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Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

I've decided to start logging the building of my dream army of Blood Angels.

Some background introduction. I have been into 40K as soon as I saw Rogue Trader in a local bookshop some time during the late eighties. Space Marines looked so cool back then; cooler than star wars, cooler than what was on Robotech morning cartoons or Judge Dredd, cooler than anything I could think of! The Rogue Trader cover art stuck to my retinas like crazy. I knew there and then I had to get some of that stuff into my life..

So I've been following and participating in the "hobby" on and off since all those years. Sometimes leaving it for a decade, only to come back to it later. Throughout it all, I've always been drawn to Space Marines, and particularily to Blood Angels specifically.

Blood Angels were the posterchild marine chapter in the first edition of Space Hulk "3D Roleplaying Hobby Game". I absolutely loved the metal Terminator models back then, and found the whole colourscheme of "Red vs Blue/purple" very evocating. Space Hulk was my favourite game back then; We were too young to get involved with 40K proper at the time (The logistics of owning a full Space Marine army was out of our reach both financially and otherwise).

So now I'm old as heck and feel like I want to finally scratch the itch properly. An itch I've had all those years. To own a Blood Angels army of my dreams. I've long been planning to do it, but I was unsure how I'd want the Army to look, both stylistically and in terms of unit choices. There are so many options.. so for years, this has been puzzling me. I knew I was going to do it but wanted to be sure about the "vision" of the army.. Which brings us to the present.

40K as a whole has changed significantly in its lore and visuals. While the roots of the game can still be found pointing all the way to Rogue Trader, things have evolved with the times and current day Space Marines have a very different feel to them. However, my first love to the Space Marines in the Rogue Trader book never waned. So What would be a more fitting style for my army than the look Space Marines had in the times of Rogue Trader and 1st edition Soace Hulk? That's it! I finally found the solution to my "vision".

So I am going to build a Blood Angels army that takes the visual aesthetics of 1st Ed 40K as much as possible, and combine that to what exists now. Marry the old and the new, but keep the original "generic scifi" vibe which was present in the 80s instead of the newer "Knights.. In SPACE!" grimdark gothicness. But this cant be limited to just the looks. I also want the army to have a "modern warfare" style, and I also want the army to reflect the portion of the lore which indicates Marines as a scarce and prescious resource to the Imperium of Man. This means an army which leans towards being heavily mechanized, multiple small units, vehicles and autonomous systems heavy. Lots of apotecharies to heal the wounded and to collect the geneseed of fallen brothers.

As for the Flaw of the Blood Angels, this is a bit problematic. Rogue Trader era BA didn't have it, nor were the Angels vampiric back then. I've never liked the vampiric aspects of BA, like, at all. So my army will have none of that. However, I do like the idea of the Flaw and Black Rage in general, so I'm definetely including that part of the lore for my army. But I want to twist things a bit.

The way I see it, homicidal, uncontrollable anger and Psykers are a very, very bad combo.. basically we're talking about severe Heresy against the IoM and I cannot see the Imperium ever smoaching such a thing tbh. Therefore, if I'm accepting the Flaw, I don't see how I can accept any Psykers in my army - the risk of them turning into Daemons of Khorne is just too great to leave to chance. So no psykers (Sorry Mephiston, you're out! LOL).

Now the next part might be hard for oldhammer purists to swallow: I intend to include Primaris Marines in my BA army! I don't see any reason why I couldn't do it. Most Primaris marines have the sleek "generic scifi" look to them, so they will fit in with all the legacy units if I plan this right. Scale difference makes things a bit problematic, but I have decided to keep the amount of Primaris Marines low, and favour special units instead of interecessor spam.

Troops will mainly consist of Mk VI & Mk IV armour. Mk IV armoured helmets are visually somewhat close to the beaked Mk VI armour, and the pauldrons can also be pretty much interchangeable. Mk IV helmet also maintains a visual link to the Primaris Mk X helmet, so this all should hopefully work out to make for a somewhat unified look for the whole infantry.

Vehicles will be Rogue Trader -inspired. The current Forge World kits offer the classic kits and variations of them, so they will be used along with other GW plastic kits.

