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Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Been a long time lurker on Dakka Dakka, from when it was just Ork gangs, so I'm finally going to try myself a blog.

my primary project right now is the Zone Mortalis stuff mainly so I can have a cool background to photograph my minis on.
So I got me some magnets:

I'm using the round things as my "master" magnet to keep the polarity of the magnets consistent.
The holes for the magnets are about 6mm across, but I bought 5mm ones as I thought I had a drill bit the same size and would like to potentially use them elsewhere.
Turns out I don't have a 5mm drill bit...

Gluing the magnets was super easy but I ended getting a little tower of magnets with the top on painted instead of my "Master Magnet"

The computer add-ons don't have great placement for the magnets so I added some plasticard strips to the back to help keep it flush.
I used two strips that I think are 0.5mm thick as there is a little step.
Strange that this is there as the rest of the kit has very convenient magnet holes...

... ...
These still things were a bugger to figure out. Settled on a strip of 0.5mm(?) Plasticard and some hope it won't be noticed once painted...
There is a very specific placement to the strip as its resting on two curved surfaces, I tried to keep it parallel to the notch it's resting against.

I also have them big floor tiles:

I've been working on these for a while...
Started with a grey primer and sploged some Mournfang Brown around the metal areas. A quick dry brush of Leadbelcher leaves me with the top tile.
I then filled in the squares with Karak Stone and picked out pipes with Straken Green
For the hazard stripes I used Zamesi Desert, masked it off and painted Mechanicus Standard Grey over it.
Then I slathered Nuln oil all over it followed by stippling more Karak Stone and picking out details in various colours.
Picked out the stripes with more Zamesi and some Abbadon Black
I used a bit of Dryad Bark to tidy up on the metal
I am probably not going to repeat the hazard stripes as I really didn't enjoy the process.

My plan is to use a similar method for the walls but replacing the brown with Standard Mechaninicus Grey and the Karak Stone with Celestria Grey, Maybe using that black contrast paint instead of Nuln Oil

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Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

Surrey, BC - Canada

Good luck Guardling.

I ended up just doing various layers of brown, rust, silver, and grey on my tiles to same time as I am using them for a larger old-school Necromunda set up. Not the great detail you have put into the lower piece.



Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Thanks for the encouragement Captain Brown, I am a very neat person usually, so thing like rust and tonal variation are very hard for me to grok. Washes are my happy middle ground.
I notice you're also doing a Necromundian themed guard army, I'll take a look at them when I can and get some photos up of what I've been doing with mine.
I've finished assembling and magnetizing the pieces I have, having the floor tiles are quite handy for aligning the pieces together for gluing.

I ran out of time for rattle-can priming, so slapped some brown on a test piece. I was going to use the Stand-Mech Grey, but it is exactly the same colour as the plastic which meant I couldn't see where I had applied it.
I also primed the greebles brown as I intend to give them the same sort of treatment as the metal on my floor tile.

While I was assembling the double wall I noticed something:

you know how the toppers for the wall reverse to allow for stacking?
Well the topper for the double wall only fits the underneath the double wall.
So using the single wall toppers as a guide i marked out and cut some small wedges out. I used theses as a guide for a hacksaw to trim it down.

I then flied it smooth until I was left with something that looked like this:

Fits perfectly.

Now I have some daylight and no family around I can get priming

Aaaand I ran out of primer...
Aaand the last of it clumped badly...

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My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in us
Dakka Veteran

South Africa

OH that's neat.

Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

I didn't get as much hobby time as I'd like, been doing the check my friends are all still alive thing.
But I did get my test wall piece done:

Metal: Standard Mechanicus Grey base, dry brush Leadbelcher, Nuln oil wash
Concrete: Celestria Grey base, Nuln Oil wash, Celestria Grey stippling
I'm not satisfied with the grey and was after some thing darker, closer to the box photos.

I also had some 3mm magnets arrive that are the same size as my "5mm" drill bit and have been adding them to other greebles I have lying around.
Sticking them in the booby trap models from the new Necromunda is the best thing I've done.
I was so happy with them, I was showing them off to the cat.

So just layered over some Black templar over the top and got a much nicer colour, though the patchiness irks me...
The idea is to have as few steps as possible, because it's scenery and I want to be able to easily replicate it at a later date, so the nuln wash followed by a contrast layer may be reduced.

