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My package arrived last night under cover of darkness. I hadn't checked the tracking site in a day or two and right before I was going to go to bed, I decided to check it again. And there it was. The tracking info said it was delivered. I went downstairs, grabbed the flashlight and went out to the mailbox. It had spent 83 days in transit.

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My package was delivered last night. It looks like they've really gotten a handle on the shipping - order placed 13 Aug, so just under a month total from order placed, to processed, to delivered. I was extremely surprised after reading others' experiences with wait times. The tracking number provided didn't seem to work, and I just gave up on keeping tabs on it - figured it would be at least a couple of months and it would get here when it gets here. Everything is in perfect condition, real happy with the order.
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Great work Artel_W

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I'm jealous that Crusael got his in less than a month.

So I've unpacked my models and inspected them. Very clean casts all around. These are the best resin models I've ever handled.

The Imperial Navy, A Galatic Force for Good. 
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*expiriencing warm feeling of appreciation*
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 Artel_W wrote:
*expiriencing warm feeling of appreciation*
You made cat people. I think that cancels out the appreciation.

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