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Made in us
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Wow! Nice balance of colors on the Herald! Rock on!

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

Made in fi
Emboldened Warlock

Finland, Espoo

Cheers guys!

Bit of a quiet life again.

I started assembling my undead warband for Mordheim.
My list will not have any zombies at the beginning, as they played a bit too slow for my tastes during the practice rounds. In 40k I'm used to a bit more fast moving units.
I will not rule them out completely, as I might recruit a handful of them in the future. They are cheap after all. I also got lucky and rolled the spell that lets me to turn slain enemy characters into zombies. It won't be useful during the actual battle, but will surely offer some interesting conversion opportunities. If I'm able to slay any characters, that is...

My warband will consist of the following:
- Vampire
- Necromancer
- 3 Dregs
- 3 Ghouls
- 3 Dire Wolves

I got pretty much all sorted out, except the Dregs. I'm not too keen on the original models and I find it hard to find something suitable for conversion. Or I just have not looked hard enough..
Any ideas?

Assembled the Vampire (Isabella Von Carstein mini), Necromancer (basic AoS Necromancer, although thinking about using the old Heinrich Kemmler mini) and three Ghouls (AoS Ghouls).
The picture is bad, but works just as a proof that I have actually managed do something

As the campaign will use test some new rules and scenarios that have not been published yet, there will be some interesting challenges.
One of the scenarios during the first round will take place in a tavern of sorts. We already discussed about organizing a terrain creating session, but as I love crafting terrain and props I promised to create some tables. As for the material I chose 2mm thick balsa wood. It's thicker than I usually use, but they should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of some of the metal models. No being sure what kind of tables would suit the scenery best, I decided to do a few iterations.

Using a compass(not sure it's called that?) I created the shape and cut it with scissors. After that I used a hobby knife to separate the circle into planks.

Scissors were not the best tool for the job, as they shattered the edges a bit. Lesson learned.

The bottom parts don't look that neat, as I added some hot glue and extra planks to make them even sturdier. Some of the metal minis weight a ton..

Six in total. Some are neat and some worn out. I used a set of wire brushes to enhance the texture. This time I bought a set just for modelling purpose instead of using my rusty and oily brush from the garage.

Using a black acrylic paint as a primer, Mournfang Brown as a base and Agrax Earthshade as wash they are almost complete. Just a bit of dry brushing to make the texture pop a bit.

Borrowing a tip from Syro_ I cut some actual playing cards to make some miniature versions to work as small details.

Now the tables just need some legs, but I will have to make a visit to the garage as I need some better tools for the job.

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Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

Nice! Isabella will make a great leader. 3 Dire Wolves will be exciting to have running around with her, too.
Made in us
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Hey, thanks for the shout out, Ezki. It's fun to see someone else using playing cards and mini playing cards. I hope it works well for you. The tables are looks good so far, and no worries about the bottoms being messy, mine was too. I don't know anything about Mordheim, but I looked up Dregs, and I can see why you aren't fond of the models. I may be way off with these suggestions, but I've think try fantasy cultists, militias, and angry mobs. Does anything like these work:

Warhammer Fantasy Peasant Militia

Reaper Townsfold VII Angry Mob

Frostgrave cultists

Made in fi
Emboldened Warlock

Finland, Espoo

Youwashock: Yeah I think she fits the theme pretty well. I hope I'm able to pull some sneaky flanking maneuvers.

Syro_: No problem! I'm happy to give credit to the master crafter
Thanks for the links. Those look like good suggestions! I also tried to find someone from ebay who would sell me some Empire Free Company minis, but the postage to Finland seems to be pretty high from everyone. And by high I mean at least the same price as the miniatures themselves..

Trying to keep a consistent rate of updates for this project, so I'm posting even the smallest things I'm able to do. Even though every step might not be so interesting, but at least it helps me too keep up the habit.

So I went to the garage to cut some table legs. I stuck a 5mm x 5mm wooden stick to a vice and cut 1.5mm long pieces with a small fine edged saw. The electric pad saw I have would have made the job easier, but that might have been too harsh and could have messed the stick. The plastic bag was a good way to catch all the small pieces.

Some sanding to trim the hard edges and saw marks.

Someone once said, that lazy people figure out the easiest ways to do things. It seemed daring to brush all ~30 legs with black acrylic, especially as the wood sucks so much paint in.
I got this stupid idea that I could not stop thinking about: place them all in a small cup, pour some paint in there, cover the top with my hand and start shaking.

It actually worked out pretty well! I would not do this for anything detailed or any pieces from minis, but these don't have to be so neat.
Using a paper towel I cleaned all the excess paint and placed them on a plate to dry.

All the legs painted with first layer of brown and washed.

I also dry brushed the tables and glued a few of the legs in place. I did not bother to sculpt any detailed cool looking legs, as these won't be very visible and they are there more to keep the tables sturdy rather than anything else. Some of the playing cards are already glued on one of them. I might do a few cards that would be the other way around, but the idea is to get these done pretty quickly. We'll see.

Will keep you posted!

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Made in ca
Roaring Reaver Rider

Love the idea you had for painting that wood. It's not lazy it's just working smarter!

1500 1000
Please check out my project log on Dakka here  
Made in ca
Longtime Dakkanaut


Nice work on building and painting those wooden tables.



Made in us
Mekboy Hammerin' Somethin'


Nice thinking with those table legs. Also the table surfaces look even better than before in that last pic, did you do more work on them or did the camera jsut capture your work better?

Made in us
Lone Wolf Sentinel Pilot

Aces and eights- the Dead Man's hand!

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

Made in fi
Emboldened Warlock

Finland, Espoo

Thanks for the comments Guys!

Syro: I actually added the final layer of really fine dry brushing with Ushabti Bone to make the texture pop a bit more. It gives the wooden surfaces a nice finished look.

Meer_cat: Heh, that could be a fun detail. I might add a Dead Mans's hand if I get around doing more cards.

And they are done!

I cut a few pieces from an envelope, dipped them in seraphim sepia wash and covered with a mix of 50/50 PVA glue and water.

I could have been a bit more accurate when cutting some of the cards, as the pattern is a bit off in some of them. Oh well.
Also did a few quick coins by cutting some pieces from an Drukhari spear.

After taking the images, I applied a coat of varnish. This way the paint might stay on during intense wargaming

Made in us
Longtime Dakkanaut

That's pretty awesome.
Made in us
Stealthy Warhound Titan Princeps

Damn, those tables are amazing. So Jealous. I look forward to seeing the Mordheim undead too.
Made in gb
Blood Angel Neophyte Undergoing Surgeries

Your tables look so simple yet so good. Love the card game complete with coins, they look great

Gobert Gubbins - A Random Oldhammer P&M Blog 
Made in gb
Been Around the Block

Tables are great. The cards, coins and other bits really bring them to life
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