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YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/21 22:00:20

Post by: youwashock


Like many others, the Stormcast Liberator models looked more to me like they would be right at home in the 40K universe instead of WHFB. And since I already had a small pile of bits waiting to be turned into an Adeptus Custodes model (SG torso/HE legs variety), I took the opportunity to grab a five-pack of these guys to use as fodder for conversions, the first of which was to be the Custodes. Hope the pics work ok. I tend to take WiP shots with a phone in less-than-stellar lighting.

I hope to post more pics as I work on other Inq28/Inquisimunda, Necromunda, Gorkamorka, and Mordheim themed models, plus anything else I happen to be working on. Maybe some fluff for some of them.

I would also like to take a moment to thank all of you. All of you who post your work and delve into the real potential this game and these models have. A special thanks to all the =][=/Inq28 theme modelers and painters, who have served as an inspiration to me as I have lurked these forums for the past few years. PDH, DexterKong, Bruticus, migsula, weirdingway, KrautScientist, any others I am forgetting at the moment, all you guys do work to aspire to.

Thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/21 23:57:03

Post by: Bruticus

Looks really good to me, I've see a few of these stormhost custodes but this one looks to be a cut above. The pics are fine but a tiny bit small, what's he got on his face? It looks a bit like the ultramarine invictarii helmets.

My only crit is that the shield is shaped quite like a crux terminatus, which is out of place on a custodes I believe. A more roman or knightly shield could work in its place.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/22 11:28:37

Post by: JohnnyHell


YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/22 17:12:25

Post by: youwashock

@JohnnyHell. Thanks!

@Bruticus. Thank you! The faceplate is from the Empire general from one of the older WHFB starters. Fifth? The Orc v. Empire one. Trimmed a bit for a slimmer profile. I get what you are saying about the shield. It is one of the storm shields from the assault terminator box. I picked the longer one because it had a nice aquila on it and was the least "crux-y." I wanted to avoid using the shield he came with, but I guess I could have shaved the detail off the SS and transferred it to the SC one.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/22 20:46:17

Post by: Dreadclaw69

Absolutely fantastic!! Out of all the Stormcast conversions I've seen this is head and shoulders above the rest

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/22 23:25:51

Post by: thesilverback

Good job. What did you use to build the head?

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/22 23:34:16

Post by: EmperorsChampion

This is what I have been waiting for. This is exactly what I wanted to see and it looks amazing.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/23 06:06:49

Post by: youwashock

@Dreadclaw69 and EmperorsChampion. Thank you very much. Glad you guys like him!

@thesilverback. Thank you. The head is a Phoenix Guard head with the faceplate from a plastic Empire commander and a plume from a 3rd ed. Dark Eldar. Extra decoration is a lion's head cut from a plastic cannon bit and a griffon head cut from an Empire standard. GS to blend them in a bit.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/24 04:42:14

Post by: Azazelx

Outstanding work! This is probably the best of the Custodes I've seen so far - and frankly amongst the best SigMarine conversions I've seen. Not many figures make me actually say "wow" when I see them. Kudos!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/07/26 07:24:38

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, Azazelx!

I am a big fan of the Eldar and when I played 40K (I rarely play anymore, and when I do it is most likely to be 3rd edition) it was usually with them. When the Autarch was introduced in Epic I was intrigued, even more so when they brought it over to 40K in 4th. Even though I may never use it, I wanted one for my collection. Late last year I finally got around to making one. Bannaichgaoth, Autarch of Sceariyuden Craftworld. My own craftworld, patterned after Biel-Tan. Built for looks, but legal to play, I think, if it ever comes up. It won't.

And some WIP shots. Larger pic.


Thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/08/04 20:03:33

Post by: youwashock

“I don’t get it, what if you step on a nail or something?”

The ship security guard gestured vaguely toward the woman’s feet, propped up on one of the tables in the common area of the Celestial Hauler, a medium-sized shipping and passenger carrier used often by those wishing to avoid excessive Imperial scrutiny, bound for Garon. They were unadorned save a few lengths of fine decorative chain, skin the color of ivory. Her hood was back, revealing her hairless scalp and finely pointed ears. Her arms were crossed across her chest and a complex eyepiece was set next to her feet on the table. The room was lit by dirty yellowish glowtubes that left much of it in shadow, which still wasn’t sufficient to hide the grime. She regarded her questioner with an irritation that was just impassive enough to escape his notice.

“Eldar,” spoke her traveling companion, a human male hunched over the table next to hers. He looked up from the powered gauntlet he was working diligently on, the weapon humming softly as he adjusted the inner mechanisms. “Light on their feet.”

“I have heard it said, Human, that when you are unsure of your terrain, bare feet are best. And my Path has carried me to many unfamiliar places.” She turned up one corner of her mouth in a sardonic smirk.

“Word is you’re some kind of shooter. Boys scoped your gear out coming on board. What happens when you’re out in the field and you can’t cover your targets because you gotta waste time watching where you step?”

“My steps are truly none of your concern. As to my pursuits, the Darkstar and I have nothing to prove, or justify. To anyone.”

“But, what if you step on a nail?”

After an audible exhale, the Eldar woman fixed her eyepiece in place and drew up her hood before standing. She stood easily a head taller than the guard, and drew very close to him before speaking, so close he could hear the optics in her rangefinder adjusting. She smelled of summer’s roses and...blood? An astute observer would notice he had begun to sweat.

“I tire of your prattling.” She trailed a fingertip from his temple to his chin. “You would need to remove your shoes to count the number of times over the course of this conversation that I considered removing your filthy mon-keigh hide and giving it to some back-planet farmer to wipe the nether regions of his pet ambull. Do not make yourself known to me again.” She had walked out the door and down the corridor before the guard’s mouth finally closed.

“Arrogant Xenos witch. Who’s she think she is? Get the boys together, teach her a thing or two.”

“Well,” sighed the Eldar’s companion, “you had better clean up first.” He tossed the other man a greasy rag and pointed to his face. Confused, he touched it to his cheek.

It came away red with blood.

“Ahhh, Riin. Our august lady. She hates when I call her that. Guess if she ever decides we’re quits I had better watch my back. But for now that’s her job. Mine and the rest of our little band. Not sure why she’s hooked up with the boss, or why she stays. Says stuff about “her Path” and all that Xenos mumbo-jumbo. Whatever. Boss has his plans, we see they come together. All I really need to know. She’s a strange one, though, even for an Eldar. I’ve fought with and against Eldar, and their cold, and she’s cold as they come. Snuff you out like blowin’ out a candle, you, your friends, your family, anyone you ever met, and never look back. But her an’ that wicked gun of hers (don’t let her hear you call it a gun) have saved my bacon more than a few times. Figure she tolerates me on account of me savin’ hers the one time she got caught out.”

“The gem? Not sure. Some brute-o slave merchant tried to buy it off her in the open-air markets on Chracta. She said it weren’t hers to sell. He didn’t quite get the picture and tried to get tough. He’s gotten used to feeding himself with his left hand by now, I imagine.”

“Hmmm? It shoots dark matter, or something like, according to the boss. Now, I’m no techpriest, but I know what kills you quick and that gun is on the list. It’s like needles from out of a place where light can’t ever go. Him on the Throne, it’s something when she cuts loose with it.”

“Sheolriin Neamhníbháis. Or something. We just call her August Riin. She hates it.”

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/08/06 20:37:18

Post by: youwashock

“You hear stories, you know? Adeptus Astartes. The Space Marines. Warriors of the Stars. They’re all true.”

“I went into battle twice beside the Marines. Second time I even spoke to one of ‘em seeing as how our regiment had taken such a beating from the greenskins that a corporal like me was in charge. They’re nothing like us. Giants. All armor and valor and none of that silly stuff like fear or doubt what takes hold of a man in the hours before he’s probably gonna die. They led the way, and we followed, caught up in their wake like leaves in a storm. We took that stronghold that day, but the Marines made it happen. Not one single Ork made it out of there alive. Not one Marine of the ten that came to our front didn’t walk off the battlefield on his own two legs, no matter how shot up or hurt they were. Dying for the Emperor is part of the job in the AM, but more of us lived because they were there. I won’t forget that.”

The first of five for an Inq28 squad. Working idea is that they are a squad of veterans assigned to work with the inquisitor as penance for failing at some task. This is Brother-Sergeant Barrakus. Brothers Hanubaal, Phaess, Murdaak, and Deckern to follow.

Automatically Appended Next Post:

This guy makes worms on the cheap. Teskal on the Reaper forum made one that looked like a DUNE sandworm. I was inspired. Constructed and painted in Nov. 2014.

And a scale shot with a soon-to-be-digested marine.

Thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2015/09/06 19:05:42

Post by: youwashock

This is a marine I built out of some parts I had to see how I would approach this style of truescaling. I used the Necron torso as a base because I did not have any spare marine torsos at the time.

WIP shots. The last image is him standing next to a plasticard-spacer style truescale marine. I would have liked to include shots of the stormbolter's construction, but they were all too blurry. It is based on two old (RT strikeforce) bolters stuck together and then puttied, plasticarded, and embellished with a couple of drum mags, a strap, and two old marine knives.


Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2016/12/23 20:30:46

Post by: youwashock

Time does fly. I have been doing stuff, just very sporadically until the last couple of months. The release of Burning of Prospero has lit a fire (get it) under me and so I bought it and Calth. As a result I have been focusing on Marine stuff. Eldar will always be my greatest love, but the Astartes and the Imperium are too cool, especially with the new kits that have come out, to ignore.

This model is based (obviously) on a Stormcast Liberator and will represent whatever commander I am using in either Terminator or Artificer armor should I ever play 40K again. The Marine army is really just for fun, modeling, and collecting, but I have been in the hobby for too long to completely disregard the possibility of these models hitting the table at some point. You never know.

He started out as this pile of parts:

I also made a Cypher. Not sure yet how he fits in, but I played Dark Angels back in RT, so why not? The new takes on him are always great models, so I wanted to take a crack at making my own.

Thanks for looking, and hopefully it won't be so long until I post again.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2016/12/24 00:27:55

Post by: Reanimator

Great fluff and some lovely conversions. It's hard to make exposition about a character sound natural but your writing style draws you in very quickly. I look forward to seeing some paint on these.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2016/12/24 06:35:27

Post by: Asmodai_00

Yeah, can't wait to see some paint here!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2016/12/24 12:27:11

Post by: evildrcheese

Awesome plog, some really inspirational conversions going on!


YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2016/12/24 20:43:22

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much for the compliments. I also hope to see these painted one day.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/01/01 22:16:11

Post by: youwashock

Happy New Year, all.

I am super-late to the party on these, since plastic Sisters of both flavors have become a reality in the time since I planned these, but I couldn't help but be inspired by KrautScientist's models (again) and figured I should follow through.

Kitbashed Sister of Battle and Sister of Silence for use in an =][= band of some kind. Fluff still in progress.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/01/02 16:11:23

Post by: JeffyP

Those Custodes are wild! Keep it up.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/01/22 20:53:01

Post by: youwashock

Thank you!

Here's another one. I really liked the alternate weapons included on the Custodes sprue, but will be arming mine with the more traditional Guardian Spears. However, I wanted at least one model armed in this way for the collection, so I bashed this guy together out of my last Stormcast and a few other parts.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/01/22 22:37:54

Post by: b-tone

Impressive conversions, keep it up!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/02/03 23:07:25

Post by: youwashock

Thank you!

This model is a redux of one I made sometime around Y2K. A Chief for the Pit Slave gang. For some reason I was never totally satisfied with the original, and have remade it using a different Wych as the base model (I originally used the Succubus from this era) and pulled the bionics and pistols from the original conversion. I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to work with metal models...

Thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/02/03 23:15:11

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

That Autarch you made is absolutely stunning. Stellar work on all your conversions though.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/02/12 19:47:10

Post by: youwashock

Thank you! That means a lot coming from one of the big names in Eldar around here.

"Ahh, yes, it's about time we pulled an easy detail. All we gotta do is keep an eye peeled up here while the boss gathers up his little trinket and make sure none'a them xenos-lovin' culters come snoopin'. Easy as could be, friend. Matter o' fact...What do you mean, "who's that, then?" Who's who, then? Uhhh...I don't know anything about that, friend. August might though. Let's go find her and ask. Quick now, friend. Don't look back, if we get noticed we're done. Run, man!"

The Solitaire chuckled. She walked casually through the ruined cathedral, crumbling stonework casting strange shadows. Look at the mon-keigh mongrel curs scamper back to their master. If they get noticed. Of course she noticed them, as much as she noticed the pebbles scurrying away from the toes of her boots. So concerned with the momentary lives they are given. She smiled. And her mask frowned. She frowned. And her mask smiled. She loved this game. Or hated it. She remembered the words, and that they had meaning, but the feelings were lost on her. Even her own kind considered her to be aloof and apart. They were right, of course, but could not fathom the distinction between being apart and being a part. A part of The Dance. The Dance Without End. She stopped and hopped on one foot three times, then skipped forward playfully three paces before leaping fifteen feet straight up., her dathedi exploding in a cascade of burning petals. She spread her arms and laughed a full, but humorless laugh. The echoes were a chorus of different voices. She flipped and spun in midair before landing soundlessly. The shadows applauded. All but one. Off to her left, the barrel of an impossibly-long rifle caught a moonbeam through the shattered roof. She stopped, and curtsied. She smirked. Her mask grimaced. Of course she was here. Tied inexplicably to the capers of her mon-keigh pet. She felt the dark pulse in the lance's heart. Certain death, if it ever had any hope of striking her. Sheolriin melted back into the shadows, and the Solitaire waved back gleefully. She flicked the base of her Kiss, a soft tone filling the empty air. She heard an approaching group. Heavy-footed, clumsy, angry. Apparently someone objected to Riin's human taking their sacred object, even though they had no idea of it's real power. Looks like things here were going to get a bit more complicated. She turned to leave. If they tried to stop her, she might even Dance for them. She smiled. And her mask smiled.

