit but just some slow guy getting drafted for driving it perfectly (the commissar disapproves but results can't be denied).
The second one got some camo but being a bit dynamic in pose it received no net.

And yes, that is a real bullet (7,62mm) looking like a dud on the base.

The third sentinel is the first model, but not last, that I put a net on. Some old gause and paint was all to it.

On the fence it says BAMSE, it's a real ice cream stick that my son (4 years old) ate. He has also painted the base and fence but not coloured the written word. Bamse is the worlds strongest but kindest bear if you don't already know that.

Next up is a company commander warlord and a commissar, both in different uniforms.
Made in us
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

The Sentinels are great- as is the backstory for their poses and positioning. The Bamse logo is the perfect touch to provide a bit of color to make the whole thing pop; knowing (now) that he is the world's strongest bear only makes it more fun. Great job!

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

Made in se
Fresh-Faced New User

Thank you Meer_Cat. Beware though, Bamse is a bit of socialist and the Emperor (nor commisars or Inquisitor) does not approve.

On to today's update. Two more HQ. A commissar and a company commander warlord, al other commanders will have the green swedish M/90 or M/52 uniforms. Warlords, to look a bit different got the M/87 parade or staff uniform. I painted his boots as black low shoes and the white represent (not sure about the translation) gaiter. A parade foot wear to protect the lower part of the legs. When being selected to guard the Swedish Royal Castle, an honor I've had many times, our troops use those, white belts and white straps for our weapons.
He is bought second hand and had the plasmapistol already. It looks good but rules wise I don't think I will use it.

The commissar has gotten a touch of an older model used but I tried to keep it close to M/87. He has silver on his uniform instead of gold. The king's own troops got to wear silver throughout Swedish history because it was often real while
real gold was to expensive to put on uniforms.
My commissar has a Tyrannid foot cut off at his base and someone have even taken a souvenir cutting the claws of. Tyrannids as enemies will be a reoccurring theme on my bases although I don't really have a opponent who plays them.

Hope you like them.
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The officers look great! I also like the sentinels a lot, especially the hidden one. Skönt att de har Bamse på sin sida.

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The officers look great in their dress uniform! Those sentinels look the absolute business though! Neat little touch with the yellow band... I hope it’s got a Free From Explosives certificate!

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@pommander cask thanks a lot! Bamse will be a reoccurring theme if my son get to decide.

@gobert, unfortunately a sentinel have already exploded for me and I had used the command reroll already. Wounded a few. With better cover I'm sure that will not be a problem anymore

As an NCO that has been in the armored regiments P4 all my adult life I have a fondness for mechanised infantry and do have made my first chimera, more will come but I have to say that the rules don't really appeal me to use them. Will see.

As always, options are magnetized.

Next up is my chimera converted into a Trojan, but that will be next week if I'm lucky.
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Nice Chimera, love the subtle highlights on the darker bits of camo. Gives it a realistically dull Matt look. Those barrels look like they could do with drilling though

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 gobert wrote:
Nice Chimera, love the subtle highlights on the darker bits of camo. Gives it a realistically dull Matt look. Those barrels look like they could do with drilling though

Oh snap! Totally forgot to do that! Thanks, I will fix it.
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My converted chimera is done! Now I have a Trojan support vehicle! It's a chimera without turret, made a larger hole in the chassis to fit the hatch, and without lasgun array, filled the holes with grey stuff. The added crane is from Galvanus servohauler. The box is made from ice cream sticks and grey stuff.

Why a box? In the swedish armed Forces we have a strf90 DSG, roughly Combat Vehicle (or CV90) maintenance support squad. Google the swedish text and you'll find that it looks like our other CV90 but with a big box on the side. They repair minor damage and hands out spare parts but mostly do an assessment of damage before calling forth recovery units. The closest thing I could think of that fit the Trojan rules. Our DSG does not have a crane though.

Will add ammunition boxes or something inside of it when I get some or build some.
The camouflagenet is glued solid and is placed somewhat where we put them for real but should be folded and rolled on along the tracks but the hunter killer missile was getting covered and I've already glued that so the net was folded around the back instead.
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Very nice conversion there.



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Everything is still looking really good. I have a camo netting tutorial I uploaded years ago that you maybe interested in


It was hit by the Photobucket purge but, if you follow the images url you can get them. I think it will help add a more realistic sag in the netting

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