The servitor is Leonardos, he's helping, so I gave him a fresh coat of paint.
He used to look like this:

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Again very little hobby time, so I picked out something simple to do while the (very) little one wrecks the living room.
Putting magnets in bases...

I had previously painted all my Necromunda bases separately and planned to just super glue one on whenever I need them.

I had measured the hole and found they were not quite big enough so had been widening it with a drill bit before gluing the magnet

Then through the power of distraction I discovered I could force the magnets into the slightly too small hole and they'd stay there without glue
And not come out, I know because I put one in the wrong way round and then had to cut it out.

I then spent an embarrassingly long time trying to get them all into a tower...

Automatically Appended Next Post:
I thought I'd upload some of the photos I've got hanging around as well:
I squeezed in a few new hazard stripes on Leonardos, seeing as he originally had them and he's supposed to be painting them, It'd be weird if he didn't have them...

Some Eschers that I've had sat on my painting queue for a long time.
Built as the box says because I wasn't sure on how new Necromunda was going to be working.

And my version of the Necromundian 8th:

I went for the paint scheme and method suggested by the Warhammer TV bloke but also gave them the red weapons that I remember 40k having in my childhood.
I added in spare ganger heads, from the Orlocks so far but I have some Escher and goliaths with helmets on ready.
They don't have much in the way of Imperial insignia due to the models having originally been part of my Tau force.

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My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

Surrey, BC - Canada

Nice work Guardling



Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Thank you Captain Brown, I quite like your N. 8th, and have been getting ideas how I'm going to do my vehicles.
I'm going for a more PDF version for my guys so will probably focus less on camouflage if I ever get any vehicles.

So painted my test piece over with Chaos Black and redid the Leadbelcher drybrush and I'm pretty happy with the result.
Also got my Greebles painted up:

I got the Chaos Black paint from a box of older paints I had hiding under the box of current paints, also in this box were the good old Foundation paints!
Some of them were pretty thick and knarly, but with some Lamian Medium I was able to thin them down to slightly thinner than a new pot. the heavy amount of pigment in them gave excellent coverage.
This was them used to prime the rest of the kit and some othe stuff I picked up off of ebay:

I also spent some time starting a guy carring a Heavy Bolter:

The original idea behind him was for him to be one part of a heavy weapons team, but a full vat grown Goliath recruited/loaned/conscripted to the PDF, maybe with an Escher as his ammo runt, Legolas and Gimli style. Shortly before posting though, I remembered about a Catachan hero with a HB, Captain Harker or something and thought this could be a good stand in.
The Catachan torso is a place holder for now that I will probably bulk out or replace with some Miliput/Greenstuff armour.

With this idea bouncing around my head, I made and painted a Space Marine:

This guy I just a basic Primaris body and legs with regular Marine arms and backback.
I made another guy a while ago when thinking about Inquisimunda, but I had painted him as an Ultramarine, before learning that the Imperial Fists are stationed on (and recruit from AFAIK) Necromunda.
Here they are with guardsman for height comparison:

Fist guy doesn't have a name yet but I'm thinking something beginning with Leo, but not the spartin.
The Ultramarine is Veteran Brother Alpharius. He and his two shining blue clad brothers are here to offer advice on the Codex Astartes and inter-chapter training to new Imperial Fist recruits and Necromudian Guard units.

Got my self a good chunk of time to do whatever I wanted when tragedy struck:

That's my bits box where small bits go, 24 carefully sorted compartments gone in a blink.
Whats worse is it's entirely my fault and I can't blame anyone.

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Drop Trooper with Demo Charge


Noice! Loving the board.
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Thanks for the encouragement BigJim.
Managed to get most of a day free from little one this week so I spent it "playing" Space Engineers, getting a vehicle airlock working without venting the atmosphere of the entire hanger.
Then I felt guilty about wasting so much potential hobby time I did some work on my Goliath Harker:

I started by bulked out the torso with superfine Milliput and sculpted the rough shape. once dry I sanded it smooth and carved the detail sharper.
Next I painted over the white so that I could more easily see any imperfections, filed/sanded/carved them smooth and repainted.
The breast panels will be added on with plasticard, like I did with the back notch.
I will probably use green stuff to sculpt the cloth on the arms and midriff.
Throughout it all I had a Ganger and a Cadian torso on hand so I could reference them.
While uploading these photos, I misspelt "Imperial Guard" as Imperial "Gourd" so I found his name

Speaking of gangers, I ended up painting my reference guys

Like my Eschers, these guys are setup according to the premade gang in the box set.
Colours are based on the example photos but I kinda changed it more to my liking.