Eldar are my number-one love. However, my army consists almost entirely of metal models from RT/2nd edition. I own a Wraithknight, but bought it more for collecting than for playing. So when a friend gave me a modern Solitaire, I was sort of at a loss as to what I should do with it. I loved the model, but it didn't fit in (appropriate, I guess) with the rest of my Harlequins. But, it would be great as a model in =][= or Inq28 where nothing really has to match. Some kitbashing later, and I had Arebennian Kieralii Sorrowmoon. While I liked the Caress aesthetically, I went with the Neuro-disruptor as an homage to the original Solitaire model.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/02/13 03:42:10

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Beautiful work on the Solitaire, it treads that line between a subtle conversion and a more overt one very nicely, the torso piece blends in seamlessly and the hair flows nicely and is very well sculpted, another great job all around. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/02/13 06:19:39

Post by: evildrcheese

More excellent conversions. Loving the Custodian made from the AoS Stormcast.


YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/02/13 06:47:52

Post by: gummyofallbears


I love that solitaire, really really nice and clean conversion. I didn't actually notice the chest piece being different until I_F pointed it out, which is a good thing

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/20 02:12:32

Post by: youwashock

Thank you! Sorry for the slow reply. I have been painting.

I took a long break from painting models in favor of building with what time I could find, well over a year, but have been at it again the last couple of months.

The first model I painted wasn't really a proper model at all, but a glob of hot glue. A red slime, nicknamed Clubber.

Made this guy while constructing a costume for my daughter's school recital. And his brother, the Cosmic Slime, painted more recently, as Clubber has been done for a month or two and Cosmo was finished a little over a week ago.

Hot glue and a bowl of ice water.

I have painted more models, but to post them all would be a huge disjointed mess. So I will post more over the next few days. Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/20 04:06:46

Post by: Commander Cain

Loving the quality and variety of stuff you've manged to squeeze into one page!

Those glue blobs are super cool, wouldn't mind trying to make a few of them myself. If you ever felt like making another I would love a tutorial from start to finish!

Keep up the good work

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/20 08:19:20

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Dude those goops are gorgeous. You nailed the "wet goopy" look down perfectly and the colours are so entrancing. I especially love the colours on Cosmo but I feel you hit the depth and saturation for colour superbly on clubber. I never thought I'd be so excited to see glue blobs painted to be all pretty yet here I am. Great job, would love to see more.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/20 08:46:50

Post by: Ynneadwraith

I can't believe I haven't swung by here before! I love your truescale Marines, and the Eldar (and Eldar-based pitfighters) are fantastic too chock full of character and they look like real hard-nuts.

The slimes are excellent too love the iridescent sheen on

Lastly, big fan of your fluff the little snippets for August Riin are fantastic stuff more of that please!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/20 12:51:21

Post by: Novelist47

Neat work !!!
Especially love your stormcast stuff. I had a look of trouble deciding what to do with stormcast for my 40k army. So glad primaris came along.
Keep up the good work

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/21 03:46:57

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, all.

Commander Cain, that's the second time a tutorial has been requested for the slimes. I will have to consider it.

I.F., it's weird, right? They're blobs of glue. But I probably spent as much time applying paint to them as any regular mini.

Ynneadwraith, I will most certainly be returning to the more fluff-heavy =][= stuff. More plans than time, like the rest of us.

Novelist, I like the AoS aesthetic quite a bit, and find it slots very easily into 40K.

Thank you all again for looking and for your compliments.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/24 00:52:04

Post by: youwashock

Knight Models is one of those companies I always thought of buying figure from but never got around to it. Always a more relevant model to buy, and while pretty, they kept getting passed over. But then the Marvel line went kaput, and the prospect of it not even being a possibility anymore spurred me to purchase at least a few. That and a friend went insane when the announcement was made and bought everything he could get his hands on and I figured I should at least have a team of my own if we ever played.

Frank here came miscast. His right arm, which is a separate piece, ended about midway through the gun stock instead of the elbow where it should have. Resculpted what was missing, altering the pose in the process to make the sculpting easier. I am big Punisher fan, but for some reason this is the first Punisher figure I have painted, ever. Weird.

I picked the X-Men as my team since I like the characters in the starter line-up and they were available locally. I added a Talia to stand in as a proxy for whichever telepathic girlfriend I wanted for Cyclops since I couldn't get my hands on a Jean Grey.

Nice models, all told. They lived up to the Knight Models reputation for casting in some spots. It seems the X-Men especially were showing some wear in the molds. Frank and Talia were better. Still, some neat sculpts and they were fun to paint. Maybe I will get a chance to play the game, maybe not.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/24 04:35:44

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Great work dude, you nailed the white on that one model superbly.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/24 05:55:11

Post by: evildrcheese

Nice work on the X Men. Top quality painting.

Love the gloom from the prior page too. You must reveal how you got that set shiny look.


YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/27 06:07:50

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, guys.

The shine is just from the gloss varnish I use. Krylon Gloss Clear. For the slimes I just give it a little extra and skip the Dullcote.

Now for some Kingdom Death. I finally got up off my rear and started painting the models in the color scheme I had kicked around for quite some time but for some reason never took the chance at trying. I wanted something stark and gloomy, but still interesting. I settled on a sort of Sin City style, with a grayscale broken up by small shots of color. I am fairly pleased with the result and am looking forward to painting a lot more of these models, since I love me some KD.

Up first, the four starting survivors, with a solo shot of my favorite of the four.

And the first Monster, the White Lion.

Thank you for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/27 15:29:17

Post by: aku-chan

Nice colour scheme on the Kingdom Death stuff.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/27 18:02:19

Post by: Theophony

That is awesome , crazy cool idea. I could see doing a well of souls with that technique and some spare Skulls to put on the ends.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/27 19:16:42

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Those are absolutely gorgeous dude! Loving the monochromatic style with warm spot colours. These may very well be my favourite interpretation of the KD survivors yet.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/28 16:20:24

Post by: ckig

Lovely stuff in here. The greyscale fits very well with the KD horror theme. And the x-men crew look great as well..

Look forward to more!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/05/29 20:10:36

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, guys!

Aku-chan, I have watched your progress on KD stuff here and on Reaper's forum, always good to see you painting.

I.F., that's some high praise, thank you.

I have aspirations to play Song of Blades and Heroes. The free-form warband construction leaves so much room for creating new groups of models using figures that would probably never see the table otherwise. A great excuse for buying and painting random models. This group was inspired by the Universal Monsters lineup. The idea is that there is a sanctuary of sorts for monsters that don't want to prey on humanity hidden in an abandoned cathedral. Sort of a NIghtbreed/Sanctuary scenario. Of course nobody ever leaves the monsters alone, or they feel the need to set out on missions to aid those that would otherwise hunt them down and exterminate them a-la the X-Men. The latest model is the Gill-Man for that group. A vampire, phantom, and egyptian themed model are incoming, as well as another battle-sister, since monsters need human sidekicks.


A Reaper Bones model.

And the group so far. Gill-Man, Wolf-Man, and the technological Frankenstein type and their friends.

Thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/06/01 19:29:49

Post by: Warboss_Waaazag

Cool paint jobs, but I wonder what the gil-man is doing. It looks like it's just been shot.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/06/01 23:25:03

Post by: youwashock

Yeah. It's a weird pose. I guess he is supposed to be swimming, but he isn't underwater. That's why I put the water around his feet, like he had just jumped out of it. Really he looks like he's trapped in an invisible box. Gill-mime.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/06/11 20:49:34

Post by: youwashock

Here's a couple minis I painted a while ago, but never got around to taking pictures of or showing to anyone. First off, some figures from Relic Knights. Game never really got any traction in my group. Too bad, really. I like the models for the most part, and it was fun and fairly unique. Maybe we can give it another shot when the new rulebook comes out. Here's Rin Farrah, Rollo, and a conversion I made based on the Navarre Hauer model to use in my Prismatic band. He may get painted here in the near future, as I am still happy with how he came out and still want to see him finished along with Candy, Ayu, and Cordelia.

And a BONES purple worm, just because. It's a cool, simple model, good exercise.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/06/11 21:25:46

Post by: b-tone

Very cool models! I made a worm from the same tutorial you posted on page one, even if the result is not as good as yours.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/06/18 23:03:40

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, b-tone! Everybody needs a worm made out of common household trash.

I like Boba Fett. I like Predator. I had a conversation where both came up and a light went on. Fettator! Had to make a model. Then I found out I was not the first to have this revelation. By far. Turns out there were t-shirts, for crying out loud. Whatever. I made the figure anyway. He's on a Sedition Wars base, and in my mind at least he fits into that part of my collection because of the other homage figures that were produced during the (ill-fated) KS.

Started out as a Horrorclix Predator, added some bits and GS.

And here he is with some of the other Alabaster characters.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/06/19 10:31:39

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Haha nice! Big fan of mashups

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/06/25 07:34:39

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, Ynneadwraith! Glad you like him.

Like many, I picked up the new edition of 40K. Dig the Primaris, despite my early misgivings over the whole NuMarines thing, fluff, perceived obsolescence of all Marines before now, etc. Started painting a Lieutenant, but had to pause to make this guy. Not a legal loadout by any means, but whatever. He still has the wrist-bolter and a well-made stabby/cutty/power thing. A Primaris Captain in Gravis armor. He'd make a good Terminator Captain in earlier editions, I suppose. Who am I kidding? I'm never gonna play this game.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/06/30 07:05:05

Post by: youwashock

Less than a week before 8th edition came out I finished the first marine in the latest version of my chapter's (The Angels of Truth) color scheme. I work so slow that there were only about a dozen painted models in the army before, and they were all RT era models or so that had no place in the army after I decided I wanted it to be made up of more modern plastics. So updating the color scheme really isn't that big of a deal since it wasn't exactly super-established.

And I painted another KD survivor. Fist of the North Star is probably one of my favorite things, so it was very early on in the first KS that I decided I had to make a survivor based on Ken. How long ago was that? Yeah, I work slow. Of course, he's died a few times like all survivors in KD, but Hokuto Shinken can never truly be defeated.

Thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/02 19:51:33

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Both models are looking great dude. Love the monochromatic Survivor model. How modern of plastics are ya gunna do for your marine chapter? If you make them a Primaris chapter then you`d have to paint less models and you could get fieldable units faster. I may be biased though as after seeing the primaris marines in person I`m in love with their scale over the older marine models.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/02 21:54:38

Post by: youwashock

Thank you.

I had a lot of Marines in my collection that I had just accumulated over the years. RT metals, 2nd edition metals, RTB01's, then some 3rd edition plastics and a few more from later I had picked up here and there. Dark Vengeance Terminators and such. Then BoP and BaC happened and I had a ton of Marines. So I culled just about everything pre-3rd plastic, that way everything would have a similar style. Now the Primaris have me wondering if I should liquidate the old marines again, as I too am fond of the new look. I don't know how many times I want to turn my collection over, though. And field able isn't really aconcern. I don't play very often at all, but I can't get the game aspect completely separated from the modeling aspect.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/02 22:52:32

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

I feel your pain on wanting to update to the newer models but army turnover then starts dragging you down. I pretty much stopped working on my craftworld elder because I don't want to buy the finecast aspect warriors in the hopes that they do make updated plastic versions some day. I got burned when the new jetbikes came out as I had just bought 9 the month before and painted them all up only to have the nicer new ones come out a month later. At least if you go primaris you know theres no risk of them getting newer models of the same units anytime soon.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/03 01:31:28

Post by: youwashock

Quite true. I am sort of in a holding pattern waiting to see what sort of multi-pose kits they have planned and if the army is going to fill out with more unit options. Don't care for the new captain and librarian or the flying tank. Not a huge fan of the Dread. Reivers look cool, but don't want to sink a ton of money into more Easy to Build models if a full kit is around the corner.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/14 05:31:53

Post by: youwashock

Sometime between when I started this thread and the release of 8th edition I finished building the rest of the truescale squad for =][=/Inq28.

Adeptus Astartes of the Sun Guardians Chapter, the Sons of Solcustos.

(working fluff/subject to change) In the local mythology, there once was a great king (the sun), whose greatest warrior and protector was his son (the moon). Imperial missionaries had no trouble slotting the Emperor and an undisclosed Primarch into those roles, and the Marines as living representations/descendants of that great hero. The Sun Guardians fortress-monastary is even located conveniently on the moon orbiting their homeworld. Protectors, wardens, with a strong sense of martial honor and pride, the Sun Guardians were the perfect choice to stand guard over an artifact recovered by an Ordo Malleus Inquisitor before it could be safely transported to a permanent holding facility. Also, their base was close by. Unfortunately, the forces of Chaos attacked before the artifact could be moved. Aided by a Keeper of Secrets, the traitors made off with the artifact, killing all those present with the exception of these five, five veterans tasked with holding the line at the door of the vault itself. Instead of killing them, the Daemon bewitched them, overcoming their minds and leaving them standing slack and staring while the artifact was removed. To be left alive with their failure, the Daemon thought, was a far crueler fate than death.