Now that the idea is in place, I've been slowly amassing bits and kits to start building the army. I'm thinking of building and painting the units one by one, in order to keep ADHD from running amok and preventing progressing with the project through distraction. I'm not sure if I'm ADHD but I get distracted easily, which is why I never got around to building this army in the first place!

So I'm starting with the most basic building block of any Marine army - The humble tactical squad.

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Made in gb
Homicidal Veteran Blood Angel Assault Marine

Brookside Close

Will be looking forward to this, good luck

WIP - Blood Angels Showcase
 queen_annes_revenge wrote:
Straight out if the pot, bang it on. What else is there to know?

Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

 Rybrook wrote:
Will be looking forward to this, good luck

Thanks! I'm kinda hoping starting this log will help me keep the building going. I've already blu tac'd the tac squad first draft, I'll try to post pics soon.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Here are some pictures I've compiled to give insipiration and ideas to the visuals. If including them here violates forum rules or otherwise infringes on copyrights severely, feel free to take them down or notify me.

(I assume no cooyright over these pictures - they have been obtained from the public WWW via search engines)
[Thumb - 0900C8F0-D6B1-4A6E-B4C1-5165470B07B9.jpeg]
RT era "Black" BA

[Thumb - 8505B3D5-E3EC-4C1F-BD1A-81B1637491CD.jpeg]
40K vintage cover from a CA supplement

[Thumb - 0918329C-28F8-4DEC-88F6-AEF28D476F72.jpeg]
Another vintage cover; The flames on the leg plates are interesting..

[Thumb - 3D5731C9-7A33-4106-B2D0-0BF72C43F1D0.jpeg]
Vintage BA iconography marking from the vintage Space Marine Paint Set booklet

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Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

Some more research material.. Whoopsie! Just realize the "black BA" scheme is actually some other chapter altogether! EDIT: OMFG its the original Dark Angels colourscheme! All these years I thought.. *facepalm* Oh nevermind, it will still serve me as insipiration for my Fallen brothers..

I've been obsessing over the exact red shade for years now, and I still prefer the venerable OOP colour "Mechrite Red". It's sort of an amalgation of all the various BA colourschemes through the years: From Blood Red to the orange/terracotta and back.. I still prefer the way Mechrite Red looks on a black basecoat vs any other shade of red I've tried. Looks more grimdark, for lack of a better term

Mechrite Red can still be bought via Instar Paints, they make a vintage paint in the same shade.

EDIT2: Here's one more RTB01 reference image I found on BOLS (I remember it well from back in the day but cant remember where it's from)

I like the black stripe that doen't extend all the way down.. Looks pretty cool! Also seems like the sergeant has a light trim on his helmet stripe..? Also loving that camo on the Captain! (not sure about the red bits though..)

[Thumb - 42A4CE35-B954-48C3-A140-9E2FCDB2DFE3.jpeg]
"Black Marines" illustration from Rogue Trader

[Thumb - C589A0C3-AD43-4D16-9856-F7857B9F40B3.jpeg]
RTB-01 era BA "codex" scheme

[Thumb - E1054A4B-E751-4426-A077-3E0CF3662F47.jpeg]
This is in the ballpark for the look, but we need weathering etc

[Thumb - 2BCABDAE-6805-456F-B3AA-C7A72908223F.jpeg]
BA armour scheme from Rogue Trader

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Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

So on to the building!

I've almost done a first draft of the tac squad with blu-tac. The bolters will still be swapped to proper Umbra pattern FW bolters later, and I might also swap out the backpacks later, but this is what I'm starting with.

The sergeant and squad veteran (he acts as a 2nd sergeant when splitting into combat squads) have Mk IV helmets. The plasmagunner is a Mk VII armoured Marine, my idea here is that plasmagunners tend to be among the first brothers to die as they overcharge their weapons every now and then, so they would sport a "newbier" mark of armour. Thoguhts on that? Does the lone Mk VII suit stick out too much from the rest of the squad?

