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 Irbis wrote:

Yup, and that's why the biggest, most popular releases aimed at kids in the last 20 years, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, My Little Pony, Gravity Falls, Twilight, Eragon, Golden Compass, Train Your Dragon, etc, etc, were full of adults doing macho stuff. Oh, wait, no, they were starring kids and teenagers. Maybe you should realize you're not the centre of the universe and your tastes might not be universal pinnacle?

But maybe that's just the rotten west. Let's see what was most popular in Japan - Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Psyren, Carole & Tuesday, Bookworm, Abyss, etc, etc, etc, also somehow don't follow the adult best nonsense and funnily enough most popular series are about kids and teenagers. I wonder why when this market is far more cutthroat than western one and you can't fake/buy manga popularity and it has to be genuinely outdoing all competition in serialized press before getting chance of animation or even standalone release?

Even the really dark, violent series that could teach Warhammer a thing or two about grimdark like say Goblin Slayer, Claymore, Berserk, Fate, Overlord, etc, etc, funnily enough don't do the adult gak either. Late teens or at worst characters that barely entered 20s. Aka, someone relatable to kids. But I guess the whole planet must be wrong, eh?

Funnily enough, the real reason why cartoons used to contain only adults was because back then, they were toy ads - and executives believed macho garbage they could relate to sells better. You have been brainwashed by commercials meddled by old dudes who didn't know any better so hard they warped your worldview, and when market sent these to dustbin once competition by stuff that kids really wanted to read killed them, you found yourself doing the first part of the meme that ends up in someone saying "OK BOOMER". Which is good summation what today's young think of "cool gak" as seen by "adults"

No really.... tell me how you really feel. Don't hold back.

<Scribbles notes into notebook and nods along>

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They are right tho.
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On an Express Elevator to Hell!!

This one is a doozy, not one I have seen before. Had the Oldhammer group on FB stumped although most think it is by Paul Bonner, possibly around the Chaos Terminator release date

Would be interesting to know the story behind it. Is it a loyalist terminator that has found himself surrounded? It looks like Beastmen in the background there.

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Anyone who doesn't like this is heretical chaos filth.


I've never watched a whole episode of Firefly. 
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It does have a lot of low-budget charm
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It's a classic! And good enough for Bolt Thrower to use for their album.
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