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Mindless Spore Mine

United States


Rio Grande is a good place to pick up some tools and materials for conversion. I've found jewelers saws, files, pliers, tweezers, and drill tools here for very fine detailing.
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Hah! Careful, or you might find yourself tempted into making your minis out of metal, with actual jewels for the detailing.

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Been Around the Block

Fair prices, great service and a massive assembly of 1/35 manufacturers. I used to do alot of ordering through them after my local hobby shop went out of business and never had any difficulty getting what i needed.

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My Taigen hand painted rc tank is bit old now, want to paint it again, where to get good paint? any idea?

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Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

Any recommendations on 28 - 30 mm 1900-1950 weapon bits for regular 40k Guardsmen? especially Mauser bolt action rifle bits? (with and without arms) please

So far the closest things I saw is Anarchy (can't remember the exact name) but the site presents Parabellum pistol, MauserC96 pistol (Autopistols), MP-40 (I dont think this is a good Autogun afterall), and MG40 (Heavy bolter/Heavy Stubber?) but no classic Mauser bolt action rifle presented there yet.

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Fresh-Faced New User


guys, any idea? where to get paint for http://www.thehobbyworx.com/rc-tanks/1-24-scale/1-24-airsoft-bb-m1a2-battle-rc-tanks.html , i want to re-paint it.
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Anti-piracy Officer

Somewhere in south-central England.

As it is a large model, Tamiya spray cans would be a good option allowing you to create a smooth, multi-pattern camouflage design quickly and easily.

However the point of this thread is not to offer advice but to post useful information.

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 Lone Cat wrote:
Any recommendations on 28 - 30 mm 1900-1950 weapon bits for regular 40k Guardsmen? especially Mauser bolt action rifle bits? (with and without arms) please

So far the closest things I saw is Anarchy (can't remember the exact name) but the site presents Parabellum pistol, MauserC96 pistol (Autopistols), MP-40 (I dont think this is a good Autogun afterall), and MG40 (Heavy bolter/Heavy Stubber?) but no classic Mauser bolt action rifle presented there yet.


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I'm writing a load of fiction. My latest story starts here... This is the index of all the stories...

We're not very big on official rules. Rules lead to people looking for loopholes. What's here is about it. 
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Ancient Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

I... actually don't know. Help?

Bits and Kits
40K and WFB bitz
Anvil Industry
Cool conversion things

To Valhall! ~2800 points

Tutorials: Wet Palette | Painting Station
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Pyromaniac Hellhound Pilot

Is there any supplier of 28mm heroic puttee legs conversion bits ?

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Loads of powered and chain weapons (scythes, tonfas etc). Accessories for Angry marines (like powerfist arms giving the finger and a 'power sack of doorknobs' ). Some helms and shoulderpads suitable for marines.

Swords, shields and shoulderpads suitable for Japanese or Roman themed space marines.

Weapons, accessories and entire models (female gangs) suitable for sci-fi skirmish gaming such as Necromunda.

Models for discontinued GW specialist games. ‘Modern’ Epic models such as 6mm centurions. Torpedoes and ships for use in BFG (mainly Ork, Imperials and Tyranids). Some 28 mm models as well like heavy mortars (Ork Lobbas) and kombi weapons.

15mm Space marines, Orks and Guard

Rhino doors and Marine shoulderpads with unusual themes (Masonic, Aztec, Pedobear(!))

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Et In Arcadia Ego



might make for some alright basing or something.


there's a few similar bits , and trees etc etc

The mirror lake or the lampposts etc might be of use too.

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Shas'ui with Bonding Knife

I recommend any High Grade Gundam models for Mechanicus or Tau robot/mecha conversion as a base or for the bits. They are cheap and are good quality injection molded plastic and you don't need to worry about the internal skeleton of Master Grade.

Great number of bits/conversion for a Missileside.

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Longtime Dakkanaut


Anyone know if it's possible to get sprues of weapons (sci fi/ Cold War/ modern), without the figures? I have a dream of a Japanese armoured samurai equipped with heavy machine gun or laser cannon... or is my best bet green stuff and brass tubing?

