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Made in fi
Been Around the Block

I like 8th edition rulebook.

Dont know, maybe you can invent new spells?

I can help if you tell what kind of spell is needed.

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Made in de
Crazed Savage Orc


Me not so much, because of random charge rates, and steadfast rule and magic mayhem uber spells.

Hmm I don't think inventing spells is the solution, there ARE a lot of spells already. Only "problem" is, they can be used by the empire only.

Actual discussion is about the movement rules of Heavy Cavalry. All Cavalry units with an armor save of 2+ are considered as heavy, and are not allowed to march. They double movement only when charging.

This makes them slow, very slow and not very variable in the movement phase.

Suggestions were to let them march, but only add half of their movement stat to the movement in total. So for example,

Dragon Princes with a movement of 8 could march 12 inches,
Cold One Knights could march 7 + 3,5 = 10.5 inches and so on. If such a change would be made, point costs will have to be adapted.
A suggestion from me was, that when adapting march movement, make the charge movement also fall in line with this, so no in the example above for Dragon Princes this would mean they reduced their charge distance from 16 to 12 inches, Cold One Knights from 14 to 10.5...
I would round it up or down to 10 or 11.

These are all just suggestions so far, but I wonder what the community here @ DakkaDakka thinks about it...

Made in fi
Been Around the Block

One solution could be -2 to movement for barding instead of standard 1. Usually i think altering existing rules is better than adding multiple layers of new and specialized rules that make things more clmplicated.

This would give cold ones advantage and character as specialised faster heavy cav to make them unique. They still suffer from stupidity ? So they have also a drawback regarding movement.

Yeah i can see others could need some variety for spells too.

Those three are easilly altered by house rules, steadfast and charge as you like and spells maybe restricting the boosted versions of some spells. The basic rule set seems good to me.

There are more house rules i would suggest but generally i like them as base rule set.

If im not wrong one of the first things that is mentioned in each edition is to have fun and use the rules as players like.

Doing your own ruleset like CE is just that. Its still warhammer.

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Made in de
Crazed Savage Orc


I hit hard iron with my suggestion to give march movement and in turn reduce charge range from some players hahaha.
Actually, the player most feverishly defending the high charge rate as being THE single most important thing for heavy cav to play also suggested something like you, reducing march speed by an additional -1 for all heavy cav, which is a good suggestion I think. But this leaves for example bretons with a very heavy advantage as they can charge and march 14 inches then. I would not like that so much, that would improve them too much. At least from an orcish pov
now some things are going to be tested, and given feedback. but this takes time, lots of time. Well i am looking forward to see if things get a bit shaken up by that. I am sure the rule designer will keep a fair distance from all the people trying to push certain armies in their own favor.

Yes, in the end there is always the possibility to houserule, which I did in the past, for example with miscasts and irresistible force. I like some more variety here, than just a table with 3 different results.

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Made in fi
Been Around the Block

Bretonnians are specialists. I think they should be represented as so. That would give them more advantage in that regard in comparison to original rules though.

Maybe the original rules are good ?

But surely they are not as you people dont like using them.

Maybe bretonnians could have an army wide rule that gives them 1" more of a march distance as they have one slready so that wouldnt complicate much.

Strange thing i found that in some cases i end up in original content when changing things.

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Made in de
Crazed Savage Orc


...Tuomas Pirinen, Alessio Cavatore, Rick Priestley... they knew what they were doing (most of the time ), so it is no shame to return to the good ol' boxed set rules when one finds out that one's own ideas were not all so much better in hindsight

Made in fi
Been Around the Block

Anyone happen to have old mordheim material, it seems hard to find in nternet.

I know there is lots of custom material but some of it have vanished from internet.
Made in de
Crazed Savage Orc


Check out the link in Just Tonys signature, classichammer.com,

and look for the thread hope I don't get banned.
There is a good link inside leading to warhammer 6th edition scans of armybooks etc.

If you step up on the one drive linked there, you will also find mordheim...
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