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Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

I started this blog Awhile ago to document 1 project, then I added more and then a little more and now it (hopefully) is intended to be a rolling log of my various projects.

A little about me, I started playing Miniature Wargames with Battle Master, as couple of years latter I started into 2nd Ed 40K, since then I have dabbled in various games from GW's line though I did play Chainmail and have recently picked up Warmachine and Deadzone. In 2001 I was diagnosis-ed as an alcoholic gave up drinking and that started me taking what was an occasional hobby and going into it full bore. For the first time in 8 years I started to have completely painted (poorly) Armies. This is also the time when I started converting models as opposed to Just doing the basic models in the box with maybe a kit-bash for a Unit Leader. As time has gone on I have improved my skill at painting and modeling and hopefully continue to improve.

Currently I am involved in a 6 Month Mountain Reduction Challenge http://6mmrpc.blogspot.com/" target="_new" rel="nofollow"> http://6mmrpc.blogspot.com/. Which I have taken on personally as opposed to part of a group, though I did try to rope some of my buddies into it. These posts start on page 3 of he blog.

First Post. Follows below

This is my first time posting here, I have always thought to but ended up getting so involved in a project that I forget to take pictures until its done.
So here is what this one is about. I already have a Stompa, painted and customized to match the rules for the basic version, currently painted to belong with the Blood Axe Klan. I have wanted a stompa to lead a dread mob all of which are currently painted in a Goff Klan color scheme. Well a Local player here was ditching his Orks and was selling a Stompa for $60, needless to say I jumped on it and made the transaction this last Friday to have it done by the clubs Apoc game that I thought was 3 weeks away. Turns out its not its this coming Sat. I was some what frustrated since i was attempting to have an entirely painted Ork Waagh for the Apoc game (4000pts per player for the club games) I technically have it but I wouldn't have my new Stompa which i had already decided was going to be a Klawstompa. In steps Rob, rob rare plays is a mediocre modeller but has an intense love of the game, he is always encouraging players to paint and model better, he has continually been amazed at the speed in which I paint and assemble models. He said "No way I just say you take 20 boys from sprue to painted in an army that won Best Appearance at the tourney last week, you got this". So Challenge accepted, to prove to myself that I can do it here I go and to keep some accountability I am going to post it here.

Day one was spent tearing off the bitz I didn't need, and replacing the horns and left arm of the Stomp. I also started on a chainsaw claw similar to the one that found in the Killa kans and Def Dread kits. Now that this is posted, time to get back to work. Here's the pics.
[Thumb - 110.JPG]
What I started with 1

[Thumb - 107.JPG]
What I started with 2

[Thumb - 106.JPG]
What I started with 3

[Thumb - DSCN1269.JPG]
Stripped 1

[Thumb - DSCN1270.JPG]
Stripped 2

[Thumb - DSCN1271.JPG]
Arm 1

[Thumb - DSCN1276.JPG]
Arm 2

[Thumb - DSCN1277.JPG]
Arm 3

[Thumb - DSCN1278.JPG]
End Day 1 1

[Thumb - DSCN1279.JPG]
End Day 1 2

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Made in my
Screaming Shining Spear

Looking good with that arm. Are you going to repaint the entire thingy or just the arm?

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Day 2

Well I have finished the Klaws for both arms. Positioning the Flame Belcha was a pain but finally decided that Orks probably wouldn't care if it was in the way. I am really liking how they both turned out. Next pieces to work on are the Flame Belchas Fuel Barrel and the Tesla coil thingies for the Kustom Force Field. Here are the Pics of Day 2.

And Swordwind, the whole thing will be repainted, its going to be done up in a Goff color schemes so black and white with a little red and lots of Dags and checks.
[Thumb - DSCN1289.JPG]
Day 2 pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1291.JPG]
Day 2 pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1294.JPG]
Day 2 pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN1298.JPG]
Day 2 pic 4

[Thumb - DSCN1299.JPG]
Day 2 pic 5

[Thumb - DSCN1300.JPG]
Day 2 pic 6

[Thumb - DSCN1303.JPG]
Day 2 pic 7

[Thumb - DSCN1304.JPG]
Day 2 pic 8

[Thumb - DSCN1308.JPG]
Day 2 pic 9

[Thumb - DSCN1310.JPG]
Day 2 pic 10

[Thumb - DSCN1312.JPG]
Day 2 pic 11

[Thumb - DSCN1313.JPG]
Day 2 pic 12

Made in se
Repentia Mistress

Love the buzz saw arm.

