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Made in nl
Squishy Oil Squig

hey people,
after having tons of fun with my speed freaks it was time for a new 40k army.
and after being inspired by some (lots) of army movies ive decided on guard.
but any regular guard army wont do. just like me speed freaks its going to need to be my guard army.

that means lots of conversions, prefably every unit.
so first i set out to make a list to build up to, wich i have now.

being particually inspired by the tanks from full metal jacket, i decided to make
my leman russ just like it. here's what ive done so far.

next up is the hellhound wich i just need to finish painting (and a little greenstuff here and there)

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when brute force doesnt work, your not using enough of it  
Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland

Looks interesting. Vietnam themed you say? Consider me subscribed! :thumsbup:

Made in nl
Squishy Oil Squig

hey people,
sorry for the long wait. been out for a while, you know things like school, work, unwanted financial setback and apperantly warhammer fantasy.
though now its time to go back to guard, yeah.

here's some of the stuff ive been working

been busy on the scrath build russ project, finished most of the turret (its big) and the rear hatch thingy.
ill pots those pics later tonight

when brute force doesnt work, your not using enough of it  
Made in us
Crazed Spirit of the Defiler

New Jersey

Very Nice, that valk is spectacular.

Sihamoni takes great pride in the league he helped create, as was conveyed in his recent advertising campaign for the CMFL that stated his midgets will "... take on anything; man, beast, or machine."

Ouze wrote:
Is that a haiku?
order from forge world
the mail has taken forever
this resin is warped

Made in gb
Annoyed Blood Angel Devastator

Ipswich and riyadh saudi arabia

Love the valk

coming soon  
Made in gb
Leader of the Sept

That sound would be me hiding in the corner from the Valkyrie wings! Awesome work. I'm liking the M-60-esque Russ as well. Good luck with completing that.

Please excuse any spelling errors. I use a tablet frequently and software keyboards are a pain!

Terranwing - w3;d1;l1
51st Dunedinw2;d0;l0
Cadre Coronal Afterglow w1;d0;l0 
Made in us
Thinking of Joining a Davinite Loge


Loving the GL's! Have to echo on the Valk! It looks amazing! I'm sure the pictures still aren't doing it any justice.

Jidmah wrote:That's why I keep my enemies close and my AOBR rulebook closer.

Made in be
Arch Magos w/ 4 Meg of RAM

In the Wasteland

Awesome stuff, Nice paintjob on the valkyrie.

Made in nl
Squishy Oil Squig

as promised, here are some more pics on wip russ.
came a long way if i say so myself, turrets almost done and russ just needds some work (especially the hull las c.)

next time more work on the valk will be done, and ill try to take some better pics. might have to do something with the lighting

when brute force doesnt work, your not using enough of it  
Made in gb
Journeyman Inquisitor with Visions of the Warp

Thats a very nice tank
Made in us
Sneaky Kommando

I'm not usually into IG threads, but yours is particularly sweet. Great work on the Valk. Looking forward to the russ painted.
Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Purging on ctf_2fort

Hey, this is cool! Exceptionally well-painted Valkyrie. Keep at it dude.

Made in us
Frenzied Berserker Terminator

Everett, WA

Looks good, can't wait to see more!

Made in nl
Squishy Oil Squig

hey guy's (and possible girls )
dont have a lot of time ight now cause of exam week so i havent done a lot lately.
i did however find the time to do this.

found this style of windows somewhere else and decided it would be awesome to do for my valk as well.
so i whiped out my (OLD) airbrush and got started. really love how it turned out, now back to studïng.

when brute force doesnt work, your not using enough of it  
Made in us
Fixture of Dakka

Columbia, SC (USA)

Love the Valk!

What materials are you using for casting? The resin color seems unusual though I suppose it can be any color.

Airbrush! Nice! Another chip in my wall of reluctance to buy a good compressor.

The secret to painting a really big army is to keep at it. You can't reach your destination if you never take any steps.

I build IG...lots and lots of IG.  
Made in nl
Squishy Oil Squig

hey there people,

okay ive been away from guard for ages and as a result havent been able to pos anything. orks can be very distracting.
but now that thats behind me its time for guard again, yeah

ive had little progress with the russ so far, added some track guards.
and ive started on my commander, he's almost finished. ad a blat suculpn and painin t
plus, my vets need weapons and bases and what is cooler than shotguns so ive gone and made some.

here's the pics, enjoy
[Thumb - S7300023.JPG]

[Thumb - S7300024.JPG]

[Thumb - S7300025.JPG]

[Thumb - S7300026.JPG]

when brute force doesnt work, your not using enough of it  
Made in de
Fixture of Dakka

Columbia, SC (USA)

Glad to see that you are updating again.

Love the plastic work on the shotgun. The green stuff sculpting looks a bit rough though. I can't help but wonder how many of them you can crank out while keeping them consistent in appearance.

