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Lovely looking trojan
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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

By the foot of the Andes

Briancj wrote:More Hazard Stripes Please!

Thanks Brian! Never one to say no to some hazard striping, but I wouldn't know where to add some. Ideas?

Camkierhi wrote:That looks fully legit, excellent work.

Thank you, Cam!

inmygravenimage wrote:Good lord, that's so pretty. The grey really worked

Indeed it did. Good call, Graven, thanks!

Dr H wrote:Nice job. Looks great, good contrast between the grey crane and the lighter floor and walls..

Thank, Dr. (Lack of) Contrast is usually one of my weak points, glad it turned up nice in this one!

Alaricuk wrote:
Lovely looking trojan

Cheers, Alaricuk!

Moving on, new WIP: Chopped, diced and reglued. Sort of.

I had the idea for something like this for quite some time, finally got around to stat it last weekend. Too small to count-as a Mechanicus Kastelan, it might still pass for a Kataphron proxy, or maybe it will be reattached (see what I tried to do there?) to the Guard as an Ogryn bodyguard.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Posts with Authority

Boston-area [Watertown] Massachusetts

In all honesty, it looks great workout them. The crane itself is where I'd put them, as that's the big thing swinging around.


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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

By the foot of the Andes

Brian: Of course you are right, the end of the boom IS the dangerous end, but I was afraid the stripes wouldn't look right there (it is quite thin) and would end up too busy.

Makes much more sense then where they are now for sure!

Guess I'll just head-cannon it one of those (quite annoying, BTW) heavy-machinery-in-reverse kind of warning sirens, then!

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Decrepit Dakkanaut

Madison, WI

Beautiful work.

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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

By the foot of the Andes

Thanks, Gits!

Slow, but still some, progress:

C&C are welcome.


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Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

By the foot of the Andes

Colour-scheme stuck again, I appeal to those who know better!

How to paint the tanks and hoses to the mask?

Same red as the fists and helmet for the banding on the tanks, and dark bronze (something between Tinbitz or Vallejo's Tinny Tin and Warplock Bronze) for the hoses... ?

And the tanks? Yellow doesn't sound too good, and a vivid orange (either signalling "dangerous" content) might not complement the rusty red...

C&C needed,

Thanks for stopping by!

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Humming Great Unclean One of Nurgle

Mostly, on my phone.

Cracked orange tanks. Lime green pipes!

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Mastering Non-Metallic Metal

I usually do hoses like that a gloss black by default.

The tanks... depends on what's in them.
Most gas tanks are either black or metallic. Identification of non-hazardous gasses is often by a coloured top.
Dangerous gasses tend to get red tanks. I can't think of any other colours I've seen.

However, if that's all the colours on the model there you want something to contrast with the rest of him to break up the rear view.
Matching red would be too much coordination I think.
A non matching red (say more crimson than scarlet) may work but may not contrast enough.

Black would work, but a bit "boring" if you want him colourful.

A blue would contrast with the orange-red, and make it dark and it'll break up the back too.But then he's got blue trousers...

Personally, I'd probably go steel with brass bands. and a vivid red tap at the bottom (if that's what I think it is). Chrome fittings and gloss black hoses.

The army- ~2295 points (built).

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Or something different entirely

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