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Ouze's Necrons of Acheron

Why I Started This Army

I always found the Necrons to be the coolest faction in the Dawn of War series, after they were added in Dark Crusade. I find their lore and fluff to be enormously compelling. I wound up starting with a Necron Battleforce as my second army. I still wasn't yet a very good painter, but it turned out by and large Necrons are the easiest army to paint. You need very little skill to make them look good on the vast majority of unit. Definitely, these guys helped with my confidence.

02/21/12 I have finished updating my categories and points to the new 5th Edition Codex, but until I finish my HQ units as well as Wave 2, I will not have an updated, complete Army Picture.

Full Army Photo

Here is my assembled Necron host, atop my partially painted Zuzzy mat with some CNC Workshop ruins. (Pic is now a little dated: The Nightbringer and Tomb Stalker were subsequently completed, and not yet pictured).

Unit Photos


Overlord Khenti-Amentiu

A little late to the party, I finally finished up my Necron Overlord. He was the first Finecast figure I've painted, and also the first that I painted with Minitaire paints (the shoulderpads, mostly). I've re-done his headdress after a mishap, and added a chopped-down Praetorian weapon to his left gauntlet as a Gauntlet of Fire. He also, of course, has a Resurrection Orb.

Typically Fielded as: Necron Overord with Staff of Light, Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs & Resurrection Orb (150 points total)

Nemesor Zandrekh

I went with pretty much the stock color scheme for this guy, and did him and his Vargard at the same time.

Typically Fielded as: Nemesor Zandrekh (stock) (185 points total)

Vargard Obyron

I went with pretty much the stock color scheme for this guy as well, and did him and the Nemesor at the same time. I'm pretty happy with how the off-white came out, I've always had problems with white.

Typically Fielded as: Vargard Obyron (stock) (160 points total)

Necron Destroyer Lord

Here is my Necron Destroyer Lord. He's armed with either a Warscythe or a Staff of Light, depending on what the situation calls for. He's also lighted with LED's.

Here he is with some Necrohounds, which do not have any rules in 40k so I don't have points values for fielding them.

Typically Fielded as: Necron Destroyer Lord with Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Tachyon Arrow & Resurrection Orb (200 points total)

No Slot (HQ Royal Court)

Necron Lord

Here is the Lord of my Necron Host. His base has never been finished as I intended to make him a flying one, which I've never really finished to my liking. The Staff is converted to match the one from Dawn of War. You can read about that conversion here: here.

Typically Fielded as: Necron Lord with Warscythe, Resurrection Orb, Gauntlet of Fire (80 points total)

Necron Lord

I found a necron lord for a friend on ebay at a great price, but it was for 2, so I got a this lord for myself. I don't especially need another but I am sure I can fit him in somewhere. I decided to do an experiment by displaying his rank as the color of his ribcage. I'm not sure if I like it yet or not.

The model, though, I like a lot.

Typically Fielded as: Necron Lord with Warscythe, Resurrection Orb, Gauntlet of Fire (80 points total)


Necron Warriors

Here are all my Necron Warriors. I don't know how it came to pass that I had 43, but that's the number I have. I think I might have 3 too many. I have since harvested 3 warriors to convert into Crypteks at some point. Most are in standard poses, but I do have a few that are dynamically posed. In retrospect, I wish they were all standard, as it kinda sucks to transport the tall ones. Here are some of the fancy fellows:

Typically Fielded as: Depends on who Im fighting, but usually 2 squads of 10 Necron Warriors each (260 points total)

Necron Immortals with Gauss Blasters

Much like theold-style Wraiths, I enjoy the bone-white, leering faceplate of the Immortals. After my second retail immortal model, I realized that I am not overmuch fond of the then-metal models, and that at $15 apiece without shipping, it would cost me $75 just to have enough models to field, and $150 to max out a single unit - crazy. I decided to roll my own. Gavin Thorne had posted a good tutorial that inspired me. You can read it here: part1 and part2

I didn't follow it exactly, but he certainly put the spark in my head on how I could do my own. I didn't bother with the leg army or the wire, but I did do the shoulder blades and guns. I also cut my own combat attachment, and then recast it so they'd be uniform.

