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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


I don't know if I will have time to update the site before I go but I did find time to take pics and thought I would throw them up here. Enjoy!!

Mek Gitson as Mad Morks (also featuring that little boomerang kid)

Mina Morker as Orky Porkity

Orkillo Morkitto as Masta Blasta


Da Makk Trukk:

Ayatolla Rock Rolla:

Squig Killa:

Intah Septahs:


Da Gyro:




​ ​​ ​​ ​​ 
Made in us
Fighter Ace

Wow, these turned out amazingly. The steady rustic color, with the cheerfully and delightful orks is amazing. The billboard in the back ground turned out really well also. Great theme it will be fun to see them on the table.

Made in gb
Spawn of Chaos


Wow! Some of your best work yet!

Paint my army for free please haha

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Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal


*falls off chair*

Made in us
Alluring Sorcerer of Slaanesh

Union, Kentucky United States

Fun looking army, great job on it. Personally not a huge fan of the skin but I would say for the time you did this in wow....

Listen, my children, as I pass onto you the truth behind Willy Wonka and his factory. For every wonka bar ever created in existance, Mr. Wonka sacraficed a single Oompa Loompa to the god of chocolate, Hearshys. Then, he drank the blood of the fallen orange men because he fed them a constant supply of sugary chocolate so they all became diabetic and had creamy, sweet-tasting blood that willy could put into each and every Wonka bar. That is the REAL story behind willy wonka's Slaughter House!  
Made in us
Dankhold Troggoth

Shadeglass Maze

I was wondering how you would pull off orks... answer:

Made in ca
Stalwart Space Marine


You sir, are the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!

Made in us
Madrak Ironhide

I love that the orks live in a favella.

And I <3 the Dire Troll Bomber being used in the army

Mina, however, will give me nightmares!

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"...he could never understand the sense of a contest in which the two adversaries agreed upon the rules." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude 
Made in fr
Longtime Dakkanaut

Chaumont, France

Plain awesome.

Sir, I bow before your skills.

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Made in us
Enigmatic Exalted Daemon

Albany, NY

Sweet baby cats, you killed it man

(Extra portion of lovin' for the tanker )

- Salvage

INSTAGRAM: @boss_salvage 
Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


Thanks guys!

​ ​​ ​​ ​​ 
Made in gb
Human Auxiliary to the Empire

U R GOD !!!!!! but hes just a raggerdy ork !.....I RUN ORKY TOWN LOL

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Made in us
Sentient OverBear

Clearwater, FL

I feel like I should have paid admission to this thread.



Trust me, no matter what damage they have the potential to do, single-shot weapons always flatter to deceive in 40k.                                                                                                       Rule #1

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Vallejo, CA


This is the coolest ork thing I've seen in quite some time.

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Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Feasting on the souls of unworthy opponents

Hot stuff. Need my shipping address? =D

Made in nz
Strategizing Grey Knight Chapter Master

Auckland New Zealand

Amazing, so much character to the army and I bet this would look even better in the flesh.

A+ would read again

IceAngel wrote:I must say Knightley, I am very envious of your squiggle ability. I mean, if squiggles were a tactical squad, you'd be the sergeant. If squiggles were an HQ, you'd be the special character. If squiggles were a way of life, you'd be Doctor Phil...
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Gitsplitta wrote:I am but a pretender... you are... the father of all squiggles. .
Made in ca
Acolyte of Goodwin

Sunny SoCal

How long did it take you to do this again, for the record???
And how many people worked on it????

Once again -


Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Fresno, CA

You should charge access to your home so people can come watch you work on a project. I'd love to see how you do all this so quick. These are amazing, as is the rest of your work.

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Made in ca
Ghastly Grave Guard

Nova Scotia

Love it. And humorous too!

Attention to detail makes me happy and this army certainly makes me happy. Very very nice!
Made in au
Sneaky Striking Scorpion

South Austrailia

As an aussie, I have to say that your ork mad max army is AMAZING, only orks could pull off the mad max theme, and you sir did a rediculious job of doing so.

3,500pts 4,000pts 150pts lol

Made in ca
Raging-on-the-Inside Blood Angel Sergeant

Vancouver BC

Incredible work GM. Wish I was going to adepticon just to see it in person.

Made in ca
Mounted Kroot Tracker

Ontario, Canada

You don't know how to disappoint, do you?

Night Watch SM
Kroot Mercenaries W 2 - D 3 - L 1
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Made in us
Tilter at Windmills

Manchester, NH

Friggin' awesome. Just friggin' awesome.

We gives itz TEN 'FUMBS UP!

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Made in kr
Battlefield Tourist

On an Express Elevator to Hell!!

Lorek wrote:I feel like I should have paid admission to this thread.


Haha +1 on that, simply amazing I am lost for words.

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Made in us
Esteemed Veteran Space Marine

Hanging out on the Great Plains

Very sweet. Great conversion and painting. Unbelievable is more the word I should be using.

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Battlegroup 34  
Made in us
Hunter with Harpoon Laucher

Castle Clarkenstein

Wow! I really love that army. Very, very impressed.

....and lo!.....The Age of Sigmar came to an end when Saint Veetock and his hamster legions smote the false Sigmar and destroyed the bubbleverse and lead the true believers back to the Old World.
Made in us
Tail-spinning Tomb Blade Pilot

All over

This army is SICK!!!!!

Made in us
Decrepit Dakkanaut

Omadon's Realm

Pure and unadulterated sexual chocolate!

Made in us
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

Holy Fething Hell. Your thread just fried my retnas with pure awesomeness.

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut


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