While such a failure would easily have meant death for a normal soldier, five veteran Astartes are not so easily squandered. A penance, then. Indentured servitude to the Inquisitor and the Ordo Malleus. A vow to lend their might to his causes without question, that they may atone. There is also the matter of the Daemon who left them alive. The beast must certainly plan to return at some point to claim the souls of those it has brought low. Perhaps the Inquisitor believes that these five also serve as tempting bait for prey of his own?

Or something like that. Marines from a busted up Chapter. Working for the Ordo Malleus. None too happy about it. Maybe getting a raw deal from the Inquisitor, too.

Individual pics:

I also realized I had not shown two of the five Sigmarines I had converted. One is the Chapter Champion for the Angels of Truth, a position currently held by Arcadian Thraxus, Supremitor Veritas. The other is a depiction of Captain Madox as he might appear in =][=/Inq28.



Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/14 05:56:34

Post by: evildrcheese

Amazibg! I love tge winged jump pack dude!


YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/14 08:33:20

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Neat! Love the veteran Astartes, and the fluff to them is great too I particularly like that they're valuable to an Inquisitor both as indentured mooks...and as bait

The Stormstartes are kickass too

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/14 09:00:28

Post by: Elnibbus

Those Sigmarines are spectacularly awesome. Really like the sword on the first one.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/16 21:11:40

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, guys.

Picked up a couple boxes of Reivers yesterday. Couldn't wait to knock this guy together. Needs a little putty on the shoulder and knee, but I am pretty excited about how this squad is going to look. Primaris Legion of the Damned Sergeant.

Edgy helmets for the original scary Marines.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/17 02:52:39

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Very nice conversion, those helmets are gorgeous.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/17 13:32:36

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Yeah that's a killer helmet which kit is it from?

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/17 16:29:11

Post by: youwashock

Easy-to-Build Reivers. And we can hope the regular kit, too.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/07/27 06:40:44

Post by: youwashock

Feels like it has been longer. Quick WIP update. Primaris Legionnaires built. Two PiP, the other three need GS and they are ready to go. Three regular Marines and a Primaris Lieutenant ever so slowly getting done. Just a few details, chipping, and powdering to go. And I have finally started painting the Wood Elf Blood Bowl team I bought when 3rd edition was still fairly new.

Thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/15 03:51:39

Post by: youwashock

Kick the dust off this here...there we go.

Been painting. Slowly. But slow progress is still progress, I suppose. Finished my first Primaris and a couple reg'lar Marines. Do like those Primaris models, especially this Lieutenant.

And a group shot of all the Marines I have painted in the current color scheme. All five of them...

As always, thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/15 05:47:57

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Love the colour scheme dude, it works very well. The execution of the green is superb and that power sword is just gorgeous.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/15 15:40:39

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, I_F.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/16 00:30:47

Post by: kavika0311

Those are some really good looking Marines. I really like the lieutenant's sword.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/16 01:28:47

Post by: Theophony

Really cool color scheme there with the blue and white accents. Original and very well executed.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/16 02:03:42

Post by: FabricatorGeneralMike

 youwashock wrote:
Less than a week before 8th edition came out I finished the first marine in the latest version of my chapter's (The Angels of Truth) color scheme. I work so slow that there were only about a dozen painted models in the army before, and they were all RT era models or so that had no place in the army after I decided I wanted it to be made up of more modern plastics. So updating the color scheme really isn't that big of a deal since it wasn't exactly super-established.

And I painted another KD survivor. Fist of the North Star is probably one of my favorite things, so it was very early on in the first KS that I decided I had to make a survivor based on Ken. How long ago was that? Yeah, I work slow. Of course, he's died a few times like all survivors in KD, but Hokuto Shinken can never truly be defeated.

Thanks for looking.

Wow, I love the Kenshiro inspired paint job... as Hokuto no Ken is one of my fav shows of all time I will just leave this here for you....

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/16 08:53:44

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Well I absolutely love that colour scheme the varied green with gold, which and blue accents is stellar executed perfectly too!

Great to see a sandy base too! Partly because it really compliments the scheme, and partly because they might just be in the same part of the universe as my eldar

Careful, the Hunt may call for you some day...

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/17 06:17:19

Post by: Yorkright

Great work Yowashock those marines are ace.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/09/17 17:59:31

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much for the compliments, guys!

FabricatorGeneral, that scene is so truly epic. One of the greats. KEN-OU!

Ynneadwraith, we will keep our eyes peeled and beware the call of the hounds.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/04 03:52:44

Post by: youwashock

I have delusions of one day playing Blood Bowl, so I have started painting my Wood Elf team. Purchased, I believe, somewhere in the late 1990's. I own the original BB treeman, but used an inferior stripping agent to get the older than time paint job that was on it off. In frustration I grabbed the closest suitable substitute, a BONES Spirit of the Woods. Not a bad model, figured he would do the job.

And with the first three linemen.

I also have the first model for my Vampire team. This guy was painted around 2002 and is one of the few models I kept when I sold my VC army. The Strigoi models always got a bad rap, but I still like them. He will make a nice contrast to the clean cut vamps that came with the old box set. He just got a new base and he is ready for action.

Now, I like the way the treeman came out. These guys are painted pretty fast (for me) and I am satisfied enough with them on the whole. But barky here needed a base that is too big for my liking, and while he is passable, there is something about his aesthetic that just wasn't cutting it for me. Oddly enough, I own the Treebeard model from GW's LotR range, and the working name for my team is Fangorn's Warhawks, so you may ask yourself why I didn't just start with Fangorn in the first place. Well, in my irritation I forgot I owned it. That has been remedied and one grueling modeling session later he was assembled and will take his rightful place among the painted models finally. This guy has been in his box on the shelf for a LONG time. Since the initial release. Box says 2002.

So BONES tree will most likely never see the pitch (as if the others have a chance either, but whatever) but he is one more model painted so there's that.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/04 07:59:21

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Very nice models man, they looks great, I especially like the skin on that ghoul.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/05 00:35:08

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, man. They are fun models. A little dated, but low stress and good to work on along with other stuff.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/05 19:50:48

Post by: Theophony

Always loved treeman models, I do like the bones guy, but the old GW one gives me a little wood....mahogany (John carpenters vampire$)

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/06 19:12:15

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, Theophony. I am glad I decided to swap TB in, too. Painting in progress. Hopefully have him done before too long.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/25 06:33:43

Post by: youwashock

And so it came to pass that in the grim darkness before the dire battle,
the black-clad Astartes came to stand before the Emperor.

The Emperor asked of the Astartes, "What is your name?"

And the Astartes answered only, "Legion. For we are Many."


Finished the first two of five Primaris-sized Legion of the Damned. Have also decided to do a Centurius based on the Primaris LT with the sword and pistol.

And a couple WIP shots.

Very much enjoyed painting these guys and look forward to having the whole squad done. Centurius is also mentally pushing his way to toward the front of the to-be-built line.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/25 08:35:11

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Those look absolutely amazing dude, I love the concept and the execution of the flames is great. Can never go wrong with them Reaver helms either

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/25 13:02:56

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Those Reaver helms are the best thing that's happened to the Marines bitsbox since...well...factory Truescale Astartes...

Looking great Youwashock

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/25 15:10:35

Post by: Yorkright

Legion looks spectacular, and I really like the flame effects you have going on.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/25 18:10:12

Post by: kavika0311

Awesome looking models youwashock. Really liking the flame work.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/26 06:02:09

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, guys. Glad you like them. The flames are something I have been formulating for a while. Funnily enough, the model that was supposed to be the test bed for that effect is still unfinished. Not one flame on it yet.

Speaking of test beds...

This little number was given to me by my long-time friend Damon Richardson of Ganesha Kickstarter fame. A (very?) long time ago we played a game called RONIN from Cell Entertainment. We both loved their games and were saddened when they closed up shop. It has been a dream of Damon's for years to make his own mech game and models reminiscent of games like Battletech and RONIN. This model represents the latest step. This is an unreleased production-level resin prototype. I am very excited to see this dream be this close to reality. Looking forward to painting this guy up.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/30 18:27:46

Post by: youwashock

Finished up 3 more linemen (line-elves?)

Treeman is about half done and I have decided to add the Spriggan from MYTH as a wardancer stand-in. Should paint up pretty fast.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/30 23:17:00

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

the line-elves look great. The gem in their belt makes for excellent contrast.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/31 00:44:31

Post by: craggy

Some great stuff here. Really like the Sin City dead guys and the Legion Of The Damned, lovely custom work on them. Like the colour scheme you went for on Wolverine, but I'm always a fan of the green and yellow Rogue, even though you made her look awesome.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/10/31 22:25:04

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, I_F! I'm excited to have half the team finished. All down hill from here!

Thank you for your comments, craggy. Maybe one day soon I can put up my CoB Avatar. It's only been in progress for a year. Or two.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/07 06:50:00

Post by: youwashock

As a general rule, I don't much care for RPGs. I have had some good times, but mostly I prefer the focus and clearly defined beginning and end of miniature/card/board games. So of course I have allowed myself to be roped into one. A superhero setting based loosely on Savage Worlds' Necessary Evil.

My character, Volt-Edge. Inspired heavily by 90's comics. She throws lightning bolts, mainly. Converted from Heroclix models, GW bits, and Kingdom Death hands.

Her arch-enemy (and brother), Dreadsurge. He screams real loud. More 'clix.

WIP shots.

Fun to do. Low pressure. And I get to have minis in my RPG.

Also built another of the prototype 'mechs. This one is lighter, surely not Assault class like the last one. Here it is with a size comparison with the bigger mech and a model most people will be familiar with for scale.

Eventually it will be based in a similar fashion, then it will be time to paint.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/07 08:22:32

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

The heroes look great, Volt-edge particularly is a great example of kit-bashing at it's finest.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/07 15:35:14

Post by: Yorkright

I really like how your models are so brightly painted, Inevitable has said it all about your kit bashing skills. She is center piece model for sure.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/07 18:12:33

Post by: JohnHwangDD

 youwashock wrote:
Now for some Kingdom Death. I finally got up off my rear and started painting the models in the color scheme I had kicked around for quite some time but for some reason never took the chance at trying. I wanted something stark and gloomy, but still interesting. I settled on a sort of Sin City style, with a grayscale broken up by small shots of color. I am fairly pleased with the result and am looking forward to painting a lot more of these models, since I love me some KD.

These are really nice. I particularly like the White Lion. I don't think I've seen a lot of body art on KD models, but I think it's a cool idea. Hmm...

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/09 06:19:56

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much for the compliments! It was quite the exercise slotting that Witch-elf jaw into the Scourge helmet. A test of sorts for a couple other models I have planned.

Relic Knights. Anybody play this game any more? Me neither. We gave it an honest try in my group, but some of the players couldn't get their heads around not just rushing wildly into combat and actually attempting to accomplish objectives. This led to a few frustrating games and RK quickly fell out of favor. However, I do really like some of the models. This one, Candy Heart, a giveaway from Soda Pop to KS backers for persevering through delays and mispacks. For a long time she sat partially finished. For over a year, I think. When I started again she looked like this:

But now she is done and looks like this:

Glad to have her done. Having her unfinished was a burr I am happy to have removed.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/09 08:29:20

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

She looks great with her bright colours matching the bubbly attitude of the model. It's always a treat to see new models I've never seen before, definitely a unique and fun model.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/09 16:38:40

Post by: aku-chan

Nice job on Candy Heart, and Volt Edge is a particularly fine piece of kit-bashing.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/10 13:12:49

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Yeah your heroes are a brilliant creation dude I always think that the mark of an excellent conversion is when you look at it painted and think 'that could be a standalone model'.

Those are definitely the case as I was actually pretty surprised by the WIP shot having so many different bits and sculpting to it

Also, I knew there was someone with a kickass Greyscale/spot colour Kingdom Death scheme knocking around but couldn't remember who. I hope you don't mind but I plan on unashamedly stealing that for a Harlequin Troupe idea I have brewing

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/10 22:51:24

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like her.

Steal away, Ynneadwraith. I look forward to seeing the result!

Finished painting Treebeard and the Spriggan. Just need to varnish, base, and photo. Hopefully this weekend/next week. Centurius has also changed from being based on the Primaris LT to being based on the Primaris Chaplain. So I will need to buy one of those.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/11 18:53:43

Post by: Yorkright

She is lovely, but then again I love all your stuff ;-).

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/12 03:06:16

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, Yorkright. I am glad you like her, and all the rest, too.

Chaplain secured. Now to start cutting on a 35 dollar model.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/11/12 12:43:01

Post by: EmberlordofFire8

Subbed! Great stuff here!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/12/05 20:45:40

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, Ember. Glad you like it.

Slow progress. But I guess I wouldn't want to be too hasty with this one. GW's Treebeard painted up for the Wood Elf Blood Bowl team.

