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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks cerealkiller195 for the kind words!

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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello friends!
Got some more stuff to show you!
Today, I want to share with you one of my personal favourites: my Terminator squad! Well, at least, the first of several squads. Man, do I love Terminators Anyways, here we go:

These guys came in a set called “Space Marines Heavy Assault”, which is part of the Build & Paint range sold on Amazon. You know, this one:

Oh man, how awesome is this cover art?? Just such a cool picture IMO. Anyways, the cool thing about this set is that it A) is relatively cheap for what you get B) contains a dreadnought as well as 5 of the OOP, classic Terminators C) also comes with some scatter terrain to spruce up your table. Therefore, I just had to get one.

When the package arrived, I got right to assembling the models. What I found out however, was that the Terminators came with smaller, 25mm bases. Ah well, there had to be a downside with such an amazing deal, but no biggie. I decided to order bases from GW and put the Terminators on them instead, so the base sizes would match among all the Terminators and so they would have the space they deserve!

Another issue I had with these older Terminators was that they somehow lacked an abdomen. Seriously, their Thorax seems to attach directly to their pelvis. Take a look:

Luckily, this issue was easy to fix: I added a spacer between their chest and pelvis and smoothed the gap over with some greenstuff. Et voilá, their abdomen was restored! To add some further character to the minis, I decided to ignore how they are supposed to go together (very static, boring and repetitive pose) and attached the arms at dynamic angles to the body. The bodies were also attached to the legs in different, dynamic angles, to add some variety to the squad.

The Terminator sergeant came equipped with a regular power sword. However, seeing as I try to make my Tigers distinct by giving them an eastern look, I decided to chop the blade off and replace it with a different one. I found exactly what I was looking for in a bag of used “Dark World” board game minis I got from a flea market: the set contained a beautiful, 28mm-scale golden scimitar! After some cleanup and conversion work, the scimitar was ready. I attached it with superglue, adding a pin to the hilt to make sure the thin piece wouldn’t snap off again immediately.

The spacer between the legs and body of the miniatures allows for way more dynamic poses than the regular kit would, and ensures that no two models need to be the same. When I was happy with all the poses, I started painting them in the tried and true Tigers paint scheme. To embellish the larger bases, I added a little bushel of a plastic plant to each one, breaking up the empty space and adding some visual interest, while also firmly placing these Terminators in their favoured jungle environment.

I had also received some newer Terminator sculpts in one of the many used lots I bought. These were integrated into the squad. This Terminator’s assault cannon was slightly damaged, so I decided to remove the bit below the rotating barrels and keep the weapon like that. This way, it also looks a lot like the older, OOP version of the assault cannon, which is a welcome side effect of the conversion. The chest piece was a leftover bit that a friend of mine had converted with some deep scratch marks. Who knows, maybe a giant vedic Tiger took out his anger on this marine’s chest plate?

This squad was also a great opportunity to use up some of my leftover Terminator bitz, such as the aforementioned assault cannon & chest piece. A great benefit of the classic Terminator sculpts, at least IMHO, are their way-cool Stormbolters with the double, side-by-side box magazines, as well as their open-handed power fists. Also, they have quite pretty chest eagles.

The newer Terminators are cool as well, and by far the superior/more realistic kit, but seeing the old and the new side by side here, I actually prefer the converted classic ones.

A little issue the older Terminators have is that they are a little shorter than the newer models. However, the size difference was easily rectified with the abdominal spacer I mentioned earlier.

I added a simple glowing effect to the lenses of all the Terminators as it was quick to do and added a lot to the look. I think it makes the squad as a whole appear way more intimidating.

Though the helmets of the older models are all fixed in a straight position, the dynamic poses make the whole model appear in motion and help hide the fact that the torso part is always the same. Finally, here’s the guy with the flamer. It’s also an older style weapon, but I must admit it still looks pretty decent when painted.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this update, and I look forward to your comments! Until next time!

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Longtime Dakkanaut

The Terminators are fabulous, as is the assault squad from the previous page.
Made in gb
Skillful Swordmaster

Those are really neat conversions! The spacer really does improve their proportions and seems to have allowed a great amount of dynamism to otherwise static poses. The blue glow really adds the finishing touch to a cool paintjob too

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and mini-Marines, Indomitus soon... hopefully! 
Made in nz
Fresh-Faced New User

What a blast from the past, great tribute!

I'm loving the selection of older models and basing, really staying true to the originals. And the OOP Terminators with spacers are nearly indistinguishable from the newer ones, nice job.

