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Cool! Thank you very much, Skinflint Games! It's an honour to have you here

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Thanks so much for the tutorial!

Now off to try and find the stuff to test it out

Relapse wrote:
Baron, don't forget to talk about the SEALs and Marines you habitually beat up on 2 and 3 at a time, as you PM'd me about.
nareik wrote:
Perhaps it is a lube issue, seems obvious now.
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Nice work FeistyRips.



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Very useful tutorial, thanks!

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The crucified marine and the defense turret are both top notch with tons of personality. And thanks for the detailed tutorial on the broken storage crate. That’s another cool idea to give a standard piece of terrain something unique to make it stand out.

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Death-Dealing Devastator

Austria, Segmentum Solar

Thanks a lot IGtR=,Captain Brown,Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll and The Riddle of Steel for your comments! Glad you like the stuff in here, stay tuned for more!

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