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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

*** EDIT: The images on the first two pages have disappeared due to a poor choice of a hosting service. I'll sort that out as soon as possible! ***

Instagram: tarkamos_mini_workshop

Hey and welcome to my hobby blog!

First a small introduction:

I have been playing wargames since around 2002. Started with Lord of the Rings miniature game after a friend of mine dragged me to Games Workshop. Grabbed a box of Minas Tirith soldiers and some paints. That's when I knew where all my weekly allowances would go. I was instantly hooked. I played that game for 2 years or so and collected some Isengard and goblin models on the side. Learned the basics of miniature painting (still have my first models laying around) and got some experience on playing the game. We played many games on my friends floor, using old cereal boxes as terrain and a rug as our playing field. Fun times.

I was keen on trying the other games too, as many of my friends played either Warhammer fantasy battle or 40k. As I was very young back then (12 or 13?), it was really hard to make the decision which army or game to pick. Money was tight back then, so I could not just go ahead and buy everything I wanted. So, at first I bought a box of high elf warriors, but after assembling and painting them, for some reason I was not happy with my choice. I think I sold them to my friend at that point.
Later on when the battle for skull pass package (night goblins and high elves) was released, started a small Ork army. That force became quite large and I played a dozen or so games with it.

At that time (2006-2007?) most of my friends had transitioned to Warhammer 40k. The game looked so much fun, but I still could not make my mind on which army to start. I mainly watched as my friends played or tried their armies. Every week I had decided a different army that I most definitely wanted to play.
In 2008 the Assault on Black Reach box set was released for 5th edition. I though to myself that if I liked orks in Fantasy Battle, why not in 40k? So we decided to buy that box with a friend of mine and split the armies 50/50.
It was not long that I took a long break from the hobby. Teenage years and no interest in playing the games or painting the models, or something like that.
From then on, every other year or so, I picked up the brush again to paint a few months, only to pack up all the stuff back to storage again.

After a half a decade of on and off hobbying, the "bug bit again", real hard this time.
It was time to head to the hobby store once more...

So the current state of my collection is somewhat of the following:

Orks ~6000 pts
Eldar ~3000pts
Dark Eldar ~2500pts
Death Korps of Krieg ~2000pts
Necromunda: Escher & Chaos cult
Mordheim: Undead Warband
+ Loads and loads of various miniatures & terrain pieces

This blog is where I continue my hobby story and share it with you guys.

As the name suggests, this thread will display "a bit of this and that". So there is no one theme or project, I will be posting all kinds of stuff: pictures of my ongoing projects, finished models and maybe even some shots from recent games. Stuff I want to share with you, my fellow hobbyists!
Also the update rate will differ depending on how I progress and motivate myself to write stuff. I have noticed that It's hard for me to keep a consistent rate of updates for too long, but I will try to get back every now and then. It is also hard for me to keep my focus on one theme for too long.

The thing probably enjoy the most is painting rust & weathering. For some reason it is very pleasing and relaxing to mess up a vehicle or a terrain piece with chipping effects!
I'm far from a professional painter, but I try to practice techniques like NMM, blending and glazing.

I aim to get better at painting and terrain building, so any feedback / critique is always very welcome!
However, I appreciate every comment equally

So if you are interested in following my journey and keep up with the constant mood switches and half finished projects, buckle up for the ride!

Read on if you would like to see models like this:

Or this:

Index sorted by theme or army in chronological order:

Death Korps of Krieg:
Leman Russ Greta & Hellhound Nina
3 x Basilisks
Hades Breaching Drill, Engineers & Thudd Gun
Krieg Company Commander
1st iteration Death Rider
Death Riders
Infantry Squad
Krieg Autocannon Team
Iron Harvest Sentinel "Gertie" - Build log starting here
3 x Iron Harvest Sentinels "Gertie", "Kristin" & "Birgit"
Trench Group Pictures
Iron Harvest Straznik inspired walker "Amelia" - Build log starting here

Earlier builds and a head count (2018)
Kitbashed Deff Dread - Build log here
Kitbashed KFF Bik Mek on Bike - Build log starting here
Deffkilla Wartrike
Kitbashed Warboss on Warbike
Looted Rhino - Build log starting here
Half trakk - Build log starting here
Converted Battlewagon
Kitbashed Megatrak Scrapjet - Build log starting here
Shokkjump Buggy - Build log starting here (scattered across multiple pages)
Army shots 2020
Converted Scrapjet #2 - Build log starting here
Shokkjump Buggy - Build log starting here
Kustom Boosta Blasta, stock
Scratchbuilt Chevy Boosta Blasta - Build log starting here

Eldar / Craftworlds:
First Star Scheme Falcon (2012)
Farseer on Jetbike with a mantle of the laughing god (2014)
Eldar Guardians & Storm Guardians
Dark Reapers
Kitbashed Swooping Hawks
Dire Avengers
Kitbashed Farseer
Eldrad Ulthran
Army shots
Few Harlequins
Warlock / Seer on Jetbike
Wraithlord #2
Finished Star Pattern vehicles (took me what, 8 years?)