My P&M blog of Old School Astartes 
Made in ca
Damsel of the Lady

drinking tea in the snow

Great work with the buff little guys and also with making them not quite as little and more buff! And nice freehand work with the tigers on his chest guy

realism is a lie
Made in ca
Steadfast Grey Hunter

Toronto, Canada

Really well done on the Termis my friend. Great eyes.. and you're doing black well.
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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks youwashock, gobert, Grenb, amazingturtles and 416_SpaceWolves for the nice comments! I’m overwhelmed by all your guys kindness! Also, I wanna say sorry for not checking back in here for so long! I shall try to make up for it with the following picture dump!

On the list for today are some Scouts and the third of my tactical Marine squads. Also, I wanna show you the progress on the magnetized Kshatriya (Captain) I posted here a while ago. So let’s get right into it and start off with the scouts!
In the lore, Fighting Tiger scouts are called Tigers of Puchan, taking their name from the vedic god of guides which they dedicate themselves to during their training. Contrary to many units in my army, this squad (let’s call them Squad Puchan 1?) was made from a fresh box of minis I bought myself (can you believe it? ). Initially I had planned to use them for my Arbites force, but then realized I already had a sniper squad, which meant they went straight onto my considerable pile of shame. No matter though, as I knew they might come in handy at some point, and they finally did when I decided to expand my Tigers army.

I decided to go with a rather dark, subtle paintjob on the fatigues and armor, staying true to my usual Tigers painting recipe, but reducing the amount of orange to prevent them from being too striking or flashy. Instead, I wanted these scouts to look more toned down and camouflaged. The lenses received a blue glow as usual.
The faces were painted in different colour schemes. Some use the brighter, caucasian-style recipe (Bleached Bone, followed by two layers of Ogryn Fleshshade) while others use the darker, indian-style recipe (Graveyard Earth, followed by one layer of Agrax Earthshade), to give the squad some variance and show that the recruits were taken from different gene pools on Veda itself as well as some Tigers recruiting worlds.

The main focus of this paintjob was not going to be the usual orange or white highlights as with the power-armored Tigers. Instead, I wanted to draw the eye to the camouflaged areas of the scouts wargear, namely their camo cloaks, their rifles and the sergeants combat blade. To achieve the jungle camouflage, I used only three colours: At first, the areas were basecoated with Catachan Green. After this layer had dried, I added patches of Goblin Green (yes, I still have half a pot of that ancient, blessed, opaque liquid). Finally, after some more drying time, the recesses were pin-washed with some Athonian Camoshade to add depth to the green areas. I quite like the resulting vibrant green camouflage pattern, as it is a great contrast to the orange and also places the scouts firmly in their favourite surroundings: the jungles of Veda! (or any other densely forested planet, really ).

Alright, moving on to the Tigers of Rudra! It’s been a while since I showed you the last tactical squad, but I figured I’d spread ‘em out a little so it doesn’t get boring!

These are just regular tactical guys in the usual paint scheme. Only difference here is the sergeant: To give the squad some Tiger flavour, I equipped him with a Lightning claw This squad once again came from a used lot of Space Marines, and as such, most models were unchanged except for certain characters like the sergeant and flamer-guy.

I stuck with the cheap loadout of flamer & ML as with the other tactical squads. The other Marines are just regular dudes, mostly multipart, some push-fit.

Finally, let’s move on to the magnetized Kshatriya: As I already explained, this mini was created by magnetizing the right arm of the AoBR Captain, leaving me with a customisable mini with a multitude of loadout options.

You may already have seen the guy, but I wanted to show him again since I went back and redid the face of the mini to add detail. He now has grey hair and a brighter glowing lens. I also touched up his power fist, adding some detail to its skull.

The image below shows the right arm removed, revealing the magnet underneath, located in the elbow joint. The two arm options I have so far are laid out at the minis feet. Let’s see what he looks like with the lightning claw, shall we?

Once again, I think this is quite a flavourful conversion that nicely gets the Tiger theme across IMHO. I really like the look of the LCs and intend to use them more throughout the rest of the army to reinforce this. I hope you like them as well!

Anyways, that’s all I have to show you for today! As always, I hope you liked the minis I showed you in this update and I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about them! Until next time, take care!

Made in ca
Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot

Those scouts are gorgeous, I love the jungle camo. The "stripes" on the camo still tie them strongly into the Tigers.

Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thank you Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll! Glad you like the camo, it was the most time consuming part of the scouts!