Also wanted to ask opinions about the chest plates. I have accumulated quite a lot of Mk VI bitz over the years, enough to kit out the whole squad with the plain, aquilaless version of the Mk VI chestplate. Do you think I should use those as much as possible? Or should I mix it up with the Mk VII aquila chest plates like I've done now? I seem to recall artwork of Mk VI armour with the Mk VII chestplates, so I guess there is no right answer either way.. Using the RTB-01 style chestplate would be the most minimalistic choice, but might end up looking too uniform/boring across the whole squad? I'll swap out the chestplates and do some comparisons..

[Thumb - 0A2A1448-6316-44A7-8725-6B3DB66E20FB.jpeg]
Tac squad draft

[Thumb - 4CDDB974-3FD1-4E77-AF55-A9A8957D7736.jpeg]

[Thumb - CE58B60A-DFB7-4C1B-A366-604AD4E5C350.jpeg]
Squad veteran

[Thumb - F017DCB4-70A0-4840-9EC8-CF479FB1C4C6.jpeg]
Plasma Gunner

[Thumb - 62B62CFA-CCA6-4A91-9BE9-0870C2CE9B9F.jpeg]
Missile Launcher

[Thumb - D252C121-AFC2-4A88-983A-D4C85ECF2B47.jpeg]
Tac trooper (not sure about the chains...)

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Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

Spent some more time with the drafts. I remembered one cache of spare bitz I had aquired earlier this year for this project, and swapped out the missile launcher marine bitz to the better ones I had planned for it - kneeling Mk VI legs from the most recent devastators box recut, which have the heavy weapon recoil bracing thingamajigs. Also, swapping out some chest pieces into the RTB01 Mk VI pieces, found all of them and there's now enough for the whole squad.

The RTB01 chestpieces change the appearance significantly for the better, more towards my original vision, so they will be used as much as possible gping forward, even if it risks looking more boring than changing it up now and then. I will just need to rely more on leg pieces, helmets, poses and battle damage for making the models feel less repetitive.

Also swapped the skull adorned chestpiece of the plasmagunner to an aquila one. Better!

After I have swapped out the remaining chestpieces, I'll start messing with these lovely FW umbras <3 Bayonets and chainblades will give the tacs their much needed BA "flair". After all, Blood Angels love CC!

The final pic makes me wonder - should I splurge on the FW Mk VI legionnaires? I don't know any other source for the RTB01 looking backpacks, as the vintage plastic ones look out of scale on the current miniatures.. Any ideas?

[Thumb - 4B7BDE8A-CE30-4D5A-BD25-951770961319.jpeg]
Missile launcher - added iconography to shoulderpad

[Thumb - E0EB7A0C-4CFE-4AFC-A312-0F726F0C3DDD.jpeg]
Missile launcher - swapped helmet w/ targeter & RTB01 chestplate

[Thumb - DFF4EC07-BCFF-4AFC-B66E-F1E2E23E1624.jpeg]
Plasmagunner - repose and swapped chestpiece

[Thumb - 7739DDE4-A5F8-4120-BF29-C53ADB67E741.jpeg]
The RTB01 chestplate & vintage plastic backpack

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Made in gb
Perfect Shot Black Templar Predator Pilot


Thanks for sharing - I agree the chains look to BT (as a BT player myself, it jumps straight out at me).

Really looking forward to seeing this develop!

Relapse wrote:
Baron, don't forget to talk about the SEALs and Marines you habitually beat up on 2 and 3 at a time, as you PM'd me about.
nareik wrote:
Perhaps it is a lube issue, seems obvious now.
Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

 IGtR= wrote:
Thanks for sharing - I agree the chains look to BT (as a BT player myself, it jumps straight out at me).

Really looking forward to seeing this develop!

I was thinking of starting this project when that Black Templar upgrade kit was the only source of "flavoured" bits for plastic marines; I think that's where the idea originally came from hehe! Just goes to show how long I wanted to start this..

Yes, the chains do not fit in in this context. On a Death Company marine, I could perhaps understand the chains a lil better, as DC marines are supposedly "gone" so it might make sense for the Chaplains to chain their weapons to the Fallen, but not on a "compus mentis" tac brother. Doesn't jive with the generic scifi look either. I've already removed those arms.