Dark Eldar / Drukhari:
First iteration of Kabalites, currently repainted
Kitbashed Succubus "Akasha"
Kabalites (repainted)
5 x Venoms
Wyches & Kabalite Trueborn
Haemonculus conversion
Converted Wracks
Female Incubi "Succubi"

Escher gang leader
Chaos Cult Leader
Converted Chaos Cultists
Chaos Gang Pics
Escher gals
Escher Group Pics
Wyld Runners
Death Maiden

Ghouls & Zombies
Wolves & Dregs
Necromancer & Hired Sword
Undead Skaven

Industrial terrain & Ruins
Rock Piece
Graveyard piece - Build log staring here
MDF Underhive walls & Knight Bases
Ramen Shop
Shack & Generator piece
2 x Rocky terrain
Container Shacks

Rock terrain & Scrolls
Tea leaf moss
Starpattern tutorial

First painted miniatures (in spoilers)
First & only comission: Bloodbowl team
Space Wolf Terminator
Gloomhaven Miniatures
D&D Female Elf

Year in reviews:

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Made in de
Ragin' Ork Dreadnought

Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany

Nice work so far, I really like the green-yellow sheme, it works very well!

LOOK!! a shameless self-promotion! (gasp!)
My ORK!-Blog here on dakka And if you need a good conversion or a paintjob... My commission blog


Looking for Painting & Modelling advice? Click here! 
Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo


Got some more work done on the kabalites, just a little until they are finished (pictures then).
Also, started painting my wyches, none finished yet, still figuring out the colors on them.
(sorry for the bad pictures, didn't have time to put up a proper setup)

Here's the one I've been working on

I also got some work done with one of my eternity projects, the looted wagon.
Got an old horrible looking rhino from a friend for half free, decided to try and turn it more orky.
Have been stuck with that project ever since, and not even close to finish..
Anyway, built a crude looking sponson-like bigshoota on the side, and got some more paint into it.

The turret:

front view:

Let's see when I get myself continuing that one

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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Whoa it's been a long time from my last update.
But here goes:

Finally got some more worke done with the deldar thing, finished my kabalites and started working on the raider I have for them.

So here they are (again, sorry for the bad pics)

I have always wanted to paint something sort of desertish, so I thought: "heck, why not these deldar vehicles then".
They have a totally different color scheme compared to all the infantry, but I think they might blend pretty well together.

Still in early stage, haven't added much details yet and the highlights on the front are still a bit too bright even for my tastes.
Might add some weathering effects on the hull too.

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Made in gb
Mighty Gouge-Horn

The weathering effects on the hull sound like a good idea, I really like the sail on that raider, very nice sir! I also like the dark green of your DE, suitably dark. Keep it up.

Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

I just need to figure out how to make those effects look good. Usually been painting ork vehicles with rusty like stuff, so it's a new challenge this one.

Automatically Appended Next Post:
More updates!
Decided to show you guys the new color scheme for my eldar vehicles I came up with.
Tried to make it look sort of a night sky-like.
Thinking of repainting all my eldar vehicles with the same way, already done so on the other falcon and a vyper jetbike.

Here's the first Falcon I tried it on

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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Update time!
Have been busy lately, so not much progress on the dark eldar project, other than few assembled models.
Also I just bought two Venoms for the army. Trying to get them both assembled today and painted over the weekend.

Got some more work done with the new eldar color scheme though, painted the other falcon and one vyper jetbike.
Still got 3 more tanks and other vyper to go.

So, here they are (The vyper is still lacking it's turret)

Uploading more pictures of them when they are all finished

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Made in gb
Mastering Non-Metallic Metal

That's actually a really cool colour scheme.

Is it deceptively easy or difficult to do that?

Mastodon: @DrH@warhammer.social
The army- ~2295 points (built).