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Great new additions. The lightning claw fits perfectly, and looks cool, too. The camo on the scouts is fantastic. Absolutely love the knife.
Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks youwashock! Happy to hear that you like the conversions & paintjob! I must admit, the scouts do blend in really well when placed in some of my jungle terrain. Hopefully I will be able to take some action shots soon when I get back to my house. I'm glad I managed to pull off a decent camo pattern even though this was my first time trying it.

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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

As promised, I managed to snap a few action shots this weekend. Here's the scouts in some Terrain:

Made in us
Stone Bonkers Fabricator General

A garden grove on Citadel Station

I remember the fighting tigers from way back. A decade ago? More?

Very cool stuff.

EDIT: This is kind of random, but I know your site had/has a lot of unique armies hosted on it, was one pictured army some sort of steel/bronze colored successor chapter who used storm bolters and thunder hammers all over the place? Very much a "stormy thunder" theme

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ph34r's forgeworld Phobos blog
+From Iron Cometh Strength+ +From Strength Cometh Will+ +From Will Cometh Faith+ +From Faith Cometh Honor+ +From Honor Cometh Iron+
The Polito form is dead, insect. Are you afraid? What is it you fear? The end of your trivial existence?
When the history of my glory is written, your species shall only be a footnote to my magnificence.
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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hey there ph34r! Thanks for your comment, but I don't think I'm the guy you're thinking of. I'm just a fan of Kenton's site and I borrowed some of his ideas and lore!
Also, I don't own any chapter painted bronze that's equipped with thunder hammers & storm bolters, although now I wish I did, as this sounds pretty awesome

Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello again! Got some more pictures!
First off, here’s another shot of the scouts in some terrain:

I will definitely take more pics in terrain as I think it makes the minis pop really nicely! Now on to some new stuff:

This squad of scout bikers was assembled from second hand miniatures. As such, some of the bikes had various issues (like crooked part attachment, broken or missing parts, too much primer, superglue mishaps etc.), but I tried my best to salvage them. Bear with me if you find any mistakes

The bikers were mounted on bases. I prefer that look as it ties them in with the rest of the footsloggers. Two arms were missing, but I replaced them with bitz from my box. To mix things up a little, I took parts from the Khorne Berzerker kit again, as they are visually interesting and their fur pendants/charms also work well with the Tiger aesthetic. All it takes is to paint on some Tiger stripes

This chap also got a Berzerker arm with a Bolt pistol.

This angle shows some of the detail a little better. The display between the handlebars was painted to have a slight blue glow. The tyres of a bike going at assault speed would definitely tear up the ground beneath them, so I painted the base brown in their tracks and left off the flocking there.

The sergeant of the squad. Nothing too exciting. His bike was missing the floor plate, so I had to slap one together using cardboard, but hopefully it’s not too noticeable.
With the bikers done, let’s move on to something bigger! Today I have another Dreadnought to show you. I still have three more Dreadnoughts in the making (one of them a VIP) which I will show you later when they are ready. But now, let’s start off with the Dreadnought Aruval Rajiv Rama:

Rama is equipped with a TL Autocannon and a CCW. This dreadnought also came from an AoBR starter set, just like the first one I showed you in this thread. Like his brother, this dread already had a converted right weapon arm, so I can’t take full credit for the autocannon conversion! All I did was fill some gaps, clean up some glue spills and drill out the barrels.

I actually thought the previous owner did a really nice job and decided to keep the autocannon pretty much as-is. However, I did want to swap the standard CCW arm for something more interesting.

Luckily, I had a Contemptor-pattern powerfist lying around from some other conversion, and I thought this would be the perfect occasion to use it. I chopped off the original powerfist, filed the joint flat and removed the underslung Storm bolter. Then I was able to attach the new weapon. The cool thing about the Contemptor’s powerfist is that it incorporates the Storm bolter on the inside of the CCW housing, where it is much more protected from the wear and tear of battle. I always thought it makes little sense to attach an underslung gun onto what basically equates to a wrecking ball, so I appreciate the Contemptor CCW for its reasonable design.

Here you can see some more detail of the left CCW arm. Luckily, the powerfist joints of the two dreadnought types have the same diameter, which made this conversion possible. I think this arm looks a lot “smashier”, if you will, with the Storm bolter tucked away inside.
Okay, so that’s all I got for now. I hope you guys enjoyed and as always, I am looking forward to your comments and criticism! Until next time, take care!

Made in au
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter


What an awesome update!

I think your stripes are getting even crisper & cleaner as the army grows, the dread is a fantastic example of a neat paintjob on a cool mini coming up aces. Fist conversion was smart and I agree it looks super punchy and a bit more dynamic!

The old school bikes are just beautiful. Love the work on the displays and the arm swaps.

