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Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

...what new army for 40k would you get, and/or what would you get for one of your existing armies?

Say you could have a 2500 or so point new army free, what would it be?

What 3 models or squads would you get for an army you already have?

Moi? For a new army, i'd likely go tyranids. They're really the perfect nemesis for a necron army, the perfect dichotomy between a purely artificial army and a purely biological one. Plus the new setting does have a lot of necrons vs tyranids theme to it.

New models? The silent king, the void dragon and the nightbringer. Squads? Maybe 2 praetorians to do with casters and blades and an immortal box to do as 5 deathmarks now that they don't suck like a shopvac.

I've never watched a whole episode of Firefly. 
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

Blood Angels, but specifically a kind where every model uses the "musculator armour" of the Sanguinary Guard. I find that kind of armour for them just so romanticized - it's peak Blood Angels for me.

 Galef wrote:
If you refuse to use rock, you will never beat scissors.
Made in us
Confessor Of Sins

I wouldn't buy more models, I'd just pay to get what I have painted tbh.


Made in ca
Dakka Veteran

I collect Sisters, Dark Eldar, Genestealer Cults, Chaos Marines, Chaos Daemons and most recently, Deathwatch.

If I were to start a new army, I'd prefer Imperial Guard or Craft World Eldar, but both of those ranges have the potential for serious updates this edition, so I'd have to hold off until I see if they get any love. That leaves Admech and Tyranids. I like Admech, but only as a small detachment. So Tyranids it is.

I tend to build armies based on detachments: sure, once I have the collection, I mix and match as needed for specific games, but at the building stage, it's all about the detachments.

1: The Wings: A flyrant, 30 gargoyles (3 x 10), a hive crone and a pait of harpies.
2: The monsters: Old one eye, 3 fexes, 2 exocrines
3: The psykers: Neurothrope, 10 zoanthropes (2x5), 2 malefactors.
4: The swarm: Hive Tyrant, 15 Tyranid warriors (3x5), 30 Termagaunts (3x10); I already have a ton on purestrains

New models for existing armies?

Sisters: Exorcist, Arcoflagellants, Repentia
DE: 3 boxes of wracks
GSC: Primus, Biophagus, Aberrants
CSM: Heldrake, 2x slaughterfiends
Daemons: Seekers of Slaanesh, 2x Fiends
Deathwatch: Vanguard vets, 2 x outriders

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Made in de
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

For a new army: if it was free most probably Orks, including lots of Grottanks and Killakanns. Maybe even a Stompa if it fits. Just because I like the look of the models

3 models or squads: I only have IG and if it would be free I would geh more Ogryns, if it counts including a box of Ogryn Slave Gang. Just because I find the idea to have enough "Big Boys" for a whole patrol funny.

~4000 build and painted 
Made in pl
Longtime Dakkanaut

Probably a sister of battle army. I really like a lot of their models.

If you have to kill, then kill in the best manner. If you slaughter, then slaughter in the best manner. Let one of you sharpen his knife so his animal feels no pain. 
Made in ca
Revving Ravenwing Biker


Fun thread!

New Army? Probably Adeptus Mechanicus. Or maybe Chaos Space Marines.

Addition to Existing Army? Three Land Raiders for my Deathwing.

All you have to do is fire three rounds a minute, and stand 
Made in us
Committed Chaos Cult Marine

On the Crimson Path

Tough call, I am torn between the idea of starting an Ork and Tau army under that situtation.

I know I would enjoy playing an Ork army more than a Tau as I have fielded Orks more often than any other faction in Kill Team. I know Kill Team isn't the best indicator of how a faction works in full 40k, but as a player, I lean heavy on infantry and a faction's Troop choices matter to me. I also don't know if they would be different enough from what I do with my CSM and GSC. Don't get me wrong, Orks aren't really like either of those factions, but I could see there being some overlap in play styles. At least how I would play them. I so like painting Ork models more than Tau ones though.

With Tau, I very much like the models and always kinda wanted an army of them. However, I think I only had one game of Kill Team I enjoyed playing my Tau, and that was against another Tau kill team. What I enjoyed as actively seeking melee combat since it was going to be a major slap-fight and Breachers were actually really useful that game. I also want a Tau army as a way to feel like I am not trying to gain an advantage when setting up a table as I like with very dense terrain. Dense terrain tables very much favor the armies I already have. I also like how my Tau models look after painting more than my Ork ones too.

For models to get for an army I already have,

I am considering a Chaos Knight for funzies in my Black Legion army. Just have a big centerpiece army like my AoS armies have. For my Primaris army I want to eventually pick up a Gladiator or two. Also, might want to pick up the new Primaris speeder someday. Even if I would rarely field it as I am still waiting for the Primaris model I don't enjoy immensely painting.