Also, he has an E-Cigar.
I have a thing about there being wood in Necromunda as trees don't really grow in steel and concrete. So it'd have to be imported and thus very expensive and not used for disposables like burning.
Although there are mushrooms, so paper (and thus cigarettes) may be possible and you can probably burn dried mushrooms as fuel...
Maybe the wood you see on some minis is actually hardened mushrooms?
Also the old fluff had mention of long lost hab domes where the replicated stuff like fields, but again, rare therefore expensive.

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Been hard to get into the mood to do any hobby the last couple of days (guess why) but I got there.
I spend most of my day painting barrels

I have a few of them, all free and single so I thought I'd try doing something interesting with some of them.
The four barrel block is based off a set up I see often where I work. Basically four barrels ratcheted together (usually on a pallet) with hoses going to a pump, which in turn goes somewhere important.
Usually nowhere because they're waiting on paperwork...
The pump is just sprue and garden wire, the nozzle is something out of one of my bits boxes, a suspension spring from a model car I think...
Straps were made out of some clam-shell packaging I had floating around, super-glued and bent into place. In retrospect I might stick to plasticard for that sort of stuff in the future

And because I had been putting off the Zone Mortalis stuff for too long I thought I'd pick out the easy bits:

Really simple, brown base, heavy dry brush of metal, mask coloured stripe on and then wash. I like to think the bit in the middle so Painted it black and gave it a grey highlight

Found some lamp greebles from one of the older building sets, put a 3mm magnet behind the bottom bolt, now they stick to my magnetised walls. It looks weird on the ground level as they hang about waist height for my little Ultramarine helper...

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Partner told me that i shouldn't be buy any more Warhammer when I still haven't painted up the Blackstone Fortress box set they bought for my Christmas present.
That was after I have just bought a load of stuff online
So gotta get them finished
So here's rouge trader Janus Draik:

Over-all I struggle a bit with the Blackstone Fortress models as the detail on them is so fine and I can't keep my hands that steady, they twitch and I drop stuff.
Which is why he seems to be missing his pipe and some spikes. Oh well, it's a poki stick now...
I have tried playing the game and somehow we finished a game without using the board.
So safe to say I don't think I understood the rules

That said, I love the traitor guard that comes with it and have few of them already painted with some regular cultists, originally painted them red, but with most of my "good guy" have red in their schemes I thought I'd change it to blue. Like that Tzeentch blue.
I did notice however, that in my poor effort to replicate an "evil skin" colour, I painted them all brown.

...Yeah, no.

So I wanted to try out a few new "evil skin" colours and ended up with this guy:

This guy is a random model I got from a job lot of bits.
Base layer, then a contrast wash. A layer of the base colour again, then dry brush of flayed one flesh.
Will probably do that last drybrush as a layer as I'm not happy with the results and it'll be on hand and faces anyway.
I am keeping it simple as I haves forty of them and they're infantry.

Got some more Necromundian 8th done, some veterans with shotguns:

I haven't read an Imperial Guard codex since maybe 4th edition so I have no idea how effective they are or if they even still exist.
But they look cool and, in theory could be used as a counts as gang. I used to run Shotguns with Boltshells a lot when I originally played Necromunda
I've only played a couple of games of N17 and only read the box set rules so don't know if I can still do that

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My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Been sent back to work this week, which meant not a lot of time to post updates.

Finished the last of the PCs from Blackstone Fortress:

He was fun to paint as bits didn't keep falling off

I've set most of the PC on the Zone Mortalis bases with a vauge intention that I could use them... doing something... not sure really...
Except the Xenos scum, because good guardsmen died to keep them off Imperial property.

I recieved some 3d printed shoulder pads with fists on them from eBay.
First impressions are good very detailed, can't really see printlines, better quality than the Cadian heavy weapons team.
I forgot what printer the seller used, a resin one though.

