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The Specialist Reinforcements requisition essentially lets you buy pregame buffs for your units with Crusade's requisition point meta-currency (you otherwise cannot spend CP for pregame upgrades). When you use Specialist Reinforcements on a newly added vehicle squadron, do you pay 1 RP for the group, or 1 RP per model?
Specialist Reinforcements wrote:Purchase this Requisition when you add a Crusade card for a unit to your Order of Battle.
The wrinkle is in the split units rule.
Split unit rules wrote:The most common split units are VEHICLE squadrons, units of MONSTERS, or T’AU EMPIRE units that have accompanying drones, but there are others. If you have any such units in your Order of Battle you must fill out a separate Crusade card for each model (or group of models) that is treated as a separate unit during the battle - these individual components gain experience points, Battle Honours, take Out of Action tests and acquire Battle Scars separately.
It's really weird. My initial reading was RAW you'd pay 1 RP per model. However, the split unit rule comes much further into the book, and it doesn't explicitly say "add a Crusade card for each model". It almost seems like semantics, but the balance impact of buying Specialist Reinforcements per model seems unintended: it kills your RP supply and inflates your Crusade Points, where a normal game it would only cost 1 CP.

Am I missing any information, or wrong about something? What's the judgement?

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This is a little unclear. Under my reading of the rule, the different elements of the Split Unit are still one unit. Specialist Reinforcement would only need to be used once for the entire unit and would impact all of the Crusade Cards for that unit under one cost. This is because Specialist Reinforcement relates to Stratagems that enhance the unit and are not Crusade-related rules.

However, anything Crusade-related is tracked on the individual Crusade Cards of the different elements of the Split Unit. Thus they gain XP separately and gain experience points, Battle Honours, take Out of Action tests and acquire Battle Scars separately. They still remain the same unit. This does mean that they unit as a whole will have a larger impact on your Crusade Value than other units as the different elements gain Battle Honours separately.
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I read and play it the same as alextroy for my buggies. They are one unit except for "experience points, Battle Honours, take Out of Action tests and acquir[ing] Battle Scars".

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