Made in de
Battlefield Tourist


Craftworld Eldar, Biel Tan, with metal aspect warriors!

One squad of each aspect, some Gaurdians, and enough falcons and wave serpents to carry the ones that need carrying.

Would be really fun to paint up all the different aspect warrior squads, and they are currently the only army I don't have at least a small force for that I am interested in getting, because I don't like dealing with the secondary market and I am not gonna pay for finecast Aspect Warriors.

Adding to an army I already have? I'd probably get a Gorkanaut for my Orks, and then if I have to stick with Orks, probably some of the new plastic vehicles.

Made in us
Stoic Grail Knight

Ynnari wraith army with the trio
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

Death Korps of Kreig. Love the WWI aesthetic, and painting them (to my usual standards) should be relatively quick.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

New army?
Death Korps of Krieg.

3 units/models for existing army?
*Ridiculous: 3 Warlord+ titans. I already have 3 Warhounds & 3 (armorcast) Reivers. I've always wanted to finish the trifecta.
*More practical: 3x Necron Nightshroud Bombers. They're already on the shopping list....And will certainly see more play than more Titans.
Made in gb
Wight Lord with the Sword of Kings


ERJAK wrote:
I wouldn't buy more models, I'd just pay to get what I have painted tbh.

Thats where I am now -

The only area I have not managed to justify to myself yet is a Titan force

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"Unimaginably ancient xenos artefact somewhere on the planet, hive fleet poised above our heads, hidden 'stealer broods making an early start....and now a bloody Chaos cult crawling out of the woodwork just in case we were bored. Welcome to my world, Ciaphas."
Inquisitor Amberley Vail, Ordo Xenos

"I will admit that some Primachs like Russ or Horus could have a chance against an unarmed 12 year old novice but, a full Battle Sister??!! One to one? In close combat? Perhaps three Primarchs fighting together... but just one Primarch?" da001


A Bloody Road - my Warhammer Fantasy Fiction 
Made in gb
Bryan Ansell

Birmingham, UK

I would Primarisify my Space Wolves and get multiple dreads, GW and FW for all the flavours.

I'd also get my lad all the GW and FW Tyranid Gribblies. I dont think you could ever have too many xenos beasties.
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut

-Imperial Titan Maniple

-Chaos Titan Maniple

-20,000pt Sons of Horus Army

-20,000pt HH Blood Angels army

-Full Black Templars Company

-Full Black Legion Warband to match the Templars

-Enough Scenery to make 6 distinct tables.

Square Bases for Life!
AoS is pure garbage
Kill Primaris, Kill the Primarchs. They don't belong in 40K
40K is fantasy in space, not sci-fi 
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

 Matt Swain wrote:
Say you could have a 2500 or so point new army free, what would it be?
One warlord titan, or a complete set of necromunda gangs and associated scenery...

What 3 models or squads would you get for an army you already have?
Macrocarid Explorator, Knight-Lancer, and Knight Atrapos for my Taghmata
Made in ca
Stormin' Stompa

Death Korps of Krieg or Steel Legion army for sure, to me both of them are the quintessential guard army in terms of aesthetics. Being an Ork player it just meant that there's simply too much of the same thing in terms of both being very expensive to collect. I'm also a very big fan of Scions and having an army of them in general.

Next to that would be a Black Templars army, since they're the only marine chapter I would ever bother collecting.

The last one I would consider if money was no problem would be Custodes, since the Shadowkeeper colour scheme looks badass and both their models and rules are completely at odds with how Orks work.
Made in ca
Legendary Master of the Chapter

I'd buy a warlord Titan

Opinions are not facts please don't confuse the two 
Made in us
Ultramarine Master with Gauntlets of Macragge

Upstate, New York

I already made that call. Started a new Tyranid army. Got a bonus check from the government, but was still working, so passed it along to my FLGSs. My quarantine project is getting the swarm up and running. Not at the total free fall spending stage; trying to keep it pile of shame neutral. Paint a unit, buy a unit. Repeat.

It’s something I always dreamed of doing, but the cost and time to paint all the gribbly little guys held me back. But a stimulus check and contrast paint, and the desire to have a project to keep me sane and happy made it happen.

Another thing on my wish list is some of the Eldar super heavy tanks from FW. So sexy, but also something that would never see the table, with hefty price tags. Not blowing that kinda cash for something just to look nice in the case.

Made in ca
Steadfast Ultramarine Sergeant

 Matt Swain wrote:
Say you could have a 2500 or so point new army free, what would it be?