Second impresion is, they flare out a bit more on the bottom than regular pads and the detail is too fine.
Wait, too fine detail?
Yeah, like a few layers of paint was enough to completely obscure the lines between the fingers, ended up using two thin coats of white, no primer and then painting the fingers with my smallest brush with thinned black.
Still better than free hand. Especialy when you randomly drop things.

Also on subject of Space Marines I stareted putting together some bits for my Fist squad:

I used Miliput to smooth out the torso to make it look closer to regular marines.
I'm not worried about the legs as they are near identical to the deathwatch legs in my bits box
I definatly wanted a guy with a storm shield although I wasn't sure what with,

The storm shield is from a deathwatch kit and I filed the Inq logo down and plan to fill in the lettering.
His gorget is from the scion kit and there is a book from there to replace the primaris helmet that was on his hip.
The helmet was a deathwatch helmet which turns out are sort of taller than regular marine helms that I cut the facplate off and replaced with a lone nurgley helmet.
Not sure what to do with his off hand yet. I have a deathwatch hammer at the moment but it feels wrong.

Returning focus back to actual Necromunda themed stuff, I revisited Gourd, my Goliath guardsman:

I noticed that he was a bit skinny compared to a regular ganger so I took the arms off and padded out the torso.
I also blocked out his legs, at time of writing he has another layer of miliput and some shoes ready to be a added.

Finaily as a pallete clenser I put together a Catachan model:

You'll notice he doesn't have the roid raging muscle arms, I wasn't a fan of them and saw an opportunity to use an old plastic Orlock autopistol.
I remembered some part of a book that said that the orks didn't notice when they were being shot at with lasguns because they were to quiet so the jungle fighters of this particular world had to use autoguns to properly scare/suppress them and cause them to retreat.
And heres what I ended up with:

Camo is super simple, after I highlighted the green, I just dabbed on some quite thin brown and black splodges.

You may notice that my pictures aren't that great, thats because I have to use my phone.
I do have an actual camera, but I need a tripod to use it because I just can't hold it still enough to get a clear image.
So I have some dowel cut-offs, some parts from a FauxPro and a creative mind:

I call it the "WHY???!!!POD".
It can't hold the cameras wieght and my partner says its upsetting to look at.
So now to wait untill I have enough disposible money to buy one...

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Terminator with Assault Cannon

Nice work on Espern, in fact good work on the whole gang. I particularly like your UR-025. Cool stuff.

The fist shoulder pads look cool, but I see what you mean about the gaps between the fingers being a bit small. Could you maybe get a knife between them to open it up a little?

That catachan looks great, his pose is right out of an action movie too, great work!

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and Void Panther Marines, with side projects along the way 
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Finding I have next to no time for hobby, maybe that'll change once I get back to regular hours at work.
I'm also really, really bad at getting one thing done at a time, I guess because it's for me to relax, I can't start the things I don't want to do

So after a long time of pretending they didn't exist, I did some more work on the Zone Mortalis terrain:

Got the door frames done, tried to match my floor tile with the floor part, but so far it looks a lot brighter.

Also finally finished a wall, pretty happy with how it came out, wasn't sure about the yellow light but looking at the photo I think it works

It's been a pain in the arse to paint as nearly all my paintbrushes have suddenly lost thier points, I suspect the little one.
As all I had was a fine (it says 1 on it) paint brush, I avoided doing the stipling I did on the floor tile and just did a line of wash around the edges

Got my culists finished to my liking with their new skin:

There are a few weapons swaps in there, mostly they are to help break up multiple models with the same pose.
Really liking the Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard as well, apart from the fur

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

Surrey, BC - Canada

Some solid work Guardling.



Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Been hard at work picking a project and sticking to it...
So focusing on my goliath guardsman, Gourd, I got some legs going:

He's been a mixture of sculpting the rough right shape and carving/sanding down.
They're pretty much the same size as the ganger legs, which it good, but the torso is a bit narrow in comparision, which is what I get for making them seperatly...

So focusing on my goliath guy, I ended up painting some base layers on the gangers that have been assembled for at least a year:

These guys are built as the examples that came with the box set.

So focusing on my necromunda minitures, I ended putting together and base coating a new Necromundian Guard guy:

My second missle launcher guardsman, I imagine him as a goliath juvie "recruited" to house spider, which is why he can bimble around carrying the launcher and rifle like it's nothing. My previous HWT guy is an Orlock that has dumped everything he's not using on the floor.
His face is from a goliath ganger cut to fit in a cadian "empty" helmet. Cigar and rifle sling are just plasticard. His off hand is from one of the spare arms for the rouge psyker from Blackstone Fortress.