Skinflint Games- war gaming in the age of austerity


Made in us
Sneaky Kommando

Tau weapons in general might work pretty well . Found this on ebay by searching for "tau burst cannon". There were a few other 3rd party variations that came up as well.


My ork Blog
Nova's Mek Shop 
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Longtime Dakkanaut


Thanks for the tip - I should have said though, I'm looking for 1/72 (20mm) scale. I have a vision of guys like these: http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=448 armed with heavy ordnance...

Skinflint Games- war gaming in the age of austerity


Made in ru
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot


Forpost D6 (3d print)
28mm SciFi weapons, helmets and other bits - mostly Imperial Guard like

Mordant 92nd 'Acid Dogs'
The Lost and Damned
Made in nl
Speedy Swiftclaw Biker

mom's basement

Conversion Bitz for 40K and complete models

Conversion Bitz for 40K and complete models

magnets (from the Netherlands)

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The Bits Master

For 40K and 30K bits and complete models


The Bits Master for all you conversion Needs.

Made in nl
Rogue Grot Kannon Gunna

The Netherlands

I didn't spot Spellcrow in the list (or might have missed it).

Spellcrow (28mm)
Bits for not-Nurgle, not-Slaneesh, not-CSM, not-Eldar, not-Space Marines, not-Orks and not-Guard. Furthermore some Fantasy stuff, bases and tools.

Russian Rebel Grots : 6,500 points painted P: 8 W: 2 D: 5 L: 1
Death Guard 1.0: 8,500 points painted (Pics available in Gallery) P: 7 W: 1 D: 3 L: 3
Death Guard 2.0 "Plaguepigs": 4,250 points painted P:4 W:3 D:0 L: 1
Thousand Sons: 3,750 points painted P:1 W:1 D:0 L:0
Nurgle Daemons: 3,800 points painted P:2 W:1 D:1 L:0
Tyranids: 2,000 points painted
Primaris "Honoured Mastodons": 3,700 points painted
Tallarn Desert Raiders 2,000 points painted Tau 6,750 points painted 
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Yellin' Yoof on a Scooter

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Canfield Lead Solder for Stained Glass


Good heavy stuff for weighing down bases with. Needs a little flattening to get it into a 25mm, but it's pretty soft, what with being 50% lead.

United Nuclear Lead Sheet


You'll probably wind up on a list, but if you need a sheet of lead ... they'll sell it to you.

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Crushing Black Templar Crusader Pilot

Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan

Been poking around online lately for Feudal-era Japanese minis (mostly with a view to cobble them together with some necromunda stuff, but if I found, say a particularly nice plain old historical mini, I certainly wouldn't turn my nose up at it...), had limited success, and was wondering if there were any bits boffins who might be able to point me in the right direction? Extra McBogus points if you can find me stuff that's based in Japan, so I don't have to order from the other side of the world! Cheers!
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Hi, I am new here. Always stumbled over this forum so I could not help myself but sign up.

I don’t know about Japanese minies yet, sorry. These days I’m all about cultists. Got my self several boxes (anvil, victoria, frostgrave, gw, ...) to build my own squad.

I was wondering if you guys have any idea where to get small little chaos symbols like the cultists in the 5men gw-cultist box are wearing for fashion

I’d handcraft them myself out of plastic card but these need to be like really tiny.. I then thought about pop up punches to do the cutting work for me. but I found only motives of butterflies and flowers, no chaos stars nor at least a 8 point star.

Anyonegot an idea or discovered someone who is moldin something like this?


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So far I found these:
https://www.bitzstore.com/en/raptors-warp-talons/1520-shoulder-pad-f-chaos-space-marine.html (don’t need the actual shoulder pad though)

Any other idea welcome

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FYI to the group, I do custom bits. Willing to make tutorials if there is interest. Here is my very first custom sculpt:



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@Serf2Sove #5eOGL

Please view and follow for free unique 5e OGL content!

Game Breaking Build? The Paladin of Mystery: https://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/The%20Paladin%20of%20Mystery 
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Thanks for sharing these links, Bro, I will use it in the near future
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