Even if he never sees play it is nice to have this model painted. GW made some great models for the LotR range and I am glad to have actually got off my backside and painted this guy.

Also finished the model that sold me on the 1st MYTH KS (concept art that sold me, I guess), the Spriggan. Have since moved on almost all my MYTH pledge, but was sure to hang onto this guy (girl?).

Quite a neat little model. Quick to paint and will serve nicely as a stand in Wardancer to break things up on the pitch a bit.

And all the team members done so far:

And a first look at a newly developing project:

Avengers, assemble. The availability and cost of Avengers models for Knight Model's Marvel mini game were proving to be obnoxious, so I have chosen Heroclix models I like the sculpts on and will be repainting them to maybe one day use in that game.

Still cutting away on Centurius, still painting Wood Elves and Rasputina. And Legion. Too much to do, so little time.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/12/06 04:26:11

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

That bloodbowl team is looking awesome, love them dude.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/12/06 13:10:30

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Love that spriggan model definitely a great way to break up the team. Pose fits perfectly with blood bowl as well

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/12/07 03:23:52

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, guys! Appreciate the compliments. Almost done with the next 3 elves. Then it is just the wardancers and the final line-elf and the team is finished.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/12/22 19:05:26

Post by: Captain Brown

Blood Bowl team is looking very nice.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2017/12/22 19:18:45

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, Captain!

Sick kids, sick wife, bad weather, and then sick me on top of the holidays have ground productivity almost to a halt for a couple weeks. A real drag because I finished the 3 elves and Rasputina. They are glossed, but still need the flat and basing. Frustrating to have them so close to done and not be able to get around to the last bits. Hopefully at least be able to finish varnishing this weekend.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/14 21:51:18

Post by: youwashock

The end of 2017 was really something, but I finally got these models finished.

Three more for the Wood Elves. These are of the throwing and catching variety.

Rasputina finally done. I should have taken a picture of her with the three Gamin I painted when I got the starter. In 2014.

A little GS work to get rid of Hulk's Forrest Gump 'do.

Work proceeds on Centurius, BB, and other projects. Had a wild moment and grabbed Betty and Lug out of the Relic Knights pile, so some RK may be in the future.

As always, thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/14 22:01:15

Post by: Guildenstern

Love your Rasputina especially!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/15 00:36:18

Post by: youwashock

Thank you! It feels good to have her done. I did forget to make Frozen jokes when I posted her, though.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/15 03:43:16

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

The red and blue on Rasputina compliment eachother nicely. That base on her looks aces dude.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/15 16:53:14

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, IF! Do you wanna build a snowman?

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/15 17:25:43

Post by: nou

 youwashock wrote:
Thanks, guys.

The shine is just from the gloss varnish I use. Krylon Gloss Clear. For the slimes I just give it a little extra and skip the Dullcote.

Now for some Kingdom Death. I finally got up off my rear and started painting the models in the color scheme I had kicked around for quite some time but for some reason never took the chance at trying. I wanted something stark and gloomy, but still interesting. I settled on a sort of Sin City style, with a grayscale broken up by small shots of color. I am fairly pleased with the result and am looking forward to painting a lot more of these models, since I love me some KD.

Up first, the four starting survivors, with a solo shot of my favorite of the four.

And the first Monster, the White Lion.

Thank you for looking!

Those are simply beautifull - I like restrained schemes very much and using lamps and blood as accents works awesomely!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/15 22:08:26

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, nou!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/16 06:01:14

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

As a Canadian it'd be downright in-patriotic of me to refuse building a snowman, I'm game!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/01/16 19:07:20

Post by: youwashock

Guess I had better bump the Ice Golem up in the queue...

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/02/27 08:07:03

Post by: youwashock

Time flies...

Blood Bowl team is done. Technically. I still have a couple models I should paint from the team box. If I don't do them now, I may as well throw them in the trash. A third Wardancer and a final Line-Elf. I also threw a Dwarf referee on the table for grins. But those guys are afterthoughts and the team proper is done. Thankfully. Like many in this hobby I suffer from an attention deficiency and it was really getting to be a chore to paint these guys. The momentum from the Treeman and Spriggan done wore off a while ago. Trouble with only being able to work sporadically, as well.

In other news...

A long time ago I tried to play a game called Warzone. It was an alternative to 40K with a lot of cool art and absolutely atrocious models that I convinced myself were ok because they were different. Anyway, Warzone took off like a rocket when it was first released, and then exploded in upper atmo instead of having any longevity and people quickly moved on. I kept my Brotherhood force until recently for some reason. Latent hoarding tendencies, I suppose. Finally took a good hard look at them and sent them packing. But the shiny new Warzone:Resurrection figures needled their way into my brain, and with no intent to ever play the game beyond first edition, or really at all, I replaced my Brotherhood force with updated resin hotness. Now my Warzone figures get to make the GW figs look big and clunky instead of the other way around. First figure finally done, started him last year sometime, establishing the look for the basic troopers, inspired by COBRA Vipers.

And some WIP on Centurius, who still isn't done, but is farther along than in these pics. By a little.

As always, thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/02/27 16:02:35

Post by: Yorkright

Love the blood bowl team, everything just looks right on those models right down to the astro turf looking bases. Looking forward to Centurius that conversion work on his face is great, as is the rest of the fig. The Malifaux trooper does make some of the new GW look big and clunky, if I had to put him in the GW universe I would say he looks like he belongs with the T'au, great paint job on him.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/02/27 19:44:19

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, Yorkright. I am fairly pleased with how Centurius has gone so far. I just need to focus enough to finish him and the last three squad members.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/02/28 11:01:48

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Looking great dude! Some really goot bits surgery/splicing on the Primaris dude's head there can't wait to see him come together.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/02/28 18:36:40

Post by: youwashock

Thank you!

Let me tell you, working with that faceplate was F-U-N. Especially when I dropped it. Thank goodness I wasn't working over carpet.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/02/28 19:08:15

Post by: schank23

Everything here is superb. Your kit bashing, green stuff work and painting are all top notch. And your x-men. Holy trip down memory lane. I saved those pics just for reference. Lve the gray scale as well that caught my eye. Again beautiful work.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/02/28 21:49:47

Post by: Meer_Cat

The Blood Bowl team is terrific- I've got a Dark Elf team coming from a Kickstarter (the Occulte Predators) and I'll be sneaking some looks at yours- especially the faces- when attempting mine.

And that Rasputina is really something else- the shading on the cloak especially is very catching.

More, please!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/02/28 23:44:33

Post by: youwashock

@schank23 - Thank you very much! Glad you like what you see. I hope to get a few more KD models going soon.

@Meer_Cat - Thank you! Rasputina will soon be joined by SnowStorm and hopefully not too long after by the Ice Golem. As always, too many minis, not enough time.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/01 01:28:27

Post by: Camkierhi

That was a very pleasant read through, you got some skills.

"Somebody get this man a time machine!"

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/01 04:46:25

Post by: youwashock

Wouldn't that be something? Unfortunately I would probably wind up shattering the continuum before I got caught up on minis projects.

Thank you for the compliment!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/06 13:06:36

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Oh yeah that mask looks mega-fiddly :S I feel your pain. I've definitely dropped some very expensive bits and spent hours scouring the floor to find them again. Worst one was the head for my Yncarne while I was carving out its skull face. Wasn't looking forward to buying another £35 Triumvirate for one measly head!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/06 17:59:47

Post by: Captain Brown

Nice Blood Bowl figures. Nice to see some oldies get some painting love.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/06 23:17:41

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, Captain!

@Ynneadwraith - That would have been a heap-big drag. Losing this part wouldn't have cost me much beyond the time I spent shaving the bugger down. Which was admittedly considerable.

SnowStorm is painted and mid-varnish. After that basing and they are done.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/24 23:50:43

Post by: youwashock

Time flies. So does the snow around here. Appropriate, then, that I have for you today some of December's children.


And the group so far, including the Gamin I painted years ago when I first got the Rasputina box. I have never played Malifaux, but I really like some of their models and the setting in general. I gravitated towards the children of the cold early on in my perusal of the range. I also had to pick up Titania and her crew, but not for years after my initial purchase. Maybe one day these will see use.

And A WiP collage showing a little work on SnowStorm and things to come.

As always, thank you for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/26 06:04:15

Post by: Camkierhi

Gods I love your work, your style really grabs me. Brilliant work, and looking forward to progress on the WIP.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/26 18:13:24

Post by: Captain Brown

Excellent work to get that darker blue to highlight the muscles.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/26 18:19:45

Post by: Yorkright

Beautiful work Yowashock, love the blues.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/27 00:15:12

Post by: youwashock

Cam, you flatter me.

Thank you very much for the compliments, guys!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/27 18:22:36

Post by: schank23

I have to agree. Your blues look great. And your style is striking as well. And like I’ve said in the past. Love those marvel figs. Your paint jobs on them are awesome.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/28 01:07:36

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, schank23! Been a slow week or so. Lots going on, but Hulk and Frosty the Golem are a little further underway.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/29 00:26:17

Post by: Meer_Cat

All the pieces very well done- I'm busy making notes for myself. I'm particularly interested in how you did the highlighting on the purple cloak and the grey trousers- really brings depth and nuance to the items and makes the whole figure come alive.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/29 03:11:20

Post by: bunnygurl

Your work is amazing. I loved everything but my favorite would have to be the Snowstorm. A million thumbs up!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/03/29 19:27:51

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, you two!

Meer_Cat, the purple is a strange purple/grey I received as a paint sample from Reaper. Base coat with that, Army Painter Strongtone wash, highlight with the base, highlight with 50/50 base color and P3's bone white color. Any unleached titanium color will do. Pants are a mix of Vallejo greys, washed with AP Darktone.

Thanks again!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/04/19 04:15:30

Post by: youwashock

Couple larger models finished. First up is Hulk, a repainted Heroclix model that will serve as the centerpiece of the Avengers team that will maybe one day see action in the Marvel minis game.

Always liked this sculpt. Nice to have it in proper green and not grey.

Looks like Wolverine isn't too happy about it.

Also finished the Ice Golem for Malifaux, aka the Fist of December. Another model I have been fond of for some time and am glad to finally put on the painted list.

Little brothers!

Working on Legion, big robots, Avengers, and random other things. Maybe even some Relic Knights.

As always, thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/04/19 05:02:03

Post by: Theophony

Nice repaint, somehow I missed out on the whole heroclix game system. Probably for the best.

Malifaux is one of the games that has always peaked my interest, just never seen anyone local playing it.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/04/19 21:19:39

Post by: youwashock

Thank you!

I sometimes wonder if I would not have been better off missing the whole WizKids prepainted plastic money sink.

I hear you on Malifaux. I have never played the game or even read the rules, but the figures are awesome so I couldn't resist at least a few.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/04/21 21:00:28

Post by: aku-chan

Your Rasputina gang is looking great!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/04/22 02:25:18

Post by: youwashock

Thank you! So far I have enjoyed painting Malifaux models. Probably do the Wendigo next for 'Tina's group. He is a silly little thing.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/07/19 06:48:05

Post by: youwashock

Greetings. It has been a bit. Been painting, but it is hard to sacrifice precious hobby minutes to stop and take pictures. Bear with me, this stuff is all over and the pics are a little iffy.

Up first, boost tokens for Relic Knights. The box is an official RK model, but the Cthulhu statue was a game piece from Fantasy Flight that in my opinion makes a perfect esper condenser.

Quick little things. That have sat primed for well over a year.

Next are some Blood Bowl leftovers. The two models that got benched from the Wood Elf box when I decided to go with the star player and spriggan models on the team. Figured I had better get 'em done now or they were never getting done. To keep the groups of three I had going when I painted the rest of the team (except for the treeman), I tossed an old dwarf ref in there. Fun old model.

This next guy has been WIP for a LONG time. So, I played Heroclix. And being the hobbyist I am, it was only natural that I would seek to mod some of the figures. This guy grew out of my reaction to seeing the dial for a Lizard figure. My first thought was "that's madness", and that spiraled into a mash-up between Lizard and the storyline where the Venom symbiote was exposed to toxic waste (go 90's!) and went a little crazy, sprouting extra arms and heads and the like. Venom: The Madness. So this is Lizard: The Madness. An Abomination figure, a few extra arms, some putty, dodgy paint job. Finally finished. Now that I am not playing Heroclix. Neat.

Now that that silliness is out of the way... Another Warzone model. A Crucifier from the Brotherhood. Should I ever play Warzone again (I won't) he will most likely be a stand in for Sebastian Crenshaw, who has yet to receive an updated model from Prodos.

Work continues on my budget Avengers for the defunct Marvel minis game. Black returns as the new black when these two leap into action: Black Panther and Black Widow. Both Heroclix repaints, but Nat started life as an Invisible Woman with a new set of arms.

And the team so far. Sun's gettin' mighty low, big guy...

And finally, I got in on BONES 1, and was quite fond of the translucent fire elemental. At the same time I also acquired the earth elemental. It stood to reason that the air and water elementals would follow suit and be equally effective models. Sadly, it would take two more Kickstarters for them to be realized. Seeing no need to drown myself in rubber models of varying quality, I skipped the KS's and just bought the couple models I wanted when they were released. Patience. Bought water when it was released, and in it's package it sat until a couple months ago. Spurred by the impending release of Air and finally being able to have all 4 I knocked out Water, bought Air when it came out, and set to work on it right away.

