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About Me

Name: Aaron

Location: Maryland

Armies: Sons of Medusa, Space Wolves, Orks, Warriors of Chaos, Skaven Warband

Website: The Painting Corps : Stop by and see what I'm working on!

Favorite Stores: Battlefield Games in Killeen, TxShowcase Comics in Media, Pa

My Articles

Tank Weathering

Stone Wall Tutorial

Hills Tutorial

Mathius' War

My Dakka Posts

The Sons of Medusa - A Badab War Log

grey_death's Random WIP Thread

Autumn Foothills Table WIP

The Grey Death Chapter is Reborn.

grey_deff's WAAAGH!!!!

My Favorites

The Dakka Painting Challenge

Dakka Gamers Catalog

4 Warhounds Mega-Build

Orks of Hordey Destructive type...behaviour

Bridges over Troubled Water - Apocalyptic Terrain

Eldar army all done.(loads of pics)

Stompa Gargant - Finally Finished.

My Models

My Gallery


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