Benny Harvey RIP 
Made in us
Grovelin' Grot

That is absolutely beautiful.
Made in us
Lead-Footed Trukkboy Driver

Saint Paul

Great stuff. Nice Scratchbuilding

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Day 3

Between work and having a niece born about a week and a half early I didn't get much done. I did finish the Fuel tank for the Flame Belcha. i based it loosely off the tanks for the Burna boyz. Credit on the design of the skull goes to my wife, since she keeps giving me ideas that seem a bit more extravagant then I want and i shoot them down I let her add a bit of something to it. I also added back what bitz were going to get added back. All that is left now is the Kustom Force field for the Leader of the Dread Mob, and the rear Hatch and ladder that I am snagging an Idea I saw here a long while back and makign the door open sideways instead of up and down. Here are the pictures of what i finished on Day 3
[Thumb - DSCN1316.JPG]
Day 3 Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1318.JPG]
Day 3 Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1319.JPG]
Day 3 Pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN1325.JPG]
Day 3 Pic 4

[Thumb - DSCN1328.JPG]
Day 3 Pic 5

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Made in gb
Battle-tested Knight Castellan Pilot


Looks fantastic, do you use evergreen styrene or a different product? I love the buzzsaw teeth!

Stick to the shadows - Strike from the darkness - Victorus aut Mortis - Ravenguard 1st Company 
Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Most is evergreen some is from a company called Plastek. Though judging by the outdated packaging and the layers of dust on it at the hobby shop I am not so sure that Plastek is still in business.

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Day 4

Got the Force field bit done and some other detail work like the door, the hatches over the Grots, the Suppa Rokits and the front boss plate. I also got it primed which means tonight starts the painting phase. I really wish i had an air brush but I will make do as best I can thank fully since its mainly balck most of my work is done just with the Primer.

The force field is an engine from a Killa Kan I bought off Craigslist here that was too badly damaged to be saved and then made from Buttons and seed beads with holes drilled through the middle of each button then the buttons and beads threaded on wire. the wooden bead caps it off with the hole filled in with green stuff.
[Thumb - DSCN1332.JPG]
Day 4 Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1335.JPG]
Day 4 Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1333.JPG]
Day 4 Pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN1336.JPG]
Day 4 Pic 4

[Thumb - DSCN1337.JPG]
Day 4 Pic 6

[Thumb - DSCN1338.JPG]
Day 4 Pic 7

Made in my
Screaming Shining Spear

Looking good there.

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Day 5

Started on the painting and got most of the first layer done on it. Was a busy day at work so only got about 2 hours to paint. Hoping to get more time today.
[Thumb - DSCN1339.JPG]
Day 5 Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1340.JPG]
Day 5 Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1343.JPG]
Day 5 Pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN1344.JPG]
Day 5 Pic 4

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Day 6
Almost done started on final layers of high lights as i finished last night. so far its looking good next step since the black is high lighted is to start adding the checks and dags where they need to go. I am liking the patch work painting on the main body, after some initial rejection of the idea I have followed my wife's suggestion and added a Tin Bitz plate or 2. I also included a pic of my other Stompa which happened to be on the table I was using to takes pics this morning.

[Thumb - DSCN1346.JPG]
Day 6 Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1347.JPG]
Day 6 Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1348.JPG]
Day 6 Pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN1350.JPG]
Day 6 Pic 4

[Thumb - DSCN1352.JPG]
Day 6 Pic 5

[Thumb - DSCN1354.JPG]
Day 6 Pic 6

[Thumb - DSCN1356.JPG]
First Stompa

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Day 7 and the Apoc Game

So it was a hard push but it got completed and damn it did good. It took down 3 supper heavies and 3 other enemy vehicles over the course of the game. in addition by the end of the game it was left with only 1/2 drive damage and 2 structures points gone. Over all the game was a blast with lots of destruction on all sides. Now to figure out hte next project.
[Thumb - DSCN1357.JPG]
Day 7 Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1359.JPG]
Day 7 Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1367.JPG]
Day 7 Pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN1365.JPG]
Day 7 Pic 4