Really looking forward to more pics in terrain - and by the way, your photography is excellent! Makes it really easy to see the details of the mini with good lighting. I still struggle to take decent photos so I am almost as impressed by that aspect of your blog as the painting and converting!

Great work mate, keep it up!

t z you are k 
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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thank you so much for the very nice comment, tzurk! Happy to hear that you like the new models!

Considering the photography: I'm by no means an expert, but there's two simple tricks that helped me improve my pictures a lot. First, use a lightbox. They go for very cheap on Amazon and they are really great to get proper lighting for your minis. Second, get the free smartphone App 'Pixlr'. This is great for postprocessing. I for example always have to turn up the brightness in all of my Tiger photos by a lot (despite using my lightbox). In combination, you can get decent pictures using just a Smartphone (like me). Hope that helps! And thanks again for your input!

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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Hello again!

Today, I want to share some new pics of my assault terminators with you! I had this squad finished for quite a while, but finally have quality pictures to show you. The Terminators in this squad are the newer ones from the regular terminator box set. I got the parts for them still on the sprues in a used lot, so I was able to assemble them more or less like I wanted to. Let’s jump into pictures:

The squad started out with just a single leftover Space Wolf Terminator that I attached some lightning claws to. At that time, I had just begun test painting some of the old Devastators I showed you in an earlier post, and as I’d had a lot of fun with them, I decided to paint the Terminator as a female Fighting Tiger just or the heck of it. Back then, I didn’t plan for this to go any further than a small display set or maybe something the size of a kill team, but as you can see, the army evolved from there and started growing way beyond my initial expectations. I have to admit that this project has really helped me to push the scope of what I can achieve in a given amount of time and has enabled me to find faster and more efficient ways of painting, and it all started with this small group of leftover, jumbled together minis given tiger stripes The initial Terminator is the one in the back left. I really like the SW bitz because the fur decorations go nicely with the Tigers as well. All you have to do is adjust the paintjob accordingly. This bitz similarity also fits thematically, as in Kenton’s lore, the Space Wolves are among the very few chapters the Tigers call friends and who they regularly do training exercises with.
I tried to give all the Tigers interesting poses. I messed around with arm positions, looking for the few that would not look static or silly. I tried to make them look like they just delivered a mighty slash with their claws. When I was happy, I attached a head to the body accordingly to reinforce the impression of a dynamic stance. Only when the complete torso was done did I add it to the legs, which helped me gauge how the stance should look in the end.

I also have some closeup images of the squad’s sergeant. She was made from bitz from the assault terminator box. I tried to make her look as if she was pointing out the next target to her squad using her armored fist.

One thing to note about the terminator squad is that, when buying the sprues, I didn’t notice that all the left pauldrons were already missing. As a result, I had to cast four left pauldrons with the crux terminatus myself. The casts aren’t the best, but I just wanted to have some simple and quick replacements, so I just hoped the paintjob would hide most of the imperfections. With the Tigers being covered in stripes which distract the eyes from other mistakes, my job was a bit easier. I hope the imperfections aren’t too noticeable.

I think the female clawed assault terminators are a very iconic part of the Fighting Tigers chapter, and I’m glad to already have a small squad of them in my army now. I also have a transport planned for them, plus another one for the tactical terminators. However, I’m still a bit intimidated by the prospect of painting huge war machines in Tiger stripes Anyways, there’s lots more other stuff to do and I will probably wait with the vehicles a little longer.

Moving on to the next set of pictures. Up next is another special character. With the Fighting Tigers being a very fleshed out chapter with lots of history and lore behind them as well as a very distinct appearance influenced by indian culture, it’s important to me to capture that character by finding suitable bitz and miniatures to reflect that. When browsing ebay for useful stuff to incorporate into the army, I came across the 30k Legion Praetor Tribune in Tartaros armor. Back then I didn’t consider actually buying it. While I liked the model quite a lot, I wasn’t going to shill out 50-60€ for a single miniature plus shipping, so I quickly forgot about it.
A while later I was searching Wikipedia for different types of historical indian weapons (research for the Tigers), and lo and behold, I found this:

It’s a historical indian Bhuj, also known as an axe-knife or elephant knife for the elaborate engravings on the mount and knob of the weapon. I instantly recognized the weapon: it was the one the Praetor tribune carries! When this realization hit me, I knew I needed to have the model in my army. I decided to just go for it and buy him on ebay despite the price tag.
Few weeks later, the box arrived at my house, and as usual, I couldn’t help but start converting and hacking the mini apart as soon as I got my dirty paws on it The iconic indian-inspired power weapon would of course remain unchanged, but I had to get rid of some of the decorations on the pauldrons to make them smooth and more suited for the application of the obligatory tiger stripes Also, I decided to change things up a little and give the mini a helmet instead of its bare head, so as to tie it in with the rest of my tactical terminators it would invariably be leading into battle at some point. Here’s the painted result of the conversion. Let me introduce you to ”Kshatriya Veer Mudaliyar”:

