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What GW specialist game would you want back the most?  [RSS] Share on facebook Share on Twitter Submit to Reddit
What GW specialist game woyld you like to see back more?
Battlefleet Gothic
Epic 40k
Blood Bowl
Dark Future
Aeronautica Imperialis

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Longtime Dakkanaut

Advanced Heroquest, please. OK, never a Specialist Game, but still my favourite of GW's various goes at dungeon-bashing; well, that and Space Hulk.
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Veteran Inquisitorial Tyranid Xenokiller

 AndrewGPaul wrote:
Advanced Heroquest, please. OK, never a Specialist Game, but still my favourite of GW's various goes at dungeon-bashing; well, that and Space Hulk.

This, please.

And a 'New' version of Mordheim would be great.
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Moustache-twirling Princeps

We'll find out soon enough eh.

I...just don't know about Mordheim. Don't get me wrong, it's the one I most want to see come back, and I'd love it if it happened, but I just don't know that it would actually "come back".

Would GW really miss an opportunity to flog more Goldenboys? And no matter how they decided to do that - either putting Mordheim in a bubble and transporting it to AoS, or doing a "spiritual successor" that's vaguely Mordheim-ish in tone and gameplay style but isn't actually Mordheim as-was - I'd really prefer they just didn't do it at all in that case.

I need to acquire plastic Skavenslaves, can you help?
I have a blog now, evidently. Featuring the Alternative Mordheim Model Megalist.

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Battlefield Tourist


I mean, I could ignore a new Mordheim, but it would itch at me in the same way Silver Tower does. I loved Warhammer Quest, but the new one just looks wrong to me - the tiles don't look like any kind of flooring, the style of the models is way too OTT and I don' t think they look very good, barring the Oni thing.

Mordheim was great because it was pretty much the MOST Old World Warhammer game ever. It had everything that made the Old World fun and unique turned up to 11. If I am not obsessing about small cultural differences between fictional city states in the Empire, it hasn't been done properly.

Made in se
Regular Dakkanaut


Man o' War! But I've got a vested business interest.

Failing that, BFG: All of them would be nice to have back, however.

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Boosting Ultramarine Biker

Roanapur City aka Skelmersdale

BFG and mordhiem for me

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Roanapur is an old Thai port in southern Thailand, where the deserters of the Vietnam War took refuge and were joined by the worst villains and
criminals of the world. Prostitutes, drug-addicts, mercenaries, killers, and psychopaths of any nationality compose the population of Roanapur.  
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Pyro Pilot of a Triach Stalker

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high

B F G baby!!

Bedouin Dynasty: 7k+ pts
The Silver Lances: 4k pts

MajorStoffer wrote:
Sternguard though, those guys are all about kicking ass. They'd chew bubble gum as well, but bubble gum is heretical. Only tau chew gum. 
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Hollerin' Herda with Squighound Pack

It's time to drop bloodbowl and necramunda from the poll and add man o' war already. That way the results would be more accurate. I would be interested in mordheim since I wasn't able to get it the last time around.

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