I must admit being quite inexperienced with handling FW resin. I've had probs getting acrylic paint to stick on the resin in my earlier dabblings with them. So I hope I will be able to tame it, as I already know this army will be resin heavy!

One more thing - I am torn between making these 100% WYSIWYG or not.. I think I have enough holstered bolt pistols and krak/frag grenade bits, but I'm not sure if always having them on the model will limit my poses too heavily? Any suggestions welcome!


Spent this morning rummaging through my bits bags and found enough pouches and grenades to fit the whole squad with them. Unfortunately, I couldn't find enough holstered pistols, so ordered some more from a bitz store. I'd also need two empty bolt pistol holsters for the Squad veteran and the Missile Launcher marine. Where can I get empty pistol holster bits? Which kit has those? Anyone know?
[Thumb - C6B4D2ED-54D4-43D0-A42F-7FC458290F59.jpeg]
Evolution of marine backpack.. the size has upscaled considerably!

[Thumb - 98BCA76B-D10E-4597-B4DF-AB44A63EEA66.jpeg]
Found some nice weapon bits from the archives ;)

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Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

I've decided to go all in with this so now am waiting until I can get my hands on 10 forgeworld beakies before continuing. I want those original looking backpacks for these tacs, nothing else will do. Costs be damned, I've spent too much on this hobby to turn back now hehehe

I've also been brainstorming on the army as a whole, and have already devised a "roadmap" into an army of ~2500 pts. So plenty of stuff to build and paint for this project! But like I said, I don't want to distract myself so I'll keep all that in the backlog for now..

Scoured through all of my mini archives while looking for bits & inspiration, and even found a long forgotten batch of my own RTB-01's from ~1989! Does anyone recognize this flag design? I think it was photocopied from the Space Marine Paint Set booklet but I'm not sure anymore, that set is long gone now.. Ah, and also found a set of vintage BA transfers!

I'm digging the flag and the halved look of the Captain.. So I reckon this army will be from the 2nd Company as well!

[Thumb - 1A86652E-DA39-4B12-AFFE-D8DD7F2A75FF.jpeg]
My old Captain, was broken so blutacd it for now

[Thumb - ECBCC2E9-F27C-492D-9602-75478AA225F9.jpeg]
Egad! musta been one of my first minis.. I remember using a heated needle to do the bullet holes ;)

[Thumb - A0C7EAB2-8F2D-4370-B5B6-83282512E063.jpeg]
Where is this design from?

[Thumb - 781D23F4-CCB8-4945-BA96-B9DAFE55403D.jpeg]
Nice! I wonder if I could make more of these somehow..

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Made in gb
Skillful Swordmaster

Cool project, that’s a lot of beanies you’ve managed to build up. They’re going to look great as a RT inspired force. Makes me want to get out my RTB01 boys! I love how your old Captains eye lenses invert colours, that wouldn’t be disorientating at all!

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and mini-Marines, Indomitus soon... hopefully! 
Made in nl
Did Fulgrim Just Behead Ferrus?

The Netherlands

Maybe this will inspire you: https://apologentsia.blogspot.com/2020/11/inload-finished-blood-angels-army.html

The Wars of Tusculum Nova - A Vanguard Miniatures fanblog 
Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

gobert wrote:Cool project, that’s a lot of beanies you’ve managed to build up. They’re going to look great as a RT inspired force. Makes me want to get out my RTB01 boys! I love how your old Captains eye lenses invert colours, that wouldn’t be disorientating at all!

I've been gathering beakie bits throughout all my hobby years, so have managed to get a modest amount together. Although that all feels a bit in vain now with forgeworld beakie kits existing.. And remember that captain was painted around 1992-94 (IIRC), I didn't think much about realism back then hehe

Thanks for the link! This army is in the same spirit as I intend to go for, but I'll try taking it a notch down by one ruleset edition (very few Mk VII models to be included etc). But that colour of red is very close to my target!

I got some levelups in my hobby tools this week, and found some pistol holster bits online, but I'm afraid nothing much is happening during December, skint right now and those forgeworld beakie packs wont be here until early next year. But rest assured once those are in, I'll be sure to post a significant update. Will probably be able to finish assembling those umbras by then as well; they are a bit fiddly to get the bayonets/chainblades securely in place.