I really like the way this guy turned out and I think the weapon is such a unique piece and it really makes this guy stand out, while also reinforcing that indian flavour I was trying to evoke. Apart from adding the helmet and smoothing out the pauldrons, I also converted the miniatures left besagew (the small shield bit on the front of the pauldron, protecting the armpit) to be round, like on the other side, to make the armor more symmetrical. The two small, round besagews also gave me the perfect excuse to add a tiny chapter symbol, a Tiger’s claw, to both sides as additional decoration

Only thing I regret about this miniature is that the greaves have these vertical details on the inner sides, which ruins the tiger stripe patterns a little bit. However, I wasn’t going to fill in these inaccessible areas because I thought it would only make the mini look worse, so I decided to just leave it as it is. In this side shot, you can see how the terminator helmet nicely slots into the armored collar of the suit, and I think it looks pretty slick

The back of the miniature. This mini has an incredible amount of detail. In keeping with the Tiger’s colour scheme, I decided to keep most of it black anyways, and it really helps to tie him in with the other terminators in the squad. Some of the greebly bitz like pipes, cabling and vents were picked out in metallic however, to break up the black a little. Considering the pauldrons, I have to admit I had a bit of trouble deciding which way to make the stripes go. I decided on placing them vertically around the edges, because then they would be perpendicular to the arms, just like the stripes on Tiger’s legs.

Another shot, now from the left side. This angle really lets you appreciate the cool dynamic pose of the model. As usual with my larger bases, I added some tufts of plastic foliage to break up the grassy surface.
Now, as I know you guys like action shots … here is one of Kshatriya Veer Mudaliyar in some terrain:

Alright, so that’s it for now! I hope you guys liked this update and you enjoyed the minis I showed you. I’d very much appreciate your feedback and I’m looking forward to reading your comments Until next time!

Made in au
Bloodthirsty Bloodletter


Woohoo, more Tigers!

Great job on the Assault terms. Interesting way to pose them, by assembling the torso first - it just makes total sense! I would not have noticed the pads if you hadn't pointed them out (in fact, I can't pick which ones are casts from the photo at all), and I think going with grey stripes rather than black is a very clever artistic choice.

I love the beefiness of the Praetor, too. I think as a model he really conveys a lot of the power and confidence of the tiger as an apex predator. Again, i wouldn't have noticed the vertical details running through the tiger stripes on my own. And great OSL on the eyes ++ bonus points for the action shot in the jungle!

Always love seeing this blog updated - it's really fun to see the pics and read your thoughts/processes - looking forward to more!

t z you are k 
Made in us
Deranged Necron Destroyer

Great job, and what a serendipitous discovery of the ancient Indian weapon.

Incidentally, should you need more bits, there are a number of shops on Shapeways that make 3d printed bits. The shop I've linked to below is one I've saved as it has a good variety of minor or obscure chapter shoulder pads, and I want some for my Deathwatch. However, I have not ordered from any shop on Shapeways, so I have no idea how reliable the shops are or what is the component quality.

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Big, big props to those Terminators. Both the Assault squad and the character. Just awesome. The bikes and Dread deserve a round of applause, as well.
Made in gb
Skillful Swordmaster

The regular head on the Praetor works really well. From the right hand view it even looks tiger like! The lady Assault Termies look great, especially with them all having power claws. The white and grey works really well together with the dynamic poses you’ve managed to achieve.

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and mini-Marines, Indomitus soon... hopefully! 
Made in at
Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Wow! Thanks everybody for your very nice comments! Glad you enjoy this kind of stuff! There's still loads more to come!

Made in gb
Fighter Pilot


Can I just say that I love the style of this project? The paint scheme is strong - the units using white rather than orange add a great slice of variety.

The vibrant green bases bring a reminiscent year to me eye so they do! The latest Scouts look excellent- I really like the camp cloaks and camp on the weapons. I’m taking note of your skin recipes for future use - I only recently added a swathe of black faces to my painfully pale faced Flexberg so more variety is very welcome!

And finally the use of old kits and using up what you already have - kudos to you sir! I sold my old Brazen Guard force but I would like to reinvent them at some point - perhaps using second hand old timers like yourself

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