I am trying to figure out how I'm going to do their ammo runts but I can't figure out how to have them carry multiple missles when the missiles in question are the same size as the men.
Well they can, but they'd look stupid, especially in the tight confines of the hive...
A very brief google search shows me where GW got pretty much the entire design for them, and those rounds are nowhere near the length GW portrays them.
So gonna have to cut them down or make my own..

So focusing on my Minis, I got a tripod today and experimented with taking some pictures from a real camera:

After lots of snapping away, I got a useable picture that points out all the little mistakes I made while painting him... Yay
But seriously, now I've more or less sorted out the shaking problem, I have a problem with focusing...
The camera is an older DSLR but it has an autofocus that can't quite get minitures.
Just got to figure out how to disable or manually set the focus now...

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

So instead of finishing painting the walls I have got, I started putting some of the stairs and platforms kit together:

I have found that putting small gouges into the contact surfaces seems to help plastic glue bond better.

When making the bent stair set I decided to cut off the spare tabs:

I just repeatedly scored the gap and then snapped them off, before cleaning it up.
This allowed me to put handrails on the midlevel platform and gave me some greebles for elsewhere.
As the other mid level platform wasn't being used for stairs, I just took one tab off so that it matched the corner pieces.
I have more sprues from these sets so I'm not worried about making them super modular.

I also have some pipes ready to go:

Stuck some magnets in thoses power core things (and on the inside of the power thing)
Also I used some milliput to smooth out the joins on the pipes as they were a bit missmatched.

I then primed pretty much everything I could
When test fitting the lift together, noticed it didn't seem to fit to well with the plastic game board so I shaved and sanded down a part of the floor peice utill it did. Unfortuantly I forgot to take pictures, but I did see an opportunity to add magnets...

Those crosses are where I ended up putting magnets so that they line up with the ones in the Pillar piece. tried it on the upper lift part too and it seems to fit properly.

Finally I started putting some base colours on:

As an experiment, I tried putting the karak stone layer straight on the primer with the plan of painting the mournfang brown on after to see if its quicker/better.
Last time, I did the leadbelcher drybrush before the karak and then had issuses with not being able to be to messy and potitialy messing up my metal.
This time I think it'll be easier to clean up the leadblecher in the karak as the dry brushing should keep away from the edges.

Back on my dayshift at work this week so hopefully will have more time to paint, photograph and use dakka while small one is in bed.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
Forgot I put some spacemarines together:

Just primaris bodies and regular marine arms, helmets, backpacks and bolters.
Used miliput to fill in some gaps as they don't fit together that well...
Luckily the shoulder pads hide most of that...
I got the base colours down on these guys as well, but forgot to take photos before I stashed them out the way.

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My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Terminator with Assault Cannon

Neat work on prepping the terrain, good luck with the ordering experiment. The mixed marines work well too

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and Void Panther Marines, with side projects along the way 
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Thanks gobert, the result of the experiment is:

Not a differance in final result, but when I put the brown down first I could do it a lot more aggressivly and get all the nooks and crannies better the first time around.
Leadbelcher after the Karak worked a treat though.
Added some red as a spot colour for more interest, came out well on the locking wheel, but i think it looks to bright on the hatch. Maybe I'll dull it down a bit with a wash or two.

Got my stairs and lift platforms done:

They're just a simple Mournfang-Leadbelcher-Nuln oil thing that I spiced up with black legs on the stairs and grey lift controls on the... lifts...
I did go out of my way to fit the railing onto the mid stair platform though.
the upper set of stairs had to have a small groove cut into it for the railing to sit next to it. I could of just left it off, but health and saftey has no short cuts...
This arangement of stairs seems to only properly work wrapped around one of the pillars so inside railings were not necessary.

Unfortunatly they seem a bit bland, so I'm trying to figure what I want to add colour-wise that doesn't draw to much attention to them.
Hazard stipes most likely...

Lastly finshed some of the plasma condiuts:

I had a test piece I did a while ago (bottom centre) and it transfered well to these bits, really happy with how they came out.
I've gone with the brass metal look for the exposed plasma coils and painted some of the small cables orange.
I thought about doing more colours for all the different pipe running down the sides but had no idea how to make it consistant, so I didn't.
Used red again for the bit with the power cores, seeing as it can be used as an objective it might as well be noticable..

