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Longtime Dakkanaut

Speaking of New Vegas. The RPG cap cost list hasn't been updated.

 JonWebb wrote:
A new blog post has gone up including the winners and several other great entries for the New Vegas terrain building event.


The Lonesome road board is really nice. Here's a full shot from FB since the blog was only showing off the more detailed areas. Though I'm only just noticing the loose rocks scattered about to make things look better. Doubt those would be used with regular setup as they're hand placed.

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Bane Knight

Its #FalloutFriday folks and some new releases have hit the store.

Two sets of models this month, both to expand your Super Mutant forces (but with a Mojave twist).

The Nightkin will stealth their way into battle before tearing their foes apart in brutal melee.

Meanwhile Tabitha and her mechanic "colleague" Raul bring new character options and some great characterful sculpts.

Its been a little quiet on the community front but as ever I'm keen to showcase events and hobby efforts, so if you have anything cool going on, do drop me a line.
We did get some great photos from a recent Russian tournament with some highlights in this months blog (linked below).

There will be some New Vegas painting guide videos hitting the channel in the next few months to accompany later releases (including a great guide to efficiently getting your Securitrons ready) and we are planning a reveal reel of all the Commonwealth goodies that will be arriving in early 2022, more details to follow once that's cut together.

Till next month.
[Thumb - Nightkin_Scene_RGB-150dpi.jpg]

[Thumb - Tabitha&Raul_Scene_RGB-150dpi.jpg]

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Awesome. I know a lot of people have been waiting for the second half of the release.

Also Modihphis's social media pages posted this just a few days ago

USA! We're this close [holds up two fingers, like really really close)] to the beta launch of the new Modiphius US webstore with local shipping in the US.
If you'd like to get in on the beta launch, and help report any errors, sign up at https://modiphius.us/ - you'll get a tasty discount for your first purchase (and shipping should be a lot cheaper).

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Longtime Dakkanaut

US webstore Beta invites are out. The store requires a password to enter, so it is invite only atm, and includes a one time use 20% coupon.

Shipping to the west coast starts at $13 from the looks of it. I add lots of things an it stayed at $16 with like 10 items. So still not great if you want one or two small things but really good if you get a lot -- but that tends to be how things are shipping wise these days.

Lorenzo is also up for sale so last years exclusive should show up on modiphius's UK store soon I would expect (if not already there).

Finally got a Behemoth an some turrets but like an idiot forgot extra mirelurks as us distribution still has those as more expensive then modiphius's MSRP on their store.

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Looks like Lorenzo is available everywhere now https://www.modiphius.net/products/fallout-wasteland-warfare-survivors-lorenzo-cabot

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