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Longtime Dakkanaut

Mostly focusing on Middle-Earth (due to the channel) but some quite fascinating background in general:

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Courageous Questing Knight


Thanks for linking - will check out

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Barrow Wight King


added to watch later for my evening listening. got super into middle earth lately so should be interesting.

Heresy World Eaters/Night Lords Genestealer cults.

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Dakka Veteran


Great interview, thanks for sharing. It was quite insightful.

The objective of the game is to win. The point of the game is to have fun. The two should never be confused. 
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Battlefield Tourist


Rick Priestly always comes across as a lovely bloke. The amount of money he has made for GW is staggering.

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Excellent Exalted Champion of Chaos

And that they have mostly abandoned the cores he built up for them.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

I thought his comments on complexity of rules and GW's new direction were very interesting and I couldn't agree more with him. He comes across as a very genuine guy in that interview and his games developer approach seems to be the right mix of narrative and balance focussed from many of his comments.
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Scouting Shadow Warrior

Super interesting to see how the LotR game started. Also agree with his (brief) analysis of modern games.
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Surrey, BC - Canada

It was a great interview to watch.



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