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KillerAngel wrote:
Andykp wrote:
 lord_blackfang wrote:
Andykp wrote:
Resin doesn’t = premium.

There's a difference between buying chinese recasts because they're cheaper and buying boutique resin sculpts because they're better. Wargame Exclusive is very obviously in the latter category, mmkay?

Never bought that stuff. But it doesn’t look that good to be. Some of the poses are ropey and the details don’t look that crisp. For superior quality boutique stuff I would look at artel W. There stuff is amazing quality. This all looks meh to me.

Just had my first orders of both WE and Artel arrive, and first impression is that yeah, Artel has a slight edge in quality, but the WE models are very nice and hold detail well with little cleanup or pre-work required. In fact, of the two, Artel was the only order that has an issue worth sending an email over (bent sword with bubble preventing straightening).

So I would definitely classify WE as boutique, and to me worth the price.

I got my first order of WE for christmas, wasn't expecting much quality wise, just some fun minis to break up a bit my army painting schedule. I was amazed by their quality, no air bubbles, almost no flash or mold lines, easy to put togetether, much better quality than Forge World for a fraction of the price. Sculpt wise I am not a fan of all of their sculpts but some of them, their not-Tau for exampe, have some gorgeous, full of character sculpts.

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Many years ago I bought a bunch of WE models. If anyone remembers their "totally not a Custodes Terminator" that they no longer sell on their website. Even for one of, if not the, oldest sculpt it still holds up well. I didn't buy it because it was cheaper. I bought it because it added variety.
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I got some of the not-skitarii bodies, and interestingly they were packaged in ‘Army Gainer’ packaging (rather than the usual ‘grimskull’ stuff), and the resin appears to be slightly different - their usual stuff is quite shiny, and this is a more matte, and feels slightly more brittle. Still good casts with no real mould lines/slippage/flash as usual, but just thought I’d point it out. Not sure if maybe the Army Gainer thing might be a new range for things to be used with left overs from other (GW) kits, like what people were discussing above...?

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I am quite the fan of their not-Necron alt bodies for the Immortal/Deathmark box set. Lends some good variety and uses up the extra components in the box set.

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