All together now.

Years, man. It seems silly now.

And one last bit, for any that have made it this far, and thanks if you have, the desk as it stands now. Stuff that will hopefully be shown completed here before too long. Iron Man has also just been finished and only needs varnish and basing.

Whew. As always, thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/07/19 06:55:33

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

I'm drawing a blank on identifying those mechs.

My first thought was Infinity or something, but they don't look familiar.

Please enlighten me!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/07/19 16:24:41

Post by: youwashock

They are unreleased prototypes for what may one day be a game inspired by Cell Entertainment's RONIN/Ronin War. They were made by Damon Richardson, of Ganesha Games/Fightin' Fungi/Star Eagles fame.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/07/21 05:47:43

Post by: Yorkright

Always inspiring to stop by and see your work, those elementals and repainted heroclix are so well done. Keep em coming Youwa makes me strive to be a better painter.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/07/21 13:26:07

Post by: Arakasi

Saw your blog pop up, recognised the name, impressed by page one - so read the lot and subscribed. Your conversion work is great, especially the Marines. Have I missed something though? I've seen a lot of painted minis - but none of the converted Marines?

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/07/22 00:44:12

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, guys.

Yorkright, glad I can help. I like to think we all help each other stay working and inspired.

Arakasi, unfortunately I work slow and my focus is prone to wandering. The =][= stuff is always floating around in the background of my hobby brain. I hope to paint some of the conversions shown earlier in the not too distant future. Need to get the stuff in the desk pic sorted, then start work on the copy of Renegade I bought, and in there somewhere get to both =][= and some 1999 (Cell Entertainment) stuff.

Thanks again for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/07/22 02:07:47

Post by: Arakasi

Ha! Far be it from me to accuse anyone of working slow - I think I've turned working slow into an art form. Please take all the time you need.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/08/16 12:34:20

Post by: zahnib

Those Legion of the Damned look swish as my dude

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/08/16 13:39:20

Post by: Elnibbus

Mmm-hmmm, I agree with zahnib: that Centurius sure is tip-top.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/08/16 23:05:25

Post by: zahnib

@Elinibbus I was checking out your Blood Angels blog yesterday, what happened, it just stopped?!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/08/17 04:19:06

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, guys!

Zahnib, welcome to the forum.

Still working. Maybe should take a progress shot or something. Still need to base Iron Man, Hawkeye is PiP, as are the mechs. Just finished Warzone sniper gal and working on sub -assembling my first Knight.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/08/17 06:54:27

Post by: zahnib

Thanks youwashock, look forward to seeing your progress

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/08/26 21:27:09

Post by: youwashock

Hi, all. Just couple quick shots of the work area. Nothing finished lately. Iron Man and Sniper gal still await varnish and basing. Been a slow month. Sometimes seems like they all are.

Mechs underway in earnest. Chibithulhu as well. Warp Spiders are there for some reason. Last year I stripped off their 2nd Ed. paint job and now feel compelled to paint them again.

Darn things are everywhere these days. Knight 1 in parts for rattle-can base coating. I hope. New territory. Not really into painting things in pieces, but it just seems the best route here. Wish I had been willing to try wth my Wraithknight, which may forever be assembled, primed and unpainted.

Since that shot the rest of the knight has been assembled so hopefully it won't be too long before some pics with paint are up here. As always, thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/09/10 03:07:16

Post by: youwashock

More WiP stuff. The slow train puffs merrily along. Big robots are the name of the game for now.

Spray work on the knight. So far, so good. Worked out ok as far as I can tell. Beats brushing nooks and crannies.

Legs with a little paint on and test fit to the pelvis. I am beginning to think this might work out.

Mech 1 is nearly done. Currently just need to apply weathering dust to the legs, maybe a little in other spots, and it is time to varnish and base. I have grown rather fond of this model. I like the design quite a bit, and it was fun to paint.

Knight has had its leg assembly assembled and painted. Currently working on the leg armor plates. This piecemeal approach is helping a lot to keep from getting bogged down by the size of the model.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/09/10 11:21:29

Post by: zahnib

That mech looks great!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/01 05:25:15

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, zahnib! And here he is all done. With a dash of fluff, completely unrelated to anything, since this is a model without a game.

Pictured here you see the Atlas Industries Leviathan class heavy combat frame Model 011-FCT, dubbed "Stormbringer" by frame-pilot Fett Halford. 011-FCT sports multiple features that set it at the head of the pack in modern warfare, including layered ablative armor, stacked redundant heat sinks, cockpit ejection and backup escape pods, and the latest in pilot interface systems. It is armed with a top-of-the-line weapons suite combining the Lance Systems "Judgement" MRMDS (magnetic rail munitions delivery system) with a Castle Arms "Devastator" rotary auto cannon and topped by Atlas' own "Hard Rain" multi-launcher.

Also here just in time to put a bullet in the head of Prodos' version of her game is Indigo.

Neat model. Fine sample of Unicast. Would make a good stand-in for Valerie Duvall, since the official version of that character was sort of uninspired in my opinion. At least in V1 where she was armed with a sniper rifle. Can't speak to later editions.

The truth is...he is Iron Man. Tony suits up to run with the other repainted Heroclix in a game I will never play.

Work proceeds on the Knight. Legs are done. Other parts still in progress. Still going pretty smooth. Having only a few hours a week to devote to painting it is still taking a while, but I am enjoying it. I can see why these models are as popular as they are.

Feels a little silly painting the eyes like that since I will have the faceplate in front of them, but maybe they will show.

The big robots stomp on. Working on the next mech and hope to wrap up the Knight before too awfully long. Also superheroes. Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/10 04:36:55

Post by: youwashock

This was fun. And a little nerve-wracking. Knight progress.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/10 06:16:26

Post by: Theophony

That is a lovely green you have going onto that knight .

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/10 11:47:41

Post by: zahnib

Looks great! How did you do the lettering? Looks really crisp. And I agree with Theophony, the green looks great

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/11 00:09:01

Post by: youwashock

Thanks for the comments, guys! The green is Army Painter Army Green, washed with a mix of Agrax and AP Dark tone, then highlighted with a couple layers of Army Green mixed with P3...bone colored something or other.

Zahnib, the lettering was done with a couple of Micron pens. 01 and 005, I think.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/11 11:42:49

Post by: zahnib

Nice! I thought that might have been the case. Look forward to seeing the finished knight!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/11 13:03:58

Post by: Camkierhi

Excellent work, really nice scheme.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/12 04:12:13

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, Camkierhi! I appreciate the compliment. This Knight is meant to go along with my Marines, so they share a color scheme. Working fluff is he is sort of a loser Freeblade who is trying to get his act together and he helped the Marines out so they let him tag along.

Further assembly has taken place as parts get finished. Not much more to do.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/12 10:26:45

Post by: Theophony

The white helmet and gold fingers are really nice little stand outs

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/12 11:41:30

Post by: Tyranid Horde

The colour scheme for your knight is excellent, really impressive work! The lettering is also really cool.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/12 17:36:41

Post by: Kepora

Okay, I'm loving that Knight's colors. What paints are you using?

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/12 19:33:29

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, guys!

Kepora, I am using Citadel, P3, and Army Painter paints for the most part. Some cheap craft paints were used to build up some drybrush layers on the metal frame areas. The mix for the green is a few posts above, the gold is P3 bronze washed with the same Agrax/Dark tone mix as the green, highlighted with old Citadel Shining Gold.

Thanks again!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/12 19:52:18

Post by: Commander Cain

Great looking Knight, love the paint scheme!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/12 21:48:32

Post by: zahnib

Looking good! I really like the pose. The overall colour scheme is great too, I especially like the white helmet

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/13 06:37:26

Post by: Kepora

 youwashock wrote:
Thank you very much, guys!

Kepora, I am using Citadel, P3, and Army Painter paints for the most part. Some cheap craft paints were used to build up some drybrush layers on the metal frame areas. The mix for the green is a few posts above, the gold is P3 bronze washed with the same Agrax/Dark tone mix as the green, highlighted with old Citadel Shining Gold.

Thanks again!

Army Painter Army Green, got it. Thanks! That'll make a great color to use for my Master Grade Jegan if I decide to paint it!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/29 03:27:55

Post by: youwashock

Oof. Life and illness made progress even slower than usual, but I have hit a significant milestone. The carapace and shield are done and glued in place. Pics!

Only the shoulders and launcher remain, then it is on to dust and basing. Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/29 06:50:57

Post by: ListenToMeWarriors

I really like that green, thanks for the recipe for it. The brass is excellent as well, really like your weathering on it. Any heraldic plans for the pauldrons, I ask as on my Knights all heraldry flies out of the window.

I really like your style, and those Legion of the Damned

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/29 23:22:47

Post by: Arakasi

Looking good!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/30 03:24:55

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, Arakasi!

ListenToMeWarriors, the shoulders will be red and blue like the tilt shield, with an aquila on both sides. This knight is a Freeblade who tags along with my Marines, so his color scheme matches theirs for the most part. Thank you for the compliments!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/31 12:15:56

Post by: zahnib

Looks great youwashock! I really like the pose, looks very purposeful. And the colour scheme worked out great, will look even better when its all based up!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/10/31 19:27:54

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, zahnib! I am ready to see this guy finished. Just a little bit to go. After it would be nice to work on something less involved, but I have the other Knight to do and should probably get it going while I still have momentum from this one.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/02 09:12:57

Post by: howie

The colouring on that knight it lovely. Really like the wear and tear look, all the oil smudges.

whenever i try and do similar it always looks like I've just spilt paint on my models and hope for the best!

Can't wait to see it finished.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/03 11:06:49

Post by: zahnib

@youwasock haha, don't see it as a chore! Knights are meant to be enjoyed

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/03 18:03:35

Post by: youwashock

Thanks for the compliment, howie. I am looking forward to seeing it finished, too.

You're right, zahnib. They are great models to work on.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/03 18:13:04

Post by: Captain Brown


It looks great, like it has been moving towards the battlefield, with gears working through their lubrication and dirt and dust starting to get stuck to the carapace.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/04 01:25:15

Post by: Ynneadwraith

Dude the freehand on your knight is just gorgeous you're right it's nerve-wracking, but so worth it

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/04 17:23:51

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, CB! It is definitely meant to look a bit worn and grimy, as I figure his Freeblade status and wandering nature mean the Knight gets a little less TLC than it normally would. And if it takes me much longer to finish, I think it will have REAL dust stuck to the carapace...

Thanks, Ynneadwraith! I will admit I am quite happy with how it is all turning out so far. Just need to keep it up a bit longer.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/15 04:13:49

Post by: youwashock

Almost there. Shoulders are done and glued in place. Just the launcher and the base to go.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/16 00:31:12

Post by: Captain Brown


Really a solid paint job there.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/16 01:18:40

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Those shoulders are seriously good, great work!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/16 02:43:31

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, Captain, Tyranid Horde. It has been a pretty rewarding experience.

The launcher has been painted and glued in place. Just needs to be chipped and the Knight itself will be fully painted. Then it will be on to the finishing touches (base and dust.)

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/16 17:11:57

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

The knight is looking great dude, the colours choices hit a nice blend between flashy and more toned down realism that'll really make it a great centrepiece on any table or display stand.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/16 19:27:38

Post by: Theophony

The shoulder pads are great looking, well done. I’m still in love with the green of the main body though . Can’t wait to see it all based and dusted up.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/17 10:46:38

Post by: zahnib

Looks great youwashock, well done!! Hope you're happy with it.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/19 04:05:35

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, guys! I am pretty stoked on it, especially now that it is all together. Speaking of which, here is a quick pic with the launcher installed. Now if I can just get it based without any mishaps. Also starting to wonder if my phone takes better pictures than my camera.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/19 04:38:22

Post by: Theophony

Do white dots on the tips of missiles mean they are veterans? How’s that even possible?

just messing with you, it looks great on the model, really like the checks on the side of the launcher as well.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/19 21:40:10

Post by: Captain Brown

 youwashock wrote:
Thank you very much, guys! I am pretty stoked on it, especially now that it is all together. Speaking of which, here is a quick pic with the launcher installed. Now if I can just get it based without any mishaps. Also starting to wonder if my phone takes better pictures than my camera.

Thanks for looking!


Looking great so far.

Good luck on the basing...make sure you pin for strength.

I have also started to take photos with the phone as it seems to handle light and artificial light much better than my old little digital camera.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/20 17:11:43

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

100% digging it. That checker pattern on the launcher must have been a pain, looks great though. Great job.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/11/20 17:45:36

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much for the compliments, all!

IF, the checks were easy. They are a transfer from one of the Space Marine sheets. Just had to trim it for length and to fit around the points.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/03 13:04:04

Post by: Camkierhi

Beautiful knight

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/03 21:01:58

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Great looking knight and a very sneaky way of using the SM transfer sheet to do some of the dirty work

What is the plan for the base? Do you have a specific theme in mind or not yet?

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/04 04:48:59

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, Cam, Tyranid Horde. The plan is to have the base match, roughly, the bases of my Space Marines, since he goes with them. I imagine any Imperial forces I paint will share this style. As seen here, since he is finally done. I present, piloting the Veritas Rex, last Knight of House Galvorn, slayer of His enemies, Strohm Galvorn.

