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Longtime Dakkanaut

BrianDavion wrote:
Necronmaniac05 wrote:
I just had a startling realisation. You don;t think Primaris Custodes could be in the works do you? I mean, with heavy intercessors at T5 and 3 wounds what exactly differentiates the elite protectors of Mankind and the emperor's closest genetic descendants (beyond the primarchs) from....common space marines?

I could see them revising custodes a little if it comes to that. that said, since they've decided that terminator armor grants you an extra wound, at the very least Allarus Custodes should have their wounds increased by 1

Aren't Allarus Terminators already +1W over a regular Custodian Guard?

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Yeah, regular Custodian Guard with a single Shield guy to tank sounds amazing but I'm still not convinced to take them over Sags.

CaptainStabby wrote:
If Tyberos falls and needs to catch himself it's because the ground needed killing.

 jy2 wrote:
BTW, I can't wait to run Double-D-thirsters! Man, just thinking about it gets me Khorney.

 vipoid wrote:
Indeed - what sort of bastard would want to use their codex?

 MarsNZ wrote:
ITT: SoB players upset that they're receiving the same condescending treatment that they've doled out in every CSM thread ever.
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I’m super curious to see what they do with bikes and attack bikes, are bikes going to be bumped up to 4 wounds or 3? Attack Bikes 5W or 6W? Same points as outriders or a little cheaper but able too buy special weapons but no bonuses to CC?

 warboss wrote:
Is there a permanent stickied thread for Chaos players to complain every time someone/anyone gets models or rules besides them? If not, there should be.
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Versteckt in den Schatten deines Geistes.

I'd say 3 for bikers. They've got 2 now, and Marines are getting +1. Therefore 3.

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

 NinthMusketeer wrote:
I do like the storm shield change, particularly because of how it works with terminators. I also like how marine chainswords get -1 ap but not regular human ones.

I do not like the feeling that 9th was launched 2/3s the way through its development and the community is acting as playtesters for a set of rules that aren't finished yet. I am used to GW rules quality but this is the first time I have felt like the edition is unfinished and still being developed rather than simply flawed.

Players aren't even playtesters. Or if we are changes come next summer onward

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 Argive wrote:

Maybe a year and a bit? Lost interest pretty quickly. My pocket money would be saved up for Gameboy and PS1 games and MTG instead of Turanids because there was not much point adding to an army that was getting thrashed by everyone I came up against which was predominately Eldar, tau, and SM.. I remember being fairly even vs chaos. This was 3rd ed I think. (The black templars book cover)

Which is enough for gw's chuck and churn strategy.one kid quits, another starts, buys army and fulfills gw's aim. After that continue or not is fairly irrelevant to gw

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 insaniak wrote:
 Argive wrote:

Except little timmy will pick cool unique space alienz coz he seen the movie Aliens and it was dope. While little jimmy will pick special marines. They will play games on their moms kitchen table/living room carpet using salt shakers and mugs as terrain. And timmy will never win a game.. how long do you think timmy will stick at the hobby? I know the answer i was timmy..

I think that really depends on Timmy, and what he expects to get out of playing games.

My older brother and I didn't have warhammer, growing up. But we did play a lot of boardgames. Most commonly Chess, which he always won, and Monopoly, which he always won. We also played a lot of soccer and cricket, which he was always better at. None of that ever discouraged me from continuing to do those things, because playing the games was the reward. We grew up with a steady diet of board games, and had the idea bored in at a very early age that winning was a bonus, not the goal.

Which was a handy lesson, once I did start playing 40k, since I've lost an awful lot more games than I have won, over the years...
I think there is a strong cultural component to recognize here. In US culture it is very much bored in at an early age that the point of playing is to win. Obviously this varies and is hardly universal, but there is a strong subtext of 'winners matter, losers do not' especially for men.

Understanding that aspect of US culture is critical to a discussion like this. It is also rather useful for understanding Americans in general, from ground level behavior all the way up to our leaders. But I digress.

Consider; Games Workshop rules not so much games but as toolboxes for players to craft an experience from, and open/narrative/matched play just examples of how things can be put together. 
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Longtime Dakkanaut

ERJAK wrote:
stratigo wrote:
 cuda1179 wrote:
Custodes laugh, as they get only benefits

No, no they don't. Custodes already have a 4++. Getting a 1+ is only useful against ap-1 and irrelevant against ap-2, and cutodes pay a premium for storm shields, and that price hasn't changed. And ap -2 has pretty much become the de facto marine ap with the doctrines.

So, no, it's a straight nerf to custodes on top of how much ap and extra damage marines are getting making them an increasingly hard counter.

Custodes looked good at the open of 8th, but they're looking comparatively worse and worse with all the changes. None of the imperium weapon changes propagate to custodes except the storm shield nerf unless you're one of those mavericks running a land raider, and then only its Heavy Bolters. Or flagellate yourself with the bad dreadnought that remains bad. And all the weapon changes hurt custodes by making them easier to kill.

Custodes still get the 3++. Literally all this does is give them +1 armor.

Custodes +1 invul works on any invul so a SS custode is 1+ 3++

You are correct. I brain farted there.

New SM weapons are still extremely well positioned to kill custodes.
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