I did a WIP here where I discussed it.

And, the pictures:

Typically Fielded as:10 Necron Immortals with Gauss Blasters (170 points total)

Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines

When the plastic Immortal kit came out, I decided to do 10 more with the new Tesla Carbines. I wasn't crazy about the middle part, so I wound up casting 4 styrene rods in clear blue acrylic to make replacements, as seen below. Having 20 immortals and 40 warriors gives me sort of a lotof troop options, which is nice.

Typically Fielded as:10 Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines(170 points total)

Fast Attack

Canoptek Wraiths

I've so far done 3 Wraiths. They are probably my favorite model, or close to it, in all of 40k. I love their leering white masks. I'm sort of sad that they are going to be replaced in Necron Wave 2, but the plastics ones perhaps will be nicers, so I'm cautiously optimistic. In any event, here's what I have for now:

The picture came out a little blurry, so here are a few better ones which lack the themed background. Ah, well.

Typically Fielded as: 3 Canoptek Wraiths with Whip coils (135 points total)

Canoptek Scarabs

Much like the Necron Warriors, I have a strange number of scarabs, 13. I think this is more then would typically ever get fielded unless we were playing Apocalypse or something. I gave my Scarab's eyes a touch of the airbrush to give it a faux-glow effect, and this generally worked out pretty well. The crystals are extra bits of green sprue, shaped with a dremel tool and washed in Thraka Green. The wash does very little to color the crystals, but goes a great deal towards blending the crystals into the base, as I paint the bases first then add the crystals later.

They have their own gallery here.

In 2016, I had a wild impulse to make a second batch of scarabs for cold weather. These look substantially different than the other ones, at least as different as scarabs can look, I guess - but much nicer than the first batch.

Typically Fielded as: 1 squad of 7 Canoptek Scarabs and 3 squads of 6 (25 bases) (375 points total)

Necron Destroyers

My battleforce came with 3 Necron Destoyers, and here they are. I wound up magnetizing them to make them easy to transport, but truthfully, not sure how much it mattered.

Typically Fielded as: 1 squad of 3 Necron Destroyers with Gauss Cannons (120 points total) As of 5/5/12, I've added 2 more destroyers; images are below.

They are both usually deployed as Heavy Destroyers and will be typically rolled into the above squad, bringing the 5x destroyer squad to (240 points). The Necron Destroyer Lord pictured with them is magnetized and could be swapped to either a normal or Heavy Destroyer if I wanted to do another smaller squad but I don't see doing this until I get my Finecast Overlords painted up - right now he's my only legal 5E HQ unit.


C'Tan Shard - The Nightbringer

I finished my Nightbringer just as he was nerfed hard. How the mighty have fallen! I'd like to re-base him at some point, the model itself, I'm pretty happy with.

Typically Fielded as: C'Tan Shard with Gaze of Death, Time's Arrow (275 points total)


I'm a big fan of how these models look, but their rules are a little craptacular. I removed the bolded green rod replacements, and replaced them with recast styrene rods in blood red. I also painted their "trigger fingers" red in an homage to the video game F.E.A.R.. I rarely field these guys because I think their rules are just too lame.

Typically Fielded as: Squad of 10 Deathmarks with Synaptic Disintegrators (190 points total)

Lychguard with Warscythes

Probably my favorite current model from the 2011 Necron Releases. A little expensive to field, points-wise, but I love them anyway. I replace the lame heads they came with, using instead Immortal heads with a gun bit from the Dark Eldar Kabalite warrior sprue. For those last 2 images, you might want to click them to open them in a new tab\window - they are very long images and are a little distorted looking in this article, at 600 pixels wide.

Typically Fielded as: Squad of 5 Lychguards with Warscythes (200 points total)

Lychguard with Hyperphase Swords & Dispersion Shields

I ALSO really like them with the swords and shields. I didn't like the default sword, so I cut off the blade and replaced it with one I sculpted out of styrene sheet and recast. I used my airbrush on both the swords and the shields - far and away, the best airbrushing work I've yet done.