I am a little iffy on the phone pics. Some glare due to my lighting setup which I am unsure of how to compensate for with the phone. Maybe some diffusers? Enough about the pics, he is finally done. My desk looks empty without him. Been a lot of work, but it was very enjoyable. I like how he looks with his little brothers. Thanks to all of you who have left comments along the way. On to other models, and soon the beginning of Knight number two.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/06 04:10:21

Post by: youwashock

A quick shot of things that I have been picking at while working on the Knight. As always, thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/06 04:34:55

Post by: Theophony

The knight looks great with his little helpers .

Warp spiders

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/06 11:36:05

Post by: Nevelon

Very impressive work on the knight. Well done!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/06 12:08:34

Post by: Camkierhi

Knight with the SM looks ace, really great match up, army shot be nice.

Like the new models looking forward to seeing them progress.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/06 17:17:55

Post by: Captain Brown

Fantastic Knight youwashock.

Ready for display.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2018/12/06 22:42:04

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, guys!

Cam, sadly an army shot would be just like the one above plus around 4 more Marines. Not a whole lot done for the Imperium.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/01 22:29:04

Post by: youwashock

Happy New Year, Dakka!

Took a break from current projects to rectify a situation that has gone on for far too long. Zoats are one of my favorite things that GW has ever done. Back in the day they not only looked cool, but crushed on the battlefield as well. Plus, they were sometime allies of the Eldar. Anyway, over the long years I have amassed a small collection of both 40K and Fantasy zoats, all of which have been painted over those same long years with the odd exception of these two. I was looking over the shelves (and shelves) of unpainted models and these two suddenly stood out as a glaring wrong to be put right. So I painted them. Tried to knock them out fast, and nothing too fancy since I wanted them done and they have to fit in with models painted over a period of several years. But at long last all of my zoats are painted.

As soon as I unearth the rest of them from behind the wall of displaced items (home rennovation is great), I will put up some group shots. And a quick look at things to come, as I have started building the 2nd Knight from Renegade.

Again, Happy New Year, and as always, thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/01 22:35:47

Post by: Nevelon

There are few things more retro then zoats. Nice to see the old guys with fresh paint.

I’ve got one bumming around somewhere unpainted myself. One of these days the right painting challenge will call him to battle.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/01 23:04:19

Post by: monkeytroll

Good to see some zoat love in the house

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/01 23:39:10

Post by: tzurk

Happy New Year!

Need to see a pic of all the zoats together!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/02 00:24:51

Post by: Ezki

Stunning work on the knight! Totally worth the effort.
Looking forward for the next one.

Browsed trough the previous pages: absolutely amazing work all around!
I really like how you display models from various manufacturers.

Keep it up!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/02 17:40:12

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, guys! Appreciate the comments!

Tzurk, a zoat family photo is in the near future.

Ezki, thanks! My collection of minis is fairly eclectic. I hope to have some more diverse stuff to show soon!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/02 21:18:13

Post by: Captain Brown

Nice Zoats youwashock, I have not seen any of those models painted in ages.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/03 15:31:40

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, Captain. The more zoats, the merrier. And a quick WiP on the chibi Cthulhu. Almost done.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/07 23:42:17

Post by: Captain Brown

That model is disgusting...

Which is great for what you are doing. Particularly the eyes.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 03:48:05

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, Captain! It was a fun model to paint. He's all done now, just waiting for varnish and basing.

As promised, here's some pics of all the zoats. Some of these I bought when you could just pick them up off the rack, others were picked up after they went out of production. Love these guys. Fantasy zoats up first.

Space Zoats

And the two leaders.

Been a very long time from start to finish, but they are all done. Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 05:06:49

Post by: highlord tamburlaine

I love Zoats

Anything vaguely reptilian with more limbs than they really need is a big thumbs up from me.

The new Ambull release gives me hope one of these will turn up in Blackstone Fortress and really give everyone a run for their money!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 11:18:13

Post by: Nevelon

Very nice group shots there. Classic

The way they are mining their past it’s only a mater of time until we see a modern plastic zoat. Blackstone Fortress is the perfect place for it, but I’m sure they could shoehorn them in somewhere else if they wanted.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 12:03:19

Post by: tzurk

My god they're beautiful. They have such a sweet pulp vibe and you've made the old sculpts look ace.

One can only dream about a reboot...

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 17:48:28

Post by: youwashock

Thanks for coming out to share the zoat love, guys!

I agree that the ambull is a real sign of hope for a modern zoat. I am going to refrain from holding my breath, but it could happen.

Come to think of it, I have an ambull in desperate need of a new paintjob...

Thanks again for the comments!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 17:55:44

Post by: Camkierhi

They are fabulous, really great work on them, and they have so much character.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 18:42:13

Post by: ListenToMeWarriors

Definitely the most Zoats that I have ever seen in one place, what a great collection! I really like the variety of greenish skin tones you have on them, the Cthulhu is looking equally good.

Any Knight progress? That double reaper chains word looks intriguing...

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 21:24:53

Post by: monkeytroll

Lovely stuff indeed. And I don't think I ever saw that sword-fist wielding fantasy one before. I mean, I must have, but I don't remember him.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/08 23:45:15

Post by: Meer_Cat

To repeat an earlier commenter- I've never seen so many zoats in one place before either- and had never even heard of fantasy zoats! Really well painted too!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/09 03:42:23

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, all!

ListenToMeWarriors, the Knight is still in the assembly stage. Adding some plasticard to blend the blade assembly back into the rest of the arm.

Monkeytroll, the zoat with the sword is a conversion of the one with the mace and the orb. The fantasy zoats only had two sculpts available, so I changed up one of the mages and altered the weapons on half the warriors for diversity. Years later I would learn of the smaller zoat model, can't remember if it was regular release or not.

Thanks again!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/09 13:18:05

Post by: monkeytroll

Well, that'll be why I don't recall it then Good job on making me believe it was a released sculpt I think the smaller one did get released, I'm sure I remember seeing several of them around - that's the one holding a staff/mace in both hands right?

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/09 14:07:24

Post by: youwashock

Yeah, that's the one. If I recall it was smaller than the rest, too.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/09 21:04:15

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Great eyes on the chibi Cthulhu, goes really well with the green!

Must confess I've never seen nor heard of Zoats but they're pretty cool looking and you've painted them well! Really like the face masks on the space Zoats!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/10 04:16:54

Post by: zahnib

Nice to see some old minis getting some time in the light. Those bases are looking very modern though, not enough green flock I think...

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/11 01:53:13

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much for the comments. Glad I could introduce you to the zoats, TH.

Quick WiP on the other prototype mech. Yellow and black. I will NOT name him Bumblebee. I will NOT.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/11 17:20:00

Post by: Camkierhi

Maybe BumbleCee then.

Looks blooming amazing to me bud.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/11 17:50:00

Post by: Kid_Kyoto

Came for the Zoats, staying for the quality painting!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/12 04:50:39

Post by: youwashock

Thank you, Cam! I am liking the way he is turning out, but will be glad when he is done. Yellow, and all that.

Glad you stopped in, Kid_Kyoto. Love your retro reviews.

Another quick WiP shot. This time the double reaper as it currently stands. Structure built up. Just need to get some GS in there and get everything connecting nicely.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/12 21:02:57

Post by: zahnib

Nice! Looking froward to seeing what's on the other end of that arm

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/13 20:18:15

Post by: aku-chan

Nice yellows on that robot.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/14 04:58:02

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, zahnib! That makes two of us.

Thanks, aku-chan! Here's another quick pic after what I am feeling is the final highlight pass. Just a few details and weathering to go.

Thanks for the comments! Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/14 19:44:54

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Loving that black and yellow! Looks fantastic dude, it kind of makes me want to go back and try completing more of my scions again... Great work!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/14 21:27:44

Post by: monkeytroll

Nice job on that mech!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/15 00:46:24

Post by: Captain Brown

Very nice youwashock,

Yellow is always a difficult colour.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/19 23:48:20

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Impressive looking yellow and the black looks class as well! Great combo and an awesome bot.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/21 23:04:30

Post by: Ezki

Bit of a broken record, but the yellow looks amazing!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/22 17:51:17

Post by: youwashock

Thanks very much, everyone! Bot is done, Cthulhu is done, Hawkeye is done. Weather made it so varnishing had to wait until yesterday. Just have to do bases and then pics. Work on Knight2 continues but slowly as I have been trying to get these models painted and off the desk. And here's a quick WiP on the Spiders, which I also hope to finish soon.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/22 22:19:06

Post by: Arakasi

That's a nice carapace pattern! Also looking forward to seeing how the double reaper turns out.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/23 07:12:04

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Loving the pattern on the carapace, great job.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/23 11:24:21

Post by: IGtR=

I too love the yellow and the pattern on the carapace. No apologies for the repetition as definitely worthy of (repeated) praise!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/23 20:41:50

Post by: Flapjack

I'm really liking that mech. The black and yellow paintjob looks very striking. I've had some difficulties with yellow but yours is spot on.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/24 08:28:29

Post by: zahnib

How did you achieve that pattern on the Warp Spiders? Looks ace!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/24 11:29:36

Post by: Camkierhi

Spiders are looking amazing bud. Looking forward to the pic dump.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/24 12:40:00

Post by: Theophony

bI always loved warp spiders, I hope when they eventually remake the Aeldarimgjhbdgnjkkjhg line that they do them justice. Love your Zoats as well. Sorry I’ve been absent for a bit.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/24 16:52:41

Post by: Captain Brown

 zahnib wrote:
How did you achieve that pattern on the Warp Spiders? Looks ace!

Yes YouWaShock, please share.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/24 18:01:17

Post by: Bellerophon

Those Zoats are fantastic. I love old metal, they've got so much character, especially with the bright paint schemes.

I'm liking the progress on the Warp Spiders too, those carapace patterns are great.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/24 18:20:18

Post by: youwashock

Thanks a lot, guys! Appreciate all the compliments!

Arakasi, me too, man. Me too. Painting has slowed building, but I am still picking away at construction.

Cam, pic dump soon-ish. Hope to get the bases done before the weekend. Then pics.

The carapace pattern is a rough blend using Vallejo Sky Grey, Neutral Grey, Grey Green, and German Grey. Just layer those up and then go back over with the Grey Green in splotches leaving roughly even spaces between them to leave the gradient showing through.

Thanks, again!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/26 17:18:50

Post by: ListenToMeWarriors

Loving the pattern on the Warp Spiders, I know a lot of people want updated Eldar Aspects but I have always loved those sculpts.

And that yellow?

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/27 11:17:24

Post by: zahnib

Nice dude, look forward to seeing how they turn out! Totally agree with ListenToMeWarriors, the old Eldar aspect sculpts are some of my favourites

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/27 13:05:09

Post by: Ezki

Great job on the pattern man!
Will look real good when they are done

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/28 04:26:10

Post by: youwashock

Thank you all, very much. I, too, am partial to the old sculpts. My heyday with 40K was really from R.Trader through 3rd, so these are what Eldar will always be for me, no matter what awesome new stuff GW puts out. Not that that has kept me from buying plenty of other models throughout the years...

Pic dump! Finished up the yellow mech, Hawkeye, and Chibithulhu. Man, the Cthulhu was a mess. I heard bad things about the models from the Impact KS, and this guy was covered in flash, mold slips, and print lines. His wings looked like a topographical map. Layers of liquid GS and paint have diminished, but not eliminated most of the texture. I would have been heated if I had pledged and gotten minis of this quality. Included pics of the Avengers so far and the two mechs side by side. On with the show.

I decided to name the yellow one Rumblebee.

Avengers assemble. I went with the Kate Bishop version of Hawkeye to keep the team from being an even worse sausage-fest than it already is.

Work continues on the other projects and new ones are around the corner. Figuratively speaking. It takes me forever to do anything.

Thanks again for all the compliments and as always, thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/28 12:28:39

Post by: Theophony

Great work on Chibithulu’s eyes .

Love Rumblebee and his greenish partner, very Infinity looking.

Avengers ASSemble......poor Hawkeye gets no respect.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/28 14:18:35

Post by: Camkierhi

Yep those eyes are on another level. Excellent work all round, love the basing as well, subtle but perfect.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/29 00:33:53

Post by: Ezki

Wonderful stuff!
Those eyes are mesmerizing.

Keep it going, excited to see what you finish / start working next.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/29 20:38:44

Post by: youwashock

Eye thank you all for the comments!

A little progress and a look at the desk. One of the Warp Spiders has some glow on his gun, the others have been hit with the wash. Put a smidge more plasticard on the supports for the double-reaper and a couple more tubes. Think it is done and ready for arm attachment. Desk shows more Avengers, Knight parts, and a BONES griffon I based around...when did KS 1 deliver? His droopiness made me turn my back to him for years, despite trying a pin in the back leg. Got fed up and ran a piece of rod from his side to the base and propped him up like a bike on a kickstand. Will build up a small rock formation around it to hide it. He won't droop ever again.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/29 21:56:56

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Liking those Warp Spiders, great job so far!

It's a shame that chibi model was so bad, but you've made a great job of it and I haven't noticed anything wrong with it.