* -=]_,=-eague Spruemeister General. * A (sprue) Hut tutorial *
Dsteingass - Dr. H..You are a role model for Internet Morality! // inmygravenimage - Dr H is a model to us all
Theophony - Sprue for the spruemeister, plastic for his plastic throne! // Shasolenzabi - Toilets, more complex than folks take time to think about!  
Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Hey thanks!
It's actually simple enough if you know how to use a drybrush, but pretty time consuming, especially making the "stars".
Just needs alot of mixing different shades of purple.

Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo


It's been a reeeeeeeaaaallly long time since my last update.
I have to admit that I pretty much forgot this whole blog thingy

Anyway, have been building a Death Korps of Krieg army lately.
Color scheme is pretty basic dark grey ww1 stylish mix.

Here are some pictures of the first tanks joining the army.
Tried to make them fit the "muddy trench" warfare theme, with a lot of rust and worn paint.

First time doing anything like this, so please tell me what I should have done more or less.

Here's the first one, basic LMBT Greta.

Front view

And here is a picture of the hellhound Nina.
Posting more pics soon.

Tell me what you think!

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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo


Bought some jetbikes for my Eldar force a while ago, and finally started painting them.
Just got the "starpattern" done to all of them, the same one I use on my tanks.
Still need to figure out how to paint the guardians riding them.

(Sorry about the crappy phone camera pic)

Also making a jet seer with the mantle of the laughing god, so trying to make this one a bit solitaire-like

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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo


So, I'm trying to get a 1000pts eldar force fully painted for tomorrow, trying the list out at the games day at our FLGS.
Everything else is pretty much done, just need to do some finishing touches with the jetbikes.

The list:

Jetbike Farseer with mantle of the laughing god and singing spear

5x fire dragons + wave serpent with tl scatterlasers

2 x 6 windrider jetbikes, 3 shuriken cannons in total (for wysiwyg reasons)
10 x guardians with scatterlaser + wave serpent with tl scatterlasers

Falcon with scatter laser and spirit stones

When I can find a place where to take some decent pictures of the whole army, I will post some shots here.
In the meanwhile, some more crappy phone camera WIP images ->

Using an empty cola can to make flags.

The "Solitaire" mantleseer is pretty much done, just need to figure something out for the flag I have magnetized on the back.
Wanted to make he's jetbike to stand out from the rest, but the seer himself follows the darkish purple theme of the army.

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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Let's try this one more time lol.

I have been out of the hobby for quite some time. Haven't painted anything in over a year, and for the last couple of years played maybe two or three games.
"I don't have the time" is the usual excuse.

So, as the 8th edition showed up, my interest has awoken once more.
Finally decided to start modelling and painting again, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Lately I have been doing some terrain and painting one of the basilisks for my Krieg army.

Tried to make it very weathered and rusty

More images of that one and the terrain I have made:

My Krieg army has grown quite a bit since my last update.

And after all these years, my photoskills still have not been improved

Krieg is my main project at the moment. Really trying to finish all the models I still have unpainted (2 basilisks and one leman russ).
Might even order some new units soon.

At the moment the army has:

- Company Command Squad with Master of Ordnance
- Platoon Command Squad
- 6x 10-man infantry squads (3 flamers, 1 grenade launcher)
- 5-man Engineer squad
- 2x Leman Russ Battle Tank (1 stock, 1 exterminator)
- Basilisk
- 2x Quad Launchers
- 3x Sentinels (not "legal", but I really love the models)

Next up some artillery crew for the basilisks and more quad launchers.

I'm going to try to update some images and stories here. Atleast from the games I hope to play in the future.
Atleast more often than once a couple of years

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Made in au
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Melbourne, Australia

The DKoK infantry are looking pretty great! You could dirty them up a bit more by smearing brown on near the bottom of their coats though if you like gritty guardsmen like I do haha

The weathering on the tanks is nice; I'm also going to steal that tank barbed wire idea

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo


By all means, there is never enough barbed wire

Thought about making some "rough" look for the guardsmen as well. Brushing some brown on their clothes sounds like a good idea.

Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Finished my second Basilisk today. Here are some pictures from it.

Pictures are pretty horrible, just tried to take a quick snap after painting.
Quantity over quality on this update.

And as I watch these images now, I see alot of things that need fixing. Still a bit rusty (heh) on the painting.

Also ordered some more stuff for Krieg. Need to have little more artillery and finally got that Hades breaching drill that I have wanted for so long.
Even bought some artillery crew to put on those basilisks, just to get them to look more "alive" and kriegish.