[Thumb - DSCN1376.JPG]
Apoc Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1382.JPG]
Apoc Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1395.JPG]
Apoc Pic 3

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So the Klawstompa is done and now its on to some projects it had preempted. So far on the list for completion soon is:

10 Flashgitz w/ Painboy
14 Kommandos using Kromlech bits to go with my Snikrot conversion.
5 Mega Nobz using the Assault on Black Reach Nobz
1 Battle Wagon stripped of paint, broken down and rebuilt with Deffrolla and Kill Kannon
5 Stormboyz striped rebuilt and repainted to join the mob and cap it out at 20 models

So tackling the first thing on this list is the Flashgitz. I already had part of a box of Nobz left over form some previous conversions. So I picked up another one and started breaking apart the Kombi weapons and started converting them over off an Idea I picked up over at Iron Dog studios http://www.irondogstudios.com/commission/badrukk/com_badrukk.html. The first model that I did up was the Painboy. I took one of the bionic arms an added a Urty Syringe and a canister to his back. I then took a cleaver from one of the fantasy Orc arms I had and converted one of the choppas to a power Kleeva for his Doc tool. I then took a Nob that I had started to try and convert over to be a Fantasy Black Orc Warboss till I stared getting bored with fantasy and decided to leave the Full functional Warboss there and repurposed the model back to 40K. From there it was just adding barrels to the lower portion of the Kombi weapons and adding some extra belt feeds and magazines. Over all I am happy with how they turned out. Will prime and start painting them once I come back form some field time. I think they are going ot end up Bad Moons but still debating since they would end up being the only Bad Moons in my army but then again, hey Free Booters.

[Thumb - DSCN1405.JPG]
Pain Boy Pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1406.JPG]
Pain Boy Pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1407.JPG]
Pain Boy Pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN1399.JPG]
Flashgitz pic 1

[Thumb - DSCN1400.JPG]
Flashgitz pic 2

[Thumb - DSCN1401.JPG]
Flashgitz pic 3

[Thumb - DSCN1404.JPG]
Flashgitz pic 4

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Back from the field but its been a busy weekend for the most part. I finished stripping a couple of models for my list; the 5 storm boyz, the AoBR Nobz and the Battle Wagon. Also started the paint on 3 of the Flashgitz Overall nothing really picture worthy On a side note I picked up some LA's Totally Awesome, and am going to run some test models through it to see how it works out. Also got my wife's Nids out of the office and shes starting to get them ready to actually play in 5th ed. So a productive weekend over all. Hey here's a question for you all; would you bee interested in seeing some of my older conversions, the ones already complete and in the army? Let me know and I will take some pics and describe what was done for them.

Made in gb
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Albany, Australia

Most definitely!

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Once again Uncle Sam has been keeping me busier then I like I did finish the Flashgitz and am just waiting on a moment to take some descent pictures of them and then some other pictures so I can post more regularly expect something early tomorrow.

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Well finally got the pictures done, it took me a bit longer then expected mainly because I built a little photo box thing out of some junk melamine that we had lying around the house. I'm pretty happy overall with how they turned out and I think Bad Moons was a good color scheme for them. Not sure how they are going to do in a game but figure its worth a shot to throw them in. Next project is the battle wagon, I had already put it in simple green before I started this blog and even then not all the paint came off. I have since tried the LA's Total Awesome trick and must say it works infinitely better but it is even having trouble with the couple of other models from this lot. Though I did get a couple of pics of it before it went to get primed as well as a few pics of 2 characters that i converted up[ using Catchan Bitz for a Cyber punk game.

Comments are appreciated and now here are the pics.

[Thumb - DSCN1451.JPG]
Flashgitz 1

[Thumb - DSCN1450.JPG]
Flashgitz 2

[Thumb - DSCN1449.JPG]
Flashgitz 3

[Thumb - DSCN1446.JPG]
Flash Gitz 4

[Thumb - DSCN1413.JPG]
Battle Wagon 1

[Thumb - DSCN1414.JPG]
Battle Wagon 2

[Thumb - DSCN1416.JPG]
Battle Wagon 3

[Thumb - DSCN1417.JPG]
Battle Wagon 4

[Thumb - DSCN1420.JPG]
Cyberpunk 1

[Thumb - DSCN1421.JPG]
Cyber Punk 2

Made in gb
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Albany, Australia

Are Flashgitz #1 and #2 twins?