Liking those mechs, the black/grey you've painted still makes me jealous! I've also never heard of a female Hawkeye, but that's my fault for not reading the comics!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/01/30 04:07:11

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

The eyes on that baby Cthulhu are absolutely adorable, great work.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/03 11:13:06

Post by: aku-chan

Great eyes on the chibi-Cthulhu.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/04 04:05:36

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much, all! I think Cthulhu is my first (and possibly last) chibi anything since I bought a couple SD Gundam models when Gundam Wing was still showing on Toonami.

Progress on current projects has been ok, but not much to look at. Instead, I have decided to document a few projects that have been languishing for years. Maybe showing them will motivate me to finish them one day. Two Avatars and my Wraithknight. One Avatar is intended for playing, the smaller RT era one, and the other is just for show, built from the idol of Khaine on the Cauldron of Blood. I think just about everyone saw that model and went "plastic Avatar." The Wraithknight is also intended just as a painting and modeling project, hence the pose and base. Foolishly I have completely assembled it, and now should I ever try to paint it, my life will be much harder for having done so. Live and learn. It was years ago, after all. The WK was started in late 2014, the Avatar in early 2016, and the RT Avatar...before both. Reflection reveals that I will srep away from a project after the build is completed, as the conversion can require such an amount of time and focus that after I need a change. This happened with Centurius, too. That, and a primer mishap that left me unwilling to approach the model for months. I got over it, and he is being painted now. I have put real mental effort into staying productive, even if it is just in tiny bits. My mantra has become "keep working, no matter how much." And so I have hope that one day these projects may be done. Sharing helps, too. Pics!

Plastic Avatar is still being built. Need to finish the sword hilts, add a little more to the base. WK needs paint. Metal Avatar, as you can see, just has the basecoat started. Also chip repairs feom when I decided to change out his weapon for the big DE claw.

So, instead of progress this post is all about the lack of. Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/04 20:27:52

Post by: Captain Brown

 youwashock wrote:
Thank you very much, all! I think Cthulhu is my first (and possibly last) chibi anything since I bought a couple SD Gundam models when Gundam Wing was still showing on Toonami.

Progress on current projects has been ok, but not much to look at. Instead, I have decided to document a few projects that have been languishing for years. Maybe showing them will motivate me to finish them one day. Two Avatars and my Wraithknight. One Avatar is intended for playing, the smaller RT era one, and the other is just for show, built from the idol of Khaine on the Cauldron of Blood. I think just about everyone saw that model and went "plastic Avatar." The Wraithknight is also intended just as a painting and modeling project, hence the pose and base. Foolishly I have completely assembled it, and now should I ever try to paint it, my life will be much harder for having done so. Live and learn. It was years ago, after all. The WK was started in late 2014, the Avatar in early 2016, and the RT Avatar...before both. Reflection reveals that I will srep away from a project after the build is completed, as the conversion can require such an amount of time and focus that after I need a change. This happened with Centurius, too. That, and a primer mishap that left me unwilling to approach the model for months. I got over it, and he is being painted now. I have put real mental effort into staying productive, even if it is just in tiny bits. My mantra has become "keep working, no matter how much." And so I have hope that one day these projects may be done. Sharing helps, too. Pics!


Try reading something about the Eldar Avatar and let that inspire you again.

Just an idea.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/04 23:25:35

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Really liking the pose on your Wraithknight, and I wish you the very best with painting it! I wonder if having a turntable or something to stabilise the model would help you out.

Both Avatars are very cool, and hopefully having a few of us to give you a push will help! I always envision the Avatar as the one from Dawn of War, which is similar to what Captain Brown is getting at.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/05 00:22:10

Post by: Ezki

Very dynamic pose on that Wraithknight. Love the base.

I have the same cauldron of blood model still in sprue (bought it for dark eldar wych conversions) and thought about making it into an Avatar. Seeing your model brings the bar pretty high
Excited to see it finished one day. Or should I motivate you by saying: Do that one next!

And you are correct, showing pictures of unfinished models raises expectations from us, which might motivate to finish those models sooner than later.
Don't sweat it though. Finish them when you feel like it

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/05 07:37:18

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

That WK is killer man. I know the struggle of trying to get one of those beasts finished, mine was an exercise in frustration but it's well worth it once finished.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/10 09:08:45

Post by: fasterthanlight

The warp spiders look awesome.


YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/10 17:57:54

Post by: IGtR=

Very interested to see what you do with the Avatar. I find that models left for ever languishing in wait of inspiration often end up being some of my best as I only pick up the brush when I am fully 100% happy with what I want to do. Those that I paint "straight through" based on a studio paint job often end up looking rather dull in comparison.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/14 05:12:39

Post by: youwashock

Thank you very much for the encouragement, guys. Much appreciated support. I am glad you like the WiP stuff.

Finished the Warp Spiders. Knight 2 is all done with pre-paint assembly. As soon as it stops snowing or raining it will get primed. Basecoating Centurius. And just in time to warm herself by the dumpster fire that Soda Pop has become, Ayu Beat hits the paint desk. Some pics.

Thinking the Warp Spiders look much better as a unit than as individuals. Excited to start the new Knight. Also have the remaining Avengers on the desk, a classic Blood Bowl treeman (probably should have painted him before. Oh, well), and some models from 1999. The game and the year. Been wanting to get to them for a while for some reason. Glad to be working on those. 1999 is pretty far outside, so here's the intro blurb:




This is the 1999 background story, as found in the booklet, enclosed in each miniature's box:


In the late 30's, modern science was just starting to find its feet. Scientists in dank cellar locations were beginning to take the first faltering steps into the realm of genetic manipulation. In a small laboratory in the heart of Berlin two scientists were about to make discoveries that would change the face of our world forever.

These scientists, the German Dr. Wasserman and Italian Dr. Maraffino, had been indulged in long term immaculate experiments on primates in the interest of a general of the German Armed Forces to improve the physical attributes of his troops and create a new breed of soldiers.

Aiding them in their work was their devoted assistant Jeremiah, responsible for the welfare of the handful of primates subject to their experiments, and especially the subject to the current experiment, still with some traits reminiscent to the race it once belonged to.

While the two scientists watched, Jeremiah entered the primate’s cage everyday, fed it and injected it with the serums and bacteria that were the results of the scientists’ ongoing research. He would visit it even when the others had stopped working, and over time, began to develop a special bond with it.

He discovered the initial signs that something was wrong as he found clusters of red, bleeding sores under the primate’s armpits. Still, the work with the decaying primate continued, and soon they discovered that it was infected with some sort of virus that they had never encountered before. Everything they tried to do to slow down the process was to no avail and they watched how the animal’s flesh painfully slowly rotted away, exposing bone and veins.
Within a few weeks, it was dead.

Despite Jeremiah’s objections, the experiments continued on other primates, even though they had already contracted the virus. The virus had spread between the subjects incredibly quickly, it seemed that just by breathing the animals could infect each other, and that a slow and very painful death occurred within a matter of weeks without exception.

Wasserman and Maraffino thanked God they hadn’t been in contact with the subjects themselves and they decided to keep the primates isolated until they died. The laboratory was sealed shut, leaving but the scraping sound of Jeremiah’s fingernails on the cold metal and hollow screams as a result of the scientists’ decision not to jeopardize anything and quarantine their assistant as well.

They reported their discovery to their superior general Lieber who, to their surprise was delighted with what he heard. This, he promised, was the weapon that would destroy the enemies of Germany. Rather than ending the experiment, he instructed them to change the focus of the research to perfect the virus as a weapon. If they succeeded, not one battle would have to be fought to claim the world as theirs.

They agreed, and reluctantly re-opened the laboratory again afraid of what macabre vision waiting for them. The stench of rotting carcasses was overwhelming, but there was something else that took them by storm. The body of Jeremiah was missing.

Maraffino and Wassermann continued to work on their new project. But soon something happened which they had not expected. Somehow the virus had escaped from the lab, and claimed its first human victim. They went to see the victim in hospital, they listened to her screaming, watched her flesh rot and her limbs contort as they proclaimed the hospital to be isolated and quarantined.

It was all too much for the Italian. Turning back to the Catholicism of his childhood he confessed everything to a local priest, told him every detail of the work they had undertaken and the results they had achieved. Relieved, Maraffino returned to work.

But it would not take long before Wassermann had to continue the work on his own.

Suddenly, Maraffino disappeared. He was taken to Rome by agents of the Vatican in order to continue his work under their supervision. Even though the new experiments were conducted under rigorous isolation, a few cases with symptoms synonymous with those of the virus were reported from hospitals in Berlin throughout the year.

Despite this, Lieber decided to still keep the project a secret and instructed Wassermann to resume the original work with primates, and in addition to this make them immune to the virus. In the course of his experiments, Wassermann twisted and contorted the animals beyond belief, turning them into demonic representations of their former selves. Slowly, after years of work, he was beginning to create creatures that matched Lieber’s demands. Through time Wassermann and Lieber had come to an understanding. Fuelling each others’ madness, the pair came up with a plan for world domination. They envisaged themselves as sole rulers of the world with hordes of Wassermann’s demonic experiments at their fingertips in the aftermath of the virus.

What they wanted was no less than the complete annihilation of mankind.

But in the Vatican, steps were already being taken to counter this vision. Since Maraffino’s confession there had been intense debate within the holy city as to what might be done should this virus manifest itself as a threat in the future. Maraffino had since he was taken to the Vatican, worked on a mean to counter the virus should it be unleashed. The reports of more cases with virus symptoms appearing in Berlin intensified Maraffino’s work.

Soon Wasserman undertook experiments to cross genes of the new primates and the most prominent of the soldiers in Lieber’s troops in order to create a stronger and smarter breed, superior to any human soldiers and immune to the terrible virus that was going to shake the
foundation of the German Reich, and the World. They were ready.

Lieber planted self-destructing vials containing the virus with the armed forces’ international couriers. Soon their affliction was going to spread. It would not take long before the whole world was crippled.

Meanwhile the virus continued to spread in Berlin, and soon through the rest of Germany. Hospitals all over the country were soon filled to the brim tying up masses of resources, and forestalling any plans for rearmament. Hidden away from the eyes of the world, an army slowly
started to amass in an underground garrison in Berlin.

But by this stage, events in Germany were of little consequence for the rest of the world. Like wildfire the virus had spread, bringing country after country to its knees as hospitals filled, and there was no longer enough people to help the millions who simply died in their homes.

In Italy, where the virus was just beginning to take hold, the government had declared a state of national emergency, and the people were afraid to leave their homes. But Maraffino and the Vatican were ready. Using a combination of a chemical serum, mechanical apparatus and genetical manipulation, they had found ways to protect themselves from the virus. 

But rather than simply mass produce this equipment and distribute it to the masses, they kept completely quiet. As they saw it, this virus was a judgement from God and only the most holy and exalted within the Catholic Church should be protected from it, others had to face the wrath of God. As the virus spread through Italy, people saw that the men of the church were not struck down. In cathedrals and churches throughout the world, Catholic priests and bishops preached that only those who possessed the favour of God would live through the terrible plague He had brought down upon the unrighteous.

Meanwhile, Lieber unleashed the first of the new breed on the virus-decimated remains of the German armed forces. With the demonic creatures they seized control of what was left of Germany that allowed them to allocate immense resources to continue Wasserman’s
experiments and realize their mutual vision of massive breeding chambers for the new race.

By the time the rest of the world began to notice the activity that was going on in Berlin it was too late. The nations of the world were impotent. Nobody was in a position to investigate what was happening since they were consumed with fighting the raging virus.

Except the Vatican.

In an announcement that shook the world, the Vatican promised a cure to those suffering from the early symptoms of the virus. Through the grace of God, they promised, they would heal the sufferers.

Those who could soon flocked to their local churches. They were taken to underground bunkers and catacombs where they received the treatment developed by Maraffino and his assistants, and were then kept separate from the rest of the world to avoid being contaminated
by sin and to be purged from the taint of hell in the holy fires of the trinity.

Indeed, these blessed ones soon showed signs of recovery, but there were various side effects. The price for this miraculous treatment was a mental regression into a childlike state. The body was so altered that those healed in this way had to be taught how to use their bodies and their minds all over again. The church had finally found a way to create a race of pure innocence.

When they were ready, some of the less unsightly of these were revealed to the world. The Vatican announced that they had been transfigured by the beauty of God and transformed into Angelics. Not all believed this, but they could nevertheless see that these people, despite having contracted the disease, still lived.

Meanwhile, Lieber continued to replace the decimated populations of central Europe with Wasserman’s experiments and began the extermination of the human life that had escaped the virus.

This was what the Vatican had been waiting for. They turned once more to what was left of the people of Earth and showed them what they regarded to be the truth about Lieber and Wassermann.

They were the servants of the Antichrist, it was said, and through them an army of demons had been released from hell to destroy the world. Only by offering up their souls and bodies could the people of the world save themselves from ruin. More people flocked to swell the growing ranks of the mutated Angelics.

Confrontation soon followed as the Vatican sent its Angelic soldiers to attack the unholy forces of Lieber, and to tear down Wassermann’s installations. Minor confrontation turned to full-scale war as both sides began to grow larger and more powerful as the virus tore through the rest of the world. And this unleashed five decades of war that altered the course of history. And of man.


