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Ian's Arbites Army

by ArbitorIan

Army Photo

Army List

As with my other armies, there is no 'set' army list - I just a load of models, and pick what I want each time I play. With this army, the models can be used as a number of different counts-as lists.

I usually would use the Bell of Lost Souls Arbites Mini-dex, which allows use of all the units. However, the army is being built with units to represent Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard (Grenadiers), Grey Knights (Coteaz) or Space Marines (Scouts).

1750pt Arbites (Sisters of Battle) List - http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/434407.page

Unit Photos

Lead Chastener (Lord Commissar or Straken)

Arbitor Marshall (Cannoness)

Arbitor Judge/Priest (Kyrinov)

Psy-Marshall (Primaris Psyker)

Arbites Patrol Teams (Sisters of Battle or IG Veterans)

Dominion Team

Retribution Team

Pursuit Team (Scout Bikers)

Suppression Team (Crusaders)

Cyber-hounds (Death Cult Assassins)

Interdiction Team (Seraphim or Storm Troopers)

Arbites Prisoner Detail (Penal Legionnaires!)

Castigator (Immolator)




Why I Started This Army

I started this army a while ago, as I'd always liked the idea of a pure Arbites force. I originally wrote my own codex, loosely based on the WH/Sisters of Battle Rules. In 4ed, I dug the army out again, and tried it with both the Witchhunters rules and the Imperial Guard rules, preferring the WH rules overall.

In 5ed, the WH rules have become less useful with the removal of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, while the Imperial Guard rules have become much more useful. However, the most common rules I use is the BOLS Adeptus Arbites Mini-dex, which does quite a good job of replicating the feel of an Arbites army. With the discovery of this, I started a massive repaint/rebase project which is ongoing in the P&M Blog section of the site.

Battle Reports

  • 2012/06/19 - ROBO/COP - Necrons vs Adeptus Arbites - 1850pts - link
  • 2011/10/18 - NEW ARMIES! - Arbites vs Dark Eldar - 1100pts - link
  • 2011/05/29 - PLAGUE VS LAW - Arbites vs Plague Marines -1300pts - link
  • 2010/07/04 - NOVA CRUX - ASSAULT ON NOIRREATH - Witchhunters vs Eldar - 2000pts - link
  • 2009/05/15 - DEFEND THE CITY WALLS - Arbites vs Plague Marines - 2000pts - link
  • 2008/08/23 - FIRST FULLSIZE ARBITES GAME - Adeptus Arbites vs Iyanden Eldar - 2000pts (Arbites as WH) - link
  • 2008/08/08 - TESTING ARBITES AS IMPERIAL GUARD - Adeptus Arbites vs Plague Marines - 1750pts - link
  • 2008/08/06 - TESTING ARBITES AS WITCHHUNTERS - Adeptus Arbites vs Plague Marines - 1500pts - link


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