Typically Fielded as: Squad of 5 Lychguards with Hyperphase Swords & Dispersion Shields (200 points total)

Triarch Praetorians

Another contendor for favorite model. I tend to field these guys as one big clump of 10 Praetorians. They are a little expensive pointswise, but I find they are really good against Terminators and other vermin the Triarch needs cleansed. I used my airbrush on the weapon edges and think I did a reasonably good job with that. For those last 2 images, you might want to click them to open them in a new tab\window - they are very long images and are a little distorted looking in this article, at 600 pixels wide.

Typically Fielded as: Squad of 10 Triarch Praetorians with Rods of Covenant (400 points total)

Triarch Stalker

So, I really like the Triarch Stalker a lot - with Scarabs, the Tomb Stalker, Spyders, and Wraiths, I rather like the mechanical bug theme they have going. Then, quicker then you can say c-c-combo breaker!, along comes the Triarch Stalker, a perfectly serviceable bio-mechanical arthropod of some type; who totally unnecessarily has a Triarch Praetorian pilot. That simply will not do. I elevated the central gem and removed the pilot, and filled in the sides with putty (not as well as I could have, but not too bad either). I didn't add LED's this time because I just didn't think of it in time, but who knows, I might get another. I went with the studio paint scheme which matches my Monolith. How tedious - it took me almost 2 weeks of painting this thing on and off. I'm not sure it was worth it, but I'm happy with how it came out. I had planned on doing my Spyders and Wraiths in the same scheme but am sort of reconsidering it now. The Heat Ray is magnetized and can be swapped with the Particle shredder, and the TL Heavy gauss cannons, side "hoses" and main gun can be pegged in and out with no magnets needed.

Typically Fielded as: Triarch Stalker with Heat Ray (150 points total)

Heavy Support

Canoptek Spyder

Here is my only Tomb Spyder. I find it to be a useful unit, but am loath to invest in more while there are yet whispers on the wind of an imminent Necron release. This is a ugly lump of metal, so I suspect it would be pretty high on the list of things to replace with plastic, when it's time. I've magnetized both claws and the particle cannon. I didn't like the stock cannon very much, so took the liberty of whipping up my own, as you see.

Typically Fielded as: Canoptek Spyder with a Twin-Linked Particle Beamer (75 points total)

Night Shroud Bomber

I had this in the box for about a year before finally cracking it open. The kit was pretty easy to do, I did a few hours every weekend and had it done in about a month. I used stencils from Anarchy Models to do the hexagon effect. It should look pretty good as the centerpiece of my eventual additional Necron Flyers.

Typically Fielded as: Night Shroud Bomber (225 points total)

Necron Monolith

Here is my Monolith. It's lighted internally with LED's. It has it's own gallery here.

And a WIP thread here.

And, finally, a possibly unnecessary youtube video here.

Typically Fielded as: Necron Monolith (200 points total)

Necron Tomb Stalker Alpha

This is the second Tomb Stalker I built, using the lessons I learned on the first one. The color scheme is much improved, and I added LED lighting. I have a build guide here. See the Beta one, below, for a build guide for stalkers in general.

Typically Fielded as: Necron Tomb Stalker (195 points total)

Necron Tomb Stalker Beta

I posted a worklog for the Tomb Stalker as I finished it. If you'd like to see it being built, please go here. I really enjoy using this in games, because it's my only unit with Initiative 4 - I was sure that would get nerfed when it was official in the IA book, but no, it stayed the same. Pretty awesome!

Typically Fielded as: Necron Tomb Stalker (195 points total)

Pending models

God, I have a lot of stuff left over from the Wave 1 still incomplete. Here's more or less what is pending:

Many, many Finecast HQ units

2x Night Scythes

1 Night Shroud

1x Command\Annihilation barge

1x Ghost\Doomsday Ark

I hope I can get some of this stuff done in time for Wave 2!


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