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Nope just the same picture posted twice cause I selected the wrong one apparently about to fix it now. LOL!

Or not since doing so would just put the picture at the bottom so here is the Pic that was supposed to be Flashgitz 1.
[Thumb - DSCN1444.JPG]
New Flashgitz 1

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Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Okay so before i got distracted by the question about twins (really should have paid more attention on which image I selected,) I was going ot post some more of my conversions in order of when they were built, some may not be finished as of yet but most are. So today I have the very first 2 conversions made for my current Ork Army. The first one is a Weirdboy. I loved these guys in 2nd Ed. and was disappointed when they didn't make it in to 3rd, I am very glad to see them back in the current Ork Codex. I have yet to play him in a game but think he will probably see fielding soon. He was built using mostly Fantasy Orc bitz.

Head is from the Orc Warboss frame, body is the Drummers body, from a set form the Fantasy regiment as is the spear that makes up his staff and he legs, the chain is from a chaos vehicle bit as are the 2 spikes at the top of his staff and he ball is a spare bit form Night goblin fanatics. The skull came from the new Boyz kit (I think) as did the other arm, the top knot came form the Nobz set. The inspiration came form long ago when I thought of the Waagh energy lifting up a weird boy and carrying him around. When starting to construct him i finished cutting and green stuffing the legs into the right position and I was trying to figure out how to hold him aloft, that's when I noticed the drummer body with a ring on the front of it and a spare ball from some fantasy fanatics. Inspiration hit and thus he is now held aground by the weight of the ball, which is how the model floats using the chain. He got painted as a Snakebite thus far the only one in my Waagh, not sure why but that is just the clan he wanted to belong too when I set down to paint him.

After him I started to figure out how to tackle the Rokits on the Deffcoptas, I am one of those Ork Players that prefers more dice to even my odds in a shooting phase so twin linked big shootas appealed to me more then twin-linked Rokits. thus I took some of my many spare shootas and started cutting and sawing and nipping till I was able to mount the barrels wher the lower Rokits had been and then took various bitz, an chaos search light a shoulder pad a truck glyph plate and a shield glyph form fantasy, and added these to cover the top Rokits. Over all I am happy with the conversions but not quite as happy with the build over all in games. They are goign to be getting Buzzsaws added using bitz that I have left over form Kans and Dreads, and then I have 2 more that i picked up in another lot that are currently being stripped of paint and if I can manage it I am going to pick up another AoBR and leave those 5 with Rokits. While the big shoots have been great against IG, Nids and other Orks over all they aren't worth he points in most games as is. They just don't carry enough punch, against armored targets though they did once manage to take down a Valkyrie on rear Armor. So here they are Next up is my Blood Axe Warboss and Nobz which I will post tomorrow.
[Thumb - DSCN1459.JPG]
Weirdboy 1

[Thumb - DSCN1460.JPG]
Weirdboy 2

[Thumb - DSCN1461.JPG]
Weirdboy 3

[Thumb - DSCN1462.JPG]
Weirdboy 4

[Thumb - DSCN1452.JPG]
Deffkopta 1

[Thumb - DSCN1453.JPG]
Deffkopta 2

[Thumb - DSCN1454.JPG]
Deffkopta 3

[Thumb - DSCN1456.JPG]
Deffkopta 4

[Thumb - DSCN1455.JPG]
Deffkopta 5

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Just thought I would pop in to tell you that I love the way you add character to your orks. I'm subcribing to keep and eye on your work.
Made in gb
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Albany, Australia

Weirdboy would be improved by finishing his base (too obvious?) and Deffkoptas would be improved by drilling those barrels. Both are nice work regardless - keep it going!

Made in it
Growlin' Guntrukk Driver with Killacannon

I was following this thread for the Stompa and now I have to quit lurking, great stuff!

Welcome to the Krazy Pak. P&M Blog http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/420957.page
The Inquisimunda World of Saky http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/534593.page
The Mantis Warrior Challenge (by Gitsplitta) http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/11550/289929.page#5776853

May Gork and Mork drive your WAAAAAAAAAGH! 
Made in gb
Battle-tested Knight Castellan Pilot


I love the flashgits.