What 3 models or squads would you get for an army you already have?

For a new army it's tough. Either orks or guard. If guard I'd go catachan, but I'm not a huge fan of the current infantry line. As for orks I have no idea what I'd even want, I have no idea how they even play but I think they'd be fun

3 squads for my current army? Lancer, outriders, and heavy intercessors. Lancer isn't the best but I like it for what it does
Made in gb
Khorne Chosen Marine Riding a Juggernaut

Southampton, UK

New army would be either Sisters (possibly with a little detachment of Grey Knights) or maybe Catachans. I'd probably wait for the Catachans to be resculpted first though. Or I might jump into AoS with the new Slaanesh stuff.

New stuff for an existing army? Probably a Lord Of Skulls and a pair of Blood Slaughterers for my World Eaters...
Made in gb
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

New army, I would go for 1st ed Imperial Guard models with a company of biker Squat allies and some forgeworld tanks.

3 squads for an existing army? I'll take 27 Bullgryn please.

Made in gb
Numberless Necron Warrior

Crownworld Astilia

Good question.

For me I've been hovering above starting a SoB or Drukhari army to act as secondary to my Necrons. It seems that I'm in the minority that likes the new Lelith model so I'd probably use that as an incentive to go Drukhari along with their codex release early 2021.

As for the 3 units for my existing army?
1) Seraptek Heavy Construct
2) Silent King
3) 2x Tesseract Arks.

The Qarnakh Dynasty - 1010pts
the_scotsman wrote:
Now, hold on, I need to look up the stats for my squad sergeant's neovolkite chargeblast annihilator, it's got a different statline to the regular occularium boltlaunch chadrifles the rest of the squad is equipped with. Am I in specularis doctrine this turn or shadenfreude doctrine, I don't remember, it makes my AP better for wepons with 'bolt' in the name and my Steel Sharks chapter can reroll 1s to hit and 3s to wound while they're in shadenfreude.
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

NE Ohio, USA

 Mixzremixzd wrote:
Good question.

For me I've been hovering above starting a SoB or Drukhari army to act as secondary to my Necrons. It seems that I'm in the minority that likes the new Lelith model so I'd probably use that as an incentive to go Drukhari along with their codex release early 2021.

As for the 3 units for my existing army?
1) Seraptek Heavy Construct
2) Silent King
3) 2x Tesseract Arks.

Sorry, you only get 1 Tesseract Ark per unit.
Made in fi
Longtime Dakkanaut

Hmm. My main army is a legion style marine / dreadnought heavy non-corrupted Death Guard. For them, the trio of additions would probably consist of heavy armour, like Spartans or Fellblades to round them out.

For a whole new army, Death Korps are vying for the spot by simply being absolutely gorgeous, but right now the DG army does grinding attrition well enough that I'd like to complement them with another style. A stormtrooper force for rapid insertions, made from the Solar Auxilia models, would be a great change of pace.

#ConvertEverything blog with loyalist Death Guard in true and Epic scales. Also Titans and killer robots! C&C welcome https://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/717557.page 
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

New Army:

Thousand Sons

New units for existing army:

Taunar & 2 Stormsurges for Superheavy detachment fun.
Made in it
Stormin' Stompa


Well if I could have "just" 2500 points of stuff I'd avoid armies with wide rosters. 2500 points of orks are nothing, basically a single list with a few additional options.

I mean I've always loved tyranids, but I'd never get 2500-3000 points of them, if I start them I'd look to a very large army, like 5000-7000 points. That's why I never started them, I already had (tons of) orks and couldn't afford the tyranid collection I wanted as a second army, while I wouldn't be satisfied with a smaller force.

2500 points of Harlequins or Adepta Sororitas are a reasonably complete collection instead, and I'd get one of those factions if money were no object (but still not infinite!) like the OP suggested.

Orks 7000
Space Wolves 4000
Made in us
Stalwart Space Marine

South Carolina, USA

If I could afford it, I'd buy 2500 points of Imperial Guard for my 11 year old, and about a half-table worth of terrain.

We already have about 50 infantry models, a Valkyrie, a Chimera, a Leman Russ, and some HWTs. It'd be great to get him about 2 more LRBTs, some basilisks, more chimera, plus maybe some tauroxes and Militarum Tempestus squads.

Squats 2020! 
Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Tau- I would love to get the Sumpremacy Armor and most of the other suits, Forgeworld and regular, just to paint and display.
Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

Ok, my bad to leave out terrain. Mention it is you want. Me, necron terrain.

I've never watched a whole episode of Firefly. 
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