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They're fantastic. The Hag Queen is a lovely model, and the one with the whip has a great dynamic pose.
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Reading, Berks

 NurglesR0T wrote:
If it continues with previous trend of 8 warbands per season then yes, Orruks and DoK are the final 2 (they may release Cursebreakers and Briar Queen as standalones from Nightvault like they did with Steelheart and Reavers to bring the count to 10)

These two sets will take it to the final card count of 438, finishing off the season

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Fixture of Dakka


Freaking love the new DoK models! Queen has a very classic fantasy pose to her, whilst the others are dynamic and action filled. They also fit the theme and style of the army perfectly. They aren't extremely different to the regular models.

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Dipping With Wood Stain

Woot! Finally a snake-lady!

Now to wait and see what season 4 brings (if there is one). I'm still hoping for a Vampire team and a mixed race Order team.

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Wight Lord with the Sword of Kings


That DoK warband is glorious Must buy


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Jealous that Horus is Warmaster


Lovely! Another must-purchase for me.

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Scouting Shade

Those DoK are simply excellent. Absolutely -LOVE- them: the Hag is gorgeous, absolutely stunning, the bloodeeker is amazing, the sister of slaughter is insane, and even the two witches are somewhat awesome, even the one with the studded metal corset. Will get them as soon as they are out!
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Multispectral Hsien

Gosport, UK

 ingtaer wrote:
Interesting looking band, I like the Hag and snake woman but not sure of the other three. Anyone have an idea of when we can expect some sort of rules preview?

The week before they go up for preorder.
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Crazed Wardancer

Hag Queen is indeed terrific, and I like the top Witch Elf's pose too (in contrast to the bottom one); definitely will pick a set of these up. The Hag Queen may well end up serving as the basis for a plastic Isabella Von C...
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Not a DoK player, but hot damn! The snake woman looks badass.

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Battlefield Tourist


Oh wow, that is a lovely little group. Witch Elves are such a Warhammer concept, very tempting.

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Just had a thought; Howling Banshee conversions! The hair is amazing!

Not sure about the snake woman, but I dunno, maybe a banshee cursed with a Medusa condition?

Casual gamer, casual fun! 
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Pestilent Plague Marine with Blight Grenade

 ingtaer wrote:
Interesting looking band, I like the Hag and snake woman but not sure of the other three. Anyone have an idea of when we can expect some sort of rules preview?

Only timeline according to the article so far has been "soon". I'd imagine previews will start to come out after the next round of preorders (Saga of the Beast). I'm expecting these to release alongside with the new Orruks.

Warhammer Community wrote: We’ll have more details and card previews for this warband right here before long, so stay tuned.

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New FAR and FAQ is up;

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Backfire wrote:
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Right behind you.

Might be another repack style thing? No Glaivewrath Stalkers or crossbow guys yet.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

I wonder if it’s an official release of the Arena Morris rules from White Dwarf - 3 to 6 player games 1 mini per player


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