Maybe you should cast them?

The secret to painting a really big army is to keep at it. You can't reach your destination if you never take any steps.

I build IG...lots and lots of IG.  
Made in nz
Whiteshield Conscript Trooper

new zealand

awesome painting

“Quantity has a quality all it’s own.”  
Made in us
Crafty Bray Shaman

Those windows are spectacular. That must have taken time. I can't imagine how painstaking it must have been to paint the eagle wings.

Made in au
Hardened Veteran Guardsman

NSW Australia

Wow great work all round, and that valkyrie it just amazing keep up the awesome work !

Who ever appeals to the law against his fellow man is either a fool or a coward whoever cannot live without that law is both.

For a wounded man shall say to his assailant if i live i will kill you if i die you are forgiven such is the rule of honour !

Check out my Blog "Cities of Death"

Made in us

Looks great love the vendetta keep it up !

Hydra Dominatus

World Wide War Winner  
Made in nl
Squishy Oil Squig

hey people,

been gone a long time, lots a stuff c ame up so i havent been hobbying a lot lately.
so ive continued on the russ a bit but so much to show the progress amd finally started finishing the hellhound.
also build and painted a base for the vendetta. really like how it came out, ill post pics of that later.

but what i came back here to show was a drawing i made. after seeing some new stormtrooper concepts from FW
i totally got stormtrooper fever and whent about to draw my own concept for a stormtrooper. i dont care if you dont like the drawing,
i love it and decided to make a sculpt of it. ill let you on the progress later but first the concept, still needs a backpack though.

also, i bought a chimera (the bandwagon, im on it)
[Thumb - stormtropper 1.2 .jpg]

when brute force doesnt work, your not using enough of it  
Made in nl
Squishy Oil Squig

hey people,
been out of it for a long time, school, work, broken camera, you know the drill. anyway ive slowly been tinkering away with my guard
bought a few chimera's (no guard player can go without), fixed the airbrush and started painting stuff. here's the progress so far:

also, started working on making meself a hydra. started with guns and im working my way from there
[Thumb - 2011-11-15 15.51.56.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-11-15 15.51.05.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-11-15 15.51.23.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-11-15 15.50.20.jpg]

[Thumb - 2011-11-15 15.53.07.jpg]

when brute force doesnt work, your not using enough of it  
Made in gb
Focused Dark Angels Land Raider Pilot

In a field of sheep...

nice scratch building and freehand work there! good airbrushing skills as well, will be looking forward to seeing more work from you,

Made in gb
Longtime Dakkanaut

Purging on ctf_2fort

Excellent return broodjeork, fantastic weathering, airbrush and freehand work again!

Made in ca
Honored Helliarch on Hypex


Wow... I love that skull on the tank.... I wish I coudl do something like that.
Made in nl
Squishy Oil Squig

Hey people,
been gone a long time but im finally updating again, took me over 6 months though. its not because i havent been busy with my guard that i havent been updating but
more so that i almost forgot this thread excisted, and i havent really been busy with my guard. until recently that is. See, there was this tournament in the netherlands(thats where i live) last weekend called battle of the clubs. and we go every year with our club so my guard had to be finished for the tournament. so i kicked my ass in gear and finished my guard.

well not really but i came close enough, here's some of the results

as for the tournament, my not so competitive guard list preformed rather well, given the competive nature of the tournament. i scored a 20-0, 12-8 and a 16-4 facing eldar, chaos marines and grey knight. in the second game all the opponent had left was one landraider with 2 marines capturing 1 of the 2 objectives and in the third game he only had a landraider preventing a wipeout. all in all pretty nice considering i was on the not so serious team of our club and not the "A-team".

the list was:

company command, 4X melta, powerfist, chimera


vets 3 melta, chimera
vets 3 flamer, demo's, chimera
platoon command 4 grenade launcher
3x squad las cannon
commisar power weapon
2x heavy squad auto cannon


leman russ battle tank
2x hydra

anyway, pics
[Thumb - 2012-05-16 19.13.00.jpg]

[Thumb - 2012-05-16 19.15.03.jpg]

[Thumb - 2012-05-16 19.13.23.jpg]

[Thumb - 2012-05-16 19.14.08.jpg]

[Thumb - 2012-05-16 19.11.54.jpg]

when brute force doesnt work, your not using enough of it  
Made in us
Storm Trooper with Maglight

Seattle, WA USA

Awesome work I really like your freehand work . Your conversion work is amazing keep up the great work !

The only poorly painted miniature is the one that is not painted. 
Made in gb
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

where am I? *looks around* Well i'm...errr...I...I...don't know!

wow. they look brilliant...

Made in gb
Stalwart Veteran Guard Sergeant


Loving the Valk. Your paint skill is amazing...



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