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Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

One small update before the end of 2020 - something came in the mail today! Here he is, posing on a 32mil

Not sure yet if he'll make the cut for the final army, or if I'll just use him as a study piece for a similar conversion.. I adored this model during its heydays, but time marches on and the pose is a lil derpy by contemporary standards. You know what I'm going for, its the chap in the research pic illustrations (I am presuming later lore named him as Erasmus Tycho?)

But hey, I'm getting waayy ahead of myself here - Back to building the tac bolters!

[Thumb - 1F68FDE6-F051-4724-98CA-4C91B0BFB181.jpeg]
The OG Golden Boi!!

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Made in gb
Skillful Swordmaster

Cool purchase! I think he became Tycho with a conversion of his Bolter in to a Combi-Melta/Bolter for a White Dwarf Battle Report just after 2nd Edition came out. I hope he or a new version makes the cut on the final Army.

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and mini-Marines, Indomitus soon... hopefully! 
Made in gb
Perfect Shot Black Templar Predator Pilot


A bit late in the day, but I do like the idea of chains on the Death Company - your fluff rationale makes some sense to me!

Updates are looking interesting, and nice to see you chugging along with the project

Thanks for sharing

Relapse wrote:
Baron, don't forget to talk about the SEALs and Marines you habitually beat up on 2 and 3 at a time, as you PM'd me about.
nareik wrote:
Perhaps it is a lube issue, seems obvious now.
Made in fi
Focused Fire Warrior

With the forgeworld beakies still stuck in transit/customs (thx Brexit!), I've been getting distracted again.. Almost impulse bought a 3D printer and some epic HH marine prints from ebay! Thankfully reason won out this time and I tried concentrating on other parts of the army building. I was supposed to stick to the tacs and tacs only but since they cant be progressed right now, I got started on an inceptor squad I've been thinking of adding.

I bouht the Dark Imperium box when I got back to the hobby because I wanted the current rulebook and some Primaris on the cheap for playing some games with. Well, turned out the Dark Imperium marines were a bit of a letdown in the sense that you could not add BA iconography to the shoulderpads, there were no weapon options for interecessors nor hellblasters either.. But I was hell bent on getting both done. So I decided to convert the DI inceptors in the meantime while I wait for the beakie stuff to arrive. Had bought replacement bits to swap out the bolters to the multipart ones (they are more detailed) as well as one primaris upgrade sprue just for doing it.

I got it done but messed up quite a bit hehe! I damaged the sergeant model accidentally while cutting off the left arm to swap out to the multipart arm, so made a bunch of simulated battle damage to the left side to make the mess look more intentional. Also noticed that one of the model had broken its left leg "sneaker pump", so battle damaged that one too. Also on the sergeant, which I worked on first, I made a bit of a mess cutting the old right bolter arm from the elbow joint and while reconnecting the multipart plastic weapon to the elbow, snapped the cable in two! After a lot of cursing and faffing around, I finally managed to glue the snapped cable back in place. Whew!

After the weapon swaps were done, I realized I was missing two right shoulderpads since I only had spares for tacticus primaris and forgot the inceptor shoulderpads are gravis-sized. Oof. So now the inceptors wait for new shoulder pads bits to ship from the UK.

I also finished my first painting test for the upcoming army. Wasnt too pleased with the result, it looks a bit too washed out. The shade of red I tested wasn't mechrite red, and it shows. Nothing beats that mechrite! Next test I'll make with that. Tested the AK weathering pencils on the model a bit and can already tell they will be something I want to use for the final models as well.

I'm also brewing up some kitbash ideas for the Death Company.. can already feel concentration slipping away! Must stick to the plan dammit
[Thumb - 0D69F816-277E-4B25-B927-A882535D9D4B.jpeg]
DI Inceptors, weapon swaps done. Brothers wounded but no casualties

[Thumb - E6AC2EAA-5560-4210-A446-14ADE4D94123.jpeg]
Leg battle damage added

[Thumb - B47FF6FA-7149-4D6F-B804-49937A3515DE.jpeg]
Color test #1. Too dark?

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