Stick to the shadows - Strike from the darkness - Victorus aut Mortis - Ravenguard 1st Company 
Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

Arakasi wrote:Weirdboy would be improved by finishing his base (too obvious?) and Deffkoptas would be improved by drilling those barrels. Both are nice work regardless - keep it going!

Wow thanks on the Deffkoptas I thought I had but looking at the pics I see I missed 1-2. The Weird Boyz base is currently on hold till I play a game with him if I don't like the way he plays hes going to become an Orc Shaman for Fantasy and get put on a square base.

Made in us
Yellin' Yoof

Clearwater, SC

So here is the next set of conversions that went into the Army.

So some history to start it off with, I started out in 2ed with the Boxed set, and I ended up fielding a lot of Goffs but as I started to read the Ork codex I found I liked the Blood Axe Clan better so my first model purchased was a Blood Axe Warboss, this was an Ork that was dressed in a British style uniform with an offices cap. Now shortly after he was fielded but before he was painted he and a mob of Boyz took down a unit of Termies and I decided to give him a Chainfist like the one that was on the Blood Angel terminator he took down. I painted him up in his red uniform with the chain fist painted like the Blood angel complete with yellow black hazard stripes (wouldn't want anyone accidentally running into that weapon there). When 3rd edition Orks came out I fell in love with the new look of the Orks and I stared to replace the old models, the first one to be replaced was my Warboss. After I grew tired of painting Orks and set them aside for the many (about 7) years, he sat on a shelf waiting to one again lead a Waagh. I focused on my Imperial Marines for a bit and then due to some bad luck on a buddy's part when i left a duty location the movers packed up some of his chaos stuff. I loved the Khornate army he was building and after failing for 6 months to get a hold of him to get his stuff back I decided to put it to use. I spent about 4 years building that Army, mostly because good old GW changed the codex on me. Finally the Fallen Magi were done, all painted and based and it was on ot the next army, I had picked up a copy of the Ork codex in between and I decided it was time to go back to green. I also made a decision not linked and in hindsight maybe not the best, to paint my next army to White Dwarf standard. Thus I pulled out my old Orks and was sadly disappointed with the paint job I had done about 10 years prior well sucked, also the years had not been kind to them.

Grimskragga got dipped in simple green and broken into subsequent parts, as I assembled him I decided to bring him back to hsi roots a little so I added a little hat like the officer cap he used to wear, I had considered swapping out the arm for a PK but decided that the nostalgia I had for the model (the 3rd oldest in my army now the only 2 models older are 2 of my zap guns the only remnants form my 2ed army). Instead I painted his Axe with the Hazard stripe pattern of the old Chainfist.

Now he needed a unit of Bully Boyz like the old days when he strode around with a mob of 20 Blood Axe Nobz. Now I can't make as mob that big anymore but I had a wealth of Nobz form the AoBR sets I had and I purchased a box to add to them, Out came the hobby saw and the AoBR Nobz suddenly swapped out their Choppas for PKs and one swapped it out for a Big Choppa, the Plastic Card came out and turned out a Waagh banner made into the symbol of Grimskragga , now all I needed was a doc. I sorted through the bitz and cobbled together a Painboyish body then turned a gun into an Orky pneumatic needle gun, and his other hand took a fantasy sword and I filed it down to make a bone saw.

This is by far my favorite unit, they tend to soak up fire and hit like a Mac truck, also Girmskragga holds a special place in my heart, the character took part in all my early campaigns and has a huge back story, and he is one of the few models left in my collection form when I was early in the hobby, most of the rest having been replaced and sold. He's not quite as big as the AoBR Boss but I don't mind Grimskragga's still Top Boss in my mind, hacking up those slower PK wielding bosses before they get a chance to take him down with his trusty Big Choppa.

[Thumb - DSCN1475.JPG]

[Thumb - DSCN1470.JPG]
Grim and his Bully Boyz 1

[Thumb - DSCN1471.JPG]
Grim and his Bully Boyz 2

[Thumb - DSCN1472.JPG]
Grim and his Bully Boyz 3

[Thumb - DSCN1473.JPG]
Grim and his Bully Boyz 4

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Made in gb
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Albany, Australia

Great history only let down by poor photos - can we get some better shots please?

Made in us
Regular Dakkanaut

Orange County, CA

Good stuff here, loads of awesome ideas.
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