The year is 1999. The place is our world with a different face, a dark gothic and disturbing experience, set aflame and torn asunder by a hopeless war to rescue the faith of mankind. Malignant forces are pulling the strings and on the horizon, darkness mass clouds of conflict. The past has caught up with the remains of mankind.

Spreading from their base of power in central Europe, Wassermann and Lieber have continued to improve their breed of Demonics. Their laboratories have grown into massive underground complexes. Deep within the iron bowels of these nightmarish torture chambers, Wassermann and his assistants are working on a new virus, one that the Angelics will be unable to protect themselves from.

Meanwhile, Lieber and his generals lead the Demonic troops in a perpetual war against the Angelic forces.

These “angels” are now hundred thousands strong. The cathedrals and catacombs where they began have been developed into huge domed pyres. Behind the gothic stained glass windows, new victims of the virus submit themselves to be treated with Maraffino’s method.

Over the decades the method has been honed and the Angelics have been turned into supernatural soldiers. For the past years more daring genetical experiments have been undertaken in the havens of the Angelic realms, and a bred race of Angelics have already seen the dawn of day. The evolutionary race rages on.

Regularly, Angelic missionary expeditions leave the constructs to go and preach to the masses, enticing them to join them in their struggle against the forces of the Antichrist, and spare themselves from the wrath of God.

Those humans who still live, inhabit a shattered and ruinous world. Their society has been reduced to a mere shadow of its former self and the only road open to humanity seems to be that leading directly to the abyss.

But there is hope.

There is one who seems to offer true salvation, one who denounces the lies and evil of both the Angelics and Demonics. Since the virus broke out it has been thought that only those protected by the Vatican could escape its ravages, but one man has continually escaped its grasp. He has lived and worked with its victims without ever being infected. He has offered comfort and encouragement to those most oppressed, and over the years he has attracted a loyal band of followers. Now he has come to believe and to preach that he is the true saviour. He is the one truly sent by God to save mankind and to crush the oppressors. People are listening.

This man is in fact Jeremiah. Since he escaped from the project he has travelled the world, first running from his superiors, and then from the virus, which seemed to follow him wherever he went. As the world began to be consumed he wondered why he escaped unscathed while those around him were infected. He began to realise that the virus had no power to touch him. At first he just used his gift to help those who needed him, but over time he began to be convinced that he had a purpose. That it was his duty, assigned by God, to stop the virus, which he had discovered, and to halt the evil unleashed upon the world. 

Around him he has gathered a band of followers, Disciples if you will, and he has began to resist the oppressors. He and his rebels have broken into the installations of the Church and released men and women waiting to be turned into angels. He has broken into Wassermann’s laboratories and stolen the fruits of his research. He has fought back. What he and his followers are desperately seeking is a cure, redemption for the people from the Angelic’s treatment. Then he will be able to rally the forces of mankind, to overthrow the rule of the church and to destroy the demonic creations of Wassermann.

What Jeremiah does not realize is that his immunity to the virus springs from the fact that he is carrying it. In fact, he is the source of the infection, the primary host.

The virus sprang from the preparation process of the serums and chemicals, and Jeremiah’s years of exposure to it in small doses in the lab built up his immune system so that he has become able to carry it without suffering any of its symptoms. Then he infected the primate subjects. He was also the one who infected the first victim who Maraffino and Wassermann visited in Berlin.

He is the one who unleashed the virus. Even now, as he preaches to the people of the world, he is spreading the very plague that he is trying to fight.


As the Second Millenium is racing towards its end, the unforgiving face of war has revealed itself to all without compromise. To live is to fight.

When humanity was close to obliteration by the Cleansing, great resources were left unexploited. Gigantic factories, mines and oil fields were abandoned and power stations were shut down. Now the battle to gain control of them is constantly raging across former Europe, throughout the empty ghost towns, where still skeletal remains remind of the time before the Cleansing.

This is not a war of gigantic armies. It is a war of furious guerrilla warfare, cunning ambushes, and carefully laid traps, where the enemy might not reveal themselves until you are in their midst. It is a lethal game of hide-and-seek where the hunter may at any time become the hunted. This war is personal.

Do you dare to make it yours?

As always, thanks for looking!



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/14 05:41:31

Post by: Theophony

As I’ve said (and plenty of others too) great work on the spiders

Lots of cool projects of yours looks to be coming up, I’ll be watching for the treeman. He needs to be named Morgan by the way Morgan Treeman

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/14 06:50:21

Post by: ListenToMeWarriors

Top work on those Warp Spiders. A really different take on the usual scheme, and it works.

1999 is a new one to me, I look forward to seeing what the miniatures are like. I am also really anticipating the new Knight.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/14 07:21:39

Post by: Ezki

Weapons on the Spiders came out really nicely. Good looking effect. You almost want me to get some spiders myself.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/15 06:22:32

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Warp spiders look amazing dude, fantastic work!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/16 01:29:13

Post by: gobert

Such a great array of minis, the warp spiders look really good! Keep up the great work

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/17 03:01:58

Post by: Captain Brown


Those Warp Spiders are ace. I am very jealous now as mine are the traditional red and black...and my Death Spinners are no where close to that glow effect you have painted. Exalted!



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/17 04:02:24

Post by: zahnib

That Wraith Knight looks awesome!! And interested to see how the avatar conversion turns out. I'll echo what those before me have said, the Warp Spiders turned out great

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/19 04:05:57

Post by: youwashock

You guys rule. Thank you very much for the compliments.

Originally the Spiders were painted in red, like the studio version. It always sort of bugged me that Fire Dragons were "red", and then the Spiders came out and were red, too. So after stripping them years ago I decided to go with a color not represented in the original Aspect lineup. Glad you guys like them.

ListenToMeWarriors, 1999 models are clunky, awkward, odd, and cool. Despite their strangeness, and things like guns with no discernible magazines or ejection ports, they have quite a bit of charm, and some really cool design ideas.

Have begun priming the Knight, and picking away at other models. Not a ton to look at. However, seeing some army shots around the blogs inspired me to take some (fairly mediocre) pics of (most of) my painted Eldar. That being my number 1 love and the only thing I have approaching a painted army these days. Not pictured are the painted Wave Serpent and painted Armourcast Tempest.

Most of these models were painted between 1995 and 2000. A few have been touched up, and somewhere along the line I went back and started putting brown over the green base rims. Some of the Guardians are still in the barely done phase, without even a bit of grit on their bases. One day.

Thanks again for the comments, and as always, thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/19 04:59:27

Post by: zahnib

Lovely army shots. You've got a great collection of old models

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/19 10:16:01

Post by: fasterthanlight

I love these old Eldar... also your warp spiders are looking fantastic!


YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/19 16:47:41

Post by: Captain Brown


Nice to see the army is slowly getting spruced up. I ended up doing a bath in simple green for mine and went from there.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/24 05:18:56

Post by: youwashock

Thanks a lot, guys. Looking to soon maybe convert a few more unpainted old Eldar into painted troops.

Work continues. It finally stopped snowing! Still froze my butt off but the Knight is primed. Finished assembling Betty and Lug (started those a while ago) and moved Suicide Queen from the shelf of shame to be finished. She has been in the state shown here for longer than Candy Heart was. First squad for 1999 is almost done, too. Waiting until they are done to show those. On with the pics. My Knight parts look like a flower arrangement.

Never really liked the wrench gun on Betty. Sort of dull, didn't come out that great in this plastic, so off with you and on with a lovely gatling gun. Didn't have to adjust the arms one bit. Like it was made for this model. Always nice when the models cooperate.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/24 13:31:06

Post by: IGtR=

Co-operating miniatures indeed. Looks perfect with the gatling gun and it is hard to believe it is not a stock model. Impressed you primed the knight in one - I faffed and gave up about 1/3 of the way through. Goodness knows how I will force myself to paint the thing

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/25 03:35:38

Post by: Captain Brown


Looking forward to seeing your next Eldar update.



YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/25 07:36:52

Post by: Theophony

Sweet Eldar army shot there. Glad I didn’t get into the RK fiasco, some models looked great, but the lack of details on the ones I saw really dissuaded me. Looking forward to the paint job you put on.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/25 23:10:53

Post by: Tyranid Horde

Man those Warp Spiders are lovely, the glow on the spinners are really well done, it's completely different to how I'll be doing mine!

Excellent to see the army shots, I really need to get round and do that for my own.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/26 18:33:20

Post by: Maharg

Wow, some great stuff here - awesome conversions and painting and really varied too. Loved seeing the old zoat models, think I have one somewhere, you've inspired me to dig him out. Looming forward to seeing more

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/02/27 10:56:46

Post by: CypherTheMysterious

You have some really cool stuff here, i particularly like the warp spiders and those 2 mechs. The yellow is superb.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/04 19:11:49

Post by: gobert

Cool models, liking the mini gun, but it’ll take longer to spin up the barrels than to shoot out! I think rule of cool wins out though

The dual chainsword on the knight also wins on the rule of cool too

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/04 23:59:26

Post by: NotVaughan

What a mishmash of models! Excellent stuff...ill be looking back through the entire thread. Have you ever made any dioramas, you seem to have all the bases covered!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/08 04:59:33

Post by: youwashock

Thanks for the comments, all! Greatly appreciated. Glad you guys like the variety. It is the spice, or so I have been told. It also shows how much my attention bounces around.

Maharg, I saw you had your zoat on deck. Can't wait to see it done!

IGtR=, my advice is to do it in small bits and it will get done eventually.

NotVaughn, I have done some diorama stuff in the past. Nothing too major, expanded scenic bases, a coupme dragons fighting over lava. It isn't really my bag.

Been painting. Slowly, as usual. Time for hobbying has been at a premium. First batch of 1999 models is done. A small unit of Demonic Troopers, from the Demonic faction. Also primed a bunch that have been assembled since the game came out. Still have a couple to assemble, as well. All in good time. I have taken a pic of the one model I painted when I got this stuff. So a 20-ish year old paintjob. Never really worked for me. Tweaked into a new version. Now they look like a cross between Minions and Zoidberg. Or buff versions of the Idea Men. I said the designs were a little goofy. And some of the stuff is downright odd. Where do the bullets go in those pistols? Also, the helmets have eyes, but any unmasked version of these guys is an eyeless monstrosity. Why do the helmets have eyes? Anyway, the journey of a thousand miles begins with two stompy robot feet.

Most of the newly primed stuff is from the Angelic faction. When the game was around I planned to play both. Pretty easy in a skirmish game just starting out.

Pretty jazzed to grab this guy off eBay just a week or so ago. Missed out on him when it was readily available. You don't see these pop up often, you might imagine.

Work continues. Thank you again for the compliments, and thanks for looking.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/08 07:10:50

Post by: Inevitable_Faith

Love the comic book style painting on those green coats, it's a real standout for me.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/08 16:45:26

Post by: Theophony

Trench coat guys are awesome .

Looking forward to seeing that gryph painted up as well.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/08 20:33:34

Post by: Camkierhi

Awesome. Love the trench coat dudes.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/18 03:48:38

Post by: youwashock

Thank you! They are a little quirky, but I dig 'em.

Been working some. Real life has been a drag. Work. Kids sick. Me sick. Lack of time leads to lack of focus. Weird stuff gets done. Such as the bases on some swamp creatures (which I have been mentally referring to as Durocks) I painted well over a year ago for use in Song of Blades and Heroes. For some reason I never finished their bases. Probably due to the way my group bounces from one game to another like a superball. Anyway, these are the grunts, and a snake-bodied swamp witch, a feral swamp girl, and "Little Brother" are the characters. All repurposed Heroclix, of course. The characters appear here in their current basecoated state, as they have for as long as the bases on the other guys have been waiting to be finished. Pulled them out to wrap up since the chumps are now complete.

Shouldn't really take much more to finish. Washes, few details, bases. Bases were interesting to do.

Also got the Knight a leg to stand on. Two, actually. And started up a couple more Demonics from 1999. This Knight will be a little more weathered around the metal parts.

Thanks for looking!

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/18 05:27:25

Post by: Theophony

That group of swamp things looks great , very interesting figs.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/18 10:46:31

Post by: Ezki

The swamp bases work well. Might I ask how you did them?

The weathering on the knight is looking good already. I presume the model will look awesome when completed.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/19 15:17:25

Post by: youwashock

Thanks, guys!

Ezki, the bases start as plain acrylic disks, then I build the surface a little with texture gel and cork sheet, maybe a GS pebble or two. After that it is painted, a mix of blues, browns, and greens for swampiness. Then I run a thin bead of clear glue around the edge to make a small burm for the water medium. I did two passes of this just to make sure the stuff didn't just run off when I applied it. Also added a sprig or two of hobby foliage. Let dry, then applied a couple thin layers of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. Hardest thing is giving everything enough time to dry.

YouWaShock's Models 5/23 Dreadball @ 2019/03/19 15:35:37

Post by: Boss Salvage

Holy gak, 1999! I have a fascination with the year (Fun Fact 1: I once began work on a book about films from 1999, back when I was a grad student. Fun Fact 2: I'm a goth club promoter and this December we'll be hosting an event called MCMXCIX which may well double as a Matrix throwback night ) and many years ago stumbled onto this game. I own a single mini (the werewolf?) but am pretty thrilled to see somebody else who not only knows about it but is actively working on minis!

So anyway, I'm excited and will live vicariously through you