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Made in au
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Melbourne, Australia

Looks good as usual

Are you grabbing any combat engineers too? Cool models

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Yeah, ordered 5 more so I will have 10 in total.
Also got: quad launcher + crew and one pack of heavy artillery crew.
Really look forward to playtest that drill. It finally looks like it could be useful. Still not sure if it's totally legal to use engineers with it, because the index only talks about veterans. Luckily, at least my playgroup agrees on using them together

Made in us
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

I _really_ like the night-sky pattern on the Eldar vehicles (all the work here is terrific). Do you have a tutorial stashed someplace as to how you did it?

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

 Meer_Cat wrote:
I _really_ like the night-sky pattern on the Eldar vehicles (all the work here is terrific). Do you have a tutorial stashed someplace as to how you did it?

Thanks a lot!

I don't have any tutorials that I followed etc. The idea actually came to my mind when I was staring an space themed wallpaper on my pc screen in the middle of the night lol.
So by trial and error I found a way to paint some sort of spacey night sky thing, mostly using drybrushing (technique I like to use a lot).

Here is a message I found from 3 years ago regarding the same thing. I think that explains it relatively well. It's been so long since I painted those that I don't quite remember what I did there

"So basically I used different tones of purple, from dark to light and drybrushed them on top of black primer -> Start from dark and move to lighter tones step by step.
The lightest parts and the dots ("stars" are pure white. Very minimal drybrushing on top of the purple parts. -> Make it look random.
To finish things off, I washed the tank with a mix of purple wash and varnish + some water. -> Some of my tanks are matte and some washed with gloss, haven't yet decided which looks better. "

And now I have decided, matte looks better. Maybe...?
Hope that helped


Found some time to grab pictures from all of the vehicles together. As I've been absent for quite some time, maybe it's justified to show progress with this army too.
The whole bunch:

Wave serpent matte (without gloss):

Falcon with gloss:

And as you can see, they do not look "that good" when observed up close. But on the battlefield between all the terrain they look pretty nice.
As I'm not too good at painting shapes with freehand, I cheat a little bit with drybrushing etc.
Also the horrible light I have makes those weapons look too bright.

Still have the Eldar flyer unpainted. Maybe I should refresh my memory and try to paint that. Gotta stock up some purple paint though.

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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

And finally it's done, the third basilisk is ready for battle.
Took some time to finish all of them, because I painted these little by little while doing other stuff at the same time (painting 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there etc.)
They are still lacking some crewmen (already ordered). I think they will make these look a lot more dynamic.

Anyways, here is a shot from the last one:

Tried to take some shots from all three of them, this is the least horrible one:

Now just to wait for the Forgeworld package in order to get more models to paint (like I don't have my cabinet full of those).
I think I'm going to work on the other armies I have when their codexes finally arrive.

Meanwhile I will build a list or two for Krieg. We are trying to schedule a game for this week with few friends of mine. Would be my first game in 8th edition (actually first game in almost 2 years)

Feedback and suggestions welcome!
Also taking some hints for better photos. I use my phone + any light I have at hand. Cannot by a better camera at this time.

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Made in au
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Melbourne, Australia

Do you do those hazard stripes freehand? Looks great

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

Made in ca
Fixture of Dakka

Surrey, BC - Canada


I think the Wave serpents and Falcons look great.



Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Captain Brown wrote:Ezki,

I think the Wave serpents and Falcons look great.




Auroch wrote:Do you do those hazard stripes freehand? Looks great

Yeah they are freehand. It takes a few tries to get those lines straight though

Some small updates too:

The Forge World package finally arrived, yay!
Started by checking that every part is in decent shape and nothing is missing.
After that, the parts needed some cleaning.

Took quite a bit of filing to smoothen the edges.
Image is after separating the parts from the casting. Paper was there to catch most of the dust from filing.

Also applied some base coat for the thudd gun and Hades.
Partly painting them in pieces for two reasons: first it is easier to apply paint to different parts before assembly and second, I run out of super glue
Trying to get these bad boys assembled tomorrow.

EDIT: I have lost all the WIP images on this update :(

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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Finally got to play my first game in 8th edition! Enjoyed it a lot actually.

Played a 1500pts game, where the Krieg 239th siege regiment faced my friends very cool Death Guard zombie army. He works at our FLGS so we were able to use their gaming table during and after opening hours.

The army I faced was very themed: 100 zombies aka poxwalkers, chaos spawns, zombie daemon prince, typhus and two maulerfiends(?).
Pretty much the whole army was melee only and relied on sheer manpower and resilience. Very fun army to face if you are not playing too seriously. And I never am with Krieg.