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in us
Bounding Ultramarine Assault Trooper

A lot of good looking work you’ve got here. I like the amount of thought you put into the backstory for your work.
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

So struggling to find motivation, I didn't do anything 40k this week,
Was going to hit up a socialy distanced pub with work mates, but the day was crap and everyone just wanted to go home and shower.
So I spent my booze money in my FLGS and bought myself an overpriced assassin:

Pretty much painted him as the picture on the box showed, or tryied to anyway.
The scenic base that took up half the sprue didn't match my zone mortalis bases so I spent a long time figuring out how do do something similar, and settled on a random fence
and skull.
Really happy with the way he came out did lots of thin layers and mixing paints.
Everythings colour (except the white) started with mixing something into black: Macragge Blue for the suit, further highlighted with Celestria Grey, Sotek Green for the gun, Dryad Bark for pouches and Wazdakka Red for the straps.
Unfortunatly a lot of the colour isn't very clear but thats a combination of lack of good light a crap phone camera, just gotta deal with that later.

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
Made in gb
Terminator with Assault Cannon

Shame the pub didn’t work out, but good choice to replace it with minis! The black mixes came out really well and suit the assassin feel nicely. The base looks great too, the skull on the back of the fence is great

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and Void Panther Marines, with side projects along the way 
Made in gb
Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Thanks for the encouragement Gobert and Kavika.
Work was rubbish, we told management two weeks, they told client one week. Management is upset we took two weeks.
Result is I've been to tired to do anything last week.
But lucky me, I have holiday this week, Yay!

I didn't get much painting done, but did dig out my camera and an actual tripod to take some better photos while I still have daylight:
Spider Parade! That sounds better than it is, unless you're arachnophobic, in which case you're safe. For now.

Clicking on the tiny images opens up the the image in the Dakka gallery so please vote, it gives me nice little doses of serotonin...

In other news, I've been working on my Imperial Fists a little bit:

They got their basecoats on and then I'll just hit them with a wash and bring the colours back with some layers.

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My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
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Terminator with Assault Cannon

The Spiders look great in their natural habitat. The Classic SM helmets look cool on the Primaris, a simple change to tie them in to the old marine aesthetic!

Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and Void Panther Marines, with side projects along the way 
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Calculating Commissar

Reading, Berks

The Spiders look fantastic! I love the old shotguns on them too. I've got some of them in my guard force too

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Shas'la with Pulse Carbine

Thanks for the serotonin Gobert and Endtransmission!
Managed to get enough to comment on other peoples blogs!

Some more photos up, this time it's all my painted Space Hulk minis:

Yup, all four of them.
I think I have base layers on most of the Terminators, but the Genestealers can go die in a flame template, Brood Lord was hard enough not doing it 20+ more times.
Plus I think I want to rebase them but can't bring myself to damage the original models (looks at broodlord regretfully). Not taking to account the guys ripping up the floors to make it harder.
Did play it with the family though, Partner and eldest son had a team each on the escape mission, had to fudge it a bit to stop the survivors getting slaughtered on the last two squares away from safety.

And some actual Necromunda stuff:
Got me some close ups of my Eschers:

Pretty much as the instruction manual says...

And some guys from the other gangs I have:

My hobby ADHD, mostly Necromunda, with a splash of regular 40k...
Models painted in 2023: 15 
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Walking Dead Wraithlord

Working for a living is a drag. Especially working against deadlines...

Your Escher are magnificent. Love the Patriarch. The Assassin is perfect. The skull graffiti is a great touch.
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Longtime Dakkanaut

Great blog, your Necromunda Spiders look nice in their natural environment and the following stuff is also amazing. And I hope you find the motivation for the Genestealers, because the broodlord looks ace!
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Terminator with Assault Cannon

A great bunch of minis, the Space Hulk stuff is excellently painted. I too hope you can find the motivation to paint the stealers because the broodlord looks amazing!

The orange hair on the Escher leader is fantastic and her metallic blue whip is very well done too.

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Goberts Gubbins - P&M Blog, started with Oldhammer, often Blackstone Fortress and Void Panther Marines, with side projects along the way 
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