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Brain-Dead Zombie of Nurgle


Very, very cool, Pomander! Creative in the extreme and very well executed so far!

Really looking forward to more, and the back story is engaging. In the grim darkness of the far future, pretty much anything can (and does) happen. It also sets up why this army could be fighting against other Imperial forces, who see them as xenos/heretics.

With one hand of the Imperium having no clue what the other hand is doing, especially with the Cicatrix Maledictum in full swing, I can only imagine how many minor civil wars are occurring within the Imperium at a given time.
Made in se
Faithful Squig Companion

Thank you folks! You're keeping me encouraged. I also appreciate your thoughts on the fluff, Talizvar. You're onto something with the pragmatic 'pioneer corps', using dispensable imperial subjects. It's lucky for the 414th Cadian that they're considered unreliable, otherwise the Imperium would have used them more effectively. Anyway, update time!

’Lower your weapons’ says Agaricus, ’I come in peace’. The soldiers watch him, unconvinced. He reaches inside his garments, and brings out the folder with Departmento Munitorum papers. The soldiers relax a little; Only harmless people keep their papers in folders. ’I’m your new supreme commander, it’s says so here’. One of the soldiers, presumably the squad leader, chuckles. ’Alright master, come along then’.

The two-legged machine strides off, and the soldiers follow, Agaricus behind them. They’re a little short for troopers, he thinks to himself, distractedly. There’s something unusual about their appearance, certainly, maybe it has to do with the local climate? Agaricus looks around, and notices that one of the soldiers pushes a little trolley, bouncing carelessly over roots and rocks. With rising heartbeat, he takes in what the trolley carries. White stalks, white gills, red caps with white dots.

Agaricus hasn't quite met with these guys yet, but I'll show them anyway.


Made in be
Liberated Grot Land Raida


Quite nice; I like how you integrated the second crewmember on the HB.

A Squeaky Waaagh!!

Camkhieri: "And another very cool thing, my phones predictive text actually gave me chicken as an option after typing robot, how cool is that."'

Meercat: "All eyes turned to the horizon and beheld, in lonely and menacing grandeur, the silhouette of a single Grot robot chicken; a portent of evil days to come."
From 'The Plucking of Gindoo Phlem' 
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