Zombies make their advance towards Krieg lines:

While the kriegsmen ready their guns and reinforce the line:

But the enemy pushed through regardless and the line was broken:

After 5 turns, the game ended at tie. My opponent scored first blood, linebreaker and slay the warlord, while I had linebreaker (thanks to Hellhound and Hades) + more objectives.
Thudd guns were very effective at killing hordes, but my Leman Russ was a disappointment. Maybe it was the bad rolls, or it just is worse in 8th. Don't know yet.
Also I'm pretty sad that Hades did not make a single close combat attack -> it was instantly killed by Typhus during MY charge phase(should have studied the stratagems before the game).

I also learned a great many things:

I played like in 7th edition, trying to protect my tanks from everything that moves -> they are actually pretty resilient nowadays.
Krieg are actually pretty decent in close combat (atleast against poxwalkers).
USE YOUR COMMAND POINTS -> forgot this pretty much all the time.

Hoping to play more often than once in a year or so
Now back to painting and modelling...

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Made in au
Guard Heavy Weapon Crewman

Melbourne, Australia

Nice pics

What's the deal with the Death Korps rules-wise compared to normal Imperial Guard? Something about 18" lasguns and higher leadership for infantry?

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit, but Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Weapons and leadership values are the same, but they have an army wide rule, "cult of sacrifice", which let's all infantry ignore wounds during the shooting phase when testing for morale.
It makes the army very fluffy, as your troops will not care much if they get shot

Krieg guardsmen are also a bit better at close combat than normal guarsdsmen, as their ws is 3+.
Also their orders are a bit more close combat oriented, for example: change their lasguns to pistol 2 or fight during the shooting phase.

Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

Huzzah, more models done.

Painted the Hades Breaching Drill, engineers, thudd gun and it's crew.
The paintjob is more of a "tabletop standard". And man does that camera give harsh judgment, I see a lot more mistakes when watching these pictures closely. Many times the models look okay with bare eye or on the gaming table, but take a picture of them in direct light -> nope
Also it seems I have totally forgotten how to paint cloth, as these are definetly not the best I've done. Maybe it comes back to me after enough of brushing.

Tried a little lighter color scheme on this one. I found it very fun to do weathering effects on light grey.
The metal on the drillparts looks a little sloppy though. It seems the paint behaves a little differently with resin models of this size compared to the hull of a leman russ for example. Even when primed.
There are also some rocks and sand on the metal "belt" that comes from the drill itself, but don't show very well in these pictures.

The bases (or the models in that matter) did not turn out the way I kinda wanted. The ground is a little too dark compared to other models in my army.

3rd gun of the battery ready to hammer the battlefield.
This on turned out a lot better than the other two in my army. Atleast something to be happy about

Next up I need to finish the crew for the basilisks, they will be ready pretty soon!

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Made in fi
Foolproof Falcon Pilot

Finland, Espoo

And the crewmen for basilisks are ready!

These guys really add some life. And now these tanks look a bit more Kriegish.
Shame I got some wrong hand pieces in the package, but I tried to make it work. The package also lacked the big artillery shells, so I have to contact Forge World if I could get them. The crewman holding his hands in the air looks a bit out of place without the shell.

And yes, still using a gaming mat from Magic the gathering as a background

Now that I have painted all my Krieg models, time to fix the older ones. Couple of years of storage and moving from one house to another has taken it's toll on some of the models.
There are numerous bent and snapped lasgun barrels that I have to repair. Also the paintjob on some of the kriegsmen is very underwhelming, as I painted them in batches on 20.

40 out of my 60 kriegsmen are made from the Gorgon Transport passenger models (I think you can't get them anymore?).
It was a cheap way to get more infantry. Shame I don't have any pictures left from the project. Took a lot of cutting and greenstuffing though.
Here's a picture of the models, not taken by me though:

Anyway, most of them look fine, but there are a few that are pretty horrible when observed up close.
So I decided to order one more squad of advancing kriegsmen next month to replace the few "mutated" ones.

Meanwhile I'm going to repaint few of the models that have been painted pretty lazily. Also repainting my Company Commander (marshal these days), as it's paintjob is not good enough for a model that pretty.

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Made in us
Boom! Leman Russ Commander

I really like how you weather the steel on your vehicles- that burnished-bronze-brass look that says that corrosion or oxidation has been removed through the laborious and constant application of Brasso or Never-Dul; takes me back indeed! Really nice work and a great effect.

"He fears his fate too much, or his desserts are small, who will not put it to a single touch; to win- or lose- it all."

Montrose Toast

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